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How To Upload Videos To Icloud From iPhone

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How To Switch Off Icloud Photos

How to Upload Your Photos To iCloud – iPhone Beginners Guide

You can also do this by following these steps: Click on “Settings”. On iOS or later, tap your name. Skip this step on iOS or earlier versions. Tap iCloud. On the all iCloud features screen, turn off the features you don’t want to use by moving their sliders to white/off. Some features, such as Photos, require you to touch the menus to view other options screens.

Bonus: Take A Backup Of Your iPhone On Icloud

If you have an old device and the feature of iCloud Photos is not there, then you can consider taking an entire backup of your iPhone. To do this, you can go to its Settings > iCloud > Backup and turn on the iCloud Backup option. You can tap on the âBack Up Nowâ button to take a backup of your device right away.

How Do You Download Icloud

To download and set up iCloud on PC: Visit Apple’s support page for iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Click the Download button. When you click Download, the Install iCloud dialog box appears. Click Save File. The iCloud installation file will be downloaded. When the download is complete, open the file. A security dialog box opens. Click Run.

How To Backup iPhone or iPad to your Mac, iTunes or iCloud? The process of backing up data is pivotal to a successful disaster recovery plan .

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Sharing To Local Android Devices

AirDrop doesn’t work with Android devices, so you need to use third-party apps to share locally across platforms. Generally speaking, for this to work, both devices need to use the same third-party app and connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you can’t connect to the same Wi-Fi network, create a personal hotspot on your iPhone instead. Go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot to do so.

Plenty of third-party apps are available for cross-platform sharing, but we recommend apps like SHAREit or PhotoSync. Both of these are available for free on iPhone and Android devices.

SHAREit for iOS | Android

PhotoSync for iOS | Android

How To Upload Photos To Icloud From Mac

How to upload photos from icloud to iphone, THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

To upload photos to iCloud when using a Mac, you just need to drag and drop your chosen files into the Photos library. Any photos or videos saved here will be automatically uploaded to iCloud Photos. This can include photos captured by a camera, content saved from online, anything thats been shared with you, and any other photos and videos in suitable file formats.

You can do this by opening up the location of your flash drive, hard drive, Finder, Downloads folder and simply dragging and dropping content. To do this, just highlight the content you want to upload and drag into the iCloud Photos window.

First, however, youll need to make sure you have iCloud Photos turned on. To do this:

1. Open the Photos app

2. Click on Photos in the menu barYoull find this in the top left corner.

3. Select Preferences

4. Click the box next to iCloud Photos

5. Select how you want to store your photosYoull be given two options:

  • Optimize iPhone Storage. Your phone will contain optimized, lower-resolution versions of your iCloud photos while full-resolution versions will be stored in the iCloud .
  • . This option lets you download all your photos and videos in full-resolution. It means you can enjoy higher quality images all of the time, but it will require much more storage space.

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Solution : How To Send Large Videos From iPhone To Other Apple Devices Via Airdrop

Since iOS 7, Apple devices have featured a powerful filetransferring tool known as AirDrop. If your goal is to transfer a long videofrom your iPhone to a nearby device running on MacOS or iOS, AirDrop is generallythe most straightforward and quickest option.

AirDrop eliminates the need to download additional applications toyour iPhone so that you can send long videos. The tool does not have limits tothe sizes of the videos you can send. To learn how to send large video filesfrom your iPhone via AirDrop, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Confirm that the receiving device is nearby. Also, ensure thatthe device is powered on.

Step 2: Confirm that the device is already set up to receive files sentvia the AirDrop. Do the following to ensure that the device can receive videosand other files sent via the AirDrop:

  • On iOS: Visit Settings> tap General > AirDrop. Next, click either Everyone or Contacts Only.
  • On MacOS: In Spotlight,search AirDrop. Alternatively, launch AirDrop directly via the Finder. Afterlaunching the app, tap Allow me to be discovered by and then select eitherEveryone or Contacts Only.

Step 3: On the sending iPhone, launch the Photos application.

Step 4: Locate the video you intend to send. Tap on the video to openit.

Step 6: Click the icon belonging to the receiving device.

After the transfer is complete, the video should appear within theDownloads on the receiving MacOS device or in the Photos application on an iOSdevice.

