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How Long Is iPhone Xs

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Water And Dust Resistance

How Long Will The iPhone XS Last?

Apple’s upgraded iPhone XS models feature improved water resistance, with the two devices now offering an IP68 rating, up from the IP67 rating of the iPhone X.

The IP68 rating means the iPhone XS and XS Max can withstand water up to two meters deep for approximately 30 minutes. In the IP68 number, the 6 refers to dust resistance while the 8 represents water resistance.

IP6x is the highest dust resistance rating, so the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are fully protected from dust and dirt, with no change to dust resistance. The two devices are able to hold up to splashes, rain, and accidental water exposure, and successfully passed a dunk test in five feet of liquid for 30 minutes.

Apple does not cover any kind of water damage to iOS devices, so while the iPhone XS models are more resistant to water, it’s best to use caution when exposing them to liquids and it should be avoided whenever possible.

iPhone Xr Vs Xs: Battery Life

To keep its 6.5-inch screen aglow, the iPhone XS Max packs the largest smartphone battery Apple’s ever shipped. The XS Max lasted 10 hours and 38 minutes on our web surfing test. The smaller XS lasted only 9:41, which is a bit below the category average of 9:48. For the best battery life, you’ll want the iPhone XR, which lasted 11 hours and 26 minutes on our battery test, landing it on our list of smartphones with the longest battery life. Yes, that’s right, the “low-end” model provides enough battery life to compete with the model you may need a loan to afford.

Each new iPhone is fast-charge capable, and all refuel half of their battery in 30 minutes . Note that those accessories aren’t included, and cost extra while the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a USB-C fast charger in the box, past models pack in the slow 5-watt chargers of old.

If that’s not enough, though, Apple’s now selling Smart Battery Cases for the the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Apple claims the XR case will extend your talk time to up to 39 hours, while the XS Max case will raise talk time to a maximum of 37 hours and the XS case is rated for adding enough juice for up to 33 hours.

No Gadget Is Truly Waterproof

A lot of phones have been given the IP68 water resistance rating in the last few years, and it’s the highest rating for both dust protection and water submersion available. But it’s telling that there’s not a rating on the IP scale that means something is completely waterproof. There are ratings for surviving jets of water and steam, but nothing to say “this thing is completely safe from water.”

If you’re waiting on an iPhone that has no vulnerabilities to water or other liquids, you’re going to be waiting for a long time. Apple’s done a pretty good job in sealing the iPhone up, but there are weak points in any system. It’s possible that water could enter your phone through the Lightning port or speaker grill. The point is this: just be careful.

With the iPhone XS, Apple has done a better job in trying to keep the device safe from more than just water. On stage at the company’s 2018 iPhone event, Phil Schiller noted that the phone was tested with water, orange juice, and even beer. This means that it’s been tested not only against liquids, but liquids that might have a more corrosive affect than water.

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iPhone History: Every Generation In Timeline Order 2007 2021

Every generation or two, a technological advancement is made that is so significant it radically changes the foundation, direction, and momentum of society.

The car, telephone, airplane, television, personal computer, and the internet have all dramatically shifted the very structure of modern society, opening up possibilities undreamed of before their creation and dramatically shifting the trajectory of those societies lucky enough to have access.

The latest technological advancement to have the same dramatic impact on society is the iPhone.

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It has made almost the entirety of the worlds knowledge available at a moments notice, reduced the time it takes to discover news and current events from days or even weeks to mere seconds, facilitated the ever-growing, central role of social media in our everyday lives, and spawned an industry worth $58.7 billion/year that employs 19 million people around the world.

But Apple didnt start out with a plan to change the foundation of society as we know it. Like most transformational inventions, they started out with a simple problem and set out to fix it.

  • The Next Chapter in iPhone History
  • How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge iPhone Xs

    iPhone XS, XS Max and the power of long

    iPhone XS, one of the new iPhones, was officially announced by Apple in September 2018. The 5.8-inch iPhone XS thats designed with A12 bionic processor and OLED display is priced as $999. And there is another bigger iPhone XS which is iPhone XS Max. They are the same on phone performance except the screen size as the iPhone XS Max is 6.5-inch, priced as $1099. If you dont pursue the large screen, the iPhone XS may be your best choice.

    The iPhone XS has the smallest battery in the three new iPhones, which is 2,658 mAh, lasting 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. According to Toms Guide battery test, iPhone XS can last for 9 hours and 41 minutes. If you decide to buy iPhone XS, one of the essential questions is how long does it take to fully charge iPhone XS?

