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The New Update For iPhone

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Most People Should Avoid The Ios 156 Beta

iPhone 6: How to Update Software to Latest iOS

Installing the iOS 15.6 beta on your iPhone might be tempting, but most people should avoid the beta and wait for the official release.

The iOS 15.6 beta helps Apple tackle bugs and performance issues before they become major headaches for millions of iPhone users.

Its fun to try out new features before theyre released to the general public. That said, iOS beta software can bring lots of trouble your way.

The iOS 15.6 beta is causing problems for some testers and you could run into some of the very same issues if you decide to install it on your phone.

While you might be able to fix some issues on your own, other bugs and performance issues will probably require a fix from Apple down the road.

If you rely on your device to get through a day of school or work, youll want to stay put on whatever version of iOS youre currently running on your device.

Get Familiar With Ios 156 & Older Ios Updates

You should get familiar with iOS 15.6 before downloading the software.

Weve put together a guide that will take you through all of the changes coming to the iPhone with this release. Its a good place to start.

If youre lingering on an old version of iOS, youll want to get familiar with the most recent versions of iOS 15 because the changes from any updates youve skipped will be baked into your version of iOS 15.6.

iPad Multitasking: Whats A Computer

Overall, iPadOS 15 gets a lot of the same improvements as the iPhone update. Theres a few iPad-specific features, though, starting with two major features from iOS 14 that were oddly missing last year: widgets on the homescreen and the App Library . I still cant explain why Apple didnt add those features last year, but theyre extremely welcome now.

Widgets, as expected, work even better on the iPad than they do on the iPhone, given the bigger homescreen. Its not as big of a sacrifice to give up a quarter of your homescreen for widgets when theres still so much extra space on the screen. Apple has also added even bigger widget sizes, the biggest size of which is roughly the same area as an entire iPhone 12 display when viewed on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Despite the massive size, Widgets still have the same functionality as they do on the iPhone, meaning that theyre focused on glanceable information rather than more interactive mini applications.

Apple is also continuing to refine multitasking on the iPad with two new additions: a multitasking icon that makes it easier to use the different split-view and slide-over modes it introduced in 2019, and a shelf that shows all the open windows for a particular app when you open it or tap the multitasking icon.

Multitasking on iPadOS 15 is still… a lot.An iPad operating system with iPad apps and thats just how Apple likes it

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The Best New Features In Ios 15

iOS 15 gets a ton of major improvements, and weve listed them here. That said, its important to note that many of the updates arent technically updates to iOS, but more to services like Maps, FaceTime, and so on. That means that the new features are available on iPhones with iOS 15, but theyll also be available on Mac computers running macOS Monterey and iPads running iPadOS 15. Its also important to note that some of these features have been pushed to a future release, like iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.2.

Icloud Shared Photo Library

Apple Announces iOS 14: The Revolutionary New Update For iPhone Users ...

Apple calls this The best way to share photos with your family, and its certainly promising.

Once youve set up the shared library, everyone gets to see the same images, along with edits, captions, and keywords. But the most interesting element could be the smart automations you can use to share photos based on when they were taken, whos in them, or whos nearby now.

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Ios 15 Issue: iPhone Ringtone Not Working

The other iOS 15 sound-related problem is about the iPhone ringtone. Many users have emailed us asking for help with ringtone not working on iPhone, so we gather a few possible solutions:

Method 1. Go to Settings > Sounds to adjust the volume of the ringtone.

Method 2. Make sure you have the mute button set to ring instead of silent.

Method 3. Restart your iPhone.

Method 4. Contact Apple.

For the details of each method, please follow this guide: How to Fix iPhone Ringtone Not Working >

iPhones That Will Get Ios 16

Apple is known for supporting its iPhones for extended periods compared to Android rivals. The Pixel 3 and 3a, for example, wont be getting Android 13 this fall, while the similarly aged iPhone X and XS are confirmed to get iOS 16.

iOS 15 is currently supported on all iPhones from the iPhone 6S and on. With iOS 16, the iPhone 6S and 7 are being put to pasture. Apple will support newer iPhones from the iPhone 8 and second-generation iPhone SE, all the way up to the iPhone 13 . Youre almost certainly not getting every feature on older iPhones, but itll be good enough to chug along another year.

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Force Quit The Settings App

If you are unable to install the iOS 16 update on iPhone, force quit the Settings app.

  • On iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold.
  • On iPhone with a Home button, quickly double-press it.
  • Drag the Settings app card all the way up to force quit.
  • After a few seconds, open the Settings app General Software Update and see if you can install the new iOS update.
  • Ios 15 Bug: iPhone/ipad Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted

    iOS 15: Top 10 Tips for Apples New iPhone Software Update | WSJ

    When restoring and updating devices with iTunes, there could occur one message iPhone/iPad software update server could not be contacted. To fix it, you can try the following tips:

    iPhone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted

    Tip 1. Check your network settings and try again later.

