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How To Fix Green Line On iPhone X

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Faqs On iPhone Green Screen

How to Fix Green Lines on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max and 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max after iOS 13/13.3

Since iPhone has introduced true tone feature besides it benefits, it also has caused some trouble. Green screen glitch is one of them. FAQs iPhone users have about green screen issues could be following answers to which have been discussed in detail above:

Why does my iPhone have a green tint?

In most circumstances, the iPhone screen green issue is said to be caused by firmware issues, however in a few cases, the same problem is caused by defective iOS or software flaws.

What does it mean if the screen on your iPhone turns green?

When the brightness is tuned to 90% or lower, your iPhone might display a green screen glitch. The most common which might cause this problem is some software bug. All the possible solutions have been discussed in this article in detail.

Reset Your iPhone To The Factory Settings

It should be kept in mind that resetting your iPhone device to its factory settings will erase all data. So, it is highly suggested to backup and restore your device after the reset. And for that purpose, you can use iCloud or iTunes to perform the backup. To prevent the issue and make sure that your phone is on the latest version of iOS, you need to follow these few simple steps.

Restart iPhone To Fix Vertical Line On Screen

Here’s how to restart your iPhone and try to fix vertical lines on the screen.

For iPhone X or later

  • Press Side Button and volume button and hold them.
  • Once the slider appears, drag it and turn the iPhone.
  • Now, you should press and hold the Side Button once again to start your iPhone .
  • For iPhone 8 or Earlier

  • Press top button and hold it until the slider appears.
  • Simply drag this slider and turn the device off.
  • Now, you should press and hold the Top button until the Apple logo appears.
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    Third Solution: Reset All Settings On Your iPhone 12/11

    Now, if the issue is still there even after the update, then its time to reset your device. Dont worry, it just reset your personal settings and network settings and wont delete your files. To reset your device, follow these steps.

    • Return to the main screen of your iPhone 12/11, open the Settings application
    • Tap on General > Reset > Reset All Settings, you will receive a notification asking you to confirm.
    • After confirmation, you need to enter your passcode to proceed. Wait for a moment and all your settings will be reset.

    How To Fix Green Tint On iPhone Screen

    I have an iphone x a green line has displ

    Dan Helyer July 20, 2020

    A small number of users have reported a green tint to their iPhone screens. This problem is most prominent with iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max devices, but could potentially affect any iPhone with an OLED screen.

    Its likely this green screen issue is the result of a software bug. But there are still several steps you can take to fix it yourself.


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    Fix : Force Restart iPhone

    It might seem unusual, but computers, like humans, also get “exhausted,” and a simple force restart grants your iPhone a fresh start. It is, in fact, a popular fix for most iPhones and iTunes errors. A restart helps eliminate app bugs and conflicts that may be causing the green lines on iPhone screen. So, how do you force restart your iPhone?

    iPhone 8 and latest models: Quickly press and release the volume up button, and do the same to the volume button. Now, press and hold the side button until an Apple logo appears.

    iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Simultaneously, press and hold the volume down button and the wake button until an Apple logo displays on your screen.

    iPhone 6S and older models: Now, press the wake button and the home button at the same time until an Apple logo shows at the center of your iPhone screen.

    Put iPhone In Dfu Mode To Fix Lines On iPhone Screen After Drop

    If youve restarted your iPhone but still see blue lines on iPhone screen after dropping, you must try putting it in the DFU mode. The DFU mode is often considered the last resort when nothing else works. With DFU mode enabled, you can restore your iPhone even if you see nothing on the screen or it isnt booting up.

    To enter the DFU mode, follow these steps.

    • Firstly you need to connect your iPhone 13 with PC and open iTunes.
    • Then do as the following instructions:
    • iPhone 8 and Above

      1. Press the Volume Up button, then immediately press the Volume Down button and finally press and hold the Side/Top button until your iPhone turns black

      2. When the screen goes black, press and hold the volume down button while continuing to hold the side button.

      3. After 5 seconds, release the side button but continue to hold the volume down button until your iPhone shows up in iTunes or Finder.

      iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series

      1. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake Button and Home Button or the volume down button together for 8 seconds.

      2. After 8 seconds, release the Sleep / Wake Button but continue to hold the Home Button or the volume down button until your iPhone appears in iTunes or Finder.

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    Press The Screen Down Slightly To Repair Lines On iPhone Screen After Drop

    If you instantly see iPhone screen lines after drop, there may be a hardware fault. The display is connected to the logic board through a connector. The drop can loosen out the connector which may be causing the issue.

