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How To Get Your iPhone Screen To Rotate

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How To Enable Screen Rotation On The iPhone

How to Rotate iPhone Screen (unlock portrait and landscape rotation)

Usually, there are two ways in which you can view content on your iPhone Portrait mode, or landscape mode. The portrait mode is the one where your iPhone is upright, and while this is the default mode on all smartphones in the market, it is not the best when it comes to watching your favorite movies or TV shows.

Media consumption is best viewed in the landscape mode, and luckily, due to the evolution of iOS over the years, you can simply rotate the iPhone to switch between portrait and landscape modes. Now, if you have somehow managed to lock the screen rotate option on the iPhone, you will see that the phone will not switch between the portrait and landscape modes and this makes it a bit inconvenient when you want a closer look at your content.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable screen rotation on the iPhone.

Temporarily Lock Screen When Auto Rotate Is Enabled

Even if Auto rotate is enabled, you can temporarily lock the screen so it doesn’t rotate. This can be helpful if you are looking at a PDF or document and want to rotate your hand or device without changing your screen orientation.

To do this, keep a finger on the screen while turning the phone or tablet. The screen will stay in its original orientation as long as you hold your finger in place. Release your finger to allow the screen to rotate.

How To Rotate Screen On iPhone/ipod Touch

  • Rotate the screen on your iPhone without the Home Button
  • Rotate the screen on your iPhone with the Home Button
  • Method 1: Rotate the Screen on iPhone/iPod Touch That Doesnt Have the Home Button

    You can rotate your iPhone or iPod Touch screen without the Home button. Here is a guide:

  • Open Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Portrait Orientation Lock button to turn it off. When it is turned off, the button is not highlighted.
  • After these two steps, you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch sideways to see whether iPod Touch/iPhone auto rotates its screen as expected.

    Method 2: Rotate the Screen on iPhone/iPod Touch That Has the Home Button

  • Press the Home button.
  • Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Tap the Portrait Orientation Lock button to turn it off.
  • After these three steps, you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch sideways to see whether iPod Touch/iPhone auto rotates its screen as expected.

    However, if your iPhone screen wont rotate after using the above methods, you can use another app that can work in the landscape mode to check whether the issue still exists.

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    Check If Screen Rotation Works On Other Apps

    After disabling the Portrait Orientation Mode, the chances are that you would be able to fix the iPhone screen won’t rotate the problem. Nevertheless, there are times when my iPhone screen won’t rotate even after disabling the screen rotation lock. This is because not every app supports landscape mode. There are a few iOS applications that run only on Portrait mode.

    At the same time, you would find plenty of applications that work on Landscape mode only. These applications can be used to check whether the screen rotation feature on your device is working properly or not. One can also find different kinds of dedicated apps regarding the screen rotation feature of your phone. For instance, the Rotate on Shake app can be used to rotate your phone’s screen by simply shaking it.

    Furthermore, you can check the functioning of your phone’s screen rotation feature by playing various games. There are different iOS games that only work in the Landscape mode. Simply launch an app like this and check if it can rotate your phone’s screen or not. Whenever my iPhone screen won’t rotate, I launch an app like this to check whether it is functioning properly or not.

    How To Make Screen Rotate On iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max And iPhone Xr

    How Do I Get My iPhone Screen to Rotate?

    Some owners of Apples iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr have reported that the screen rotate feature as well as accelerometer stopped functioning, which is why we have put up this post to help you rectify the issue. The basic issue with the screen rotation feature is that it has most likely been turned off.

    Other common issues are where the default camera mode shows images in an inverted position. This can also be caused by the screen rotate function and can cause the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr buttons to act in the opposite direction.

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    A couple of popular apps that dont support screen rotation include Starbucks and Instagram. Have you ever tried to turn your phone to view an Insta post in a different mode? It wont work. The Starbucks app wont support screen rotation either, and not even the barista can help.

    Can You Mirror iPhone To iPhone

    When it comes to screen mirroring iPhone to iPhone, the first tool you can use is ApowerMirror. Firstly, download and install ApowerMirror on both iPhones. Dont forget to connect both devices to the same wireless network. On the iPhone A, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls to add Screen Recording.

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    How To Turn Off The Screen Rotation Lock On The iPhone

    Apple’s iPhone can be a valuable tool for small business owners, giving you ample information and tools on the go, such as emails, text messages and Web surfing. By default, your iPhone has a feature that rotates the screen based on how you are holding the device. So if you hold your iPhone vertically, the screen acclimates vertically, and vice versa for horizontally. This feature can become an annoyance however–such as if you are video conferencing with clients or reading online articles–because the screen can rotate with the slightest movement. For these instances, locking screen rotation can be important. Unlock screen rotation afterwards to get your iPhone working normally.


