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How To Stop Sharing Photos On iPhone

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Cons Of Using Icloud Photo Link Feature

How to stop sharing photos between iOS devices using the same apple id

Many users like to save their messages and the associated embedded photos. By default, the initial iCloud photo link that is created has a built-in validity period. It expires after 30 days.

If the recipient chooses to go back to the message and try opening the link after the validity period, he or she will not be able to access these photos, which is a hassle for many.

Although there is no way to disable or bypass this functionality when you start with the Photos app, you can bypass this entirely when you start with the Messages app.

What Do I Lose By Turning Off Icloud Photos

If you have an iPhone and iPad with iCloud sharing enabled on both, all photos and videos will be shared across both devices. However, if you turn iCloud photos off on your phone, your iPhones Camera Roll will lose any images that werent created on that device . Images taken on your iPad, for example, will no longer show in your iPhones Camera Roll and vice versa.

If you sign out of iCloud accidentally, Apple holds your images in the cloud for 30 days, meaning you can simply reconnect to your iCloud Photo Library to restore your images if needed.

Check How You Can Turn Off Shared Photos On iPhone On Ios 15 And Stop Sharing Completely

Apple released iOS 15 for everyone last week, with new features to make your daily routine easier. Among the new features that are available to you is Shared with you, a new section that highlights content shared by others through the Messages app. If you dont like this new feature or dont want other peoples content to be separated into different sections, then you can disable it.

In this post, we will help you disable Shared with you from Photos and Messages in every possible way.

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How To Turn Off Icloud Photo Library: Using Icloud For Your Photos

Reading Time: 8 minutes read

iCloud Photos is an optional backup feature on Apple devices that securely stores your photos and videos online in the cloud. Its helpful because it means that even if you were to lose your device, you wont lose your photographs.

Keep reading to find out how to check if iCloud Photo Library is enabled on your device, plus how to turn it off and what happens if you do.

Faqs Of How To Unlink iPhones

How to Stop Sharing Your Location With Someone on an ...

Question 1. How to stop sharing photos between iOS devices using the same Apple ID?

If you want to prevent newly captured photos from being synced to all iOS devices using the same Apple account, you can go to Settings app, scroll down to locate option. Tap on it to enter interface, and then turn the My Photo Stream feature off.

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Sharing Photos On Ios

If you share a photo from the Photos app on iOS, location data is included by default. You may want this to be the case, especially if youre adding a photo to a shared library. But in some cases, you want to remove this location data.

Select one or more photos, then tap the share button . At the top of the screen, tap Options.

On the next screen, youll see a number of options, including Location toggle this off.

Youll need to do this each time you share a photo your iOS device does not remember this setting, nor is there a global setting to turn it off.

How To Turn Off Shared Photos On iPhone On Ios 15 And Stop Sharing Completely

Apple rolled out iOS 15 for everyone last week, bringing new features to make your daily routine easy. Among the new features that are available to you is Shared With You a new section that highlights content shared by others over the Messages app. If you dont like this new feature or you dont want content from others segregated into different sections, then you may want to turn it off.

In this post, well help you disable Shared with you from Photos and Messages in all the different ways possible.

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How Can I Easily Stop Syncing Photos From iPhone To iPad

Keeping seeing iPhone photos appearing on your iPad is annoying. Follow this passage to know why photos go to iPad and how to stop sync photos from iPhone to iPad.

How do I stop photos sharing between iPhone and iPad?

Hi, all! I come here because I find that when I take a picture with my iPhone X and it appears on my iPad Pro immediately, so I can make a little editing. These photos take really a lot of storage on iPad so I want to stop syncing photos from iPhone to iPad. Any useful tips?

– Question from Apple Community

Taking photos to make your moments stay should be a pleasure but it would also be annoying to see them appearing at where you donât want them to be.

You might be sharing the iPad with your friends or family so that the data on your iPhone could be very private. You might have taken a lot of photos and videos during the journey but find that all of them are synced to iPad after returning home, and the iPad storage is going to be used up.

Thatâs why you need to stop sharing photos between iOS devices, to protect your privacy or rescue iPad storage. The following section will tell you how iCloud Photos works and how to unsync photos from iPhone to iPad.

How To Use Share Back To Complete The Collection

iOS 14 – How To Stop Sharing Photos Between Devices Using the Same Apple ID

When the recipients of your collection tap the link in Messages, Photos opens and shows all the items that you shared.* They can tap Add All to add your photos and videos at full resolution to their own library.

