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How To Transcribe Voicemail On iPhone

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Check Your Voicemail On iPhone

Voicemail transcription in iOS 10 beta 2

In the Phone app , Visual Voicemail shows a list of your messages. You can choose which ones to play and delete without listening to all of them. A badge on the Voicemail icon indicates the number of unheard messages.

Voicemail transcription shows your messages transcribed into text. Transcription is limited to voicemails in English received on your iPhone with iOS 10 or later. Transcription depends on the quality of the recording.

Note: Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, and Voicemail transcription are available from select carriers in select countries or regions.

How To Save Or Share Voicemail In Text Format

Just as you can Share or Save Voicemail in Audio format, the Voicemail in Text Format can also be shared and saved for your future reference.

Open the Phone App on your iPhone and tap on the Voicemail tab, located in bottom menu.

On the Voicemail screen, select the Voicemail that you want to Save or Share.

As the Voicemail starts playing, select any part of the transcribed Voicemail and tap on the Share option.

On the next screen, select Messages App or tap on More option to select other methods to share Voicemail Transcript.

How To Use Voicemail Transcripts On iPhone

ByLory Gillast updated 3 March 18

Believe it or not, I still get voice messages on my iPhone, even though text messaging is a perfectly useful way of communicating. Sometimes, I’m not in a particularly convenient place to listen to the voice message playback.

Apple has a voicemail transcription called Visual Voicemail. The feature is still in early beta stages, meaning that not everything will transcribe as clearly as you may want. But, it works good enough to get the gist of a message without having to hear the audio of it first.

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How To Reset Siri In Settings

Siri plays an important role in voicemail transcriptions. Therefore, your voicemail transcription may not be working due to Siri being turned off on your iPhone. Even if Siri is turned on, you can reset the feature.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Turn off toggle for Listen for “Hey Siri”.
  • Turn off toggle for Press Side Button for Siri.
  • Turn back on the toggle for Press Side Button for Siri.
  • Turn off your iPhone and then on again.
  • Go to the Phone app.
  • Go to Voicemail.
  • Tap a voicemail message to find transcription.
  • Check voicemails.
  • If you see voicemail transcriptions in a selected voicemail, then resetting Siri has worked for you!

    How Do I Set Up My Voice Mail

    How to Set Up &  Use Voicemail Transcription on Your iPhone

    Set up voicemail. Press and hold 1 or dial 123 on your device’s keyboard to make a call and connect to your voicemail. During the initial installation, you may be prompted to enter a password. The last four digits of your mobile number are the default. Create a new password after using the default password.

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    How To Retrieve Voicemail Messages On An iPhone

    • Open the utility installed on the computer and go to the main interface.
    • If you don’t have iTunes or iCloud backup, select “Recover from iOS Device” mode.
    • Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable and click “Start Scan” button to search for deleted visual voicemails.
    • After scanning, select the voicemail you want to recover.

    How To Activate Yahoo Mail

    • Sign in to Yahoo with your email address removed. Click “Next”, choose a recovery method and follow the instructions.
    • To confirm the deletion of your account, go to the “Forgot Username” page and enter your email address.
    • Most Yahoo Mail users have up to 30 days after deletion to recover their accounts.

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    Managing Your iPhone 12 Voicemail

    There may come a time that you need to change your voicemail password or greeting. Or maybe you hate the default voicemail notification sound and want to change it. All are easy options to adjust.

    • To change your voicemail greeting: Go to Phone> Voicemail and tap Greeting. Then follow the prompts to change the greeting.
    • To change your voicemail password: Go to Settings> Phone> Change Voicemail Password and then enter the new password you want to use.
    • To change voicemail notification sounds: Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics> New Voicemail then select the sound you want to use from the Alert Tones options.
    • To make a call from a voicemail: Tap a voicemail to open it and then tap the option.
    • To delete a voicemail: Tap a voicemail to open it and then tap Delete. Be aware that some carriers may immediately delete a voicemail completely, so if it’s something you think you might want to get back, you should not delete it.

    Voicemail Transcription In Ios 10 Beta 2

    How to Use Voicemail Transcription on iPhone and iPad

    How do I enable voicemail transcription?

    To enable voicemail transcription on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on Phone. Scroll down to the Voicemail section and toggle the Transcription switch to On.

    What happened to voicemail transcription on iPhone?

    Apple discontinued voicemail transcription in May of 2017. The feature was unpopular and caused more problems than it solved.

    Why does my voicemail say Unable to transcribe this message?

    There could be a few reasons why your voicemail says Unable to transcribe this message. One possibility is that the voicemail system is unable to understand what youre saying due to poor sound quality or because youre speaking too fast. Another possibility is that theres too much background noise for the voicemail system to understand what youre saying.

    Why is visual voicemail not working on iPhone?

    There are a few reasons why visual voicemail might not be working on your iPhone. One possibility is that your carrier doesnt support visual voicemail. Another possibility is that your iPhone might not be configured correctly to receive visual voicemail. To troubleshoot this, try turning off your iPhone and then turning it back on. If that doesnt work, you can try resetting your network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

    How do I set up voicemail transcription on Verizon iPhone?How do I turn visual voicemail back on?How do I get visual voicemail on my iPhone?