    Apple claims that the new iPhones support fast charging with 50% charged in just 30 minutes. Fast charging means you can fully charge your iPhone XS in a short amount of time. It seems that your iPhone XS can charge so quickly, it is full of battery by the time you get out of the shower.

    Unfortunately, as it is confirmed by many customers, Apple new iPhone XS package comes with a 5W tiny charger which is not able to fast charge. As for the question, how long it takes to full charge iPhone XS with 5W charger included in Apple package? The PhoneArena claims that it takes 3 hours 5 minutes to be fully charged after test. This lets customers down for its super low charging speeds.

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    iPhone Xs Release Date

    Apple launched the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on September 14. The phones picked up where Apples iPhone X left off, adding in improved internal specs and updated cameras.

    The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max got a release date on September 21, 2018 prices started at $999 and went up to $1300+ for a fully maxed-out model. In 2021, the price of the iPhone XS has dropped massively. More on that in a bit though.

    The iPhone XRcame slightly later in the year, bringing with it a lower price and not-quite-as-good specs and hardware. Still, the XR went on to become the most popular iPhone release since the iPhone 6. The iPhone XS and the more expensive iPhone XS Max were two of the most expensive iPhones Apple had ever released when they first arrived in 2018.

    Packing in plenty of new specs and updated cameras, the iPhone XS range picked up where the iPhone X left off, adding in more performance, better specs, and better all round performance.

    Release Date: September 22 2017

    For the first time in the history of the iPhone, Apple chose not to release an S version of their previous iPhone. Instead, they skipped right to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, if youve been paying attention to the last few chapters of iPhone history, youve likely noticed that the previous versions offered little in terms of radically new features. Instead, Apple chose to simply install faster processors and better cameras, as these were the things the public demanded. With the iPhone 8, things were not much different.

    However, Apple did introduce one new thing with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: inductive charging, which is often referred to more commonly as wireless charging. This feature allows the iPhone to be charged without being plugged in, although you need a special device to make this work.

    The only other major novelty to come with the iPhone 8 was an improved processor. This new version of the phone has an Apple A11 quad-core, 64-bit, 2.4 Ghz processor with 2GB RAM The motion coprocessor was improved to an M11, and the camera lens was also upgraded slightly. Furthermore, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus came with the newest version of Apples operating system, iOS 12, and there were two choices in terms of internal memory: 64GB and 256 GB. Prices ranged from $599-849

    Battery life stayed the same for the most part, but it actually decreased for some tasks Heres how long the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus could last by activity:

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    iPhone Xr Vs Xs: Cameras

    The iPhone XS and XS Max feature the same dual 12-megapixel cameras, with a wide-angle lens and and telephoto aperture. The iPhone XR has a single 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor.

    Those dual sensors give the iPhone XS and XS Max 2x optical zoom, and up to 10x digital zoom. The iPhone XR offers up to 5x digital zoom.

    In terms of tricks, though, these phones are pretty similar. Both provide Smart HDR, which means greater detail and color in your photos. The XS and XR iPhones both also give you an improved Portrait Mode compared to the iPhone X, with Apple’s Depth Control adjustment option, so you can adjust the depth of field after you shoot a portrait mode photo. You can also adjust this setting as you shoot.

    See how Apple’s camera stacks up with Google’s and Samsung’s flagships with our iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 camera face-off and iPhone XS vs Galaxy S10 face-off, as well as where it sits on our list of best camera phones.

    In iOS 14, according to MacRumors, QuickTake video recording — where you can start shooting video by simply holding down the shutter button — is coming to the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max .

    iPhone 3g Features And Functionality

    iPhone XS Long-Term Review | One year later…

    Although the iPhone 3G ushered in a new era in the history of the iPhone, it was actually not a tremendous upgrade from the original version of the device. It addressed many of the issues mentioned above, but many other things stayed the same.

    The most important change was that the iPhone 3G, as the name suggests, was equipped with 3G capability, which meant users could browse the web and download content much faster than they could with the original iPhone.

    Another major change with the iPhone 3G was the introduction of the App Store, iOS 2, and developer software that made it possible for third-parties to create their own apps. Technically, this announcement came earlier in the year, but with the release of the iPhone 3G, there was now a device on which developers could place their apps. In this sense, the iPhone 3G turned the device into more than just a phone. It became a platform, a move that has helped turn Apple and the iPhone into the institutions they are today.

    In terms of screen size, the iPhone 3G stayed the same as the original iPhone. However, Apple changed from using an aluminum backing to one made of polycarbonate, a move that made the iPhone 3G slightly lighter. It also allowed Apple to offer the iPhone in different colors, black or white.