If Photos detects that your friends have items in their library that might be from the same time and place, a Share Back section appears below the collection that you sent. When they tap View, Photos shows items that might be from the same event for example, photos they took at a beach party that you attended together.

Your friends can select which items to share back, then tap Share to send you photos capturing angles and moments that you might have missed.

* If a recipient opens the link in Messages on their Mac, the collection appears on a web page and Share Back isn’t available.

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Disable/turn Off Photo Stream On iPhone

How to disable/turn off photo stream on your iPhone/iPad:

Method #1:

Step #1. Tap on iCloud.

Step #2. Tap on

Step #3. Turn off the switch for

Step #4. Optionally, turn off

Turning off Photo Sharing prevents you from being able to share your photos through iCloud/Photo Stream option .

Method #2:

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on

Step #3. Turn off My

Step #4. Optionally, turn off

Same as before, turning off Photo Sharing will prevent any photo being shared through Photo stream.

Disabling photo stream does not remove the photos inside your photo stream. You will have to manually delete the photos or albums in your photo stream. Even then, it might take a few hours before iCloud erases most traces of the photos or albums in the photo stream.

What Does Icloud Photo Library Do For My iPhone Photo Library

This optional feature from Apple lets you automatically backup and sync photos and videos from your iPhone Photo Library into one easy-to-access place the cloud. This means you can access your Photo Library from any device, wherever you are, as long as you have iCloud photos enabled across all devices.

Whats more, edits are saved across devices, so you can begin retouching your latest selfie on your iPhone, then finish editing the same snap on your iPad.

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How To Share Photos With Sharing Suggestions

  • Turn on iCloud Photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Open the Photos app.
  • Tap the For You tab, then find Sharing Suggestions.
  • Swipe left to browse all the suggested collections, then tap a collection to share.
  • Tap Next to share everything, or tap Select and then deselect the items that you don’t want to include.
  • Choose people to share with. If , their names appear automatically. People you’ve shared photos with before might also appear. Deselect anyone you don’t want to include. Tap Add People to select more friends.
  • Tap the Share in Messages button. A Messages window appears, showing the recipients and a preview of the message that they’ll get.
  • Add a comment if you’d like, then tap the Send button.
  • Final Words: How You Can Turn Off Shared Photos On iPhone On Ios 15 And Stop Sharing Completely

    How to Stop Sharing Your Location on an iPhone: 9 Steps

    I hope you understand this article How you can Turn Off Shared Photos on iPhone on iOS 15 and Stop Sharing Completely, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this article with your family and friends.

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    How To Remove Contact Suggestions From The Share Sheet On iPhone And iPad

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    By default, your iPhone and iPad suggest a list of people whenever you tap the Share button. Its easy to share things accidentally. Starting with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can remove suggested contacts from the Share sheet.

    How To Remove Photos Shared By You That Others See Under Shared With You On Their Devices

    If you want to remove the content you sent to someone and prevent it from appearing inside the Shared with You section on others iPhones, then we hate to break it to you you cannot do that. Media once sent to someone on Messages will appear on the recipients iPhone the moment you tap on the Send button. Its up to how the recipient has set up their device and they will have whole control over which media and content appear labeled as Shared with You and which ones dont.

    You can only remove the files and media that you receive from someone else on your iPhone and not on others.

    Using Messages

    The easiest way to remove the content youve received from someone is using the Messages app. For this, open Messages on your iPhone, go to the conversation where you want to remove shared content from.

    Inside the selected conversation, tap on the contacts picture or name at the top.

    Next, tap on the See All option inside the Photos section on the screen and find the media you want to remove.

    Tap and hold on the media you want to remove and select the Delete option in the overflow menu.

    This will delete the selected media from the Messages app.

    Using Photos

    To remove shared content from the Photos app, open the app and select the For You tab at the bottom.

    On the next screen, select the Shared with You section and open the media you want to delete. When the media is open, tap on the Trash icon at the bottom right corner to remove it from your iPhone.


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    What Is Location Data

    Your iPhone can use its internal GPS system to note the locations of where you shoot your photos. It stores precise location data, such as Latitude: 51° 25 38.532 N and Longitude: 1° 51 18.39 W. Enter these coordinates in Google Maps and it will pinpoint the location of a photo. This is useful in Apples Photos app to let you browse places, and you can view a given photo in Photos and see exactly where it was taken on a map.

