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How To Update Among Us On iPhone

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Fix: Among Us Running Older After Update

How To Update Among Us on iPhone/iPad | Among Us Not Updating Fix

In case your game showing the same error, then follow the following instruction mention down below.

  • Open the Among Us and then Select Online.
  • After that, Choose serverGlobe icon placed at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Now, Choose the preferred server location.
  • After changing server, Re-try to play the game.
  • Thats, Why is among us saying I need to update?
  • Players across the world reported the error, with the message The game options received were from an older version of Among Us.

    How To Update Among Us On Bluestacks

    Bluestacks is a phone emulator for PC, particularly for Android OS. Since its a phone emulator, you update the game just like using an Android phone.

  • Launch the Play Store within your Bluestacks session.
  • At the top-left corner, select the three bars are representing the menu.
  • Select My Apps & Games.
  • Find Among Us and select the Update option beside it.
  • Wait for the game to finish updating.
  • Play Among Us.
  • The second method for manual updating also works within Bluestacks. The process is practically the same. Here are the steps:

  • Get a phone browser in Bluestacks and search for Apkmirror.
  • Enter the site and search for Among Us.
  • Scroll down a bit and locate the latest version of the game.
  • If this is your first time downloading APK files, you need to permit third-party apps to be installed this way.
  • Run the APK file.
  • A warning window will pop up, but you can just select Install which overrides the old files.
  • Select Done after the newest version is installed.
  • In case you installed Among Us with a bundled app store with Bluestacks, you cant use the manual update method. You have to first delete the game from the app store. Then you can run the downloaded APK file.

    How To Update Among Us On iPhone Or iPad

    Any game youll download off the App Store will be considered as an app and youll be able to update them just like any other app on your phone or tablet.

    To update Among Us on iPhone or iPad, youll need to:

    • Launch the App Store.
    • Scroll down to see pending updates.
    • You can also take a look at the release notes on this tab and learn more about the update as it starts to download.

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    Update From The Play Store

    Unlock your Android device and launch the Play Store. Now tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner of your screen.

    Tap on My apps & games.

    You will now be shown a list of all the apps currently installed on your device with available updates right at the top. Scroll and find Among Us in the list.

    Now tap on Update beside it.

    Play Store should now automatically start updating Among Us for you. Once the update is completed, you can launch and play the latest version of the game.

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    Hit The Update Button

    Is Among Us safe to play? How to update on Steam and ...

    If you have disabled automatic updates, then you will need to manually click update to update Among Us to the latest version. If you are looking to update to a more recent version that was just released then you can follow the guide below to update your game.

    In case the Update option in the below guide is unavailable to you then you can follow the lengthier way of updating Among Us after this guide. Lets take a look at how you can update Among Us in Steam the easy way.

    Open Steam and click on Library at the top.

    Now click on Among Us in the sidebar.

    Instead of the Play button, you should see a blue Update button. Click on it to initiate the update.

    And thats it! Among Us will now be updated to the latest version released on Steam.

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    Update All Files Of The Game

    Among Us is currently available for PC users using Steam. If you wish to update the game to its latest version then you will need to use the Steam client on your Windows desktop. Ideally, Steam automatically updates all the games in your library to their latest version. If for some reason, your game hasnt updated automatically or you have turned off automatic updates, then here is an easy way to manually update your games in Steam.

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    Open the Steam app on your PC and click on the Library at the top.

    Now find and right-click on Among Us in the left sidebar where you will see a list of all your games.

    Select Properties.

    Now click on Local Files at the top of the window.

    Finally, click on Verify Integrity of game files.

    Steam will now check all the local installation files on your system. During this process, the client will be able to identify the outdated version of the game which will be automatically completed once the integrity of the game files has been verified.

    Note: This process can take some time depending on your local storage transfer speeds, network connectivity, and steam server response time. Ideally, this should take around 10 mins maximum.

    Update Among Us On Steam

    The easiest way to update Among Us on Steam is to have automatic updates turned on. If you dont, thats fine, there are two easy ways you can fix things manually. The first way is to go into the library and click on Among Us. If theres new content out, the green Play button will turn into a blue Update one. Click that button, and youre done.

    The second method is to right-click on Among Us in the Library, and select Properties. Click on the Local Files app, then on Verify integrity of game files. This will make Steam check on your game files and, in the process, figure out if the version you have is outdated. If it is, thatll jump-start the update. Just wait for it to finish, and boom, youre done!