    Tip 2. Try to update via OTA.

    Tip 3. Download the firmware manually for the update.

    For a detailed description of each tip, please refer to this guide: How to Fix iPhone/iPad Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted >

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    What’s New In Ios 152 Update

    iPhone and iPad owners can already download iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 – the big operating system update. Here’s what’s new in it:

    The “App Privacy Report” featureSo, the most interesting thing for users will be the App Privacy Report. With this new feature, you can monitor which apps installed on your device have access to sensitive information, microphone and camera. What’s more, the feature lets you see what third-party sites these apps and the services and resources you visit secretly link to.

    “iPhone Parts and service history” featureThe second valuable update feature allows the owner to scan the device for non-genuine parts. It is especially useful if you have purchased a used gadget. The iPhone Parts and Service History feature allows you to make sure that “device parts have been designed, tested and manufactured to Apple’s quality and performance standards.”

    To use this feature, on your iOS 15.2 smartphone or tablet, you need to go to Settings > General > About. Here you will find information about parts and maintenance history of your gadget.

    On the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and later models, including the iPhone SE , you can check if the battery has been replaced. On the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, you can see if the battery and display have been replaced. On the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, you can also see if the original camera is installed.

    Ios 15 Problem: App Store Is Down

    Many users also complain that iPhone iPad cannot connect to App Store, App Store not working, or is down, after updating to iOS 15. How to fix it?

    iOS Update Problems Cannot Connect to App Store

    1. Turn On Cellular/Mobile Data for App Store. Many times we have disallowed App Store to use cellular data. Go to Settings > iTunes Store& App Store > Enable Cellular data

    2. Sign Out from iTunes and Sign In again.

    3. Set Date & Time automatically. Settings > General > Data& Time > Toggle on Set Automatically.

    Read more tips to Fix App Store Not Working on iPhone iPad iPod >

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    iPhones And iPads Are Getting Big Tweaks But Not Everyone Should Take The Plunge Yet

    Every year, Apple releases a handful of big new software updates for its iPhones, iPads, Macs and more. And every year, it offers folks like you and me a chance to try out the features packed into those updates a little early.

    If youre feeling particularly brave, you can install Apples new public beta software for iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches right now and take stock of the companys progress for yourself.

    Before we go any further, a friendly warning: Please, please dont install any of Apples new beta software unless youre okay with your devices acting screwy from time to time. On my sacrificial iPhone, for example, just opening the FaceTime app temporarily broke my ability to answer phone calls.

    If you live for the latest and greatest, youll find the full instructions to install this preview software on Apples website. But if youd rather play it safe well walk you through how helpful some of Apples biggest new software features have been so far.

    You can claw back messages

    Who among us hasnt fired off a text message with an embarrassing typo? In my friend group, Ive become notorious for sending messages that leave out full words.

    Rather than live with that shame, the new versions of iOS and iPadOS allow you to both edit and unsend a.k.a. delete messages youve sent via iMessage within 15 minutes.

    A different kind of multitasking on iPads

    Customizable lock screens are more helpful than they sound

    The little things

    Ios 15 Problem: App Not Downloading

    new iphone update mocked by android users b t

    Besides App Store is down, we often face with troubles of apps not downloading and updating. To fix them, restart your device and try the download again. It should work. If your download or upgrade is still stuck, rapidly tap Update on an app before the Open symbol appears.

    iOS Update Problems Unable to Download App

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    Siri Can Learn To Play Music From Spotify And Other Services

    Siri will start to learn the music or podcast service you use most often and play your requests from that service. You still can’t change the default from say, Apple Music to Spotify, but eventually, if you keep asking Siri to play music from Spotify with a command like, “Hey Siri, play The Strokes on Spotify,” it’ll start to learn to play it there so you don’t have to say the “… on Spotify” part.

    A More Personal Lock Screen For Your iPhone

    The very first thing youll notice about iOS 16 is the lock screen, which has received whats probably its most monumental upgrade ever. Apple has updated it with custom fonts, various widgets, new photo effects and more. Its an overhaul like weve never seen before for the lock screen, which has essentially stayed the same since Swipe to unlock was retired in 2016 with iOS 10.

    Theres a lot you can do with the new lock screen to make it feel more personal. You can customize the clocks font and color, change what information is displayed above it and even drop a few widgets beneath it for information at a glance. Over on Android, features like this have existed for a while , but its nice to see Apple play a little catch-up.

