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How Long Does It Take To Reset An iPhone

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How To Factory Reset

How long does it take to Factory Reset an iPhone?
  • To do a basic factory reset, you’ll need to launch your iPhone’s Settings app. From there, tap “General” followed by “Reset.” You’ll then be required to select a reset option — to perform a full factory reset you’ll want to select “Erase all content and settings.” You’ll need to confirm that you want to reset your phone, but once confirmation is received it should begin the process immediately.

  • How Long Does It Take To Erase iPhone

    Erase iPhone

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    Q: How long does it take to erase iPhone?

    • If there is no user data found on the device, it takes less than 1 minutes.
    • If you want to erase iPhone from Find My iPhone, it normally takes less than 5 minutes.
    • Erasing All Content and Settings on an iPhone should take less than 10 minutes.
    • Erasing iPhone from iCloud should take you only 10-15 minutes.

    A lot of iPhone have various reasons to reset or erase their iPhones. It can often be necessary to protect your personal data or to make your iPhone usable again after unpleasant software breakdown.

    However, the process of resetting or erasing the device does not always go according to plan. It often takes longer than it should and this can be very frustrating. Why does it take so long? How can you make it go faster? All your questions are answered in this post.

  • 2.3. Erase All Content and Settings Won’t Finish? Fixed!
  • We’ll Analysis 5 Reset Methods

    The time required to fully reset an iPhone depends entirely on the method of reset you choose. Some reset methods are faster than others. There is also a difference regarding whether all your data will be kept or erased. Analysis of all reset methods is required in order to determine which one is the fastest. This article compares the following reset methods:

  • iMyFone Umate Pro
  • iTunes
  • iCloud
  • Settings App
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    How To Factory Reset iPhone With Itunes

    One way to factory reset your iPhone in case you have forgotten your password is by using Apples iTunes on a computer. One requirement for this step is that you have synced your iPhone to iTunes once before. Heres how to do this.

  • Before proceeding further, make sure that you have a backup of your iPhone as you will lose everything on your phone once the factory reset is done. You can read how to do this in our other blog post.
  • Connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cable and open iTunes.
  • On the left side of the screen, navigate to Summary.
  • Next, press a button titled Restore iPhone.
  • A prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the factory reset. Press Restore if you are certain that you want to factory reset your iPhone.
  • Wait for the reset to finish.
  • Done!
  • Now you can use your earlier backup to return all of your data, apps and files to your iPhone.

    How Long It Takes

    How Long Does It Take to Restore An iPhone

    The process of restoring your iPhone can take from a few minutes to several hours, depending upon how much data is stored on your device. If you have a large amount of apps, photos and music, for example, it will take a great deal longer to complete a device restore than it would, for example, on a device that has only a few apps and no photos, music, videos and other digital content stored.

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    Reset All Settings Vs Erase All Contents And Settings Vs Reset Network Settings

    All in all, if you face network problems, you can reset network settings without influencing other settings. But if you want to reset privacy settings including network settings, then it will be better to perform “Reset All Settings” and keep data on iPhone. For people who want to resell or give away an old iPhone, then it is necessary to do a hard reset. If you really want to know relationships among “Reset All Settings”, “Erase All Contents and Settings” and “Reset Network Settings”, you can see attribution below.

    Note: Reset Network Settings< Reset All Settings < Erase All Contents and Settings

    iPhone/ipad Stuck When Restoring From Icloud How To Stop

    iPhone or iPad could be stuck during the process, making iPhone restore taking hours/forever. Firstly, you need to stop the restoring process.

    1. On iPhone, go to “Settings” and then “iCloud”.

    2. Then tap on “Backup”.

    3. Locate “Stop Restoring iPhone” and tap on it

    4. Then you will see a pop-up window asking for your confirmation. Just tap on “Stop”.

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    Via Itunes Or Finder Backup

  • As with the iCloud instructions we’ve already outlined, follow the steps up to the ‘Set Up iPhone’ screen, then select Restore from iTunes.
  • You’ll be prompted to Connect to iTunes, so plug in your iPhone and you’ll see a screen on iTunes that gives you the option to restore a backup. Click continue and your iPhone will be set up automatically, with the apps being restored from the iTunes backup.
  • When it’s finished, you’ll have a freshly cleaned system. Hopefully any problems that you were encountering before will be a thing of the past.
  • If you’re installed macOS Catalina, iTunes will no longer exist on your system – but the functions above will be performed by Finder. Follow the same instructions in that application.
  • Common Solution For Ios 15 Update Taking Hours Via Itunes

    How to Properly Reset iPhone to factory default

    If you encounter this problem while trying to update iOS via iTunes, you can try to restore iPhone using the Recovery mode with iTunes, a process that will automatically install the latest iOS firmware onto the device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.

