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Does Fossil Smartwatch Work With iPhone

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How To Use Fossils Smartwatch App For Your Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Gen5 (wear OS watch) with iPhone!

by Techaai Team·May 13, 2020

Hybrid smartwatches have become quite popular for those who want their daily activity tracked, but maybe arent interested in having all the features on their wrist. Fossils hybrid smartwatches are some of the best you can buy, and theres a Fossil smartwatch app available called Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches so you dont need to over-rely on tweaking settings from your watch.

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  • The best Fossil smartwatches: Fossil Gen 5, Hybrid HR, and more

    Which Devices Are Compatible With The Fossil Smartwatch App

    All Fossil hybrid smartwatches are compatible with the Hybrid Smartwatches app. The full-fledged Fossil smartwatches running Wear OS, including the Fossil Gen 5 series, do not work with this app. The full list of compatible watches can be found below:

    • Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

    Fossil Hybrid HR review: Beautifully flawed

    Its 2013. You look down at your Pebble smartwatch and think, E-ink displays are perfect for

    What Are My Options

    Nearly all of the Android Wear watches released within the last two years are compatible with an iPhone running iOS 9.0 or newer. Google lists 20 different watches that have assured iOS functionality, although most of the older, first-wave Android Wear devices arent listed. The first-gen Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch arent listed as compatibleand yet the G Watch worked fine for me when I tested it, albeit using an older OS version.

    Whats so appealing about Android Wear is the sheer variety of looks and styles. Google makes the software, but all of the manufacturers are free to design the watches as they please, right down to the size and shape of the screen. There are sports watches and fashion watches, for example, as well as budget and luxury options. But that also means that there may be inconsistencies in features, such as watches lacking NFC for mobile payments, a heart rate sensor, or 4G capabilities.


    The LG Watch Sport and Watch Style are the current headline devices.

    However, not every watch runs Android Wear 2.0, which adds extra functionality for iOS users. Still, there are a fair number of 2.0 devices now. The LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style were the big new hardware releases alongside Android Wear 2.0, although our sister site Greenbot wasnt hugely impressed with either . Ive been using the LG Watch Style for this article, and I agree that it feels cheap and flimsyand the battery life is dismal if you enable the always-on display.

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    What’s The Best Smartwatch For iPhone

    Most smartwatches will track your basic health metrics such as steps and calories, while devices with built-in GPS make for perfect running, cycling and swimming companions. Many of the watches here also sync up so you’ll receive notifications via your watch, saving you the need to dig out your phone as often.

    Weve fully worn, tested and evaluated all the watches in this list and ranked them based on software and which we think is best for most people. Bear in mind the watch at number one might not be best for you though depending on your needs, tastes and budget.

    How To Fix Fossil Watch Wont Pair With New Phone

    Do Fossil Smartwatches work with iPhone? How to Set up &  Use

    Fossil watch wont pair with a new phone? Dont worry. Your new phone isnt necessarily faulty. In fact, the chances are that the WearOS app is to blame and that youll be able to fix the issue by following a few simple steps.

    It seems to be a common issue that plenty of people have experienced before. So, we are here to help you solve it.

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    Withings Steel Hr Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

    This Nokia-branded smartwatch, despite having a classy formal look, has all the required fitness features, including support for iPhones. It can last up to 25 days on a single charge and an additional 20 days on power reserve mode, which is extremely impressive.

    Since its a smartwatch, the Nokia Steel HR can track your walk, run, swim, distance covered, calories burned, and more. You can even receive connected phones notifications for texts, calls, and events on the watch screen. The soft silicone strap is interchangeable, so you never run out on style.

    USP: Impressive battery performance

    Signing off

    These were some of the best smartphones for your iPhones that are currently available on the market. Since each has a unique advantage, its impossible to point at one. But rest assured, these smartwatches should offer everything you are looking for and be a perfect fitness buddy.

    Read more about iPhone and Apple Watch

    Setting Up Your Fossil Smartwatch With iPhone

    Youve completed all of the steps you did your research, read up on what smart watches are compatible with your iPhone and bought the smartwatch thats perfect for you. Now its time to connect it to your phone and set it up.

    1. Download the Wear OS by Google app from the App Store.

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions on your iPhone. Tap allow to give you phone access to your smart watch.

    3. Select your preferred language.

    4. Select the name of your smartwatch.

    5. Tap pair to connect your smart watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth®.

    6. Once connected, the app will automatically update your watch with notifications.

    7. Next follow the prompt on your phone to copy your Google accounts to your smartwatch and allow it access, sync your contacts and calendar, allow the app access to your calls and texts.

    8. Lastly, allow your smart watch to display notifications sent from your phone.

    Congratulations, youre all set now! Youre ready to live a connected life. For more help, watch the video below.

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    Fossil’s Gen 5 Smartwatch Will Let iPhone Users Take Calls From Their Wrists Just Like Apple Watch

    Fossil today announced its latest smartwatch, the Gen 5, which will let users make calls from the watch itself when connected to an iPhone . This has been possible with Android smartphones previously, but as of yet iPhone users who own a Fossil smartwatch have only been able to receive alerts about an incoming call.

