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How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 8 Plus

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How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 8/8 Plus

How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone

by Sammy | Aug 5, 2021 | How to, iPhone |

Voicemail is an electronically saved voice message. It can be of great help to anyone using the phone. A voicemail is sent by the caller to the receiver when the call is left unattended. For instance, you are busy on a particular day that you had to miss a few calls. If you have set up voicemail on your iPhone, the callers can let you know about the reason for their call in the voicemail. You can listen to these voicemails later and know why they had called you. You need not call them back all the time. Also, with the help of voicemail, you can decide who to call back first. If you own a new iPhone 8 and need to set up voicemail in it, this section will help you. Go ahead and learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Force Close And Reopen The Phone App

To force close Phone, on iPhone X and later swipe up until you see the apps in task view, then swipe up again on Phone. On iPhone 8 and earlier double press the home button, then swipe up on Phone. You will see all the open app cards.

After that, relaunch the app. This may fix the issue of voicemail not working on your device.

Your iPhone’s Visual Voicemail Transcribe Voicemails On Your iPhone When You Can’t Or Don’t Want To Listen To Them

We’ve already gone over how to set up voicemail on your iPhone, so now it’s time to learn how to use Visual Voicemail. A lot of people are asking, “How do you use Voicemail Transcription on the iPhone?” The voicemail-to-text feature on Apple’s iPhone takes voicemail and transcribes it, so you can easily read phone messages. The feature itself is pretty easy to use, but it can be a little glitchy. We’ll also go over what to do if Voicemail Transcription is not working on your iPhone. Here’s how to use the voicemail-to-text feature known as Visual Voicemail on your iPhone.

We’ve already gone over how to set up voicemail on an iPhone, how to change the voicemail greeting on your iPhone, how to change your voicemail password, and how to open your voicemail so you can listen to and delete messages. Check out our free Tip of the Day for more Phone and Voicemail tutorials.

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How Do I Manage My Cricket Visual Voicemail

  • Open the Cricket Visual Voicemail app and log in.
  • See your list of messages, which are grouped into Inbox and Saved.
  • To listen to the message, tap the play button.
  • To manage a message, tap the Menu icon in the top right corner. Then tap the option you want:
  • : sends the message to someone else
  • Save: moves the message to the Saved folder and stores the message inside the application.
  • To keep the message permanently, use the export to file option below.
  • Export to file: saves the voice message to your device in a file
  • Copy text: copies the text of the message to the clipboard so you can paste it into a text message, email, note, or other text format
  • Add to contacts: adds the caller to your Contacts
  • To delete the message, use the trash can icon.
  • Check Your Voicemail On iPhone

    How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 8 Plus Att

    In the Phone app , Visual Voicemail shows a list of your messages. You can choose which ones to play and delete without listening to all of them. A badge on the Voicemail icon indicates the number of unheard messages.

    Voicemail transcription shows your messages transcribed into text. Transcription is limited to voicemails in English received on your iPhone with iOS 10 or later. Transcription depends on the quality of the recording.

    Note: Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, and Voicemail transcription are available from select carriers in select countries or regions.

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    How To Change Your Voicemail Greeting On Your iPhone

    Learn how to make your own voicemail greeting. A personal voicemail greeting is an easy way to prevent callers from hearing a generic greeting message. It ensures that people know they’ve reached the correct person, and makes them feel more comfortable leaving a voicemail. To change your voicemail greeting on an iPhone, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps.

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    How To Set Up And Use Voicemail On iPhone

    We’re so used to hearing about all the amazing things that our smartphones can do that we sometimes forget that it is also a phone. Though it’s not as common as messaging, people do still call each other, and even leave voice messages sometimes. Here’s how to set up and use the voicemail service on your iPhone.

    Note: Not all iPhone users have the same voicemail features. Some carriers will still have you simply call a number to listen, delete, skip ahead, archive, etc. This how-to guide is for those with the on-screen features enabled.

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    Best Software To Recover Lost Voicemail On iPhone

    You may lose your voicemail messages on your iPhone, from time to time. You do not have to fret dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery will help you get back your voicemail messages.

    Why Choose This iPhone Lost Voicemail Recovery Software:

    • Multiple Recovery Modes: Voicemails can be recovered from iCloud, iTunes or your iPhone.
    • Full iOS Compatibility: Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can always use dr.fone iOS Data Recovery for data recovery since it works well with all iOS devices.
    • Multiple File-type Compatibility: It works well with over 20 different file types used on iOS devices, so you can recover voicemails, notes, contacts, videos, images, SMS, and more.
    • Handy Preview Feature: You can preview the data that you want to recover, including voicemails before you transfer them back to your device.
    • Simple User Interface: It is designed in simple and user-friendly interface.

