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How To Turn On iPhone Xr

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Part 1 Common Reasons Why Your iPhone Xr Wont Turn On

How to Turn On iPhone XR

There are many reasons as to why iPhone XR wonât turn on. To begin with, it may have something to do with your battery.

If the battery has run out, thereâs a chance that it wonât turn on not because thereâs a malfunction, itâs not turning on simply because it canât due to the low battery.

In that case, this issue can be solved easily. But the thing is, itâs not that common for a low-battery iPhone XR to encounter this issue. There is usually a more severe reason, and that would be a defect in the hardware or software components.

It may be that the hardware is physically damaged. There are also cases where the software is simply having a malfunction. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix this. Letâs start with my most recommended fix when iPhone XR wonât turn on.

How To Turn Off An iPhone 12 11 Xr Xs & X

iPhones with Home buttons are turned off by pressing and holding the power button until a power-off slider appears. But try doing that on an iPhone XS and you’ll trigger Siri instead.

This is because on the iPhones that don’t have a Home button you can’t trigger Siri by pressing the Home button, so Apple moved that functionality moved to the Side button.

So, how can you power off your iPhone 12, 11, or earlier?

To switch off your Face ID iPhone you need to remember this combination to button presses:

  • Press and hold a volume switch.
  • Now press and hold the Side button.
  • Your iPhone should now show you the power off slider. You can swipe this to turn off your iPhone.
  • We often find that if we use the above key combo we end up just making our phone go to sleep, or we take a screen shot, which can be frustrating, so we prefer to follow these steps to shut down our iPhone:

  • Press the up volume switch.
  • Press the down volume switch.
  • Now press and hold the Side button.
  • Your iPhone should now show you the power off slider. You can swipe this to turn off your iPhone.
  • To turn the iPhone back on press and hold the Side button again.
  • How To Share Your Specific Location

    With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, some apps can use Precise Location to get to your specific location.;To share only your approximate location which may be sufficient for an app that doesnt need your exact location turn Precise Location off. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy, then select Location Services.
  • Select an app, then turn Precise Location on or off.
  • Location Services uses GPS and Bluetooth , along with crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular towers to determine the approximate location of your device.
  • Apps won’t use your location until they ask for your permission and you allow permission.;
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    Part 1: How To Tell If iPhone Has Water Damages

    First of all, lets talk about two concepts, water-resistant and waterproof, since you may have heard of them when you bought iPhone. There is no universal standard for waterproofing. To be honest, nothing is truly waterproof and no manufacturers can absolutely promise that. Therefore, the latest iPhone models are just water-resistant products. IP rating, standing for Ingress Protection, is used to tell customer the level of water resistance of a device. It includes two digits, the first display the intrusion protection and the second shows the moisture protection. iPhone 7 and above are IPX7, which means they can survive after being sunk in up to 3 feet of water for half an hour.

    To help users to determine if iPhone has water damages, Apple had introduced a water damage indicator into iPhone.

    On iPhone 4/4s, the indicator locates in the charging port.

    For iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE/6/6s/7/7 Plus/8/X/XR/XS/XS Max, you can find it in the SIM card tray slot.

    iPhones water damage indicator is a little white label. If your iPhone is moisture enough to damage the device, the label will turn to red. It means that chances are that your device has a problem caused by water.

    In addition to check the indicator, the most symptoms of iPhone water damage include:

    2.iPhone wont charge.

    3.The screen is water damaged.

    4.The speaker stops working.

    Turn Mobile Phone On And Off

    How to Turn Off iPhone XR Simply and Easily [Tutorial]

    Before you can turn on your mobile phone, you need to insert your SIM into your mobile phone.

    Tap and hold the Side button until your mobile phone is turned on.

    Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the screen.

    If your SIM is locked, key in your PIN and tap OK. The default PIN is 0000.

    Please note:

    Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the screen.

    Tap the Top volume key.

    At the same time, tap and hold the Side button until the power off icon is displayed.

    Tap and drag the power off icon right.

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    iPhone Xr Wont Turn On: Why Did It Happen And How To Fix It

    When Apple unveiled to users the three iPhone giants, many people were overjoyed. This is mainly because of the expected capabilities of such a device. Surely enough, the device exceeded the expectation of others, but there was a catch.

    Considering how the device still in its early days, it is natural to encounter some issues. One of those issues is when iPhone XR wonât turn on. This article will be focusing on this underlying issue, including the reason why it happened and the possible solutions for this issue. Letâs start with the former.

