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How To Add Text To Video On iPhone

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How To Add Text To A Video

How To Add Text To Video On iPhone / IOS / iPad –

To add text to your video, tap on the Overlay icon to the left of your screen. Under the Text tab, you have several text options, including Ending Credits, Pop-up, Flip, Movie Opening, and more. For optimal customizability, tap the Default text thumbnail.

After selecting the Default text, it will appear on the Overlay track below your video on the editing timeline. Using the blue handles on either side of the track, you can set when and for how long you want the text to appear in the video. You can also long-press and drag the track to reposition it.

Tap on the text in the video preview to open your onscreen keyboard. Change the text, then tap the check icon to the right to save the change.

Next, tap the Title Designer icon to open the text editing tool. Here, you can change the text font, color, size, and opacity. You can also add a shadow or border to the text. After editing, you can use the marks at the corners of the text field in the preview to reposition, rotate, or resize your text.

When you are done editing your video title, click on the Play icon to the right of your screen to preview your video with the newly added text.

How To Add Hand Written Text Over On Video Using Imovie App With An iPad/iphone

Hello Friends, I am here to help you how to add hand written text over on video using iMovie app through this article.

Before going there, I used the following apps,

  • Notepad
  • IMovie
  • I used Notepad to draw the text but the magic is while writing I recorded this text and used in our iMovie app as a video.

    But, here the trick is how to over on another video. Lets learn now and reveal this secret,

    I go with step by step so its easy to understand,

    Step 1: We placed our actual video on timeline like above.

    Step 2: We selected our title video but not placed directly like how we added our main video. Instead we click button and here the option we select Green/Blue Screen like below

    Step 3: Finally we cropped unnecessary area in title video once after we placed it on main video.

    And here the final output in below picture.

    Thats all you can do it now and hope you liked it. If you want to learn the same through a video then click on the below link, YouTube URL:

    Thanks for your time to read this article and the only way I get to know whether this article helped you through Clap.

    Will come up with another and useful topic till then bye for now.

    Happy Reading 🙂

    To Change Your Text’s Opacity Background Color:

    1. Tap on the draft video you would like to edit and tap on Edit.

    2. Select the photo or video scene by swiping left. You can also tap on the stack icon to find the scene in your Storyboard.

    3. Tap on the text you would like to edit.

    4. Tap on Opacity in the menu at the bottom of your screen.

    5. Tap on the circle on the slider and slide to the left to decrease the opacity or to the right to increase the opacity.

    6. Once satisfied, tap on Done.

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    Canva App: Graphic Design Creator

    Everyone knows Canva, and now it comes in an iOS app!

    I personally have not used this app. As far as the desktop version, I have a Canva for beginners tutorial because its a bit complicated., In addition, I find their terms and licenses to be incredibly complicated. Do not use any Canva creation for resale unless youre positive every element youve used includes commercial use rights.

    That seems to preclude social media posts and other business promotion such as flyers, so depending on your needs, you may wish to check it out!

    The good news is, as of this writing, Canvas iOS app just had a major update to version 4 . There are lot of new photo editing features!

    Canva says:

    Canva makes design amazingly simple ! Create stunning designs for work, life, and playeven if youre not a design expert!

    Whether you need an Instagram story, logo maker, or birthday invitationcreate all these graphic design needs and more on Canva. Available on your iPhone, iPad, and computer so you can jump back into your design anytime, anywhere.

    Use Canva for Social Media:

    • Instagram Story Editor, and Story highlights maker.
    • Create Facebook Posts & Facebook Covers.
    • Design Twitter banners & Youtube thumbnails.
    • Make cards, evites, photo collages and even use Canva as a poster creator for any social media use.

    Use Canva for these too:

    Canva Pro for desktop is $12.99 per month with no contract. This will give unlimited access to millions of high-quality photos, icons, and illustrations.

    Add Text To Video Tool

    How to quickly add text to an iPhone video

    We built it to make it super simple to add animated text to videos online.These are some of the features.

    Your data is protected with industry-standard security measures. We delete videos after processing them.

    Designed for social media

    Use any of our hundreds of templates that have proven to work for millions of users worldwide.

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    Text On Video Square Free

    Text on Video Square FREE has cool features that will definitely make your editing excellent and enjoyable. Using the software is another cool thing to enjoy when adding text to your video file.




    • There are several countries where downloading the software will not be applicable.

    Section 2 Add Texts Using Imovie 10 For Mac

    If you are running a different version of iMovie, like iMovie 10.1.1, you will find the steps of adding titles to video in iMovie is different.

    After loading the media in the timeline, place the cursor to where you want to add texts and then switch to the Titles tab. From there, you will see there are Titles Presets available.