    Double-tap the Home key. A menu appears at the bottom displaying your running applications and playback control options.


    Scroll to the left of the menu until a gray lock icon appears.


    Tap the lock icon to turn off screen rotation lock.


    Turn Auto Rotate Portrait Or Landscape Mode On Or Off

    How to turn screen rotation on and off iphone 11/pro

    There are three different icons used for changing your screen orientation: Auto rotate, Portrait, and Landscape.

    • Auto rotate: Allows your devices screen orientation to automatically adjust and rotate depending on how you are holding your device. For example, if you turn your device sideways, the screen will automatically switch to Landscape mode. The Auto rotate icon looks like a small phone surrounded by two arrows. The icon will glow blue when enabled.

    • Portrait or Landscape mode: Portrait locks the screen in the upwards position, while Landscape locks the screen in the sideways position. Both icons look like a lock and are gray when enabled. When enabled, your device’s screen will not rotate based on how you are holding it, however apps that are designed for a specific mode will rotate the screen as necessary.

    Auto rotate is turned on by default when you first get your phone or tablet, but it can be turned off at any time. Locking your screen in either Portrait or Landscape mode is actually the same thing as turning off Auto rotate. Once Auto rotate is disabled, your device will lock in whatever position you were holding it in.

    To adjust the screen rotation settings:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick settings panel.

  • If the screen is locked in Portrait or Landscape mode and you need to change it, tap the icon so it activates Auto rotate. If Auto rotate is already activated, you don’t need to select anything.

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    How To Turn On Landscape On iPhone

    Your device’s orientation will now stay locked in portrait mode until you turn Portrait Orientation Lock off. It’s simple to unlock screen rotation on iPhone just open Control Center again and tap the lock icon again. There is no option for locking your iPhone screen in landscape mode.

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    Check Auto Rotation On Other Apps

    Many iOS applications do not support screen auto-rotation. If you are using an application that doesnt support that Rotation feature, Dont expect the screen to rotate. The home screen on most iPhone and iPod touch models cant rotate. And there are some apps on iOS that are designed to run in portrait mode only. If you turn your device and the screen doesnt rotate, and if rotation lock isnt enabled, the app probably is designed not to rotate. Try another app like Safari or Messages which are known to work in landscape mode.

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    How To Fix iPhone Not Rotating Screen Without Data Loss

    You can rotate screen on iPhone XR and more with the above solutions. It is easy to figure out why and how to fix iPhone not rotating screen caused by software-related issues. But if your iPhone accelerometer is broken or suffer from other hardware-related issues, the screen rotation feature will be unavailable on iPhone too.

    Well, Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery is your best choice to fix iOS system. You can free download the program to fix iPhone from the abnormal to the normal state with ease. As for iPhone malfunctions, you need to visit the local Apple Store nearby to get the professional help.

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    Turn Off Screen Rotation Lock

    How Do I Get My iPhone Screen to Rotate?  Electronics

    One of the most common mistakes that iPhone users make is not checking the screen rotation status of their device. If the screen rotation of the iPhone is locked, then it won’t turn sideways. There are lots of users who keep the screen rotation locked as per their convenience. Though, after a while, they simply forget to check the screen lock status of their device.

    Therefore, if your iPhone screen won’t rotate, then start by checking its screen rotation status. To do this, just swipe up the Control Center on your device and check if the screen rotation lock button is enabled or not. By default, it is the right-most button. If it is enabled, then tap it again to turn it off. Now, exit the Control Center and try to rotate your phone to fix iPhone won’t turn sideways problem.

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    How Do I Rotate My iPhone 7

    Two simple problems caused by a phone screen rotation are listed in this article and can be solved by clicking on a button on the iPhone 7 Plus. You might have disabled the Portrait orientation unlock feature on the lock button but your iPhone didnt display it. If youre using your first iPhone then theyre likely not locking the shutter button which is able to turn the screen out of focus. In this article, we will learn how to turn an iPhone 7 handset on a landscape screen. We will also learn how to turn a smartphone upside down from different angles and how to use different buttons to turn it upside down.

    How Do I Make My iPhone Home Screen Landscape

    Open the Settings app on the iPhone and head to Display & Brightness Under the Display Zoom section, tap on View Choose the Standard view, then choose Set and confirm the settings change. Return back to the Home Screen of the iPhone and rotate the device sideways into landscape mode to rotate the Home Screen.