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    How Do I Stream Among Us With Voice Chat

    If you wish to voice chat with other players, youll have to host a third-party audio call. You can use whatever suits yourself and your friends the most Discord, Google Meet, Messenger, WhatsApp or even Skype. If youre using PC, you can do this by simply opening it up on the browser and running alongside the game.

    Update On A Pc Via Steam

    How To Update Among Us on iPhone/iPad (Among Us Not Updating Fix)

    You’ll be using Steam to update Among Us on PC, so follow these steps to do it manually – and if you follow the last step you should have it set to automatically update in the future to save doing manually again.

    If for some reason you don’t use Steam, you’ll need to download the latest update from somewhere like Bluestacks to get it running. Just open the emulator and search the game and you should see an update button. Once you have clicked that, the update will download and just follow the on-screen prompts.

    But back to Steam, and these are the steps to follow to do it manually:

    • Open up steam and select ‘Library’ which is in the top-left corner.
    • You will see Among Us there and now right-click it and select ‘Properties’. But you may see a big button that says ‘Update’ already, so press it if you do.
    • Now you can pick how you want the game to update with some options. You will see that you can select the option for the game to automatically update either when it is running in the background or when you open it up. You can even choose to have the Among Us updates take priority over other games that need updating.

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    Process On How To Update Among Us On Pc:

    • First go to your library and search among us.
    • Right-click on Among Us and choose Properties.
    • Navigate to the Updates tab and enable Always keep this game updated.
    • This will automatically update whenever there is a patch.
    • A blue text saying an update is ready will appear among us if there is a new available update, and Steam will automatically send you to the download page if you try to launch the game when the patch is missing.
    • The tab allows you to start the downloading process, but Steam will automatically update it for you if you run the game via a desktop shortcut.

    Update To Among Us Public Beta

    A public beta for Among Us was just released that allows you to anonymize your votes. This ensures that nobody can see who you or anyone else voted for which will make the game a tad bit more interesting. If you are looking to get this latest public beta version then follow the guide below.

    Open Steam and click on Library at the top.

    Now right-click on Among Us in the left sidebar.

    Now click on the Betas tab at the top.

    Select public-beta-.

    Now if you have automatic updates enabled, then the game will automatically update itself to the public beta.

    The time it takes to update the game will depend on your network speed. If you do not have automatic updates enabled, then simply click on the Update icon as shown below.

    Among Us should now be updated to the latest public beta version on your system. You can now enjoy the latest bug fixes and performance improvements alongside the ability to anonymize your votes.

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    Among Us Ios Wont Update From V2020812o Anyone Got Any Ideas Or Tips

    Im having the same issue

    It was released just now

    From which country are you?

    I think its the latest version for ios

    So is it impossible to play with people who have updated their game?

    I just tried playing with my friends who play on PC and I was heartbroken to find out that the update was not out on IOS yet. Hopefully the patch gets rolled out ASAP.

    A workaround is getting your PC friends to download bluestacks and downloading the v2020.8.12a apk version of the game.

    I play on PC and it hasnt changed for me either

    Yeah I play on mobile and it kicks me out and says I have to update the game but it won’t let me

    What Is The Best Device To Play Among Us On

    How to Update Among Us on iPhone

    Among Us is a game that works well on every device. Since Among Us requires observation, reasoning, and judgement skills rather than combat skills, the device you play on doesnt affect much of your game play.

    If you have more than one device to play on, just use the device that runs fastest for Among Us. Otherwise, youll be all good to play smoothly.

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    Update Among Us By Apk File

    Scroll down and see a complete list of the updates available for Among Us. The most recent version is usually at the top. You can also look in the date column to see the latest update Among Us.

    Tap the icon next to the file you want to download.

    Touch at the bottom.

    You will now be redirected to the page that automatically downloads files on the system. After the download is completed, tap Open file below screen. Alternatively, you can also open the downloaded file from the Download folder.

    Touch Install.

    The app will now begin to install on the Android device. Wait for the process to complete and tap Done Once completed.

    Note: If this is the first time you have installed apps from a third-party source on your Android device, you will need to give your browser permission to install such apps.