    Pressing down on the screen slightly may make the connector firm again and fix the iPhone X white line on screen after drop issue. But beware, dont exert too much force or you might do more harm than good.

    iPhone X Green Line Repair Singapore

    How to fix iPhone X ‘green line of death’ and the “I” bug – Teach All Tech Tuesdays

    Commonly known as the green line of death and green-gate, the green line that runs from the top to the bottom of the iPhone screen is the result of a Liquid Crystal Display damage. Back in late 2017 2018, users of iPhone X experienced the green line of death unexpectedly they claimed that they did not cause any heavy physical impact on the iPhone X. Lucky for them, the LCD-damaged phones can be replaced at Apple stores.

    What is LCD damage? How is it different from normal display damage?

    When you drop your phone, the impact from it will damage the screen physically and possibly the LCD screen. If the phones display is still working fine after the drop, it would mean that the LCD is undamaged. However, when lines or coloured spots start to appear on the screen, the chances of an LCD damage will be extremely high.

    What causes the green line?

    The green line issue happens on displays that are using OLED, which is the type of display that is present in iPhone X. When there is an electrical fault in the diamond sub-pixel pattern display , it causes the voltage to flow through the green sub-pixels. As a result, green line will be formed.

    For green lines which are thicker, it would mean that the voltage fault is flowing through multiple rows of green sub-pixels. Additionally, there will not be any blue or red lines in the LCD display as both of which follows an alternating pattern.

    How to fix green line damage on iPhone?

    Where to fix LCD damaged screens?

    Posted :

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    What Causes The Green Line On iPhone Screen Problem

    Apple company is yet to provide a substantive explanation to the problem. However, tech insider analysis suggests that the green line on iPhone screen problem is caused by both hardware and software issues. Also, the problem seems to manifest on iPhone models with OLED screens such as iPhone X, 12/11 Pro. Below are some specific possible reasons for the problem.

    1. Damaged screen display, especially if you recently dropped your iPhone.

    2. iOS system glitches.

    3. Application conflicts and bugs.

    4. Physical damage to the driver circuit.

    Apple Should Get Rid Of Oleds

    If you remember, Apple never jumped on the bandwagon like others when adopting OLED technology in their iPhones for many years. It was one of the last smartphone makers to use OLED screens.

    While Samsung and many other smartphone-makers were making their flagships with OLED displays, Apple stuck their guns with LCD till iPhone 7.

    Since Apple makes the Mini-LED displays already for its iPad Pro, the company should ditch the OLED for good and use their own Mini-LED technology which doesnt have the same issues.

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    Characteristics Of Tuneskit Ios System Recovery:

    • Fix iPad screen not rotating without data loss
    • Repair different tvOS/iOS issues by yourself
    • Provide Standard Mode and Advanced Mode
    • Easy to use with friendly interface

    Here is a 4-steps guide on how to use the TunesKit iOS System Recovery software to fix the green lines problem on your iPhone.

    Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer

    After installing the TunesKit iOS System Recovery software, click on the app’s icon on your desktop to fire it up. Using an Apple USB cable, connect the iPhone to the computer and for it to detect. Then, hit the “Start” button to proceed.

    Step 2: Select Repair Mode

    On the new window, select the “Standard Mode” as your repair mode option. Please, do not use the “Advanced Mode” it usually leads to data loss. On the next interface, you will be prompted to select the device model you connected. Next, follow the instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode and click “Next” to continue.

    Note: If your device is broken, you can quickly enter/exit out of DFU mode using the “Enter Recovery Mode” or “Exit Recovery Mode” option on the main interface.

    Step 3: Download Firmware Package

    The new interface will get you ready to download the firmware package to repair your iPhone. But first, check to see if the firmware package specifics match your device’s info. If the details do not match, please make changes where necessary. After that, click on the “Download” button to start the firmware download process.

    Step 4: Begin to Recover the iOS

    Tip Back Up Idevice Before Fixing iPhone Lines On Screen Vertical White And Unresponsive

    The Green Line Issue on iPhone X

    When you try to fix your device , your data will lose. Therefore, it is always better to backup your important data before trying to fix vertical lines on your iPhone. iMyFone iTransor is a handy tool that can backup your iPhone easily and safely. Here are the main features of this software.

    • Back up and restore different types of files separately.
    • It doesn’t overwrite existing backups.
    • Supports more than 20 data types.
    • Compatible with all the iOS versions and devices including the latest iOS 15 and iPhone 13/12.

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    Green Tint Isnt The Only Problem With Oled Screens

    An OLED screen on your iPhone offers deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. But it comes with potential problems as well.

    We already discussed the green tint problem on OLED iPhones, but you also need to beware of OLED screen burn. This happens after your iPhone displays the same image for too long and it burns permanently into the screen. Check out our other articles to find out how to avoid screen burn on your iPhone.