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    How To Force Rotate Into Landscape Mode On iPhone

    Here’s everything you need to know about how to force rotate your iPhone screen, including apps and tips for troubleshooting.

    Everyone’s been frustrated by the way their phone handles auto-rotation at some point. Occasionally, your iPhone might not recognize that you’ve rotated it, leaving you with a less-than-optimal viewing experience.

    Of course, iOS offers a way to lock your phone into portrait mode. It stops those annoying rotations when you’re lying down using your phone, among other scenarios.

    But what about if you want to force rotate your phone into landscape mode? Keep reading to find out how it’s possible.

    How To Force Restart

    How to rotate screen iPhone X
    • On an iPhone 6S or below plus iPads with home buttons & iPod Touches 6th generation and below, press Home and Power at the same time until you see the Apple logo
    • For iPhone 7 or iPod 7th generation: Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo
    • On an iPad without a home button and iPhone 8 and above: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Then press and promptly release the Volume Down button. Finally, press and hold the Side/Top button until you see the Apple logo

    Forcing a restart is your choice of last resort. Try a normal restart a couple of times. If that doesnt do the trick, only then perform a force restart.

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    Main Features Of The iPhone Troubleshooter

    • Fix your iOS system via the standard or advanced mode.
    • Troubleshoot iPhone screen wont auto rotate and other device/screen/iOS mode/iTunes issues.
    • Select which iOS system version you need during the repair process.
    • All your iPhone files will be in the original place.
    • Support all iOS devices, such as iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7, etc.

    Make That Screen Move The Way You Want

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    One really cool feature of the iPhone and other devices like the iPad and iPod touch is that their screens auto-rotate based on how you’re holding the device. But sometimes, when you turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch the screen doesn’t auto rotate to match it. This can make your device difficult to use or may even make you think your phone is broken. There are a couple of reasons why the screen might not rotateand most are easy to fix. Here’s what could be going on and how to fix it.

    Kyle Fewel / Lifewire

    The tips in this article apply to all iPhone and iPod touch models running iOS 11 and up, as well as iPads running all versions of iPadOS.

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    Tip : Repair Ios System To Fix Rotation Not Working On iPhone

    If the screen still won’t rotate on your iPhone, then don’t panic as Tenorshare ReiBoot can help you to come out of the issue for sure. The software is designed for fixing all iOS system issues, such as iPhone freezing up, iPhone stuck on apple logo, iPhone black screen and more. All thanks go to its Repair Operating System function that can fix all issues you are facing on your iPhone, including iPhone screen does not rotate. The best part of the software is that it will fix your issue without wiping out your phone existing data.

    Here is the simple guide on how to fix iPhone screen not rotating problem with the help of ReiBoot:

    Step 1: Visit ReiBoot official site and download the software on your computer. Then, install and run it and then, connect your device to computer using a cable. From the software main window, choose “Repair Operating System” function.

    Step 2: After that, tap on “Start Repair” and the tool will recommend you to download matched firmware package for your device.

    Step 3: Once you download packaged, tap on “Repair Now” button. Wait for a few minutes until the process is finished. Your iPhone will restart automatically after software fixes the problem.

    How Do You Straighten Photos On iPhone

    Thats How I Get My iPhone Screen to Rotate Again (Step by ...

    Straighten and adjust perspective

  • In Photos, tap a photo or video thumbnail to view it in full screen.
  • Tap Edit, then tap .
  • Swipe left under the photo to view the effects you can edit: Straighten, Vertical, or Horizontal.
  • Tap the effect you want to edit, then drag the slider to make precise adjustments.
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    How To Fix iPhone X Screen Rotate

    Follow the the steps provided below to unlock the Portrait Orientation Lock feature:

  • Make sure you turn on your iPhone X
  • From the Home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap on the lock icon.
  • Now change the orientation of your screen to make sure the screen rotation is working
  • If your wireless carrier has taken away the option to access the service screen, then your only optimal option here is to reset the phone to its factory settings. It is highly suggested that you check this issue with your service provider first, as they may might know how to fix the problem exists and have some solution for you.Another recurrent fix for some that we dont recommend doing is hitting the Apple iPhone X with the back of your hand and give your phone a little bit of a tug. If you want to really risk it, you could possible do that, but just be careful.Also, the commonly used way to fix when the iPhone X screen rotation issue is to perform a hard reset. It is noteworthy to mention that doing a hard reset on the Apple iPhone X will delete and remove all of its contents. That is why you should back up your iPhone X to avoid any data from being destroyed. You can do a back up data on your Apple iPhone X by going to Settings > Backup & reset.

    How To Bypass iCloud Lock On iPhone X

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