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How To Put Your Airpods On Find My iPhone

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Pair Airpods With A New iPhone

How to find your lost AirPods with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – Apple Support

Connecting your AirPods to a new iPhone is quick and seamless. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. Open the lid of the charging case on your AirPods but don’t remove them just yet. A card flashes on your phone telling you that theyre not connected to this iPhone. Tap Connect.

Next, press and hold down the button on the back of the charging case but make sure the lid stays open. A notice pops up saying that the AirPods are paired and connected. Tap Done, pull out your earbuds, and tune up your favorite music. The next time you want to use them with your iPhone, just remove them from the case, and they’ll automatically connect.

Airtag Can Help You Find Just About Anything

Misplaced your keys? Forgot your purse? If they have AirTag attached, they wont be lost for long. The Find;My network can help you track down items on a map. You can play a sound on your AirTag to find something hiding nearby you can even get the distance and direction to your AirTag with Precision;Finding.

Scenario : They’re In Their Case Charged In Bluetooth Range

Doesn’t this sound like the ideal setup for Bluetooth tracking via Find My? Somehow, it isn’t. Losing your AirPods or AirPods Pro while they’re in their case actually interferes with Find My’s most useful feature: the “Play Sound” function.

Since the pods are in the case, you can’t utilize their speakers to play a sound and follow your ears. You can, however, see their last online location on a map. That’s the last place you had them out of your case, which is hopefully where you lost them. This also works for dead AirPods; it will show their last online location when they were alive.

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You Know Where Your Airpods Are But Now What

After getting to the location of where your lost AirPods are, you have two options. You can use the Find My app and trigger your AirPods to start playing a sound that gets louder as it plays. Apple said it doesn’t matter if your AirPods are inside the case or not. You can choose to play the sound on the left, right or both earbuds.;

The other option is to use the same proximity view that Apple’s AirTag trackers use. If you have an iPhone 11 or newer, the proximity view will tell you the direction and distance, down to the exact inches you need to go to retrieve your earbuds.;

Your iPhone will help you remember your AirPods when you leave them behind.;

How To Connect Airpods

How To Reset Airpods With iPhone

After taking the AirPods out of the box, it’s time for the most important partconnecting the wireless earbuds to a device.

Using special technology, the process is a snap when connecting AirPods to an iPhone or iPad. Open the AirPods case and place it right next to the tablet or smartphone.

Make sure you’re on the Home Screen of the device. You should then see a special animation will appear on the screen. Select Connect. You’ll then be ready to rock out.

After the initial connection process, connecting the AirPods again in the future is even easier. Just remove the earbuds from the case and place them in your ears. They will automatically connect to a nearby, previously paired device.

The AirPods connection process takes a few more steps with other devices, like a MacBook, Apple TV, or Apple Watch. And the good news is that the earbuds are regular Bluetooth headphones, so you can connect to any other device, even a PC or Android handset.

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How To Use Find My To Find Lost Airpods

Here’s how to find your lost AirPods using your iPhone or another iOS or iPadOS device with Find My enabled.

The Find My feature must be enabled on your iOS device;before;you lose your AirPods. There’s no way to turn it on after;you’ve lost a device. When you set up Find My on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that you;use with your;paired AirPods,;the feature is automatically enabled for your AirPods, too.;

  • Open the pre-installed Find My app on your iOS device.

  • Tap Devices.

  • Scroll through your list of devices and tap your AirPods.

  • You’ll see your AirPods plotted on a map in their current location or last known location. Tap Directions to get driving directions in Apple Maps to their location.

    If the lost AirPods can’t be found, you’ll see No Location Found .

    If your AirPods aren’t in the same place, the map will only show one of them at a time. Find the AirPod shown on the map and put back in the case. Then, refresh the map, and the map will show the other AirPod to help you find it.

  • How To Use The Find My App To Track Or Locate A Third

    Follow the steps below to use the Find My app to track or locate a missing or lost compatible third-party device that you have linked to your Apple ID.

  • Open the Find My app on an Apple device
  • Any third-party accessory you’ve setup and connected will appear on the map
  • You can then choose to play a sound if nearby, put into Lost Mode or get notified when it’s found
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    Pair Airpods With An iPad

    If you want to use your AirPods with an iPad after pairing them with your iPhone, Apple does the work for you. When you pair your AirPods with an Apple device, iCloud syncs that pairing with any other Apple devices connected to your Apple account. On your iPad, swipe to display the Control Center, then long-press on the Music card. Tap the music source icon and change it to your AirPods to use them with your iPad.