    Now you can add some standard titles, Lower Third, or scrolling credits, and much more by dragging and dropping it to the timeline. You will see how long the text effects last and adjust the text duration by dragging the edges to meet your requirement.

    One of the inconveniences of adding text to video in iMovie is that it seems impossible to adjust the text position manually. In this case, if you need to adjust the position of text in the video, it is recommended to use Wondershare Filmora instead. Filmora is a powerful video editing software, which is convenient for adding and editing texts in videos.

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    To Highlight Specific Text In A Text Scene:

    1. Tap on the draft video you would like to edit and tap on Edit.

    2. Select the photo or video scene by swiping left. You can also tap on the stack icon to find the scene in your Storyboard.

    3. Double tap on the text in your scene.

    4. Tap down on the text, tap on Select and tap on Highlight.

    5. Tap on Done to save your changes.

    6. To change your highlighted text color, tap on Color.

    7. Tap on your desired color and tap on Done.

    Phonto Text On Photos

    How to quickly add text to an iPhone video

    Phonto is a simple app that allows you to add text to pictures. It also offers a lot of customization abilities!

    • More than 400 fonts are available, and you can install other fonts.
    • Text size, color, and gradient are changeable.
    • Texts stroke, shadow, and background color can be changed.
    • Text can be rotated, as well as placed on a curve or perspective.
    • Text kerning and line spacing can be adjusted.
    • Parts of text are erasable.
    • Image theme is changeable.
    • Enhance your photos with filters and adjustments.
    • Create Instant photo mockups in a second.
    • Add your logo to all of your creations.
    • iMessage fun stickers.

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    Click Delivered File Formats And Choose Your Preferred Captions File Format

    See the table below for the preferred formats of several popular video platforms. Also consider using Burned-In Captions, which is much easier on an iPhone.

    How to get captions added directly to your video

    Prefer not to deal with caption files? Rev now offers burned-in captions . Just check the burned-in captions box at checkout and youll receive a video with permanent, hard-coded captions added straight to your video. Also available for foreign language subtitles!

    Edit Title Position Size And Text

  • With your project open, scroll the timeline until the title you want to edit appears in the viewer.

  • Tap the title in the viewer, then do any of the following:

  • Reposition the title: Drag it to a new position.

  • Resize the title: Pinch the title to increase or decrease its size.

  • Edit the text: Type new text, then tap Done on the keyboard.

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    Write Exactly What You Want

    Adding text to a video can be helpful for a variety of purposes. You may want to label a video or an object within your video. You might want to add a title to your video to showcase the content that comes afterwards. Or, you could just want to add text as decoration to give a video more context. Whatever your use case, you’ve come to the right place. The add text to video tool from Kapwing is the easiest way on earth to put the text you want directly into a video.

    Add Titles To Your Videos With Your Phone

    How to Add Text to a Photo on an iPhone (with Pictures ...

    Adding captions, subtitles, and other text to your videos is an effective way to engage viewers, drive a narrative home, or call your audience to action.

    With CyberLink PowerDirector, adding text to your videos is quick and easy. You can also edit your video title and other forms of text to match your brand or online identity. The PowerDirector app is user-friendly and provides a convenient way to edit your video content on the go, whether you want to speed up or slow down videos, add effects, or make other enhancements.

    If you want the best video editor for mobile, download PowerDirector today.

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    Format The Text Of A Title

  • With your project open, scroll the timeline until the title you want to customize appears in the viewer.

  • Tap the video clip at the playhead position, then tap the Titles button .

  • Change the title color: Tap the Color button , then choose a color from the available options.

  • Set the title position: Tap Style, tap Default or Lower Third, then tap Options.

    Lower-third titles appear in the bottom part of the screen and contain information relating to the video image, such as the name of a person being interviewed.

    The Default setting places the title in its default position, and Lower Third places the title toward the bottom of the viewer. Selecting either option may change the size of the title.

  • Change the style of a theme title: Tap the More Options button , tap Style, tap Opening, Middle, or Closing, then tap Options.

    Theme titles are designed to be used at the start of a project, on any clip in a project, or at the end of a project. Tap to choose a new theme title style.

  • Add a text shadow: Tap the More Options button , then tap to turn on Text Shadow.

  • Make the title all uppercase: Tap the More Options button , then tap to turn on Uppercase.

  • Make the title appear over the entire clip: Tap the More Options button , then tap to turn on Full Clip Duration.

  • When youre finished, tap the Close button .

  • How To Add Text To A Video In Apple Clips

    You can add your captions and text to a video youve taken with Apple Clips. Did you know that? Well if youre new to the Apple Clips application you may not, but if youve been tinkering around with it for a while, youll stumble onto it eventually.