+ Users Trust Picbackman To Backup Precious Memories

It’s quick and efficientexcellent job of uploading more than 300GB of photos to 2 different servicesLOVE this program!#happycustomerI pointed PicBackMan at a directory structure, and next time I looked – all the photos had uploaded! Pretty cool. PicBackMan was really easy to setup able to have them easily backedIt’s AWESOME!! I have tens of thousands of pictures…and they are now successfully uploaded to SmugMugPicBackMan has saved me many tedious hours of effort moving many files between my various cloud and photo site services and my local computersI am very satisfied and surprised at the same time with Pic BackManuploaded approximately 85,000 photos in less than a month. Nothing short of brilliant.PicBackMan makes backing everything up a complete breeze. Google Photos and Flickr

PicBackMan in an all-in-one uploader to backup & transfer your photos and videos to top online services.

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Solution : How To Send A Large Video From iPhone To Android Device Via Shareit

In the past, transferring files from iPhone to an Android devicewas not easy. Nowadays, sending files from an iDevice to an Android device ismuch easier. The steps we have outlined below should show you how to send largevideo files using an application known as SHAREit:

Step 1: Download and install SHAREit on both the iDevice and the Androidphone.

Step 2: Turn on the Hotspot on the Android device.

Step 3: Launch SHAREit on your Android device and click on Receive.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Hotspot created by theAndroid device.

Step 5: Launch SHAREit on the iPhone and click on Send.

Step 6: Select the large video file you intend to share. Tap on theAndroid device avatar to send the video file.

Login To Icloud Drive

iPhone 6: How to to Stop Photos Automatically Upload to iCloud Server

You can Login to iCloud Drive from your Mac or PC, as long as it is connected to the internet.

1. Visit on your Mac or Windows computer

2. Login to your iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID and password.

3. Once you are logged in, click on the iCloud Drive icon to access your iCloud Drive space.

4. If you are logging into iCloud Drive for the first time, you may find it empty with no files and folders.

If you login from Mac, you my find empty Documents, Desktop, Downloads and other folders.

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How To Move Photos From iPhone To Icloud Storage

It is extremely easy to transfer photos from iPhone to iCloud using the iCloud Photo Library. This dedicated feature in iCloud makes a library of your photos that you can access on any synced device. Before you move photos from iPhone to iCloud, please note that only 5 GB of free space is allocated to every iCloud account. Therefore, if you have exhausted this storage and have a lot of photos to upload, then you might consider upgrading your iCloud account.

After making sure that you have enough iCloud storage available, follow these steps to learn how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iCloud.

Step 1: Enable iCloud Photo Library

To start with, just go to your iPhoneâs Settings and tap on your avatar to visit the iCloud settings. Also, make sure that you have already signed-in to an active iCloud account here. Now, just browse to iCloud > Photos and enable the âiCloud Photo Libraryâ option. From here, you can select if you wish to optimize the size of your photo or retain their original size.

Step 2: Access synced photos on iCloud

Once you have turned on the iCloud Photo Library option, you have to wait for a while and maintain a stable internet connection. After transferring your photos, you can just go to the official iCloud website on your system, log-in to your account, and visit the âPhotosâ option from here. You can also use the iCloud desktop application on your Mac or Windows to sync your photos.

How To Upload Videos To Icloud From iPhone Wirelessly

Does iCloud backup videos from iPhone? Sure, you can share videos on iCloud from iPhone wirelessly. You don’t need to rely on other devices, then you can simply accomplish to store videos to iCloud from iPhone. Check the following steps to learn how.

1.On your iPhone, tap on the Settings app.2.Go to “Apple ID” and input your apple ID and password.

3.Tap on “iCloud > Photo” and then toggle “iCloud Photo Library” on. As a result, iPhone videos will be synced with iCloud.

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Icloud Photos Not Syncing

Why are my iPhone photos not in iCloud? Another common reason for items not uploading to iCloud is a lack of storage space. Apple gives every user 5 GB for free, but if you take a lot of photos, it can fill up quickly. To check your current usage, open the Settings app, tap your account name, then select iCloud.

How To Turn On Icloud Photos On A Pc

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to New iPhone 11? 5 Ways

Before you can upload photos to iCloud from your Windows computer, you need to turn on iCloud using the iCloud desktop app.

1. Download and install iCloud for Windows 10. If you are using an older version of Windows, get the iCloud app from

2. Restart your computer. After it reboots, iCloud might start automatically. If it doesn’t, click the Start button and start iCloud from the Start menu.

3. Sign in using your Apple ID.

4. Choose the features you want to back up and synchronize across your devices. Be sure to choose “Photos” and then click “Apply.”

After installing the iCloud desktop app, you can use it to choose how photos are backed up and synchronized, if you want to share your desktop browser bookmarks with Safari on your iOS device, and more.

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How To Upload Photos To Icloud From A Mac

Step 1: Click on System Preferences to bring up the menu.

Step 2: Click on ‘iCloud’, which you’ll find in the third row down.

Step 3: Select the ‘Photos’ option and ensure that ‘My Photo Stream’ is selected.

