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How To Get Rid Of Scratches On iPhone Screen

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Removing Deep iPhone Scratches By Drysanding Wetsanding And Polishing

How to Remove Scratches on an iPhone Screen? – (Not Clickbait)

If you are really committed to completely removing every possible scratch from your iPhone, deep gashes included, you can use a rather intense process of drysanding, then wet sanding, and finally polishing the iPhone to restore the case to its original glory. Its not exactly a quick and simple process, so Id only suggest this if youre truly committed to restoring an iPhones case. It will also remove the Apple logo and all text from the back of the iPhone case, so be aware of that.

This post on MacRumors Forums: Restoring an iPhone Front & Back is invaluable, and even includes a guide to fix screen scratches . Its kind of the last resort method since its so intense and it will remove the surface protective coating from the iPhone case, which is exactly what you do not want to do in the aforementioned methods.

Use Toothpaste To Remove Scratches From The Touch Screen Of A Car

The first step is to use toothpaste to clean the touch screen of the car. Before applying toothpaste, you must unplug the battery of the car.

After that, take a soft piece of cloth or cotton and dip it in a minor quantity of toothpaste.

After this, rub the soft piece of cloth on the touch screen of the car gently. Rub the soft piece of cloth in a spinning motion, not in random motion.

Please dont use toothpaste in an excess quantity; there should be a minimal quantity of toothpaste. Please use actual toothpaste and dont use toothpaste in gel form.

Dont rub a piece of cloth harshly on the touch screen of the car. It could harm the car touch screen. The touch screen of the car is susceptible, so dont wash it with water.

After this, clean your touch screen with a clean, dry, and soft piece of cloth and remove the toothpaste from the screen.

How To Remove Scratches From An iPhone

You can remove the surface scratches on the back of an iPhone case by using a mildly abrasive rub or fine sandpaper. The anti-scratch coating is actually where many of the smaller finer scratches on iPhones are shown, which makes them relatively easy to buff out with some care. Whether you are using the toothpaste or sandpaper method to repair the scratches, you will want to be careful as to not rub the anti-scratch coating off of the iPhone case.

Warning: Try these methods at your own risk! We are not responsible for you damaging your iPhone in any way, and if you are not confident in your ability to do it right, you should probably avoid the techniques altogether!

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Use Household Cleaners To Polish Away Scratches On Your Phone

Using a ratio of two parts powder to one part water, create a polishing paste using baking soda or cornstarch. The mixture should be thick and not runny. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to rub the paste into the cracks.

You can also use a slightly damp Magic Eraser sponge to polish out the cracks on your phone.

Scratches are different from cracks. For more serious repairs, you may need to replace your screen.

How To Remove Scratches From Car Touch Screen

3 Ways to Remove Scratches from phone

The scratches on the car touch screen could occur in various ways. If someone places a teacup or cold drink on the top of the touch screen or car stereo and if it falls on a touch screen, then it could cause scratches on it.

If a person touches on the stereo or touch screen of the car with his or her nails, it could also cause scratches on the car touch screen.

People often drive a car at speed, and it results in a car accident. A car accident can produce scratches on the car touch screen.

You will have to follow all the mentioned steps to complete the process.

Tools required

  • Scratch removal creams

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Use Your Warranty To Fix Your Scratched iPhone Screen

Since Apples warranty program is one of the best in the entire tech business, you should always check to see if you can get your phone taken care of under the protection program.; This is the easiest way to fix it, but not always possible for those with an expired warranty.; Since Apple prides themselves on customer service, however, you may get lucky and take it to a licensed Apple store with a more flexible approach to warranty.; This is no guarantee, but many store owners want their customers to have a positive experience with Apple products.

What Are The Other Methods For Fixing A Screen

While less common, there are other ways to fix scratches, like body lotion, glass polish, and even sandpaper. While the former of these two might seem plausible, the latter might be making your eyebrows raise a little bit.

To use lotion or glass polish, you;just need to apply a little bit to some sort of cloth and gently rub it into the scratches. When using polish, just remember to check the scratches every 30 seconds and keep repeating the process until the scratches have disappeared.

You may be thinking, Wont sandpaper just damage my screen more? It can, if you arent careful. Using just a small piece of sandpaper, you can gently rub the scratches out of your screen. Be wary when you are doing it and immediately stop after the scratches disappear; applying any more pressure after the fact can cause more damage.

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Replace The Affected Screen

Though it may be too late to apply a screen protector; you can reduce scratch appearance through it. The plastic screen protector will somehow fill in your problem and give you a good layer of protection. However, the tempered glass screen could better work for you while providing a fresh and clean screen.

