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Why Is My iPhone 11 Lagging

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How Can I Fix The Lagging

How to fix an iPhone 11 that keeps lagging and freezing

If your iPhone is slower than usual, try the following tips:

  • Give it a break for a night. If your iPhone is being slow due to background activity related to the update, it’s a good idea to leave it plugged in and connected to the internet overnight, giving your device time and space to finish all housekeeping tasks. If you have a lot of data stored on your phone, you might need to do this a few nights.
  • Update your apps. If your apps aren’t functioning correctly after the update, it’s time to make sure all of your apps are updated to the latest version. Your apps may have optimization updates available to work with iOS 14, so it’s important to confirm they are all up to date. To do this, launch App Store -> tap your Apple ID profile icon in the top right corner -> scroll down and tap “Update All.”
  • Clean up your storage. Cleaning out the clutter on your iPhone might be just the way to make it go faster. To manage your storage, head to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage. Delete anything you don’t need.
  • Disable Background App activity. To alleviate battery drainage and make your iPhone run faster, it could be helpful to disable background app activity. To do this, open Settings -> go to General -> Background App Refresh and set it to OFF.
  • Charge faster. If your iPhone is charging slow, turn Wi-Fi off and turn on Airplane mode while charging â it’ll make it go much faster.
  • Solution 7 Update Uninstall And Re

    If it is noticeable that your iPhone is lagging or freezing, when you run an app every time, the problem may be caused by the app.

    You could update the app firstly.

    Go to App Store> Tap Updates tab > Find the app and tap it > Hit UPDATE.

    The whole updating process needs the network connection. After that just run the app to see if your iPhone is lagging.

    If it still does not work, just try to uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

    Go back to your Home Screen on iPhone > tap and hold the app icon until it jiggles > Tap the cross image on the top-left of the app icon to uninstall the app.

    Then you just need to find and download the app from App Store to check if your freezing iPhone goes normally.

    The last way you could deal with the app is uninstalling it, while the app is a bad app that may affect your iPhone performance.

    Quick View Of Reasons Why iPhone Lagging And Freezing

    The reasons why your iPhone lags or freezes are various, but it can be concluded as the following:

    App issues. When the app is running, and there is always freezing on iPhone, it may be the problem app, like outdated app, bad app, etc.

    Memory problems. Insufficient or low storage space in memory on iPhone will affect the speed and cause an iPhone lag.

    Outdated iOS version. Apple is always releasing its new iOS version, and old iOS version running in latest apps, which can be the reason for iPhone lagging.

    Hardware damage. If your iPhone is hardware damaged, which is the worst causes that lead to iPhone freezing, even disabled.

    Other unknown system issues. If your iPhone is lagging for system error, then you need to repair the iOS system firstly.

    After learning about the reasons mentioned above for iPhone lagging, you could fix the problem easily with corresponsive solutions in the second part.

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    Restore To Factory Settings

    Is your iPhone so slow that none of these tips have made a difference? If the above strategies cant help your iPhone speed up, youve got one more option: restoring your iPhone to its factory settings.

    This is a last resort, because performing a full factory reset deletes all the data on your iPhone. Back up any data you wish to keep to your iCloud account or on a computer or external hard drive before performing a factory reset.

    Heres how to perform a factory reset on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings> General.

  • Select Reset at the bottom.

  • Choose Erase All Content and Settings, which will do exactly that erase everything.

  • Your Phone Cant Support New Visual Effects

    [Updated] 5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Lagging/Freezing/Slow

    As new iOS versions come out, theyre being designed with fun, albeit subtle animations that help your phone come to life. The problem, however, is that they also require the newer graphics processors that Apple is putting in new iPhones, which means that if your older iPhone is still kicking, it might not be able to handle the visual effects in the software.

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    Tip 5 Use Reduce Motion

    We all love the animation feature on our iPhone and iPad. But these eye-candy animations affect the performance. In order to speed up the iOS 15 installed device, it will be better to use Reduce Motion feature. To do this, follow the steps as:

    Step 1: Launch the Settings app and select the Accessibility option.

    Step 2: Choose the Motion feature and turn on the Reduce Motion.

    Your device will instantly become faster and you will be able to feel the difference in the performance.

    Turn Off Background App Refresh

    Leaving Background App Refresh on for many apps can significantly drain your iPhone’s battery life because the apps will use your connection to Wi-Fi or data network to constantly download new data or information.

    I recommend going through your apps one-by-one and determining which ones you want to allow to download new content even when you’re not currently using it.