    Now, reading the step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted Voicemail on iPhone :

    Step 1First, please make sure you have the latest iTunes version on your computer. Download and install dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery from the links below. Launch it, and click the Data Recovery from the main window.

    Step 2 Choose the file types to recover data from your iPhone. Now you are supposed to check Voicemail to recover the deleted Voicemail. Then click Start Scan.

    Easily Recover Deleted Voicemail From iPhone

    How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

    Once you have setup voicemails on your iPhone, you will begin to receive Voice Messages on your iPhone. These messages are important and it is good for keeps. In some cases your phone may crash and you end up losing these vital messages. You could also format your phone or upgrade it and you will misplace this read and unread Voice messages and also Voice calls.

    If any of this befalls you, you need to look for iPhone data recovery software. One of the comprehensive softwares is dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery. This software supports different data loss cases and recovers over 20 data types including Voicemails, Voice Memos and much more. It is also software that works with most iOS devices.

    Simple steps to recover data via dr.fone

    Step 1. Launch dr.fone and connect iPhone to computer

    Step 2. Choose recovery method and data types you need

    Step 3. Preview the data, choose to recover data to a computer or restore to the device.

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    Solution : Turn Airplane Mode On & Off

    When Airplane Mode is enabled, your iPhone would stop connecting to cellular networks . Enable and then disconnect the Airplane mode. Your voicemail problem should be fixed, as the connection to your carrier network would be refreshed.

    • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen
    • Look for the aero plane icon
    • Toggle airplane mode

    Alternatively, you could:

    • Open settings app > Tap on Airplane mode

    In some instances, you might have to reboot your device with the feature on, and then switch it off.

    Not Satisfied Try An App

    If Apples visual voicemail interface isnt up to your standards, you have alternatives. Try looking for an iOS visual voicemail app to replace it. We suggest apps like HulloMail Voicemail or YouMail. These apps are free and provide unique interfaces as well as added features, like linking multiple phone numbers.

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    How Do I Increase Voicemail Volume On New iPhone 8


    Greetings ,

    Great question! With iPhones, the volume control is contextual, meaning when you raise the volume with the buttons on the left side of the device, it will increase the volume of whatever is playing at the time. In the case of your Voicemail, please first make sure its either playing or on speakerphone, and then proceed to raise the volume. That should be all there is!

    Please let us know if you have any questions, have a fantastic day!

    Rafael, AT& T Community Specialist


    4 y ago

    That does not work. Because pressing the voicemail button either on the lower right or top center on the phone app calls the voicemail center but the volume is less than a whisper. And before I can get to switch it from keypad to control buttons to turn on speaker the response is in repeat or worse hanging up on me. And yes the volume button is all the way up. Resolution is to increase your output volume or allow more time for a response from the user.

    Getting Visual Voicemail On Your iPhone

    How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 8 Plus Att

    One of the more convenient features for Apples Phone app is Visual Voicemail, which saves you from listening to messages to see what callers said. Apples service includes a text translation feature thats turned on by default.

    If you want to make sure Visual Voicemail will work properly in your language, go to Settings, followed by Siri & Search and then Language. Choose your preferred language and transcripts will then be displayed in that language whenever you get a voicemail.

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    How To Get Rid Of The Red Dot On iPhone Voicemail

    Voicemail notification issues 2: When you get a red dot on your voicemail icon, it means that you have a new voicemail, but it cannot be retrieved. This is very common after you change SIM cards, or reset the iPhone back to factory settings. Here is how you can get rid of this red dot.

    Method 1: Reset your login information

    This red dot may be due to a wrong password or certain login details being changed, especially if you change SIM cards.

    Step 1Access your voicemail settings

    Go to the “Settings” application and then go to the “Phone” section.

    Step 2Confirm your password

    Scroll down the page and then go to “Change Voicemail Password”. You will get a voicemail login popup alert, which will allow you to enter the correct password for your voicemail messages.

    Step 3Confirm that all is well

    After you have corrected the password, the red blank dot should change into your regular one, which will show you how many new voicemail messages you have.

    Method 2: Reset the Carrier Settings

    Step 1Launch Settings

    Go to the settings app and access the main window.

    Step 2Reset the carrier settings

    Select General, then Reset, and finally Reset Network Settings. General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

    Step 3Reboot your iPhone.

    Once the settings have been reset, the device will reboot to engage the new settings

    Instructions For Setting Up Voicemail On Your Mobile Device

    Your voicemail is ready to accept messages as soon as itâs added to your account. Until you set up your voicemail will hear the default system greeting. You are only 2 simple steps away from using your new voicemail!

    Note: You will be charged regular airtime rates when setting up and using voice mail.

