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How To Flip iPhone Video

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How To Rotate A Video On iPhone With Video Rotate + Flip

How To Rotate a Video on iPhone

Aside from the default programs that you could operate on your iPhone devices, we wish to share with you Video Rotate + Flip, a third-party alternative to rotate your video.

Step 1. Download Video Rotate + Flip, the top-rated rotator app, from Apple store, and launch it.

Step 2. Select a video that you are working on, and hit the arrow.

Step 3. Sitting at the top are all the options you could use to rotate and flip your video however you want.

Step 4. As you finish the action, hit done to save your project.

Flip A Clip Offline With Imovie

The other way you can change the orientation of an iPhone clip is via iMovie – Apples official video editing app. To get your hands on it, youll have to find it in the App Store and download it to your iPhone first.

Please be aware, however, that you can only flip a clip in iMovie but can’t mirror as you can do with Clideo.

How To Rotate iPhone Video On iPhone With Imovie App

Another foolproof method to rotate iPhone video is to use iMovie app. It is free and works well with iPhone 5s and later models running the latest iOS 11. To rotate the video clip, you can follow the steps below:

1. Download iMovie from App Store and launch the app 2. Open your iPhone video, scroll the timeline till the clip you want to rotate shows up in the viewer 3. Move your finger and thumb in a twisting motion by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Repeat the operation until you get the orientation you want.

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How Do I Flip My iPhone Camera

You may have wondered how to flip the camera on your iPhone while youre recording. The answer is pretty simple: turn the phone over so that the front camera is facing forward, then tap the Control Center icon to turn it around. Now, tap the camera icon to switch between the front and rear cameras. Repeat the process as many times as you like, and your recorded videos will look like theyre from the front! Its as easy as that!

Android users can also flip the camera while recording using third-party apps. Just download one of these apps from Google Play and customize it for the resolution of your video. Then, when youre done, simply tap the Save icon. If you dont have an Android device, you can also use a third-party video editing app to stitch videos together. If youre an iPhone user, you can also use third-party apps to stitch your videos together.

How To Flip Camera While Recording Videos On Android iPhone

Forget the iPhone 12, people are obsessed with this insane iPhone 12 ...

Gone are the days when recording a video was a major task. Forget about videos, even capturing images was a cumbersome thing to do. Thanks to the ever-growing technology, we are now able to capture professional photos and videos with so much ease, and that too right from our phones.

However, there is one area where we still havent been able to make any advancement. Im talking about the ability to use both the cameras, front and rear, at the same time to record videos. In fact, one cant even flip the camera while recording.

Many phones let you capture dual images where the images are shot from the front and rear camera both at the same time. However, you cannot switch cameras while recording a video both on Android or iPhone both.

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How Do I Switch Cameras While Recording

If youre wondering how to switch camera while recording iPhone videos, youre not alone. The majority of devices allow you to switch between the front and back cameras in a single session. However, when youre recording video, the quality of the picture will likely suffer. You can solve this problem by downloading a third-party app that lets you toggle between the front and back cameras. In some cases, this method may even result in lower quality pictures.

The Control Center is the first step. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open it. Once there, tap the Flip Camera option. Tap it and your screen will switch between the front and back cameras. You can repeat the process as many times as you want. In some cases, the Flip Camera feature may be disabled in your phone, but it can still be used to flip the camera. While recording, tap the Camera button to take a picture.

How To Transfer iPhone Videos To Computer

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is able to copy the videos from iPhone to computer, iTunes and other iOS devices within the original quality. Moreover, you can also manage the videos, photos and other files in iPhone easily.

Step 1Install iPhone video transfer

Launch iPhone Transfer after you installed the program on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. The program is able to detect the connected iPhone automatically.

Step 2Preview video files on iPhone

Go to the “Video” tab that you can get access to all video files on your iPhone. Preview and select the desired videos from iPhone you want to mirror, then check the boxes next to the videos.

Step 3Transfer videos from iPhone to computer

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Flip Your Video With Video Rotate + Flip

This method uses the same video editing app that we used to rotate a video, Video Rotate + Flip:

  • Tap the arrow to import a video.
  • You can choose to flip your video vertically or horizontally by tapping the corresponding icon at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Save Video to Library.
  • Now youll never have to wish you could flip or rotate your iPhone videos. You can do it quickly and easily using an app you already own, or you can download an app to get the job done for free.

    Save Your Mirrored Video

    How To Rotate A Video On iPhone

    After a few moments, your new movie will be processed and ready to download back to your iPhone via the green Download button.

    Again, click the arrow to save the file to Google Drive or Dropbox if you want to save it here instead.

    Want to make some more changes? Simply tap the Back to edit option and youll be taken back to the editor tool without needing to start over.

