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How To Make iPhone Keyboard Smaller

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How To Make Your iPhone Keyboard Bigger

How to make your iPad keyboard bigger or smaller.
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There is no specific keyboard setting in iOS that allows you to increase the size of the keyboard key alone. You can verify this yourself by going to Settings > General > Keyboard. Theres a lot of keyboard settings, but none for increasing key size.

However, iOS does offer an accessibility feature that can make everything on your screen appear largerincluding the keyboard. This accessibility feature is called Display Zoom. The feature allows you to increase the size of everything on your iPhone display. You enable it by doing the following:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Under the Display Zoom heading, tap View.
  • On the next screen, tap Zoomed.
  • Youll then see all elements of the iPhone UI appear largerincluding the keyboard.

    Check out Apples patent for an iPhone keyboard and trackpad case!

    You Can Make Your iPhone’s Keyboard Smaller So It’s Easier To Text Here’s How

    While it’s a hard and fast rule that you should never text while driving, a lot of us still send messages when we’re on the go or have our hands full, whether that be on the train during our morning commute or on the couch while simultaneously trying to enjoy a snack. And texting with one hand is . . . not easy. But did you know that you can actually make your keyboard on your iPhone smaller so one-thumbed texts can be more doable?

    Apple introduced this simple hack to move the keyboard to one side of the screen with its iOs 11 update, and to say we love it is an understatement. The best part is it takes mere seconds to set up and doesn’t require any third-party apps or downloads. All you have to do is open up your keyboard , locate the emoji icon on the bottom let of the keyboard, and hold it down, and three different option images will come up: keyboard on the left, center keyboard, and keyboard on the right. Choose which one suits you best for the moment, and that’s all there is to it!

    To go back to the traditional keyboard setup, all you have to do is hit the light gray arrow that will be on either side of the keyboard. Tapping this will shift the keyboard back to the center.

    Look Up Dictionary Definitions

    You can look up the definition of a word you just typed without leaving your app using this handy iPhone and iPad trick. All you need to do is double-tap to select a word, then tap Look Up from the popup menu.

    It’s also possible to do this when reading in the Books app or browsing the web in Safari. In fact, there are lots of other hidden Safari tricks like this you could learn as well.

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    Get Rid Of Character Preview Pop

    Another keyboard feature you might not be aware of that can be changed is the functionality that lets you turn off what Apple calls “Character Preview.” This is where the character “key” you type enlarges for a second as you type it, popping up on your screen.

    You can make those pop-ups go away. Go to Settings, General, Keyboard and toggle “Character Preview” to off. Whether it’s because you find these pop-ups annoying, or you want greater privacy when typing in public, it’s a simple change that’s easy to make.

    You Can Increase The Font Size On Your iPhone Or iPad Which Means That You No Longer Have To Put Up With Zooming In On Small Text To Try To Read It Better Well Show You How To Change The Font Size On Your Devices

    How to make keys on your iPhone

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    If your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, you may find the small text size on your iPhone or iPad hard to read and wonder, “why is the font on my iPhone so small? How do I make the text bigger?” There’s no need to strain your eyes here are several tricks you can use to make reading on an iPhone or iPad easier, including changing your iPhone font size.

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    Disable Quicktype For More Space

    Alongside auto-correct, the keyboard in iOS and iPadOS also has a predictive text feature that Apple calls QuickType. It appears at the top of the keyboard showing three words it thinks you want to type. Tap one of these words at any time so you don’t need to finish typing it, or disable the feature entirely to get more space on your screen.

    To disable the QuickType predictions, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off Predictive. This keyboard secret is particularly useful on devices with a smaller screen, like the iPhone SE.

    Why Is The Keyboard Small On My iPad

    Some iPad users have complained that their keyboard suddenly became so small. Although this may be an unpleasant issue, the good news is that its easily reversible. It only takes a couple of taps to get it back to normal.

    If you still find it too small, maybe you should opt for an external keyboard. It can be very convenient for people who work on their iPads and those who have to write a lot.

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    Shrink Move And Split The iPad Keyboard

    Pinch in with two fingers on the center of the keyboard to shrink to an iPhone-sized keyboard. Drag and drop using the bar at the bottom to move this keyboard anywhere on the screen. And pinch out to go back to normal. You can also swipe to type using QuickPath on this smaller keyboard.

    Alternatively, to split your iPad keyboard in two, pinch out with two fingers from the center of the keyboard. It should separate into two halves—one at either side of the screen—letting you type with your thumbs. Pinch the two halves together to go back to normal.

    How To Use One

    Make Your iPhone Keyboard Bigger

    Apples stock keyboard provides a special mode designed to make thumb-typing with larger iPhones easier without worrying about losing the grip on the phone.

    Available on larger-screened iPhones with iOS 11 or later, but not on iPad, this special typing mode shrinks the keys and moves them closer to your thumb.