    Solution 3: Try Recovery Mode: Use Itunes/finder To Fix Software Problems

    Watch this video to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

    Now we will seek help from iTunes to fix Apple iPhone XR that wont turn on after the update. Unfortunately, there can be a significant failure in the iPhone XRs operating system, and thats why the iPhone still wont turn on. However, if iTunes can recognize the device, it is easy for you to fix this critical problem, or else there is hardware damage in your iPhone, for which we cannot do anything.

    • Some users are using macOS Catalina or later on Mac, so macOS Catalina, Big Sur users can use Finder instead of iTunes. Because of no More iTunes on new macOS. Only macOS Mojave and Windows users can use iTunes. Follow the steps below that install the latest iOS Update in Recovery mode.

    Restore on MacOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur: Restore iOS Using Finder on macOS.

  • Connect the iPhone with a Mac/computer using the lightning cable.
  • Launch iTunes/Finder on your computer/ Mac. Unlock your iPhone with Passcode to pair with Mac/PC. Your iPhone will see on iTunes top windows and Finder Will show iPhone in Finder Sidebar.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • After That, Quickly Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Now only, Hold down the Power button until your iTunes on Mac Say your iPhone is in Recovery mode in the popup with two options. Dont release when you see the Apple logo.
  • There you will see Update and Restore, select Update on your iTunes screen.
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    How To Turn Off And Restart iPhone 11 Xs Xr

    Whether youve just gotten a new iPhone or just havent needed to power off or restart your device yet, follow along for how to turn off and restart iPhone 11, XS, XR, and X.

    Apples recent iPhone lineup with the 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, and X all feature bezel-less displays with no Home button. Along the changes, functions like turning off and restarting the new iPhones have changed compared to iPhone 8, 7, and earlier.

    Switching Off An iPhone Isn’t Simple

    iPhone XS & XR How to Turn Off and Restart

    It’s now been a few years since Apple introduced the iPhone X back in 2017. Since then we have had the iPhone XS generation, the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR and now we have the iPhone 12 series, all of which have sported full screens at the expense of the Home button.;

    It’s the lack of Home button that can make these terrific phones intimidating for newcomers. The removal of the Home button means that simple functions – like returning to the home screen – are assigned to;unfamiliar gestures or button combinations.

    In this article we explain how to do one of the simplest functions of all: turning the iPhone off. By default, iPhones ‘go to sleep’ after a specified amount of inactivity in order to save battery life. But even when your iPhone is asleep, it still uses up battery power – not an ideal situation if you’re away from home and need to conserve power.

    You might be wondering why you would want to turn off your iPhone. One reason why you might want to turn off your iPhone is because it’s started running slowly or performing strangely. Turning off your iPhone can free up memory too. We discuss how to fix a slow iPhone here and how to clear iPhone cache here.;

    For more general advice about using an iPhone without a Home button, see How to use the iPhone 12, 11 and XR. And for other iOS devices, see How to turn off an iPad.

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    Another Option For Turning Off iPhone: Shut Down Via Settings

    Another option is to shut down the iPhone or iPad through Settings, which does not require pressing any hardware buttons, but does still require using a slide to power off gesture:

  • Open the Settings app then go to General
  • Scroll down to the bottom of General settings and tap on Shut Down
  • Swipe on Slide to Power Off to shut down the iPhone
  • How To Change The iPhone Flashlight’s Brightness:

  • Open the Control Center.
  • 3D Touch the Flashlight icon by pressing firmly.;
  • A segmented bar will appear on screen.;Swipe up on the bar to turn up the flashlight’s brightness.;
  • Swipe down on the bar to dim the flashlight.;;
  • Select the brightness you desire, then tap the screen to return to the Control Center.
  • You can’t ask Siri to make your flashlight brighter or dimmer yet, but it’s possible that the option will be available in a future operating system.

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    Solution 8: Contact Apple Support

    You may have dropped your iPhone XR on a hard surface. Its side key may have broken, which is why you’re unable to switch it on. If your mobile still has its warranty, your local Apple store would fix the hardware issue for free.

    Also, your device may not be switching on as there could be damage to its charging port. You might have caused the damage, or it may be a manufacturing defect. An Apple technician can fix the issue. If not, you will have to get a new iPhone.

    Your handset may be stuck on a black screen if its interior has suffered physical or liquid damage.

    The problem may also be due to a bug in your firmware. If so, your iPhone XR is not the only iOS device that may not be switching on. Apple might be aware of the issue and could be working on a patch for you to install. Get in touch with them and find out.

    You’re most likely dealing with a firmware problem if force-restarting makes your phone switch on, but it fails to a few times after that.

    Here’s how you can update iOS:

    • Go to Settings on the home screen > General

    Second Method: iPhone Shutdown Option

    iPhone XS / XR: How to Turn Off / Shut Off

    Now another way to do the same.