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    How To Transcribe A Voice Memo Manually

    Converting iPhone Voice Memo to Text Yourself

    If you are transcribing a short voice memo, it will be better to do it yourself. Transcribing can be challenging but there are a few tips and tricks you can do to ensure that you will be transcribing in the shortest time possible.

    Suppose you are transcribing a subject-specific recording that will include repetitive words or phrases instead of typing it out each time. It will be better to designate a shorthand or an acronym in place of it as you type out that transcript.

    After the transcript is done, you can easily replace each codename and acronym as you edit.

    Typing smartly is also an option that is related to shorthand. Words like because can simply be bec, while w can signify with for the time being.

    Another option is getting a subscription to transcription software, especially if you want to transcribe several voice memos. They are cheaper than hiring a transcriber but can give you the tools you need for efficient and accurate transcription work.

    How to Transcribe a Voice Memo: Converting iPhone Voice Memo to Text by Professional Transcriptionist

    Suppose you want a transcription option to accommodate a highly accurate transcript of all your voice memos. In that case, the most effective way is by hiring a professional transcriber to do the work for you.

    They are also able to accommodate requests such as highly verbatim works that will include labels if the audio has multiple speakers.

    Update Ios And Carrier Settings

    Updates to iOS often fix software errors that crept in with the last release. Sometimes these errors affect services like voicemail-to-text transcriptions. Out-of-date Carrier Settings can also cause Visual Voicemail problems since the data comes through your carrier.

    Connect to the Internet and use the steps below to update iOS and Carrier Settings on your iPhone.

    How to update iOS and Carrier Settings on an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Wait for your iPhone to check for updates.
  • Go to Settings > General > About.
  • Wait on this screen for 30 seconds.
  • Your iPhone will prompt you to update Carrier Settings if there is an update.
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    What Is iPhone Visual Voicemail & Transcription

    Apple’s Visual Voicemail and Transcription make checking iPhone voice messages much quicker, but not every carrier supports these features.

    The iPhone has two related telephone features that Apple calls Visual Voicemail and Voicemail Transcription that make it easier to keep track of voice messages that have been left after missed calls. While more and more communication is shifting to video calls or text messages and chat, there’s still a need to accept and return voicemail, which can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating without a bit of help from advanced technology.

    An iPhone is many things, and each user has their favorite features. Of course, the mobile internet is a more powerful form of communication than a telephone, allowing the user to catch up with friends and family worldwide via social media, browse the internet to post in community forums or get customer support from online businesses. FaceTime and video conferencing apps go a step further than a phone call. Yet, the telephone is a convenient middle-ground that’s more personal than sending a text message but not as invasive as a video call. As such, voicemail will probably continue to be essential for quite some time.

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    Voicemail Transcription Not Available

    How to Set Up &  Use Voicemail Transcription on Your iPhone

    If the voicemail does not have a transcription available, the text will show Transcription not available rather than a transcription of text from the voicemail itself.

    You might see the transcription not available message if the voicemail was just left and hasnt had time to be transcribed, if the transcription service is down, or if the voicemail is totally unrecognizable and impossible to turn into transcription text, a situation which can occur with low cell phone reception or generally nonsensical voicemails.

    There is currently no way to disable voicemail transcription, so if you dont like the feature or you dont use it, or find it to be inaccurate or unhelpful, or you dont want the service listening and transcribing your voicemails, there is no way to opt out of the feature at the moment. If you delete a voicemail from the iPhone, the voicemail transcription will also be removed, however.

    This is a great feature to pair with this trick to record iPhone calls by dialing voicemail, as it will transcribe your call recording .

    Any transcribed voicemail can be saved or shared as usual, the transcription has no impact on the voicemail audio itself. You can also share the actual transcription text itself by copying the text the same way you would any other text in iOS with a tap and hold.

    How do you like the new voicemail transcriptions feature? Let us know in the comments.

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    How Can I Set Up The Audio Portion Of My Voicemail On My iPhone

    Launch the Phone app on your iPhone and go to the Voicemail menu to configure audio for your voicemails. After that, choose Change Voicemail Password by tapping the settings button located in the upper-left corner of the screen. Enter the password that you are currently using to access your voicemail, and then hit Change Voicemail Password once again to generate a new password. After that, press the Play button to hear your current voicemail greeting, after which you may either record a new greeting or pick one of the pre-recorded options. Tap the Save button when you are done.

    How To Make Ios 10 Transcribe Your Voicemails Into Text

    Lori Kaufman

    Lori Kaufman is a technology expert with 25 years of experience. She’s been a senior technical writer, worked as a programmer, and has even run her own multi-location business. Read more…

    iOS has had a visual voicemail menu since the beginning, allowing you to browse and listen to voicemails without calling a number. Now, iOS 10 enhances visual voicemail by transcribing them, so you can read your voicemails too.