    Heres how to enable and use the one-handed keyboard on iPhone.

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    If Your iPad Keyboard Is Small Or Split In Half

    Learn how to get your iPad onscreen keyboard back to normal if it’s smaller than you expect or if it’s split in half.

    If your iPad keyboard isn’t full-sized and centered at the bottom of your screen, you probably turned on one of these features:

    • Floating keyboard, which is a smaller single keyboard that can move anywhere on the screen
    • Split keyboard, which divides the keyboard into two halves that can move up and down

    To get your keyboard back to normal, follow the steps below.

    How To Change The Size Of The iPhone Keyboard

    While the standard keyboard on the iPhone can meet the basic needs of most, it still misses out on some key features. One of those important but missing features is the ability to resize the keyboard to accommodate larger or smaller hands. But the good news is that there are some solutions to this problem that can help you resize your iPhone keyboard to be bigger or even smaller. In this post, we will review all of them. So, let’s get down to business.

    How to Use iPhone as Mac Mouse

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    How To Switch Keyboard From Lowercase To Uppercase On iPhone/ipad

    Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad Tap on General.

    Step #2. Now tap on Accessibility.

    Step #3. Next, scroll down and tap on Keyboard .

    Step #4. Toggle Show Lowercase KeysOFF.

    Thats it!

    You have converted the keyboard from lowercase to uppercase in appearance only.

    Signing off

    With larger letters, users can quickly select keys to type long messages while using apps like Mail and WhatsApp.

    Take a peek at these posts as well:

    Summary: Change The Size Of The iPhone Keyboard

    Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard For iPad Android Phone Numeric Small ...

    That’s all there is to it to change the keyboard size on iPhone. You can choose any of the above mentioned approaches and easily change the size of the keyboard on your iPhone. Alternatively, you can also try some of these Bluetooth keyboards to enhance your keyboard experience on your iPhone.

    Top 8 Emoji Keyboards for iPhone

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    How To Make The Keyboard Bigger On iPhone

    In the opposite, some users may want to zoom in and make the keyboard bigger so that it is easier and quicker to type, especially for 4.7-inch devices. iPhone 6 is the most prominent one among Apple devices, but the keyboard is too small to type efficiently so if there is any way to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone, it will be really great. I think this can be achieved quite easily because you can place your iPhone horizontally so that the keyboard will stretch to the length of the iPhone instead of the width. Here is a step-by-step guide to making the keyboard larger on iPhone.

    Step 1: Flick your finger against the row of icons on the bottom of the screen to scroll until you see the “Portrait Orientation Lock” option icon, which is a circular arrow surrounding a lock. Tap the icon to disable it. The “Portrait Orientation Lock” option icon turns back into a circular arrow with no lock inside it, and the “Portrait Orientation Lock” status icon disappears from the status bar. This setting will allow you to rotate your screen from vertically to horizontally or vice versa.

    Step 2: Tap the icon of an application that you can interact with by typing, such as the Safari Web browser app, Whatsapp, or the mail email app. Tap the “Compose” icon, which looks like a pen in mail, or tap the search bar in Safari. A keyboard will appear.

    Times When A Smaller Keyboard Makes Sense

    We already discussed the benefits of having a bigger keyboard.

    However, note that a bigger keyboard doesnt necessarily mean it wont create problems.

    The major problem, nay, an inconvenience that ensues due to the keyboard being larger is that you get less screen real estate for other stuff.

    For instance, a larger keyboard may leave lesser space for chats, which could be a nuisance while scrolling. Thats pretty much the only and crucial disadvantage of having a larger keyboard.

    If youre uncomfortable with the effects of having a large keyboard on the rest of the screen, you might be well off using the regular-sized keyboard.

    However, note that even if you dont have a bigger keyboard, there are ways you can make up for the compromised typing experience.

    Ive listed an alternative below that might improve your typing experience.

    Read along.

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    Extension: How To Backup Text Messages From iPhone To Pc

    Here we are going to demonstrate a brief guide to back up data from iPhone to PC with Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

    Step 1: Download and install the compact app on your computerClick the button below to download and install the app on your computer. This will be quick to complete and you can launch the app after installation is done.

    Step 2: Choose the mode to back upWhen you launch the app, there will pop up three modes to select. We will choose Recover from iOS device in this case.

    Step 3: Connect iPhone to PC and select the device type from the appConnect the iPhone to PC and the app will automatically read the device and you need to select the device type from the bottom of the app.

    Step 4: Scan the data inside the deviceThe app will read and scan the data inside the device when you click the green button Start to kick it off analyzing and scanning your device.

    Step 5: Select the file to back upOnce the scanning completes, all your files including those deleted or broken ones will be displayed on the left pane. Click the specific type of data, for example, contacts, camera, text messages, etc and check the box on the right pane for each specific type of data. Then, click Recover to back up the data to your PC.