    If youre looking to get there quicker then, youll want to keep reading. Were going to explain and show you how to add captions and text to your video in Apple Clips.

    Ready? Here we go.

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    How To Add Text To Video Online For Free

  • Upload your video

    Upload a video from your iPhone, Android, PC or Tablet, or paste a link to the video you would like to edit. This video will be the content that text will be added on top of.

  • Click on TEXT

    Select a text format that you want to apply to your video. When the ‘sample text’ is added to your video, you can click on the text to edit it directly. You can use the editor to drag the text to the desired position on your video. You can also adjust the color, font, and opacity of your text using the sidebar.

  • Export and share

    Just hit Export, and your new video with text will be produced. Kapwing is completely free to use and requires no downloads. Get ready for a better video with text on it!

  • Quick Way To Add Srt/ssa/ass Files To Your Video Without Imovie

    How to Add Text Over Video in iMovie on iPhone

    If you already have an SRT file, you can use Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate to synchronize SRT files with videos in clicks. The subtitles can play along with the movie automatically.

    Whats more, you can replace the SRT subtitle files with the old ones without effort. The software also allows users to add more than one background music files. You can use the built-in video converter and editor to process videos on Windows and Mac.

    Video Converter Ultimate

    Step 2Click + under your selected video file. You can add custom SRT files. Moreover, you can replace subtitles from the Subtitle drop-down menu, too.

    Step 3You can also add text watermark on your video. Click Edit on the top. Navigate to the Watermark section. Click Enable Watermark to trigger on this feature. Write down the text in custom text font or color. Moreover, you can adjust the watermark area by dragging in the output preview window.

    Step 4Set the output video format from the Profile list. At last, click Convert to export your video with subtitles.

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    Adobe Creative Cloud Express

    Creative Cloud Express is the latest iteration of Adobe Spark Post, one of my favorite graphic apps.

    Bonus! If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps subscription, this premium app is included. Thats a great plus! This makes it easy to incorporate your branding and templates.

    Not an Adobe desktop user? Then subscribe to this app and get 4 other Adobe apps included. Plus the Adobe Stock photo collection! Try it out for 14 days free.

    Your designs are synced across your computer and mobile devices so you can create and share wherever inspiration strikes. Check out the Express desktop app here.

    Desktop or mobile, its a fun, fast, and easy way to create stunning graphics for all occasions.

    Get started in seconds with professionally designed templates you can tweak with just a few taps. Pick your photos, add text and apply Design Filters to instantly create beautiful, eye-catching graphics. Each tap gives you completely new layout, color palette, typography style and filterno design experience required.

    Here are some fun ways to create with Creative Cloud Express:

    Plus, you can easily share your designs via your favorite social platforms, text or email to wow your audience.

    Add Text To Photos On iPhone Using The Photos App

    If you have an iPhone with iOS 11 or later, follow these steps to add text to an image.

  • Open the app and select an image.

  • Tap Edit in the upper-left corner.

  • Tap the Menu icon in the upper-right corner.

  • Select in the pop-up menu.

  • Tap the plus in the tools at the bottom of the Markup screen to add text. You also have choices of a pen, highlighter, and pencil.

  • Select Text in the pop-up menu. A text box appears on the image. You can move it around or resize it by touching and dragging it. To change the text’s font, tap the Font icon .

  • Tap the text box to bring up a floating menu bar. Select Edit to change the text, then type the text you want to add to the image.

  • Want to draw on your photos? There are several great apps for adding writing to photos.

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    How To Add Text To A Video On iPhone Or iPad

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 6,336 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to add a text box over a video from your gallery, and write anything you want, using an iPhone or iPad. You will have to download and install Overvideo since Apple’s native editing tools do not allow you to add text on videos.

    How To Attach Videos To Text Messages On The iPhone

    How to add text to a photo in photos app iOS13 iPhone ...

    The iPhone’s Messages application is a versatile app, letting you send not only text-based messages to another mobile device but also videos as well. You can send any video you shoot using the iPhone’s camera by attaching that video to an outgoing message in the Messages app. Your iPhone’s service provider determines how large of a video you can send, not your iPhone or the recipient’s device. If you are having trouble sending a large video file by way of the Messages app, contact your service provider for details.

    Step 1

    Open the Messages application. Begin a new text message or select a previous conversation that contains the user you want to send a video to.

    Step 2

    Tap the icon of a Camera in the lower left corner of the screen, and then tap the “Choose Existing” button.

    Step 3

    Select the video you want to send in the text message from within the Photos app, and tap “Choose” to place it in the message.

    Step 4

    Type a message underneath the video, and tap “Send” to send your video and message to the recipient. Based on the size of the video, it may take a few minutes to fully send your message.


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