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    Tip 3 Adjust 3d Touch

    There are many users who found this solution helpful when their iPhone touch screen was lagging or not responding. You need to adjust the 3D touch in your device and see how magically it works. To perform this, here are the steps:

    • Open ‘Settings’ in your device and go to ‘General’.
    • Tap on ‘Accessibility and then tap ‘3D Touch’.
    • You can now adjust the 3D touch sensitivity from ‘Light, ‘Medium’ and ‘Firm’

    Hard Reboot Your Ios Device

    iPhone 11 Keeps Lagging After iOS 13.6 Update

    Touch screen lagging after iOS 15 update or iOS 14 Update Usually, a small problem can be fixed by rebooting the iPhone. Only you have to use your fingers intelligently.

    For iPhone 12, 11, XS Max/XS/XR/X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus users

    • Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume up button.
    • Step #2: now Press and quickly release the Volume down button.
    • Step #3: Now, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo arrives on the Screen after the black screen.

    For iPad/iPhone 6S or earlier

    • Step 1: Press and hold the Home button and Power button same time until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

    For iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus users

    • Step 1: Press and hold the Volume Down button and power button simultaneously for a minimum of 10 seconds.

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    How To Speed Up Your Mac Too

    Now that you know how to improve iPhone performance, it’s time to speed up your Mac, too. For many Apple lovers, owning an iPhone and Macbook or iMac go hand in hand. Because your iPhone and Mac computer are intrinsically connected, a clean and optimized Mac is the next obvious step after getting a clean and fast running iPhone.

    Start fresh with AVG TuneUp for Mac. Rediscover a clean and buttery smooth Mac by getting rid of junk files and bad-quality or duplicate photos. Then, youll have all the space you really need.

    When The iPhone Becomes Lagging

    Some of the situations when your iPhone is lagging include moments when typing. It is a common problem with iPhone 6 users where it might not only be unresponsive but also predictions stop showing or get hidden.

    It is consistent with the iPhone lagging after an iOS update. Updates always carry either new features or bug fixes. Either way, an update always brings in new software components. These can be having bugs/errors that can, as a result, cause your iPhone to malfunction in various ways.

    Such malfunctions are usually also noticeable with third-party applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat. As they operate on your iPhoneâs OS, an update can cause them to crash. At this point, the iPhone or iPad lags when starting the app, and in some cases, the app randomly closes.

    Furthermore, a low battery charge can also cause your iPhone to lag. It happens because there is not enough power to support its operations.

    However, there are solutions you can implement on your iPhone to stop the lag. Below are some of those solutions.

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    How To Speed Up Your iPhone

    So, is your iPhone running slow? If your iPhone is overloaded with data, runs automatic downloads, or needs software updates, there are a few quick wins for better performance no matter which model you have. Speed up your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or even the latest iPhone with the following steps. Is your Mac running slow, too? Check out our guide to learn how to speed up a Mac.

    Heres how to make your iPhone faster.

    Restore Your iPhone And Set It Up As New

    Why Is My Phone Lagging? 6 Possible Causes

    Before you proceed with this, here are a few important things to know:

    Here are all the resources to help you with erasing and restoring your device:

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    Tip 6 Force Restart iPhone

    If the iPad & iPhone slow down after iOS 15 update, there are chances that it didnt reboot properly. So, instead of freaking out, force reboots the device and the problem will be fixed. The steps you need to follow are slightly different. So, make sure that you follow them accurately.

    For iPhone 8, later models, iPad Pro and iPad with No Home Button- Press the Volume up button and release it quickly. Repeat the same with the volume down button. Then press the Power button and hold it until you see the Apple logo.

    For iPhone 7/7 Plus- Press the Power button and the volume down button at the same time. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo pops up on the screen and then let them go.

    For iPhone 6, earlier models, and other iPad models- Press the Power button and the home button at the same moment. Wait as the Apple logo appear on the screen and then let go of the buttons.

    As your device restarts, the performance issues will be resolved.

    iPhone Keyboard Lag In Ios 15 How To Fix It

    Keyboard lagging issues on iPhone can be super annoying. It slows down your typing or may even result in misspelled words. The issue occurs in many apps, from Messages and Facebook to Safari and more. A quick fix is changing the keyboard, but you may not always want to do this. Instead, lets look at some possible solutions for fixing the keyboard lag on iPhone and iPad.

  • Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version
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    Solution 3 Disable Transparency And Motion

    iPhone is always working hard to display more amazing visual effects, but the effect may cause iPhone lagging. Actually, you could easily fix the problem.

    Go to Settings on iPhone > General> Choose Accessibility> Find Increase Contrasts> Turn on Reduce Transparency.

    Then come back to Accessibility> Enable Reduce Motion.