    Step 6: Set a directory to save the exported data from the iPhoneOn the prompted window after you click Recover, set a directory to save the backup data and click Go to proceed. As soon as the process completes, your data will be easily found from the directory.

    Make Your Keyboard Bigger On iPhone Using Third

    How To Make Keyboard Bigger On iPhone XS Max –

    If you dont like Display Zoom or if you still need a bigger keyboard, the second alternative is to use a third-party keyboard with bigger keys.

    You can install third-party keyboards from the App Store, and there are quite a few good choices available. Once a keyboard app is installed, you can switch between different keyboards by tapping and holding the Globe icon from the bottom-left corner of your current keyboard, then choosing the keyboard you wish to switch to.

    Note: You may need to provide Full Access to the third-party keyboard to experience some keyboards at their full potential. To provide full access to a particular keyboard, open the Settings app and go to General > > Keyboard > > Keyboards, choose the third-party keyboard you installed, and enable Allow Full Access. Finally, tap Allow again on the confirmation prompt.

    Below are some third-party keyboard apps that allow you to use a bigger keyboard on iPhone.

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    This Method Works For:

    • iPhone 7/7 Plus
    • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

    On your iPhone, open the Settings app, scroll down to find Display & Brightness, then tap on it. Then scroll all the way down and tap under Show zoom on View.

    Here you will see two options, one Standard and one Zoomed. Tap Zoomed then Set in the top right corner of the screen.

    Your iPhones display will turn off briefly and then turn it on again, causing icons, menus, and the iPhone keyboard to grow larger. As an example, below is the iPhone 12 mini keyboard before and after enabling Display Zoom:

    The iPhone 12 mini keyboard before and after activating the display zoom

    This is a particularly useful feature that you can turn on if you want to enlarge the keyboard iPhone7, iPhone 11 or any newer small iPhone, quick and easy Its invaluable not just for certain iPhone mini users.

    How To Make My Keyboard Bigger

    Well now explain the fastest and the easiest way to make your keyboard bigger. Heres what you have to do:

  • Place two fingers on the small floating keyboard.
  • Spread your fingers as wide as you can.
  • Keep them in that position until the keyboard is back to full size.
  • Thats it! The full-size keyboard should be big enough even for older people with poor eyesight. However, if you still struggle, you may consider buying an external one.

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    How To Resize iPhone Keyboard

    While the stock keyboard on iPhone might suffice the basic needs of most, it still misses out on some key features. One such important yet missing feature is the ability to resize the keyboard to accommodate larger or smaller hands. But the good news is that there are a few workarounds to this problem that can help you resize the keyboard on your iPhone to be bigger or even smaller. In this post, well go through all of them. So, lets get right into it.

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    Why You Should Make Your Keyboard Larger

    You Can Make Your iPhone

    iPhones are available in different screen sizes. Thanks to the iPhone 12 lineup, weve got back the handy 5.4-inch screen size in the form of the iPhone 12 mini.

    The default keyboard on an iPhone is set up in an appropriate size by Apple so that it is convenient to type with.

    My dad recently converted to iPhone coming from his humongous Huawei smartphone and funnily enough, the only thing he says he loves about the iPhone is the typing experience. I tried to explain to him the other benefits that come from using iOS as compared to Android , but he was adamant that the typing experience is the only thing he likes.

    Despite the convenient typing experience, the keyboard isnt naturally built for everyone.

    Those with bigger fingers can have a hard time tapping the right letters, which is extremely frustrating, as typing is one of the basic functions that occur constantly on a smartphone.

    Sure, autocorrect may help at times, but more often than not, you end up with a mistyped sentence since your fingers couldnt hit the right keys.

    Having a bigger keyboard also helps those who have weak eyesight.

    On the other hand, a larger keyboard may enable the developer to add an extra row of keys . Almost all software-based keyboards, spanning a few, have a row of number keys atop alphabets enabling faster typing speeds.

    Unfortunately, the default iPhone keyboard does not include the number key despite the latest iPhones having ample screen real estate to accommodate it.

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    How To Change The Size Of The Keyboard On iPhones

    Use one-handed typing on your iPhone to make it easier to type with one hand. Heres what you need to do on your iPhone.

    • Touch and hold the SmileyorEarth icon on your keyboard.
    • Tap the Keyboard icon to move the keyboard to the left or to the right as per the icon.

    Once you are done, touch and hold the Smiley or Earth icon and then tap the Keyboard icon to bring your keyboard back to its usual setting. You can also return to the full-size keyboard by tapping the arrow to expand it again.

    You can also turn on one-handed typing from Settings -> General -> Keyboards and go to One Handed Keyboard. This feature works with the iPhone 6 or later devices. You wont be able to do it on iPhone SE and iPod touch.

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