    Use The Wunderfind App

    How to Add AirPods to Find My Application

    Wunderfind is an app that specializes in locating lost headphones. It shows you how close you are to the lost device as you move around. It works on any wireless headphones, not just AirPods.

    Since it uses Bluetooth detection, Wunderfind needs at least one headphone to work. While it searches, it gives you a visual map to follow. For a fee, you can even make your lost AirPod or other wireless headphone play a sound.

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    Still Can’t Find Your Earbuds

    If your missing AirPods earbud is out of charge, you may be out of luck in locating it via the Find My iPhone app. That said, you can still go about finding it the old-fashioned way ;back-tracking where you had them previously.

    And if you’ve exhausted all other options, you can always pay a lost AirPods fee to Apple to get a new earbud ;it’s just $69 per lost bud.

    How To Find Airpods Lost Nearby

    Your AirPods are most likely to be misplaced or lost when you set them down momentarily because there are no cords to keep them together or to make them easier to find. Find My AirPods is mostly designed to locate an AirPod that’s nearby by playing a sound.

  • Open “Find My” on an iOS device or
  • Tap the AirPods in the list.
  • Tap “Actions.”
  • Tap “Play Sound.”
  • A soft chirping sound will start playing after you initiate the “Play Sound” command, which will gradually get louder and louder with each chirp to make the AirPods easier to locate.

    If just the left or just the right AirPod is missing, you can also mute the sound coming from the left or the right. To stop the sound once the AirPods are located, you’ll need to tap “Stop Playing.” Putting the AirPods back in the case will also turn the sound off after a few seconds.

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    How To Find Airpods

    There are a few simple ways to locate your misplaced AirPods. Maybe youre just looking for where you last put your AirPods case and want to make sure theyre still around. However, there is a means to locate individual AirPod buds in case you drop them.

    When you lose your AirPods or AirPods Pro while theyre in their case, Find Mys most beneficial feature, the Play Sound function, is disabled.

    You cant use the pods speakers to play a sound and follow your ears because theyre in the case. On the other hand, you can see their most recent online location on a map. Thats the last location you took them out of your case, and its where you lost them, hopefully. This method also works for AirPods that have died; it will display their last known internet position while they were live.

    • Open the Find My app on your phone. If you have too many applications to identify your Find My app, just pull down on your home screen and search for it. People do not utilise their search feature to its full potential. If you have iOS 14 or later, the Find My app is most likely hidden in your app library, if not on your home screen at all.
    • Make sure the Devices tab is selected. Then, in the list of linked Apple devices, look for your AirPods.
    • To display the devices last known position on a map, click on it.

    If your AirPods are still charged and you drop them out of the case, you may activate the Play Sound option to let them send out their own distress signal.

    Airpods Dont Show Up On Find My iPhone

    How to find lost AirPods using Apple

    Question: Q: Airpods Dont Show up on Find My iPhone I recently misplaced my AirPods, which is a typical occurrence for me, in which case I just use the Find My iPhone app. But this time, I opened it to see that it not only wasnt detecting my AirPods location, it didnt even have it registered as a device of mine anymore.

    If you put the AirPods back in the case, they cant connect to the iPhone or any other device. You will at least have to open the lid of the case before you can connect them. Im not convinced you really have ongoing connection issues, unless you also have issues while theyre in your ear.

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    How To Find Lost Airpods On A Web Browser

    To find your AirPods using a web browser, go to and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Then select All Devices and choose your AirPods from the pop-up list.

  • Open a browser and go to You can use any major web browser. ;
  • Then log in with your Apple ID and password. If you dont know your Apple ID and password, you can click Forgot Apple ID or password.
  • On a computer, select All Devices. You will see this at the top of your screen. If youre using a mobile device, you will see your Apple Devices listed at the bottom of your screen. If you dont see your AirPods in the list, swipe up to reveal all your Apple devices.
  • Then select your AirPods. This will show their last known location on a map.
  • To find one AirPod at a time, click Play Sound.
  • You can then use Find My on iCloud to find one AirPod at a time by clicking the Mute Left and Mute Right buttons.

    Note: Your AirPods will only play a sound when they are nearby and out of their case.