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    How Long Will The iPhone 12 Get Ios Updates For

    The iPhone 12 is only 12 months old at the time of writing. This means, if you buy any of Apples iPhone 12 models in 2021 or 2022, youll receive iOS updates for years to come potentially six or seven years worth, taking you into 2027 or 2028 at the latest.

    And because Apples iPhone 13 range is now official, the price of Apples iPhone 12 range has gone down. Apple has also discontinued the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. For this reason, there are now plenty of really good deals available for Apples 2020 iPhones.

    If youre in the UK, Three has some outstanding offers for the iPhone 12 series prices start from around £54 a month for the Pro Max model. And you get 5G and one of the best cameras ever. Thats great value, especially when compared to the cost of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    Why Is My iPhone Xs Charging Slowly

    Your iPhone XS charges so slow because its battery is physically larger than the batteries in older iPhones. The iPhone XS battery is 274 mAh bigger than the largest battery in older iPhone models. This means that at full capacity, it should take 3060 minutes longer to charge your iPhone XS.

    Furthermore, batteries lose their capacity over time. Its not uncommon for your iPhones battery to lose 5% or more of its capacity over the course of a year. When your iPhone battery loses some of its capacity, it takes less time to recharge, because your iPhone isnt charging to its maximum capacity.

    On the other hand, your iPhone XS has a full-capacity battery when you take it out of the box. When you recharge it, it charges to full capacity!

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    Restore Or Transfer Information And Data

    The next screen is called Apps and Data. From here you have to decide what state you want your iPhone to be.

    Restore for iCloud Backup lets you restore a backup of your data and apps from a previous iCloud Backup .

    Restore from iTunes Backup lets you restore a device from the iTunes backup you last made on your computer. For this, you will need to attach your iPhone to the computer using the Lightning cable.

    Set Up As New iPhone lets you start with a brand new, clean iPhone. If this is your first iPhone, this is what you should do. Even though I am a long time user, I prefer to set it up as a new iPhone to avoid any issues due to the backed up data.

    Move Data from Android lets you transfer things like contacts and photos from your Android phone. For this, youll need to install the Move to iOS app on Android and pair both devices. The transfer happens wirelessly. Personally, I wouldnt recommend this route because the Android app is pretty buggy and the process for transferring is annoyingly slow. Its better to setup the iPhone as new and use third party utilities to transfer the important data.

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max Has Big Battery Energy

    iPhone XS Max Battery Life: How Long Does It Last ...

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s sleeper feature is its large battery, according to CNET’s Patrick Holland, who reviewed the device. Although Apple doesn’t reveal battery size, the company’s website says the 12 Pro Max should last 20 hours playing a looped video on airplane mode. In Patrick’s test, it got exceedingly close to that duration, lasting 19 hours, 52 minutes. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS Max lasted 17 hours, 23 minutes, which is an impressive feat in its own right. Whether that extra hour and a half matters will likely come down to personal preference or your phone-use habits.

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    Is iPhone Xs Battery Life Really Better

    Apple promises that youll get better battery life if you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Their cutting-edge A12 Bionic chips and power-efficient Super Retina displays should mean that they last longer than any other iPhone in between charges.

    But is that really the case? One battery test has found that last years iPhone X actually has more stamina than its successor.

    We all have different opinions on what makes a smartphone great. Some of us want super-sharp displays with dazzling colors. Some want cameras good enough to replace their DSLR. Others want blazing-fast processors that deliver console-quality games.

    But theres one thing we can all agree on: Battery life is hugely important. No matter what you use your smartphone for, it needs to last all day. No one wants to be carrying around a battery pack or trying to find a power outlet on the train home from work.

    iPhone 5 Countries And Carriers

    By now, the iPhone was being sold on countless networks in countless countries. Just over five million iPhones were sold the first weekend the iPhone 5 was available, the most ever for the first weekend, although this number disappointed stockholders who were expecting sales figures to be much higher. The phone launched in the US, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe on September 21, 2012, and by the end of the year, it was available in more than 100 countries around the world.

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    Generation 1: iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Mini

    Just a little more than one year after the release of the iPhone 12, Apple introduced the next model in its long line of iPhone generations: the iPhone 13, which has four total variations: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    When was the iPhone 13 Released?

    The iPhone 13 was announced on September 14, 2021. Pre-orders started on September 17, 2021, and the device became available starting on September 24, 2021.

    New Features of the iPhone 13

    Like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 comes equipped with 5G capabilities, though iPhone 13 users will be able to access even faster speeds. The iPhone 13 also mimics the design of the iPhone 12 with a flat edge display and an aluminum frame.

    But one year after the release of the iPhone 12, heres whats changed in the new model:

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