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    Rotate iPhone Video On Pc For Free

    Clideo allows uploading videos from your device or external resources, like cloud storages. Note that our service is online, so you can use it from your iPhone directly without sending files to the PC. It also works in any browser, you only need a stable internet connection.

    Our tools are also free for files up to 500 MB in size.

    Rotate The Video Clip

    Now click the edit icon near the video file and you will see several tabs on the menu bar of the new window. Press the “Adjust” option and then rotate or flip the video according to your needs. You can rotate the video 90 degree left or right, flip it vertically or horizontally in one click.

    Note: You’re freely to crop the video to make it fill the screen after you rotate the iPhone video. Moreover, Joyoshare Media Cutter offers the options to assist you to do the most of editing you desire such as trimming, cutting, adding effects, etc.

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    Use Imovie To Rotate A Video On A Mac

    If your videos are stored on a Mac, use iMovie to rotate them. iMovie comes pre-installed on all Macs. This app also rotates any video stored an older iPhone, such as an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or possibly 7 if you cant install the apps you want on it.

    Here’s how to use iMovie for Mac to rotate a video.

  • Select Import Media, then find the movie you want to modify and click OK.

  • In the Media pane, click the clip.

  • In the Preview window, click the Crop button.

  • Click either Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counterclockwise as many times as desired. Each click moves the clip 90 degrees.

  • Rotating may create bars at the top and bottom of your video. Click Crop to access the Crop tool.

  • Drag the handles to eliminate the bars, then click the blue check mark to make the changes.

  • To save the updated video, click , click File, then follow the prompts to name the file and choose a location.

  • This process may lower the video quality, so it’s a less ideal solution than doing it on the iPhone.

    Top Video Flip App To Flip Or Rotate Video Freely

    How to Rotate a Video on iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5

    With the quick development of smart devices, more people are getting used to capture videos with cell phone or camcorder. It’s very easy and convenient to shoot video clips anywhere and anytime.

    However, some of you may have experienced the moment when you don’t pay attention to the orientation of the video, thus the final recording is totally inverted. In such case, you may need to flip a video.

    How to flip a video on iPhone/Android, or on Windows PC/Mac? There are many video flip apps you can use to flip video back to normal orientation.

    In following article, we will introduce the best flip video apps for iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac that allow you to rotate or flip video without hassle.

    How to Flip Video

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    Is There A Way To Flip A Video

    A third party video converter app is required if you wish to flip videos on your Android device. You can flip your video horizontally by clicking two triangles located at each end. The last step is clicking on the two triangles that form a different horizontal split in the video. You can save the document by hitting Save.

    How To Rotate iPhone Video On Pc With The Easiest Method

    If you have been searching about how to rotate iPhone pictures on pc, Wondershare UniConverter can be the best option for you. This is one of the most power-packed video and image editor and formatting tool that is used by experienced as well as new users to rotate iPhone video on pc. It has a lot of features like conversions, photo and video manipulation, editing, and a lot more. There is support for all the major video formats like MOV, MP4, 3gp, etc. and can be used for various requirements.

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    Different Ways To Rotate iPhone Videos

    Richard Bennett

    As is known to all, iPhone comes with HD and 4K camera which makes it shot videos in a very convenient and effective way . It is one of the best selfie tool. If you like the selfie and share selfie to Facebook, I think you may have experienced this situation that sometimes the pictures/videos show sideways after uploading to facebook though they play correctly on iPhone. This is because they are recorded in portrait mode you may have not noticed.

    So is there a way to rotate the photos and videos easily? Sure. In this article, I will introduce simple ways to rotate photos shot by iPhone in three ways.

    Rotate Your Video In iPhone Photos

    How to flip a video on your iPhone

    The native photo editing app on iPhone makes it easy to rotate videos as well as photos:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap on the video that you want to rotate.
  • Select Edit.
  • Press the crop icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the rotate symbol in the upper-left corner .
  • Continue tapping the rotate icon until the video is positioned the way you want it.
  • Tap Done. Your rotated video will be saved in your photo library.
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    Can You Mirror A Video On iPhone

    For iMovie to mirror or flip video footage quickly, you must click the Filters icon as shown below: and then click the Clip Filter option in the Pop Up Clip Filters window. You can also use the Flipped Filter in the drop-down menu. In a time-frame, a video clip will flip and be mirrored automatically.

    How To Flip Video In Joyoshare Media Cutter For Mac

    Due to video format compatibility issues, you may encounter obstacles when flipping videos with iMovie. Therefore, take an alternative, Joyoshare Media Cutter, here to get a once and for all solution. It is fully capable of post-processing kinds of audio and video files. What’s better, aside from flip, you can rotate, crop, trim, subtitle, watermark and merge clips without effort.