    How To Turn On Lost Mode For Airpods Pro Or Airpods Max

    I haven’t been able to test the new feature yet, but using Apple’s WWDC demonstration and my familiarity with the Find My app, I have a pretty good idea of how it will work.;

    After realizing you’ve lost your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max , open the Find My app on your iPhone. Tap on the Devices tab, then select your AirPods. A map will show you the last location you had your AirPods, including the time.;

    Using the card at the bottom of the screen, you can mark the AirPods as Lost. ;

    When Lost Mode is enabled, the Find My network will begin searching for your AirPods. Once they’re found, you’ll receive an alert on your iPhone with their current location.;

    Trigger your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max to play sounds, making it easier to find them.;

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    Help I Can’t Find My Airpods Ios 15 Comes With A New Way To Track Them Down

    Apple is making it even easier to use Find My on missing wireless earbuds and headphones.

    The AirPods Pro are tiny and easy to lose. iOS 15 makes it easier to track them down.;

    Apple’s AirPods are convenient, but also really small and extremely easy to lose. It turns out, those pesky wired earbuds had the one advantage of serving as a sort of physical tether. Apple plans to extend the range of its electronic tether over your;AirPods Pro;and;AirPods Max;with;iOS 15;for the iPhone.

    Currently, you can use Apple’s Find My app to help you locate a lost earbud, but it only works if you’re within Bluetooth range of your AirPods — that’s approximately 30 feet, or 10 meters. And they need to be outside of the charging case, which isn’t ideal if your earbuds are miles away and in their case. That’s about to change.

    Once iOS 15 is officially released later this year , you’ll be able to find your lost AirPods no matter where they are, even outside Bluetooth range. Here’s what we know and what you need to know about how the feature works.;

    How To Use Find My Airpods

    Find My AirPods! (Updated for the iOS 13 Find My App!)

    Find My AirPods is accessible;just like Apples other Find services for Mac, iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watch. To track your AirPods, you can do so via either or;the Find My app on iPad and iPhone.

    To use the feature, open the Find iPhone app and look for your AirPods in your list of devices. From there, you can see where your AirPods are located on a map and in relation to your other Apple products. If you tap the AirPods icon on the map, youll see the option to play a sound from the AirPods.

    After you start playing the sound, youll see the option to mute the left or the right AirPod, or stop playing the sound. This option isnt available for AirPods Max, since they are over-ear connected headphones rather than truly wireless headphones like AirPods and AirPods Pro.

    The ability to mute either AirPod makes it easier to locate;one or the other if youve only misplaced one of them. While the sound that is emitted from the AirPods isnt the loudest, it should be loud enough to locate a misplaced earbud in a relatively quiet environment.

    An important thing to note is that all of these steps apply only if the AirPods are out of their case and connected to your iPhone.

    Apples Find My AirPods feature is pretty useful for locating nearby AirPods, though less so for ones that you may have left at another location. Nevertheless, given the technical hurdles, the feature is useful and much-needed considering;the truly wireless design of the AirPods.

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    How To Turn On Find My On The iPhone

    • Open Settings and tap on your name
    • Choose Find My
    • Tap on Find My iPhone
    • Turn on Find My iPhone
    • Turn on Enable Offline Finding
    • Turn of Send Last Location

    That last one is particularly useful. Everything else is for helping you find your device, but that one sends the location to Apple instead of you. Specifically, it sends it when your device’s battery is about to quit on you.

    It does that so when you try the Find My app, Apple can at least show you where the device last was, even if it can’t show you were it is now.

    There Is No Lost Mode Or Icloud Lock For Your Airpods

    So once someone resets them and pairs those AirPods to another device, they list under that persons Apple ID and Find My app and their location no longer appears under your devices in the Find My app.

    When someone resets a pair of AirPods, they automatically disconnect from whatever Apple ID they previously paired to.

    That means that once the AirPods pair to a new owner, you cannot have them play the beeping sound, the location will not update to wherever they currently are, and you cannot track them even if they are close to you and within range.

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    How To Find Lost Airpods That Are Offline

    Find My app or might show No location found or Offline due to any of the following reasons.

    • The AirPods or AirPods Pro are inside their charging case . Note:AirPods Max are visible in the Find My app and for up to 18 hours if they are inside their Smart Case and 72 hours if outside.
    • The AirPods are outside the range of any paired device like iPhone, iPad, Mac.
    • AirPods are fully discharged.

    In these situations, you can not play a sound on the AirPods. But you will see and get directions to the location the AirPods were last connected with one of your devices that is, the last known location.

    Once you get to this location, try to look for them. Additionally, if the AirPods come online, you will be notified of the same on your iPhone or iPad.

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