    Now, the Gen 5 will act similarly to the Apple Watch, and users will be able to talk into the smartwatch’s speaker to make phone calls. The new smartwatch is launching today, but this feature for iPhones won’t launch until sometime in the fall. As a note, it was confirmed that the Gen 5 watch still doesn’t support Apple iMessages.

    According to a Fossil spokesperson, No action is required from your iPhone. The watch becomes another way to take your call via Bluetooth.

    Otherwise, the Gen 5 smartwatch has a longer battery life than the previous version, and can last for multiple days on a single charge. The device comes in six colors, all of which include a 1.28-inch AMOLED screen inside of a 44mm case that’s 12mm thick.

    It also has 8GB of storage, 1GB RAM, NFC, a heart rate sensor, GPS, and a speaker. Fossil said that the watch is waterproof up to 30 meters deep. The smartwatch runs on Google’s Wear OS platform, and supports Google features like Google Fit, Google Pay, and the Google Assistant.

    Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatch is available today starting at $295.

    Setting Up Fossil Smartwatch With iPhone

    Set up and pair a Wear OS watch with an iPhone: Tutorial and feature guide

    Wear OS by Google

    Step 1: Download the Wear OS by Google from App store on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Launch the app. And then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

    Step 3: Now tap allow to give permission to access the smartwatch.

    Step 4: Select your language. And set a name for your smartwatch.

    Step 5: Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. Tap pair.

    Step 6: Once the connection is established your app will automatically update all the info from your watch.

    Step 7: Follow the on-screen prompts to access your Google account. This will help you use various Google apps on your Fossil watch.

    Step 8: Allow access to calls and texts. Then allow the watch to display notifications from your phone.

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    Fossil Gen 6 Vs Fossil Gen 5 Vs Fossil Gen 5e

    If you want the , youll obviously want to invest in one of the new Gen 6 options. But the new hotness shares many similarities with the old hotness. Heres a brief look at the Fossil Gen 6 vs the Gen 5 and Gen 5E series.

    The Fossil Gen 6 and Gen 5 have the same large 1.28-inch AMOLED displays. These are crisp and bright displays that you should have no trouble viewing, whether indoors or outdoors. The Gen 5E has a slightly smaller display, though its still an AMOLED panel.

    The Fossil Gen 5 only comes in one size 44mm so those with smaller wrists might either want to opt for the Gen 6 or Gen 5E, which are both offered in 44 and 42mm sizes.

    All three devices have 1GB of RAM, though the Gen 5 and 5E are powered by Qualcomms older Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC. You get 8GB of storage with the Gen 6 and 5, but only 4GB of storage with the Gen 5E.

    All three series also have built-in waterproof speakers and microphones, as well as the ability to place and answer phone calls via a connected smartphone. If youre after truly phone-free watch calling, your only option is the Fossil Gen 5 LTE. Speaking of waterproofing, all three series have water resistance ratings, so you can take a dunk in the pool or shower.

    One of the only other notable differences between the three models is GPS support. The Gen 6 and Gen 5 both have standalone , while the Gen 5E has .

    Looking for the full comparison? Check out all the specs below.

    Why Wont Fossil Smartwatch Connect To iPhone

    The Fossil smartwatch may fail to connect to the iPhone due to minor software issues.

    Fossil smartwatch is the first Wear OS smartwatch to take calls and tether to iPhone. It is designed to sync with the iPhone just as much as it works with Android.

    Sometimes, the Fossil smartwatch may fail to connect to the iPhone. However, these are rare instances that do not suggest that a Fossil smartwatch does not work with an iPhone.

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    What Do I Miss

    You miss out on some pretty important features, unfortunately, although some may sting more than others based on your needs and daily routine. Notably, the Android Wear watch doesnt integrate with the iPhones communication functionalityso if you read a text message on your wrist, you cant speak out a quick reply, nor can you dictate a new message with your voice. Google Assistant just doesnt know what to do when you ask, unlike Siri.

    If you get a call, you can reject it on your wristbut that was the extent of my options with the LG Watch Style. Many Android Wear devices dont have a speaker for two-way communication, including the Watch Style, although they all have a microphone for spoken searches and commands. But even the watches with speakers dont let you take calls on your wrist.

    Andrew Hayward/IDG

    Youll have to grab your phone if you want to chat.

    There is one exception to this rule: if you buy one of the 4G Android Wear watches with its own LTE connectionlike the LG Watch Sport or Verizon Wear24, for examplethen you can set up call forwarding to patch calls over to your watch. But thats an all-or-nothing arrangement thatll stop calls from hitting your phone until you turn it off.

    IDG/Andrew Hayward

    Replying to iMessages? Nope.

    How Android Wear Smartwatches Work With The iPhone

    Bluetooth Smart Watch Silver Case with SIM Slot Camera ...