    Key Features of Joyoshare Media Cutter:

    • Perfect support for mainstream audio and video files
    • Mirror, flip and rotate videos quickly to correct orientation
    • High-compatible media player and preview window to visualize videos
    • Specify resolution, hue, aspect ratio, codec, brightness, etc.
    • Accurately and losslessly trim videos audios on Mac/PC

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    Flipping Videos On iPhone

    By Eric Frazier

    Flipping videos on iphone is a very useful function of some apps, as well as rotating and other basic editing tools. Sometimes, after taking a good photo or a video, you find out a problem it needs to be mirrored or is not oriented right. How do you flip a video on iPhone? Actually, in most cases, there is a simple solution. Though some videos may require more editing than others. If you ask: How do I rotate a video on iPhone?, then look no further than to this page! For information on this, and also on how to flip, or how to mirror a video on iPhone using several simple apps, see below.

    Rotate A Recorded iPhone Video Using Imovie On Mac

    How to Rotate Pictures Using the Photos App on iPhone

    The first option on the menu is the iMovie application, which works on macOS 10.15.6 or newer. iMovie does not require additional software or IT knowledge.

    First, open iMovie and import the video file you would like to rotate. Once imported, the video gets displayed in iMovies timeline section. Click on the video and click C on the keyboard. The Crop menu opens, and it displays rotate buttons, among other options. Click on them to adjust the videos orientation. Once youre satisfied, click the Done button. After that, click on File, pick the Export option, and choose the location for your newly rotated video.

  • Open the Apple App Store, search for iMovie and select Get followed by Install to install it.
  • Launch iMovie and import the video file you want to rotate. The video then appears in iMovies timeline section.
  • Click on the video and click C on the keyboard.
  • The Crop menu opens and displays rotate buttons among others. Click on them to adjust the videos orientation.
  • Once youre satisfied, click the Done button.
  • Click on File, pick the Export option, and choose the location for your newly rotated video.
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    Choose The Output Mode And Save It

    Next click the “Format” button on the right of main interface to select the second output mode – Encoding mode. Choose iPhone device or others if you need. You can also change the video’s codec, resolution, frame rate and bit rate. Then hit the “Start” button to begin to rotate and convert your video. A few seconds later, your iPhone video will be successfully rotated and saved on your local folder.

    How To Rotate A Video On iPhone Using Photos

    1. Open the Photos app and choose the video that you want to rotate.

    2. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    3. On the right side of the toolbar beneath the video, tap the Crop icon, which looks like a square with two arrows around it.

    4. Then, in the top-left corner of the screen, tap the icon of a square with a curved arrow above it. Keep tapping the button until your video rotates to your desired orientation.

    5. Hit Done in the bottom-right corner to save your video in its new orientation.

    If you don’t like the results, you can always go back to Edit and rotate the video into any other position.

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    Best Programs To Rotate iPhone Video On Windows Pc

    The following are 2 of the best tools for people that want to know about how to rotate iPhone video on pc.

    This is an excellent tool for new users due to the ease of usage it provides. This tool is available for windows and can be downloaded easily from app stores and their official website. You can use this tool to edit videos and pictures, along with conversions and DVD burning. It has support for all the major file formats like JPEG, MOV, MP4, PNG, GIF, etc. The user interface is simple and free from clutter, which enhances the user experience.

    This is free to use tool that is quite popular among users that are looking for things like how to rotate iPhone pictures on pc. There are a lot of easy-to-use features, and the tool is extremely light. This makes it suitable for all kinds of devices, and the fact that it provides lossless editing is just cherry on top. It provides fast functionality and can support all the major formats for editing, including WMV, RAW, MOV, PNG, GIF, etc.

    How To Rotate A Video On iPhone With Imovie

    How To Mirror Front Camera iPhone – How To Flip Front Camera iPhone

    Designed for iOS system use only, iMovie has witnessed great evolvements since its release in line with technological advances and the birth of various features. The beauty of this artistic creation is that you can use it to elevate basic clips, and turn them into quality-oriented and stunning movies even on your iPhone. With a basket of tools built in, you can work with your clips however you want, including rotating a video.

    Step 1. Download iMovie app from the App Store and open it on your iPhone device

    Step 2. Tap Create Project in the interface.

    Step 3. Select Movie, and pick the video that you wish to edit from your camera roll, and tap Create Movie at the base of the screen.

    Step 4. Tap the timeline track to activate the editing mode .

    Step 5. Use two fingers, press down on the screen, and turn them left or right until you get your desired orientation.

    Step 6. Tap done in the upper-left corner of the screen.

    Step 7. Click on the Share icon at the bottom of the screen, and export the iMovie videos to your own camera roll or upload to other social platforms.

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