    Wallpapers have gotten a facelift with new depth effects that can automatically separate a subject from its background and overlap with the clock, adding a cool aesthetic that many Apple Watch owners will be familiar with. As you can imagine, the feature works best with portrait photos, but Apples AI is good at working with pictures that dont have special depth data as well.

    Theres also a suite of new Apple wallpapers to check out, from one that shows you live weather to a collection thats totally interstellar. This is definitely the part of iOS 16 thats most fun to play with.

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    Tip 3 Force Restart Your Device

    You may have tried to restart your device but it does not work. In this case, you can perform a force restart to refresh your device. A reboot can help fix many minor glitches on the device like the iOS 16 update not showing up error.

    â Force restart iPhone 8 and later & iPad with Face ID:

    Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Quickly press and release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

    â Force restart iPhone 7/7 Plus:

    Press and hold Power button and Volume Down button together > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

    â Force restart iPhone 6s, SE and earlier & iPad with Home button:

    Hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

    Iii Connect To A Stable Wi

    How to Fix iOS 15 Stuck on Preparing Update on iPhone/iPad

    It is vital to ensure that you have stable Wi-Fi. Also, make sure you have turned off the VPN on your iPhone or the router level. If the Wi-Fi at a coffee shop is not letting you download the update, consider using your home or office Wi-Fi.

    Note: Now, some minor iOS updates can be downloaded using mobile data. According to my testing over the last few months, major updates still require Wi-Fi.

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    Use A Computer To Download And Install iPhone Update

    Finally, if nothing seems to work at the moment, you can also update your iPhone using a Mac or Windows PC. We have a detailed guide explaining how to do that.

    These were the solution to fix the cannot download and install iOS update issue. I hope the methods listed here helped. If you need more assistance, dont hesitate to contact me via the comments section below.

    If you think your device needs physical inspection, please contact Apple Support.

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    Ios 156why You Should Update Your iPhone Now

    Apple watchers had been looking out for iOS 15.6 this week, but the iPhone maker often releases updates on a Monday or Tuesday, so some people had thought the upgrade would be pushed to next week.

    Not sobut its still a good idea to update your iPhone to iOS 15.6 as soon as possible. As iOS 16 nears, iPhone updates are for bug fixes and your security, making upgrading a no-brainer.

    Bug fixes in iOS 15.6 include an issue where Settings continued to display that the device storage is full even if it isnt, as well as an issue in Safari where a tab may revert back to a previous page.

    Apple has released iOS 15.6a hefty iPhone security update with fixes for 39 vulnerabilities.

    Apple iPhone

    The next big iOS features update, iOS 16 is due to launch this Fall. In the meantime, you can update your iPhone by going to your Settings > General > Software Update and downloading and installing iOS 15.6. Thatll ensure your iPhone is as secure as possible before the next major features upgrade arrives.

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    New Lock Screen And Notifications

    The face of iOS 16s changes will be the lock screen changes, and those are spectacular. They add a touch of personalization to the iPhones lock screen, with support for new-found interactive widgets and live lock screen notifications.

    Its a really meaningful update. Apple will offer a selection of colors and fonts for your lock screen, and the clock will interact with the image so that it appears to be behind it. Everyones lock screen will, for the first time, look a fair bit different.

    Its not just a customization-only update the new lock screen will also see itself tied to the Focus mode features Apple introduced with iOS 15. This means if youre in your gaming, personal, or work Focus, you can assign wallpapers and lock screen widgets to each mode. Its a more thoughtful application of customization that recalls the profiles youd see in now-ancient feature phones. As for Focus mode itself, its now going system-wide. This means apps like Chrome and Safari will now hide distracting websites from you, possibly sherlocking extensions that make it their business to do so.

    With the new iPhone 14 Max rumored to be 6.7 inches in place of a mini-iPhone, Apples main iPhone line will all be over 6 inches for the first time. A change to iOS 16 sees notifications now scroll up from the bottom in acquiescence to the reality of using big phones.

    Ios 15 Problem: Charging Issue


    After upgrading to iOS 15, your iPhone may be encountered not recognizing USB, and charging slowly, or even not charging at all.

    Solution 1. Use an Apple-matched USB cable, and dont use any cheap low-quality cables.

    Solution 2. Check and make sure your USB cable is not damaged.

    Solution 3. Try hard resetting your iPhone or iPad.

    Solution 4. Change a USB cable if you have one.

    Solution 5. Use an iPad Charger will make it faster to charge iPhone.

    View these solutions in detail, please check the full guide: How to Fix: iPhone iPad Not Charging or Charging Slowly >

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