    This location data is very precise heres how the coordinates above display in HoudahGeo, an app photographers can use to add such data to their photos.

    Some non-smartphone cameras include GPS, and many photographers will use a geotagging app to record coordinates and add them to their photos, if their camera does not have this capability.

    But if you take pictures at home, and share them on social media without removing this location data, anyone who downloads the photo can find this information embedded in the photosEXIF data. This data includes the make and model of your camera or phone, the date and time when you shot the photo, as well as technical information, such as the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture used.

    You may not want others to be able to pinpoint your, or your childrens, or your place of works precise location, so its a good idea to remove this data when sharing photos.

    How To Interrupt Someones Shared Photos:

    iPhone 6: How to Enable / Disable iCloud Photo Sharing
  • Disable Shared with you for the contact
  • If you no longer want someones shared media to appear in the new Shared with You section in the Photos app, you can completely hide that contact from appearing in Shared with You. This not only removes shared content from the Photos app, it also prevents your shared content from appearing inside any of the other supported apps, such as Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Podcasts, and Safari.
  • To hide someone from Shared with You, open the Messaging app, select the person you want to hide, and tap the contacts picture at the top. On the screen that appears below, tap the toggle button next to Show in Shared with You.
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    There’s A Way To Stop Them To Send Individual Files

    If you’re not using iCloud Photos, you don’t have to worry about these links. But if you are using it, whenever you share a certain amount of content simultaneously from to the Messages app, the link will be created automatically. There is a way to stop this from happening and just share the files directly. Be aware, however, that iCloud links will consume less mobile data if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

    How Do I Stop My iPhone From Syncing

    Please, follow the steps below to disable sync on your iPhone: In the Settings application, select Mail, Contacts or Calendar In the Mail, Contacts, Calendar menu, select the account, youve already synced using SyncGene Now, move the slider to OFF position for associated data: Calendar or/and Contacts .

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    How To Turn Off The Shared With You Feature

    To get started, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

    Go to the Messages section.

    Choose the Shared With You section.

    If you want to disable the entire feature, disable the Automatic Sharing feature.

    To disable the feature on a per-app basis, you can disable the Music,TV,Safari, or the Photos app.

    Now, when you open the particular app, the Shared with You section will be nowhere to be found!

    If you want to enable the feature again, you can go back to Settings > Messages > Shared With You, and from here, you can enable the Automatic Sharing for the particular app.

    All your links and photos will now stay in the Messages app. Overloaded with messages? Try deleting old messages from your iPhone or iPad.

    Unlink iPhones From Same Apple Id Without Password

    How to Stop Sharing Your Location on an iPhone: 9 Steps

    With the methods above, you can handily unlink iPhones from same Apple ID. While for security purposes, you need to sign in the Apple account with password. What if you forget the password and still want to unlink iPhones?

    Here we strongly recommend the professional iOS Unlocker for you to bypass Apple ID passcode and remove iPhone from an old Apple account. It is able to Remove Apple ID password, screen lock password like 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID, and more.

    FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, Removes Apple ID or its password, Remove screen time or restriction passcode in seconds.

    • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
    • Removes Apple ID or its password.
    • Remove screen time or restriction passcode in seconds.

    Step 1Free install and run iOS Unlocker on your computer. Choose the Remove Apple ID feature to unlink iPhones.

    Step 2Connect iPhone to computer through a USB cable. Tap Trust on iPhone screen to make a connection between computer and this iOS device.

    Step 3When iOS Unlocker recognizes your iPhone, you can see the Remove Apple ID interface. To remove Apple ID password, you need to turn off Find My iPhone feature while the removal process. After that, click Start button to start removing the Apple account and related password.

    When the removal is finished, you can access this iPhone without Apple account and passcode. You can directly create a new Apple ID, or sign in with another account.

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    Option : Move The Smart Stack Widget Out Of Sight

    If you still want the Photos widget to exist in the Smart Stack but don’t always want to see it, you can just move the widget in Today View.

    Long-press the Smart Stack until you see the quick actions disappear, but don’t let go yet after a second or two, the home screen editor will open where everything jiggles, and you can drag the Smart Stack down to a more appropriate spot. To exit the editor, either tap “Done,” tap the background, swipe up from the bottom like you’re going to the home screen, or press the Home button if you have one.

    Alternatively, you could long-press on the Smart Stack widget, then choose “Edit Home Screen” from the quick actions then you would tap-and-hold the Smart Stack, drag-and-drop it to a new spot, and exit the editor.

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