Step 4: The final stage is to check that your photos have been synced with iCloud, so to check that we’re going to use iPhoto, though you can also sue Aperture if you have it installed.

Open up iPhoto and check that the ‘My Photo Stream’ option is turned on. You should see the photo streams displayed down the left hand side of the window, split up by month. That’s the whole process about how to upload photos to iCloud on Mac.

Best Tutorial: How To Solve Videos Not Uploading To Icloud

My photos and videos are not uploading to iCloud.

If not all photos and videos uploading to iCloud, it must be due to weak internet connections. The under maintenance status of the iCloud website could also be a reason for it.

What happens is that due to poor connection or a well-performing website, larger video files and high-definition pictures take longer to upload. Most of the time, the procedure fails.

While we know everything about the issue, we need to know about the solutions. So, we have prepared a list of effective solutions to fix the situation with the iCloud upload. Do check them out.

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Upload Videos To Icloud From Pc

Talking about users of Windows PC and Mac, both, you would like a way to access your iCloud Photos on your Windows PC as well.

  • You will be using the website and have to Sign-In using the Apple ID.
  • You can also download software for the desktop application which is available here .
  • In this case, you can access the iCloud Library from this software via a logged in session with your Apple ID.
  • You have to manually turn on iCloud Photos on this application by going to iCloud for Window> Photos> Options> iCloud Photo Library> Done> Apply.

How To Move Photos From iPhone To Icloud Storage: A Complete Guide

iPhone 6: How to Automatically Sync Photos to iCloud

Written By Axel Nash| Jul 18,2020

One of the best things about iOS devices is their seamless integration with iCloud. Once you have connected your iCloud account with your iPhone, you can easily move photos from iPhone to iCloud. Apart from maintaining a backup, it also makes our photos available on various connected devices. Though, sometimes people face issues while uploading photos from iPhone to iCloud. If you also wish to know how to move photos from iPhone to iCloud storage, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I will discuss how to move photos from iPhone to iCloud in every possible way.

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Download Photos From Icloud Photos Stream To iPhone

With the assistance offered by iCloud Photos Stream, you can quickly and easily transfer all the photos from your iCloud backup file to your iPhone. However, make sure that you are using the internet over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Also, remember that it is a time-consuming process. If you think you will have the patience, you can get along with this method.

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your iPhone.

Step 2: Navigate to the iCloud application.

Step 3: Move down the list of options available and choose the Photo Stream, and select it.

Step 4: Tap the option to activate the same.

Step 5: Turning on the service will allow the synchronization, where the photos available in the iCloud will now be on the iPhone device.

How Do I Transfer Icloud To New iPhone

Backup & Restore iPhone

2 min read

If you’ve recently purchased a new iPhone 13 or iPhone 12, your first step to setting up the device for use, is to transfer data from the old device to the new one. One of the ways to do that is via iCloud. If you had set-up automatic backups with iCloud, you have a few iCloud backups that you can use to transfer data to the new device. In this article, we provide you with two ways you can entirely or selectively transfer data from iCloud backup to a new iPhone even it is running iOS 15.

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Download Photos From Icloud Photo Library To iPhone

iCloud Photo Library is another example through which you can extract photos or transfer the existing images available on the photo library to your iPhone in a few simple steps. We all know that both pictures and videos consume a lot of space in an iPhone, and in fact in any smartphone. However, with the help of iCloud Photo Library, users can transfer the pictures and videos to the Apple cloud service to free up space on their device. They can even see them online through their iCloud account from any device and at any time. The following are the steps through which you can quickly download pictures from iCloud Photo Library to your iPhone.

Step 1: You will have to activate the iCloud Photo Library, which you can do it from the settings application. Head to the app on your iPhone, scroll the list to find iCloud and opt for Photos. Swipe the iCloud Photo Library to the right to activate the service.

Step 2: In the same window, you will be able to find “Download and keep original” option. Activate the same.

Step 3: You can now launch your Photos application on your iPhone to view the photos available in the iCloud Photo Library app as it will synchronize the data automatically.

How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone

How to upload photos to iCloud from my iPhone

Watching a movie with iPhone XR/XS/X or iPhone 8/7/7 Plus during a long journey sounds good. Many people want to transfer movies, TV Shows, and other videos from PC/Mac to iPhone and enjoy these videos without the limitation of time and place. Now, the question is how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/XR/XS.

This article will provide you three ways to copy a video to iPhone. Firstly, you can send a video from computer to iPhone via email. Or you can transfer movies and TV shows from computer to iPhone with FonePaw DoTrans. And the third option would be transferring videos from PC to iPhone with iTunes.

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