  • Put the device in recovery mode. You can follow the steps we mentioned to force restart the device in the first part of this article. But don’t let go of the buttons until the “Connect to iTunes” icon appears on the screen.

  • iTunes will detect the device in recovery mode. Click “OK” and then choose “Restore iPhone”. Confirm your selection and iTunes will begin restoring the device and also install the latest firmware.

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    There Are Many Reasons To Reset

    You may need to factory reset your iPhone for a variety of reasons. Resetting the iPhone to factory defaults can resolve issues with the device if it is experiencing software or hardware problems. Factory resetting the phone to clear any personal data or apps can prepare it for resale. You may need to factory reset your iPhones if they are part of a corporate deployment.

    How To Factory Reset iPhone With Icloud

    In case you have enabled FindMyiPhone, you can also use iCloud to factory reset your iPhone, even if you have forgotten the phones password. This method also requires that you remember your Apple ID and password.

  • First, if you dont want to lose everything on your phone, make sure that you have a backup of your phone available.
  • Open a web browser and go to Log in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.
  • Navigate to FindiPhone and select the iPhone you want to reset.
  • Press EraseiPhone .
  • Done!
  • Next, use your earlier backup to return all of your data, apps and files to your iPhone.

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    Erase All Content And Settings

    This is the default reset method of iDevices. Most iPhone users use this method to reset their device when required. The reset options are available in the Settings app of iPhone. You dont need to use computer when resetting your iPhone via this method. All the steps required to reset iPhone are performed on the device.

    Erase All Content and Settings resets all user settings and configurations as well as erases all user data.

    How Long Does It Take To Restore An iPhone From Itunes/icloud

    How Long Does It Take to Restore an iPhone

    You restore iPhone with iTunes usually when you need to fix a problem on your iPhone, for example, iPhone passcode is forgotten, iPhone gets stuck in Apple logo screen, the device is bricked and shows black screen, etc. But when restoring iPhone from iTunes, a new problem arises – iPhone restore taking forever to finish. How long does iPhone restore take? If iTunes gets stuck on extracting software, restoring iPhone firmware, etc. when restoring iPhone, read Part 1 for solutions.

    Also, when talking about restoring iPhone, some of you may mean to restoring iPhone from iCloud/iTunes backup. Sometimes, restoring iPhone from backup keeps estimating time remaining and takes forever. This article will also cover what to do if restoring from iTunes/iCloud backup taking too long in Part 3.

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    Question : How To Reset All Settings On iPhone

    Answer 6: Open “Settings” app. Scroll down to click “General”. Select “Reset” and press “Reset All Settings” inside. Enter your 6-digit password. Later, a message will pop up asking whether you want to reset all settings or not. Hit “Reset” to start erasing your network settings, Wi-Fi settings and others. The whole process of resetting all settings on iPhone should be no more than 10 minutes.

    Erase All Data With Fonedog iPhone Cleaner

    To completely clean your iPhone, use the feature called Erase All Data. Click this from the left side menu and select your erasing level . The default level is Middle, however, if you have any bank details such as your credit card info saved on the iPhone and other sensitive files, you can opt to use High level erasing. This can take time though since the software will ensure that no traces are left.

    Note that once you choose this feature, all data will be overwritten and there is no way to reverse this process.

    Another amazing feature you can utilize is the Erase Private Data wherein you can use a one-click to erase all or perform a custom erase and choose the private data you only wish to remove. This is ideal for people who dont want to share their phone activities with anyone.

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    How Do I Force My iPhone To Factory Reset

    To reset your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. If youve got an iCloud backup set up, iOS will ask if youd like to update it, so you dont lose unsaved data. We advise you to follow this advice, and tap Back Up Then Erase.

    Bonus Software: Fonedog Ios Data Recovery

    How to reset all settings iPhone

    You can use a great software called FoneDog iOS Data Recovery in order to recover data you have lost. This tool can be used to do various things. For instance, you can use it to recover lost or deleted data from iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices.

    You can even use it to recover photos, videos, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp data, Messenger data, WeChat data, and files from different types of apps. In addition, different versions of the iOS are supported including the latest iOS version 15. The tool is available in both Windows and macOS computers. Thus, you donât have to worry about using it.

    You can even try it with the Free Trial version, so you can test it out before purchasing it. With this tool, you are guaranteed it will work. Thatâs because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use it to recover data using three different modes.

    iOS Data RecoveryRecover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp data, and more.Recover data from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud.Compatible with latest iPhone and iOS.