  • Go to the iPhone settings.
  • Go to general and then you got to scroll to the bottom where it says shutdown, tap on it and the slider option shall appear on your screen and you gotta slide the power button to the opposite side, and your iPhone XR or iPhone 10 r Should be switched off.
  • Now, this was all for generally switching off your phone. There is a situation where the phone should display its screen. Still, you wouldnt be able to open any app.

    Even if you touch the screen it wont accept the commands of your touch and would literally deny functioning or some times it may not even show the screen but blackout entirely where it wont be switched off. Your device would still receive messages and calls, but you wont be able to see to them or reply to them.

    This condition is known as freezing. When the phone gets into freezing zone, you may either gotta switch it off or maybe update your software.

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    Apple iPhone Xr Gestures

    Like the iPhone X;that launched in 2017, the iPhone XR doesn’t feature a physical home button, instead opting for gestures to control the interface. It will take a few days to get use to the change, but stick with it.

    Unlock your iPhone XR:;Look at the phone and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. It really is that easy and you don’t need to wait for the padlock icon at the top to change to the unlock graphic before swiping up.

    Tap to wake: Simply tap on your iPhone XR screen when it’s off to wake it up and see what notifications you have. To unlock it with Face ID you’ll still have to pick it up slightly and look at it.

    Back to the Homescreen:;Whatever app you are in, if you want to go back to the Homescreen simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen. If you are in an app that is running landscape, you’ll need to remember sliding up from the bottom of the screen rather than where the Home button used to be.

    Take a screenshot: Simply press the power button and the volume up button together quickly and it’ll snap a screenshot of whatever is on the screen.

    Getting to Control Centre:;It used to be a swipe up, now it’s a swipe down from the top right of the screen. The iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D Touch, but it does have Haptic Touch, allowing you to long press on the icons to gain access to further settings within each icon. Read our separate feature on Haptic Touch and what you can do with it.

    Face Id Security And Privacy

    Face ID uses a detailed 3D facial scan that’s unable to be fooled by a photo, mask, or other facial imitation. An “Attention Aware” security feature allows Face ID to unlock your device only when you look in the direction of the iPhone XR with your eyes open, so it does not work when your eyes are closed, when you’re sleeping, when you’re unconscious, or when you’re looking away from your phone.

    Attention aware is optional and there is an accessibility feature to turn it off for those who are unable to focus on the iPhone’s screen, but most people should leave it turned on for the added layer of security.

    With the attention aware feature, the iPhone XR knows when you’re looking at it. Face ID displays notifications and messages on the Lock screen when you look at the iPhone XR, it keeps the screen lit, and it automatically lowers the volume of an alarm or ringer when it knows your attention is on the iPhone XR’s display.

    If a thief demands your iPhone, Face ID can be disabled quickly and discretely by pressing on the side button and the volume button at the same time. Do this before handing your phone over, and a thief won’t be able to scan your face. Face ID also turns off after two failed facial recognition attempts and a passcode needs to be entered for it to be turned back on.

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    How To Turn Off An iPhone Xr

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    This wikiHow will teach you how to turn off an iPhone XR, which is a newer style of iPhone that does not have a Home button.

    A Quick Trick For Turning The Flashlight Off

    iPhone XR: How to Use & Turn On/Off Flashlight

    Opening the Control Center and fumbling for the right icon to turn off the flashlight can feel like too many stepsespecially if you prefer not to allow access to Control Center from your Lock screen or don’t have Hey Siri enabled. Heres how to turn off your iPhones flashlight without opening the Control Center.

    Your iPhones camera flash and flashlight use the same bulb, so opening the Camera app turns the flashlight off.

  • Press the Side button on any model of iPhone to access the Lock screen.;On newer iPhones, you can also use Raise to Wake to access the Lock screen.
  • From the Lock Screen,;swipe;left as though to access the Camera and release;before reaching the halfway point.;
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    How To Turn On Airdrop On iPhone Xr

    After checking the preconditions we mentioned, letâs turn on AirDrop on iPhone in two simple ways.

    ⶠYou can turn on AirDrop from Settings on both iPhones. Go Settings app > General > AirDrop > Choose Contacts Only or Everyone.

    â·You can also turn on AirDrop fromControl Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to open Control Center > Press and hold on the wireless control box > Tap AirDrop > Choose Contacts Only or Everyone. Perform the steps on both the source iPhone and the target iPhone.

    Note: â Contacts Only.If the target iPhone has their AirDrop set to receive from Contacts Only, AirDrop can only work well when you are in their contact with your Apple IDâs email address or mobile number.â Everyone.If you are not in their contacts, the target iPhone has to set AirDrop receiving settings to Everyone to receive files.

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