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Do iPhone 11 Pro Cases Fit iPhone 11

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Protect Your Phone With Velvet Caviar iPhone Pro Max Cases

Does the iPhone XS fit 11 Pro Cases?

While the new iPhone is stunning in every sense of the word you also need to make sure that you are protecting this gadget purchase. Also don’t forget to get a matching cute airpod case with your new phone case!

The new Velvet Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max cases guarantee that you give your new Apple phone the armor it needs to survive day-to-day activities without denting, without dinging, and without interfering with the design or performance of this phone at the same time. And if you decided to get the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro – we have the best iPhone 11 cases and iPhone 11 Pro cases as well!

Each and every one of our new iPhone 11 Pro Max cases have been designed in exclusive partnerships with some of the best artists in New York City and around the world, featuring the kinds of designs that you arent going to be able to find anywhere else.

These cases are also made out of only the highest quality construction materials to provide slimmed down safety features, complete with laser cut dimensions so that they fit your new iPhone like a second skin.

At the end of the day, if you want to put your unique personality and design fingerprint on your iPhone youll want to check out the entire product lineup of new Velvet Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max cases ASAP.

Best iPhone 11 And 11 Pro Cases For 2022

Looking for a case for your new iPhone? Take a look at our current top picks.

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While phone technology has evolved a lot over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed much is that your phone is still delicate. One bad drop could be the end, leaving you with a brick that can’t take calls, can’t take photos, can’t text and can’t access Instagram. The horror!

Hence, you need a case that protects your phone — and protects it well. That’s why most of my picks for best iPhone 11 cases, including the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, tend to be pricier than the typical smartphone case you’ll find on Amazon for $20 or less — so this is a best-of-the-best iPhone 11 case list.

We know that Apple’s iPhone 11 comes in a variety of colors that people may want to show off, so I’ve alsoincluded a number of iPhone 11 cases that are translucent. All of these iPhone cases have precise cutouts that don’t hinder your use of the phone and offer extra protection in case you drop it on a hard surface.

Will The Old iPhone 11 Case Fit An iPhone 12 Pro Max

If youve decided to buy the iPhone 12 big brother, iPhone 12 Pro Max, can you save money for the case by using the one for an iPhone 11? The answer is NO. That would be a mistake. Yes, buying a new Apple phone can be costly, but it wont be possible to reuse your older phone case.

The iPhone 11 6.1-inch screen makes it physically bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Thus, an iPhone 11 case cannot fit into an iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

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What Should You Do If You Want A Case On Your iPhone 12

If you do want some protection on your iPhone 12, the best bet is going to be to buy a new case specifically for it.

An old iPhone 11 case wont work, and so youre going to need to look for something new. Thats all there is to it.

The same goes for an iPhone 12 Pro, which uses the same design and screen size as the iPhone 12. Essentially, if you buy either the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, youll need to buy a case for either one. An iPhone 12 case will fit an iPhone 12 Pro, and an iPhone 12 Pro case will fit an iPhone 12, but an iPhone 11 case will fit neither. Thats all there is.

And if you own an iPhone 11 and you go shopping for a new case, dont buy an iPhone 12 case thinking it will fit your iPhone 11. It wont. At all.

A technology journalist working out of Sydney, Australia, Leigh has written for publications including The Australian Financial Review, GadgetGuy, Popular Science, APC, PC & Tech Authority, as well as for radio and TV since 2007.

Do iPhone 11 And 12 Use The Same Case

The good news is that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same size. Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have similar screen sizes however, the overall design of the iPhone 12 is dissimilar so any iPhone 11 case will not fit it. The fit would be loose and the buttons and ports would not line up correctly.

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Can The iPhone 11 Case Fit In iPhone 12/12 Pro Max Cases

Will the old iPhone 11 cases fit the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max? learn about what cases fit the iPhone 12 or vice versa.

Times are changing rapidly, and we see numerous adjustments made, especially in the technology sector. Things that were hyped some years or even months ago become common and undervalued. The same is true with the iPhone evolution. New iPhone ranges come out regularly with new features and designs. So, if you have an iPhone of previous years, you might wonder, if can the old iPhone 11 case fit the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max.