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    Way 2 Put iPhone Into Recovery Mode And Reset

    This is a strong solution to various iPhone issue. Also, it’s a quick way to restore iPhone to factory settings using iTunes.

    Connect iPhone to your computer > boot iPhone in Recovery mode > click Restore

    If you need more help, perhaps you should have a look at FoneCopeiOS System Recovery, which is made to fix iOS issues such as iPhone frozen, stuck, or won’t restore, etc.

    What To Do If The Erase iPhone Is Stuck To Pending

    You may know how long does it take to erase iPhone from iCloud? We cannot control the way the iPhone processes certain data but we can avoid getting into serious troubles. Like getting stuck with a pending status when erasing your iPhone.

    Here are some work-around you can do:

    • Before doing a reset, ensure that you have enough battery life and a stable internet especially when using iCloud or Find My apps
    • Do a quick power cycle or force restart in case you are stuck with a pending status. Doing a force restart varies per iOS model.

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    How Long Does It Take To Restore An iPhone In Recovery Mode

    If you are having issues restoring your iPhone in recovery mode, you might want to use Tenorshare ReiBoot, an amazing software that helps you restore iPhone in case that iTunes won’t recognize iPhone in recovery mode and get rid of all iTunes errors.

    INot only recovery mode, from small issues to major ones like iPhone white screen, iPhone blinking Apple logo issues, this software can fix all of that for you on your iPhone and iPad.

    The following shows how you can use it to restore your iPhone without iTunes.

    • Obtain the software from its official website and install it on your computer.
    • Plug your iPhone into your computer and open the software.
    • Choose and click on Standard Repair on the following screen.

    • When the firmware is downloadedlick, click on Start Standard Repair and the software will start repairing your iPhone. You will see the following when your iPhone is fixed.

    Your iPhone should now be restored.

    Tips To Fix Ios 15 Taking Forever To Update In 2021

    How Long Does It Take to Restore an iPhone

    An iOS update will not just bring new and advanced features to your iPhone or iPad, it is also a great way to fix some of the problems that occur on the device.

    But as you may now, updating your device can be hassle and the process often takes a long time especially if you are doing it over the air. This is one of the reasons why Apple recommends updating your device at night or when you are not using it.

    Yet, even then there are some iOS users reported that the update is taking too long or freezes midway. If this happens, you will go for long hours without use of your device, a factor that is not very desirable for many.

    So what can you do when iOS 15 is taking forever to update? In this article, we will focus on this issue and show you what to do if iOS 15 is taking hours to update no matter you are updating over the air or via iTunes.

  • Part 4. All-in-one Tool to Fix iOS 15 Taking Forever to Update via OTA/iTunes
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    How Long Does It Take To Backup iPhone To Icloud

    Again, the iCloud Backup makes a copy of the information on your iPhone, so that you can easily set up a new iPhone device or restore information from previous iCloud backup. One more tips is that the iCloud does not store your iPhone backup forever. On the contrast, if you disable or stop using iCloud Backup, your last iPhone backup on iCloud is only stored for 180 days. While how long does it take to backup iPhone to iCloud? Here are our test results.

    The Average Time It Takes To Backup iPhone To iCloud:

    iPhone Capacity

    Things To Consider Before Resetting Your iPhone

    Before we teach you how to hard reset iPhone devices, let us first differentiate a hard reset from a soft reset. This is important as some iPhone users do not know how to distinguish the two.

    Hard resetting means removing everything that is on your iPhone. Performing a hard reset wipes out all the data from your device. On the flip side, soft reset pertains to simply turning off your phone and restarting it.

    Because of this, it is important to note that you must only consider a hard reset if performing a soft one. Furthermore, you must also look into your phones hardware. Check if there are problems with the SIM, memory card, battery, and other components.

    If you dont find any, proceed with the soft reset. If the performance of your phone doesnt improve after a series of soft resets, thats the time to proceed with a hard reset.

    You can perform it directly on your iPhone or through iTunes.

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    Reset Home Screen Layout

    Reseting an iPhones Home screen layout puts all of your apps back into their original places. So, if you dragged apps to a different part of the screen, or if you switched around the apps in the iPhone dock, theyll be moved back to the spot they were in when you first took your iPhone out of the box.

    Additionally, any of the folders youve created will be also erased, so all of your apps will appear individually and in alphabetical order on your iPhones Home screen. None of the apps youve installed will be erased when you reset your iPhones Home screen layout.

    To reset the Home screen layout on your iPhone, open Settings and tap General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset Home Screen Layout. When the confirmation pop-up appears, tap Reset Home Screen.

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