    NOTE: Voicemail transcription is available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE with Siri language set to English . Your carrier also needs to support visual voicemail for voicemail transcription to work.

    Voicemail transcription will only apply to voicemail messages you receive after updating to iOS 10. Previous voicemails will say Transcription not available.

    When someone leaves you a message, open the Voicemail app and tap on the new voicemail.

    The audio message starts playing automatically, and, if the person just left you the message, a Transcribing message displays while the message is being transcribed.

    Once the message is transcribed, it displays in that voicemail item. Note that voicemail transcription is not always perfect. It may misunderstand some words and leave some words out. But youll usually have an idea of what the caller wanted to get across.

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    How To Transcribe A Voice Memo Using Third

    Converting iPhone Voice Memo to Text Using Online Dictation Software

    The first method of how to transcribe a voice memo is using online dictation software available for free or for a fee on the internet.

    There are two ways to do this using online dictation software: you either record the audio directly or upload your voice memo, which we are more concerned with regarding iPhone voice memos.

    The most common caveat with this method is that it often requires a clean audio recording with as little background noise as possible.

    Since the transcriptions are done by preprogrammed artificial intelligence, it will also be more challenging for this transcription process to incorporate rules like appropriate punctuations and spacings. It can also have problems understanding accents.

    However, if you have no problem with a bit of editing, in the end, dictation software is some of the free and readily available options on how to transcribe a voice memo. Since they are free, you get what you did not pay for, and it will probably not give the best quality transcription of your voice memos.

    How to Transcribe a Voice Memo: Converting iPhone Voice Memo to Text Using Machine Transcription

    Using machine transcription is another cost-efficient and accessible way to give students and professionals options on how to transcribe a voice memo.

    How to Transcribe a Voice Memo: Converting iPhone Voice Memo to Text Using Transcription Applications

    Why Did My Voicemail Icon Disappear

    How To Use Voicemail Transcripts in iOS 10

    If you have voicemail on your phone, you might wonder why your icon doesnt show up. The first thing you should do is clear your notifications by sliding down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Next, you need to open your voicemail inbox. There are several ways to do this. Either call the voicemail number specified by your carrier or tap the Voicemail app icon from the App Drawer.

    If the red dot is still present in your phone icon, try restarting your phone. It may not have disappeared because of an error caused by your carrier, but because of some other reason. If you cannot find it in the notification bar, you can try restarting your phone and re-adding it to your home screen. Some Androids require two taps to restart. Then, you can call your voicemail from another phone and delete the message.

    You might also have uninstalled some applications on your phone. Sometimes, this problem can occur when your phone is upgraded from a previous version. For instance, you might have deleted the application for Voicemail, but still be able to view it. If this does not work, you can try the factory data reset method. This method is more complicated but will get you back on track. If none of the above fixes work, you can contact your wireless provider to get the problem fixed.

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    How To Set Up Visual Voicemail Transcription On iPhone 12

    Like Visual Voicemail, most US carriers also support voicemail transcription, which is available on iPhone 12. To access a transcript of a voicemail on your device follow these instructions:

  • Start by opening the Phone app on your iPhone 12.

  • Tap Voicemail.

  • The first time you tap any recent voicemail, the app will begin transcribing the message. After a few seconds, the transcription should load on the voicemail page.

    If you notice blank lines in the transcription , those are missing words that were not able to be transcribed due to the message being garbled or unclear.

  • Once the transcription is complete, you can tap the button to send the voicemail transcription via AirDrop, Mail, or iMessage.

  • How To Record Or Change Your Voicemail Greeting On iPhone

    iPhone: Select Welcome. Other phones: Touch Settings and touch Edit voicemail greeting. Select Custom and then select Save. When you’re done recording your greeting, select “Stop” and then “Record”. Some smartphones may call the voicemail system when you select Edit Voicemail Greeting. Cordless phone: Press and hold the 1 key or the voicemail key.

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    How To Fix Voicemail To Text Transcription

    Please make sure that you follow these instructions in order. Test between steps to check if your issue is resolved.

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    Transcription requirements:

    • Not all carriers provide voicemail transcriptions. This feature is provisioned by the carrier. However, most major carriers support this. You can check this list to make sure. You can also contact your carrier and ask them if they support this. Also, note that there are no additional fees for this service.
    • Voicemail transcription is not available on all iPhone models. iPhone 6s or later models support his. Your Phone needs also to have iOS 10 or later installed. You can view your software version by going to Settings > General > About. If you need to update your device see the number #3 below.
    • Currently, this feature is not available for all languages. Transcription is in U.S English or Canadian English only. You can check your language settings by going to Settings > Siri & Search > Language.

    How to troubleshoot:

  • As stated above, Siri is essential for this feature to work. Make sure that Siri is enabled on your phone. To check your settings, go to Settings > Siri & Search. If Siri is turned on, then try the following:
  • Turn off Siri . Then restart your iPhone . Then turn on Siri back on.
  • If possible, try a different Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode and wait 1 minute and then turn it off by going to Settings > Airplane Mode.
  • Restart your iPhone. If you do not know how it is explained below.
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