    Is There A Way To Fix Apple Airplay

    How To Fix An iPhone 11 Pro Max That Keeps Lagging and Freezing

    How-To Fix AirPlay is one of those Apple products that doesnt always get the love it deserves. You dont hear a bunch of hoopla surrounding new features, but its still one of Apples best services. For the unaware, AirPlay allows you to essentially stream content from your Mac or iOS device to compatible devices.

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    Solution 4 Free Up Some Space

    Another common reason why your iPhone 7 is lagging and freezing is insufficient memory. If the storage space is running out, there won’t be enough space left to hold data, and your device will start to misbehave. Freeing up space can be done by deleting multimedia files and other data that you don’t need. Most importantly, remove the unnecessary apps to free space.

  • Step 1: Hold the app icon that you want to delete from the home screen, and all apps will start wiggling. A cross “X” icon will also appear on every app icon.
  • Step 2: Tap on the cross and confirm to Delete the app from your device.

  • Removing an app will also erase the corresponding data that will free up enough space to get rid of the lagging and performance issues.


    First Solution: Perform The Forced Restart

    The forced restart must be the first thing that you have to do is your iPhone 11 keeps lagging. Its because the problem can be due to a pretty minor firmware glitch or you may have some applications that dont work properly. This procedure will refresh your iPhones memory as well as reload all applications and services. If its indeed just a minor problem with the firmware or apps, then you should be able to fix it by doing this:

  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, and then the Volume Down button.
  • The moment you release the volume down button, press and hold the Side or Power key for 15 seconds or until the Apple logo shows on the screen.
  • Once your iPhone 11 has finished rebooting, try to see if it still keeps lagging or not. If it still does, then move on to the next solution.

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    Why Is My Phone Lagging 6 Possible Causes

    We take a look at the reasons why your Android phone lags, and what you can do to try and stop it.

    Signs of lag include delays in touch responsiveness, app freezes, and slow performance. If your phone lags, it may have difficulties executing even simple commands, like typing on the keyboard or playing video. And there can be many causes.

    In this article, we cover possible causes for your Android phone lagging, and fixes that might work. Lets go!

    Tip 1 Install App Updates

    Why Do My Apps Keep Closing On My iPhone 12

    Once you install the recent updates on your device, check whether you have updated the apps or not. Since we are focusing on the performance of the device, impending updates can be a big problem for us. So, we have to get the latest version of the apps that is compatible with the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 upgrade.

    It is evident that iOS 15 will slow down your device if unless you install the updates. To get the updates, follow the steps below as the iOS 15 doesnt have a dedicated updates tab.

    Step 1: Go to App Store and click on your profile. Scroll down until you reach the Updates section. Install the available app updates and your device performance will improve significantly.

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    Scan iPhone For Malware

    A worrisome reason for a slow iPhone is malware. Although not as susceptible to malicious apps as Android devices, iPhones can still get infected with malware, although it’s very rare. Jailbroken iPhones are at a much greater risk of malware infection.

    AVG Mobile Security for iPhone & iPad is a strong and lightweight cybersecurity tool custom built for iOS, and itll help to get your iPhone running fast and smooth.

    Get it forMac,PC ,Android

    Reduce Motion Settings And Screen Brightness

    A brighter screen takes up more energy and may be the cause of why your iPhone is slowing down. You don’t have to go full-on night mode, but a slight adjustment may help speed up a super sluggish iPhone. Also consider turning off motion effects in iPhone settings to speed up your device. Just note that reducing motion settings will affect autoplay videos and the user interface experience on some apps.

    Heres how to reduce motion settings on iPhone:

  • Tap the Settings app.

  • Go to Accessibility.

  • Select Motion to customize settings.

  • Choose which of the four types of motions you want to adjust by toggling its corresponding tab from green to grey.

  • Heres how to reduce screen brightness on iPhone:

  • Tap the Settings app.

  • Navigate to Display & Brightness.

  • Reduce screen brightness using the scroll bar and consider turning on Night Shift to automatically reduce brightness when natural light is dimmer.

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    Solution 1 Close All Background Apps

    The first thing we’ll check out is if the iPhone 7 lagging and freezing due to apps running in the background. When you leave multiple apps open at the same time, they often cause lag as you switch between the apps. And if any of those suspended application will crash, all other apps will suffer the consequences.

    For iPhone with Home Button:

    Double-click on the home button, and the recent app screen will open up that will display apps running in the background.

    For iPhone without Home Button:

    The iPhone without the home button has a Gesture feature that will allow you to access the recent app screen. Just slide your finger from the bottom of the screen in an upward direction and pause in the middle.

    Swipe up to close the applications one by one and see closing which one application fix the lagging. If the same thing happens again when you use that particular app, then the intelligent thing to do is to remove the app from your iPhone.

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