But till now, the scratches will belong to you. If you dont want to pass the time with the scratched screen, the above-recommended service provider can help you best. Furthermore, there is also an alternative way to a replacement, use a screen replacement kit. This option requires less cost but not for the weak-hearted people.;

Kaisi iPhone Screen Opening Toolkit

Key Features

Use Baking Soda To Remove The Scratches

How To Remove Scratches From An iPhone Screen-Easy Tutorial

The next step to remove scratches is to apply baking soda on the touch screen of the car. Baking soda is well-known for removing scratches. Take a little amount of water and baking powder and then mix them well in a bowl.

Dont add too much water in a bowl, so take a small amount of water, and you have to make a paste of water and baking soda.

After this, take a soft piece of cloth and dip it in a paste. Then rub this soft cloth on the touch screen of the car in a spinning motion.

Please dont clean the touch screen harshly, so clean the touch screen gently for removing scratches.

After this, take another clean and dry piece of cloth and wipe the paste of baking soda and water that you have applied on the touch screen of the car before.

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Brasso Silvo Or Other Polishes

A word of caution before you follow through with this method: Using polishes such as Brasso and Silvo can sometimes remove the screen coating and result in larger scratches. Try this at your own risk.

  • Pour polish into a bowl. It’s a good idea to put a towel underneath the bowl so it does not spill.

  • Dip a soft cloth into the polish.

  • Rub the cloth up and down the scratch and in circular motions.

  • After this, wipe your screen with a fresh cloth to remove any excess.

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This story was originally published in 2014 and updated in 2018.

What Are Some Of The Household Items

You dont need anything fancy to start on the repair process. Toothpaste, baking soda, q-tips, car wax and olive oil can all be applied to your screen, and there are many other methods as well. While not foolproof, any of these can work for minor scratching.

  • Toothpaste: Using a small dab of toothpaste, slowly work it into into your screen with a cotton cloth. As you do so, youll notice the scratch slowly disappearing. After you let it dry for a minute, use a damp towel to gently wipe the excess toothpaste away.
  • Baking soda: Using either baking soda or baby powder, mix it in a 2:1 ratio with water. The concoction should be a thick paste that you can work in with a cotton swab. After it has been gently applied, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth.
  • Olive oil: Either olive oil or other plant oil can do wonder on smaller scratches. Apply just the smallest bit to the scratch for a quick fix. Avoid slathering the screen as this will not only make it slippery and gooey, but can potentially damage your phone.

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Great Ways To Clean Your iPhone

Baking Soda: If mixed into a proper paste format, users can easily clean a smartphone. Just make sure you use the right mixture of water, baking soda , and lightly apply it.

Baby Powder:Yes, baby powder, when added to water and turned into a paste, is quite powerful for cleaning. Just be careful that you do not accidentally soak the device in it.

Get Scratches Out Of Your iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy S5 And More

How To Get Rid Of Hairline Scratches On Phone

Smartphones are really easy to use thanks to their large touchscreens that dominate the entire front of the handset. The downside is that a scratch on the front can be incredibly annoying, and can often create a rainbow effect on everything that you view.

Toughened glass offers some protection, but even this isn’t enough to completely protect your handset and you can easily get scratches.

A decent case or screen protector can protect against future scratches, but if you’ve already got one, your choices are more limited. If your phone’s insured or under warranty, you may be lucky enough to get a replacement, but for everyone else you need to take matters into your own hands.

Here, we’ll show you how to polish out scratches on glass screens. Before you start, you should know that polishing a scratch out will also remove any coatings on the screen, such as an oleophobic coating, which lets you fingers move smoothly across the surface. To create an even finish, you may wish to polish the entire front of the screen to remove all the coating.

These tips will not work if your screen is cracked or has very deep scratches. Any scratch that you can clearly feel with a fingernail are probably beyond being polished out. We also take no responsibility for any damage you cause.

Cerium oxide polish will remove scratches from smartphones





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How To Fix Scratches From Phone Screen

So, you have got scratches on your iPhone, this is really annoying, especially if you buy a new one. It is best to apply a screen protector and before it replaces the damaged screen. This suggestion roughly might demand a high cost. But definitely also have some cheap solution for you.

Dont worry about how to remove scratches from iPhone screen. In general, you can solve minor and moderate scratches at home when big issues must go under professional take care. Further, keep in mind that plastic and glass screens have significant differences, so you cant do anything randomly. In the end, purchase a good brand screen protector for future protection.