    Content Among Us Latest Version

    Among Us Patch Update 10.22 is officially released with the following new additions:

    • Added anonymous voting option: Unlike previous versions, all ballots will now be grayed out.
    • Added Task Bar mode, including:
    • Always mode works as usual.
    • Meeting mode only update the taskbar during a meeting.
    • Invisible mode Taskbar completely removed.
  • Optimized in the game
  • MIRA: Vandalizing communications room deletes security logs.
  • Added a new icon to fix power connection tasks.
  • Improved meeting screen design.
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    How To Update Among Us On Pc And Mobile

    InnerSloth, the creators of Among Us, has launched an update to their iconic video game. The upgrade would include new features such as an improved art design, a new meeting screen, new colors, and bug fixes and enhancements.

    The developer has mentioned that it has not yet patched any of the identified bugs and will continue to address them in future game updates.

    Plays in Among Us will now change their talk in Settings and their name in the Account menu.

    InnerSloth has also patched a Nintendo Switch bug that allowed several users to log in to the same account, among other things. The developer is still working on adding download support for the gaming app.

    In addition, the developers have added a larger meeting screen as they intend to expand the lobbying capacity to 15 players. The revised art style that Among Us will use is one of the key features that will have an equal impact on both the front and back end. The creator stated that it would not significantly alter the games architecture but would make it simpler for the back end to create animations for the game. Here, let us find out how to update among us on different platforms.

    How To Update Among Us On Windows

    How to Update Among Us on iPhone or iPad (Among Us Mobile Not Updating Fix in iOS Devices)

    Updating Among Us on Windows isnt hard. Those who play using the Epic Games Launcher can set up automatic updates. Heres how its done:

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Select Settings on the left side.
  • Scroll down until you reach Manage Games.
  • Select Allow Auto-Updates.
  • Below this option is a list of games, including Among Us.
  • Make sure you open the list and check that auto-update is on for Among Us.
  • Check and see if Among Us is updated to the latest version.
  • If not, you might have to retry these steps, restart your computer, or wait for a while.
  • Steam is the predominant platform gamers use to play Among Us on PC, but Epic Games Launcher is another option for those who dont use Steam. Epic doesnt have a manual update option, so weve decided to show you this method. After setting up, you just have to wait for future updates before playing.

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    How To Update Among Us On Ios

    Updating this game on iOS is a very basic process. If you have auto updates turned on for your device, you don’t need to bother about the updates at all. However, if you’re one of those people who likes to save on free data, and you’ve turned off the auto update feature for your device, this guide is for you.

    Follow the steps given below and you will be on your way to getting your updated copy of the game.

    Head over to your app store and click on your profile in the top right corner.

    After you’ve clicked on your profile, you’ll be greeted with the following screen.

    From the list that you find, you need to locate Among Us in the list and click on the update button.

    Once you’ve reached the game, all you need to do is click on the update button and wait for the magic to happen.

    Please note that the speed of your network will determine the speed of your updates. So if you have a slow network, your update speed will be slow.

    Given the popularity of the game right now, it’s no surprise that hackers have made their way into the game as well. Click here to read our list of commonly used hacks in Among Us and how to spot them. Hackers ruin the point of any game, spoiling the fun or everyone else playing the game.

    How To Update Among Us Beta

    Open Steam and click Th vin At the top.

    Now right click Among Us on the left sidebar.

    Click & select Properties.

    Now press tab Betas above.

    Choose public-beta-.

    Click Close.

    Now if you have enabled automatic update, the game will automatically update the version Among Us beta for you.

    Among Us update time depends on your network speed. If you dont have the automatic update enabled, just press the button Update as shown below.

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    Among Us How To Update On Pc

    If you own Among Us on PC, you have a few options for updating the game based on where you bought it. The simplest method is through Steam, but if you acquired it on, the process isnt all that difficult.

    Suppose you have the Steam edition of Among Us. In that case, the game will automatically upgrade when an update is available, or it will notify you that an update is available whether youd like to update it now, rather than boosting it when you use the internet the most.

    The Steam version does allow you to download beta updates, which you can do while doing the following:

    • Start Steam and navigate to your Library.
    • Right-click on Among Us in the left sidebar.
    • Choose a property from the list that exists.
    • Select the betas page. Then choose public beta from the dropdown menu.
    • Then press the close button. Following that, the game can immediately upgrade to the most recent beta.

    If you purchased Among Us from, you may also get a Steam Key, which you can or may not use. If you do not use the Steam key, you must re-download the game whenever there is a new update. Since the game is already 61MB in size, this wont be too long!

    You can then move the new files into the old file position or copy them. Alternatively, you should uninstall the old version of the game and play with the new files. Under purchasing on the website, there should be a re-download button it can either be forwarded to your inbox, or you can re-download it then and there.

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