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    How To Set Up Visual Voicemail On Ios Devices

    You first need a wireless plan. There are probably hundreds of providers near you. Make sure that the one you choose offers the visual voicemail feature.

    • Go to the Phone app
    • Find the Voicemail tab and click on it
    • Create a password
    • Confirm / Save

    Once you click done, you will be asked whether you want to use a default or custom greeting. If youre going the default route, there are many options to choose from.

    The setup process is not hard. However, if youre facing difficulties, you can contact the provider of your wireless plan. Their customer support team would guide you through the setup process.

    Switch On And Switch Off Airplane Mode

    How to set up voicemail greeting on iphone

    You can do this from either Settings or the Control Center.

  • On iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top right of the screen . On iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the plane icon to turn Airplane Mode ON and disable all connections.
  • After 30 seconds, tap the same plane icon to toggle Airplane Mode off.
  • This will most likely fix the issue of your voicemail not working.

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    Convert Voicemail To Text Format

    Before going ahead with the steps to convert voicemail into text messages, there are a few things that you need to know about this feature.

    1. The feature that transcripts Voicemail into text is available only on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    2. You need to set Siri language to English in order for this feature to work.

    3. Your telephone carrier needs to support the visual voicemail feature for voicemail transcription to work on your iPhone.

    4. Voicemail transcription works only for voicemail messages received after updating to iOS 10. Previous voicemails cannot to converted to text format and they will have a note saying Transcription not available.

    5. The voicemail transcription service is still in its beta version. Hence, the transcription is not going to be perfect. However, you should be able to get a good idea about the Voicemail received.

    Solution : Check Your Carrier Connection

    For voicemail to work, your iPhone needs a cellular network connection. Look at the top left corner of your handset’s screen there may be a No Service error. This means that youre currently not connected to your carrier. This could be due to a sim-card problem.

    • Remove your SIM card
    • Blow its tray and slot.
    • Reinsert the SIM

    Also, you may be getting the No Service error as your wireless carrier could be dealing with outages. There is a chance that your wireless connection was suspended or canceled too.

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    Guide For Verizon iPhone Voicemail Setup

    Verizon network understands the importance of your voicemail messages and allows you to setup voicemail on iPhone with ease. Below are baby steps on how to setup voicemail on your iPhone.

    Step 1. Tap on âPhoneâ App on your home screen.

    Step 2. On the bottom right click on âVoicemailâ button. At this point you can be connected to Voicemail system directly via a call, which will then prompt to create a greeting message. If not you need to step up by going to step 3.

    Step 3. Next tap on âSet up Nowâ.

    Step 4. Provide a password. Enter a 4- 6 digit long password and tap on âDoneâ.

    Step 5. Re-enter password you created tap âDoneâ.

    Step 6. Next you need to create a message greeting. Click on âCustomâ to record your message. Alternatively you can opt for Verizon âDefaultâ greeting if you wish.

    Record your customized greeting and Save the settings. Your Verizon Voicemail is now activated. You have successfully set up voicemail on iPhone.

    Reset Network Settings Apple iPhone 8 Plus

    How To Clear Your Voicemail On iPhone 7 Plus

    The first thing to try, is to reset the network settings by going to settings > general > reset > reset network settings.

    This operation will delete any saved WiFi password from the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, therefore make sure to know the WiFi password before trying it out.

    After the phone will have restarted, reconnect to the phone network, and try the voicemail button, which might work with these simple steps.

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    How To Record A Custom Greeting On iPhone

    You can leave the default greeting that is provided by your network carrier, but that might make callers worry that they’ve reached the wrong number. Instead, you can create a custom greeting with all of the flair that you bring to life.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Voicemail in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Greeting in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Tap Custom.
  • When you are ready, tap Record and record your custom greeting.
  • Tap Play to play back your greeting to make sure you like it.
  • Tap Save when you are happy with your greeting.

  • Solution : Factory Reset

    The last resort would be to factory reset your iPhone. This would not only change network settings back to their default values but all configured settings would be reset to their default values. Just know that the data on your iPhone would be erased.

    A factory reset is a more extreme solution to meddled settings. It’s the way to go if you were thinking of getting rid of clutter.

    • Go to Settings > then General > Reset
    • You would be prompted to enter your devices passcode
    • Tap on confirm

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    How To Delete A Voicemail

    If you don’t want to save a voicemail for posterity, you can move it into the Deleted Messages folder where you later have the option to “Undelete” it.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Voicemail in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Tap a voicemail.
  • Tap Delete.

  • To remove a voicemail from your device, you’ll need to perform one more set of steps.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Voicemail in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Tap Deleted Messages.
  • Tap Clear all. You can’t remove messages individually.

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