Buying Guide Of Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max

What are the key factors you look for when purchasing high-quality Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max? We understand that it can be challenging to decide which one is right for your needs when there are so many options available. However, we have done all of this research and put together lists that should help narrow down your choices. You must also have a list of questions on your mind. Although Consume with Care has done everything we can to help you, it is still imperative for you to do your own research. You need to check out any relevant Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Maxs before buying them, so they are exactly what you need!

  • Does it make sense for you to invest in the Best Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max?
  • Which brand offers the best Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max in the current market for the money?
  • What are the advantages to buying Best Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max?
  • Which factors should be considered when selecting the best products?

There are undoubtedly many questions you still have about the best Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max. The best way to find out the answers is to do your research and talk with someone who knows what theyre talking about. No one knows more about this topic than experts! Sources of information for you could include buying guides, word-of-mouth, rating websites, testimonials from previous customers who have purchased these products and online forums devoted solely to discussing topics related to Best Cases For iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Your iPhone 11 Case Wont Fit iPhone 12

Several iPhone 11 series are available, including iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max. Reusing these old iPhone cases on newer iPhone 12 models wont be directly possible. Different factors apart from size should be considered before settling on such reuse.

Thus, your 11 cases wont fit in or work with 12. The same is true for an iPhone 12 Pro not fitting in an iPhone 11 Pro case, and the trend continues in both models series. An iPhone 12 case will fit an iPhone 12 Pro case, and a 12 Pro case will fit an iPhone 12, but an iPhone 11 case will fit neither.

Final thoughts

Apple will continue to release newer versions/models of their iPhones. These releases have different updates, advanced features, and designs. Since iPhone cases are vital for protection, we need to buy them every time we acquire new devices. Unfortunately, for now, we cant use our older iPhone versions cases for the newer versions. Any old iPhone 11 cases cannot fit the iPhone 12 series. Meaning, if you buy either the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Max, youll need to buy a phone case for either one.

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Speck Presidio Grip Case

Will it Fit? iPhone 11 Pro Case on iPhone X


  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: $6.89

Colors: Black, blue, grey, pink

Highlights: The design of Specks Presidio Grip cases seldom changes from one iPhone release to the nextand for good reason, too: Its tough, the rear ridges reduce the chances your phone will tumble from your hands, and theres a nice lip around the edges for protecting the display from face-down drops.

Specks says the inside of a Presidio case is designed for impact and it will survive drops of up to 13 feet. Having used one for months with another iPhone model, theres some truth to this, though the grooves will wear down over time with frequent use, but not by a lot. If you want a more fun variety of similar cases, be sure to check out Specks CandyShell line.

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Do iPhone Xs Cases Fit The iPhone 11 Pro And The Cross

Purchasing a case for your new iPhone can be tricky sometimes. While different iPhones have different sizes, sometimes the dimensions are close enough between two models that you can actually use the same case for both. But knowing which phone cases are compatible across different iPhone models can be confusing dive into this article to learn which Rokform cases will fit your iPhone.

Can The iPhone 12 Fit In An iPhone 11 Case

While theyre clearly different phones, both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 share similar screen sizes, and now the iPhone 12 Pro with them.

Like the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR before it, the iPhone 12 offers up a 6.1 inch screen, albeit in a new design. However that new design is very different, and that means you cant make them fit.

This isnt like with the iPhone 11 fitting into an iPhone XR case which worked, but had issues or an iPhone XR into an iPhone 11 which was better, thanks to the camera differences. Rather, its a totally different design, and you cant fit an iPhone 12 into most cases.

The fit is just too loose and doesnt line up at all. Buttons are out of placement and the camera window doesnt fit at all.

We did find one case that managed to get close, with Apples iPhone 11 Smart Battery case fitting the iPhone 12, and hugging the chassis a little more than others.

However the battery side of things doesnt work, and even though we could make the iPhone 11 battery case fit the iPhone 12, the buttons and side switch were totally out of alignment, so the case doesnt exactly work with the iPhone, even if it kinda fits.

Simply put, no, an iPhone 12 will not fit into an iPhone 11 case.

So what about the other way: is it possible to fit an iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 case?

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Can An iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Fit An iPhone 11 Pro Max

But what about the other way around: if you still have an iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019s big iPhone and you want to buy a new case, can you settle for an iPhone 12 Pro Max case and have it work?