    Apples Response To iPhone X Green Line Defect

    Thinking that the annoying green line constantly appearing on my iPhone was related to this known touchscreen defect, I called Apple Support. After spending 90 minutes on the phone with multiple agents this is what I learned.

    • There is no program that covers the iPhone X green line issue
    • Apple was willing to inspect my phone for free. I could send my iPhone Xto Apple by mail or take it into an Apple Store. If I sent the phone in by mail I would be required to pay $550 upfront, which is the iPhone X replacement cost
    • After inspecting my phone Apple support would email me with the estimated repair cost and provide me an option to have the phone returned to me at no cost
    • The agent added that there is a difference between the touchscreen module and the OLED display
    • He believed that the cause of the iPhone green line on screen defect was between the logic board and the OLED display, which is usually a high cost repair.
    • The agent speculated that I dropped the phone at one point, which damaged the logic board thereby causing the constant voltage flow to the OLED display resulting in the line of green pixels being continuously activated.

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    Remove All The Background Apps

    If you have too many apps running in the background on your iPhone, you may notice that the screen turns green. As a result, you can also resolve this issue by removing background programs.

    If you are using iPhone 8 or iPhone SE 2020 edition, to begin, press and hold the home button twice. Then you’ll see a list of all the apps you’ve been using. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone to access the apps.

    If you are using iPhone X, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 12, or 12 Pro, you just have to slide up and all the running apps would come up and you can them close them by swiping up.

    Problems: Performance Slowdowns And Stuttering

    How To Fix Green Lines On iPhone X

    If youve owned the iPhone X since its launch in 2017, chances are youve encountered more lag and slowdowns in performance over the years. This isnt anything new with iPhones and smartphones in general, and youre not alone. Users on Reddit and Apple support forums have barked at the idea of stuttering, and its primary culprit appears to be battery health.

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    What If Lines On The iPhones Screen Are Due To A Hardware Problem

    The options we mentioned to this point might work if the lines on the phone are there because of a software issue. Many times, though, youll see lines on the screen, especially thick vertical lines, if there is something happening involving the hardware.

    The most likely scenario there is that you dropped the phone on a hard surface at some point when it wasnt in a protective case. Its also possible that some liquid got into it and has damaged the internal components.

    If either of these things has happened, then your best bet is to go to an Apple Store and get the Geniuses to look it over. If your phone is still under warranty, then they should be able to fix or replace it at no cost to you. If the iPhone is not under warranty any longer, then youll have to pay out of pocket. The cost will depend on what elements of the phone need to be replaced. Some parts are more expensive than others.

    Avoid the urge to open the phone up to try and fix it yourself. This will void the warranty, and unless youre an electronics expert, its unlikely that youll be able to figure out whats happening with it anyway. If you feel that what the Apple Store wants to charge you to repair the damage is too high, then you can always take it to a third-party repair store. If you end up doing that, though, at least try to find one that has an excellent online reputation.

    Some Apple iPhone X Owners Are Experiencing A ‘green Line Of Death’ On The Phone’s Display Macrumors Reports

    A few iPhone X owners are experiencing a green line of death on the phones display, Macrumors reports. A vertical line has popped up on the side of some of Apples iPhone X edge-to-edge OLED screens, leaving frustrated users to report the issue on Twitter.

    Some users say they have tried to restore the phone, but a mysterious green line still exists. Its not clear what exactly causing the issue, but it could be an electrical fault, notes TechCrunch. The same issues has affected the Galaxy S7 in which pink lines appeared. Samsung acknowledged the issue and even replaced the faulty units. Apple seems to be aware of the issue, but has yet to officially acknowledge it.

    One of the iPhone X owners has reported that Apple exchanged the faulty unit, meaning Apple certainly knows the issue. This also indicates that the problem cannot be solved through a software update.

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    Repair Ios To Fix iPhone 12/11 Green Screen

    The iPhone 12 green screen problem seems to occur randomly when the display brightness is set to around 90% and lower, or after unlocking the device. And many people faces having green tint issue on iPhone 12 after updating to iOS 14.6. So, the best way to fix iphone green screen of death would be to use a professional software – Tenorshare ReiBoot, which fixes the glitch with iOS by repairing the system. Now, there are several programs available for this task.

    • Complete the installation of ReiBoot on a computer.
    • After that, connect the iOS device and run ReiBoot. Select the ‘Repair Operating system’ option on the main interface.

    • After that, click on the ‘Fix Now’ and proceed.

    • Then, download the required firmware. Set a path and click ‘Download’.

    • When firmware has been downloaded completely, click the ‘Repair Now’ button below.

    Repairing the iOS with ReiBoot will fix many screen issues including iphone screen flickering green, black screen of death, etc. It is the best possible way to fix this problem, keep that in mind.

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