Before knowing how to fix deep scratches on iPhone screen, check some disinfected kits for iPhone to follow the precautions rule in this pandemic situation.;

Disinfected Kits for iPhone

  • Get rid of smudges and fingerprints
  • Economically cheap;

Hide Scratches And Protect Your Screen

The first method is to purchase a screen protector and apply it to your scratched screen. In some cases, this will hide hairline scratches. More importantly, it will prevent a scratch from getting worse while protecting the screen from future cracks or abrasions.

If you have a deep scratch, a screen protector may make it more noticeable by capturing an air bubble over it. However, the protector will make it easier to use the screen without your finger or stylus getting caught on the scratch.

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How To Remove Scratches From Your Phone

Whether it’s from the car keys in your pocket or an accidental drop, our phones are bound to be victims of scratches and scuffs.

The best way to fix your scratched and scuffed-up iPhone, Android phone, or other mobile device is to replace the screen!

Apple for example only charges $29 to replace your screen if you have AppleCare. If your warranty is expired, it costs around $129-$149 for Apple to change out the screen. You can probably find reputable third-party local businesses who will replace your screen for even less.

If you’re looking for DIY methods, its never been easier to load up a how-to video online and companies like iFixIt will give you all the tools you need for $60.

But if even those repair options are out of reach, there are some quick DIY fixes that may help you remove some shallow scratches from your beloved gadget.

Here are nine remedies that have had various degrees of success when it comes to rescue phones from minor scratches.

Before trying any of these methods out, make sure you power down your phone, remove the battery and seal the ports of your phone with tape to prevent liquid damage. Again, these methods are for minor, annoying marks on your phone. If you have major scratches and cracks on your screen, you’re going to need to go to the pros or completely replace the screen yourself.

And maybe also consider a screen protector next time.

How To Remove Scratches From Your Phone Screen

Remove Scratches from your Smartphone Screen with TOOTHPASTE !

Whether you have the latest edition iPhone X or an older model, like the iPhone 8, you know how easy it can be to damage your screen. As unfortunate as this is, it is simply a part of owning a phone.; The good news, though, is that it is relatively easy to remove scratches from your phone screen, if it comes down to that, can be relatively cheap and even easy enough to do yourself.

If youve had your iPhone or Android for any longer than a few weeks, you probably know how easy to scratch the phone screen. Especially for those bold enough to carry their phone without a case, this is just part of owning any phone.

While putting a 9H hardness screen protector and shockproof case on your phone is hands down the best way to protect it from this kind of damage, if its too late and youve already scratched or cracked your iPhone screen, there are some tricks you can use to fix it.

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How To Get Rid Of Phone Scratches Using Household Items


Got scratches on your mobile device? While getting a screen replacement is always the most effective solution, its certainly not the cheapest. For example, you have to pay $29 at Apple or around $129 to $149 if your warranty is already expired.

So before bringing your phone to the repair shop, you may want to try these quick fixes for your phone scratches, both on the display and the casing. Read on and you just might thank us for saving you some money!

1. Toothpaste

First off, go to the bathroom and grab your toothpaste. Put a small amount on a cotton swab and then rub it gently on the screen in circular motions. Afterwards, clean the screen using a slightly-dampened cloth.

2. Magic Eraser

Another option for you would be to use a magic eraser. Be warned, however, that these little thingies work basically like wet sandpaper, as described by Mashable, so you might want to be very careful. To be safe, just use it for small scratches around your device.

For more cleaning hacks using magic erasers, go check out one of our previous posts.

3. Baking Soda

To do this trick, mix two parts of baking soda with one part of water then stir it until it turns into thick paste. Use a soft cloth and, as with the toothpaste method, just rub it gently on the scratches in circular motions.

Alternatively, you can also use baby powder as a substitute for baking soda. Just make sure not to water damage your device when doing this method.

4. Vegetable Oil

What If I Have To Replace The Screen

iPhone screen replacement can be a tricky business, as Apple uses special screws and tools to put the iPhones together. Thankfully, there are a few options outside of professional repair that dont cost as much, such as do-it-yourself kits.There are a few companies out there that offer kits with instructions on to replace the screen yourself. While these kits still have a decent amount of steps, with some as high as 44, and the removal of fragile parts, they are significantly cheaper.

As you can imagine, professionals typically have a;negative outlook on these remedies. It isnt without merit either, as while many of these strategies can fix minor scratches, they dont work as a permanent solution nor are they effective for more excessive damage.

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