Kinda, but also not really.

You see, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is marginally bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and that means its a like more spacious in those cases, fitting the older iPhone into the newer cases somewhat comfortably while still also being snug.

However theres a catch: the buttons dont line up.

While you can use an iPhone 12 Pro Max case with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, the silence switch and volume buttons wont line up properly, and therefore may not work, and the whole effort might just be wasted.

Wed advise not buying a 12 Pro Max case for an iPhone 11 Pro Max, as it just wont work. Not only is the design language and size different, but the fit isnt quite right, and so its not going to work perfectly.

Much like how the iPhone 12 cases are incompatible with the iPhone 11, and vice versa, youll want to steer clear of buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max case for an iPhone 11 Pro Max, as theyre just too different.

A technology journalist working out of Sydney, Australia, Leigh has written for publications including The Australian Financial Review, GadgetGuy, Popular Science, APC, PC & Tech Authority, as well as for radio and TV since 2007.

What To Do If You Need A Case On An iPhone 12

If you plan on saving money by utilizing an old Apple iPhone 11 case for a new iPhone 12, its understandable. Sometimes, purchasing a new phone, especially the Apple ones can be costly, and any chance of saving money is highly appreciated. What if that doesnt work? What can you do?

Remember, iPhones vary in design, size, and shape. Even if they might have similar screen inches, their width or height might vary. Also, they may have similar sizes and shapes, but different designs. Thus, its hard to find older iPhone cases fitting newer iPhone 12 or any newer models, and vice versa. The solid differences between the phones make their cases incompatible.

So, if you need protection on an iPhone 12, the best option would be to purchase a shockproof or clear iPhone case thats specific to it. The same is true for iPhone 11 if you own one and would like a case for it, just look for its compatible iPhone 11 case. Thats it with all other series. Buying a new iPhone will mean that you have to buy a screen protector and a new case too.

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Will My Old iPhone 11 Pro Case Fit The iPhone 12 Pro No The Screen Sizes Are Different

And unlike the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro now has a 6.1-inch screen, which is a tad bigger than the 5.8-inch screen of the previous generation. So your old iPhone 11 Pro cases definitely won’t fit just because of the difference in screen size. The iPhone 12 Pro is 5.78-inches tall, while the iPhone 11 Pro is 5.67-inches so while it’s a small difference, it makes it backwards compatibility for cases impossible.

Will iPhone 11 Pro Cases Fit The iPhone 11 Pro Max

Will iPhone 11 Pro cases fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Quick answer: No, and iPhone 11 Pro case will not fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max because they are different sized phones.

Question: Will iPhone 11 Pro cases fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Answer: Both phone models are stunning in style, however, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8in size screen whereas the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5in screen. This immediately lets you know that the phones are different sizes.

The audio and charging port is in the same place on both models. However, the overall size of each phone means this will differ in place on each model. Although the camera layout is similar on both the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it still means that one case would not fit the other. The camera cutout would be in an alternative position.

So do we think that an iPhone 11 Pro case would fit an iPhone 11 Pro Max? Put simply, no. It is obvious that the two phone models are different sizes and will not fit the other. Make sure that when youre selecting your phone case that you choose the correct phone model.

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Best Leather Case: Apple Leather Case

*At the time of publishing, the price was $45.

Apple doesnt make a leather case for the iPhone 11. Mujjos Full Leather Case isnt quite as good as the one Apple makes for the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but it is the best youll find for the 11. The design is similar enough that you could fairly call it a knockoff: slightly rough-textured but still supple leather on the outside, microfiber on the inside, and an open bottom edge. Where the Mujjo case falls short is in the button covers, which are molded into the leather instead of metal accents. This makes pressing the buttons feel a bit squishier. Even so, nothing beats the slim design and understated looks.

Pros And Cons Of The Product

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max does fit the Apple Smart Battery case meant for the XS Max, but…

If you are looking for a product that has all the features you need, be sure to read other reviews and ask people who have used the product before. This will help you understand what they think of it.

If you have any of the following conditions, this product is for you:

You need a durable, high-quality item that will last long enough to be used every day.

You need all the features you have listed on your list of desired features to live the life you want. However, you need it at an affordable price point, so you dont have to break your bank account or break your spirituality!

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