    Apple has the iPhone and Apple Watch while Google backs Android smartphones and Wear OS devices. These are extensions of their ecosystems and each have functions or apps that can work across smartphone and wearable. What happens if you want to to use a Wear OS smartwatch and you own an iPhone? You can and Ill discuss how to connect the two.

    Googles approach in Wear OS is to enable more manufacturers to make watches and, in turn, allow for greater compatibility with various Android smartphones and the iPhone. Wear OS has apps that will work with Android phones and with Apple iPhones. This cross-platform approach enables a number of standard features to work regardless of what mobile device you choose to use, albeit with some limitations.

    Because of this, many older Android Wear and current Wear OS devices can work on iPhones. While this is good news for iPhone users and gives them a wider choice of wearables to pair with their devices, it isnt as ideal a pairing as using an Apple Watch, heres why.

    Wear OS is quite different. It relies mostly on Google Now, and also embeds a few standalone services like Google Fit Health tracking, messaging and other functions. Wear OS devices like the Fossil Q, Movado Connect, Fossil Q Explorist,Nixon Mission and Movado Connectsmartwatches can connect with and work with the iPhone.

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    Tempted By A Wear Os Watch But Own An iPhone Here’s All You Need To Know

    ByLewis Painter, Senior Staff Writer| 29 Jun 2020

    Apple may not allow Android users to use the Apple Watch, but luckily for iPhone users, Google isnt quite so strict. Following a rocky start with Android Wear, Google unveiled Wear OS, a complete overhaul of its smartwatch operating system, offering enhanced support for iOS users alongside a range of other benefits.

    So, yes, you can use a Wear OS smartwatch with an iPhone, as long as its an iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 9 or later, but its not the exact same experience as what youd get using an Android smartphone. We outline how to use a Wear OS smartwatch with an iPhone right here, along with what youll get, and more importantly, what you wont get.

    The Limitations Of Using Wear Os With An iPhone

    As you might expect, the iOS experience is a little more limited than compared to that of Android users, and this is apparent in several forms. The most noticeable is notifications: while the syncing of notifications between the watch and iPhone is a nice touch, theres a lack of actions available – you cant, for example, reply to a text using the Watch, nor can you mark incoming emails as read unless youre using the Gmail app on the watch.

    Its a similar story with Google Assistant while it can help with basic queries, it wont be able to do things like mark tasks as done via the Reminders app on your iPhone, or initiate calls either. These are all locked to Siri, and that likely wont be changing anytime soon.

    And, as mentioned above, while you can access a great number of apps via Google Play on the smartwatch, you wont get access to the entire library of Google Play apps – some require a companion app to function, and at present, third-party iOS apps cant directly communicate with Wear OS apps. These are limitations of Apple rather than Wear OS, but its still worth noting.

    Thats about all you need to know about using a Wear OS smartwatch with an iPhone. The only thing you need to decide now is which to get. If youre stuck, we recommend taking a look at our selection of the best smartwatches for some inspiration.

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    Why The Fossil Gen 6 Didn’t Convince Me To Switch Away From My Apple Watch

    The Fossil Gen 6 is good, but Wear OS isnt good enough

    As I tested the new Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch, I was struck by how Wear OS has calcified into a middling software platform that really hasnt convinced me to move away from my iOS ecosystem. Im not saying the Apple Watch is for everyone, but it still feels like the best option out there, and Im not convinced to switch.

    Unfortunately, my opinion is largely affected by the odd territoriality of smartwatches and phone operating systems: Apple Watches only work with iPhones, while the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 only works with Androids . The watches that support both mobile operating systems, however, are stuck with Wear OS 2.0, which hasnt been upgraded in years.

    Its an unfortunate reality, and one that forces consumers to pick their exclusive ecosystem in ways that are as unnecessary as they are embarrassingly retrograde. Its never been cool for Apple to keep Apple Watch compatibility solely with iOS devices, though we can begrudgingly understand how much more seamless you can make interactions by focusing on just your in-house operating system. But locking Galaxy Watch 4 out of iOS feels like a loss, especially as it prevents the new Wear OS 3 from going toe-to-toe with watchOS.

    Fossil Watch Wont Pair With A New Phone Try Rebooting It

    NEW Fossil Gen 6 (Fossil Tries to Save the Smartwatch)

    As we mentioned above, its not necessarily the phone itself or the watch thats at fault. The chances are that your phones operating system, WearOS app, or both are not working as intended.

    Sometimes, an easy way to get around such issues is simply turning your phone off and on. And while the exact process can differ from device to device, more often than not, all you have to do is:

  • Hold down the power button or for iPhone, the power button and volume up buttons.
  • For iPhone, slide to power off. For Android, select Restart or Reboot and confirm
  • Wait until your phone boots again
  • Then try pairing the watch again
  • This requires nothing more than the press of a button. So, worst-case scenario, you lose a minute of your life while waiting for the phone to boot up again.

    And if it doesnt work, move on to the next possible solution.

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