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How To Unlock An iPhone 11

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How To Restore Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

How To Unlock iPhone 11 To Use With Any Carrier In 2020
  • Launch the Finder or iTunes Software on your computer.
  • Now, Simply locate your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max on either software that it is connected to.
  • A pop-up windows will appear on the screen along with the options Restore or Update.
  • Simply, choose the Restore option. Now, computer will start the downloading the software for your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and will eventually launch into restore process.
  • In case, if your device leaves the Recovery mode screen due to software taking more time to download. Simply, wait for the download to complete and then turn OFF your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and start again.
  • The process might take some time, wait for it to finish.
  • Finally, after the successful restoration of your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Disconnect it from your computer and set it up accordingly.

How To Unlock iPhone 11/11 Pro Without Password

Many iPhone users will have found themselves in the position of needing to unlock their phone but having forgotten what the passcode is. While the thought that you may need to reset your phone to unlock it can be scary as it would mean losing all of your data there are many other things that you can try before resorting to that extreme.

If you are looking at how to unlock your iPhone 11/11 Pro without your passcode then you will need to look no further as the following three tips are surely going to help you log back into your phone without any problems.

Unlock Disabled iPhone 11 Via The Erase iPhone Option Without Computer

Apple launched an âErase iPhoneâ option in the Lock screen interface of iOS 15.2 and later. The feature was introduced as an easy solution in case users forgot their screen passcode or are unable to enter it.

The âErase iPhoneâ interface appears after you have entered the wrong passcode seven times. All you have to do is remember your Apple ID and password as the procedure does not require a computer.

Make sure to follow these prerequisites if you want to unlock your iPhone with the âErase iPhoneâ option.

  • Your locked iPhone should run iOS 15.2 or later.
  • You must be signed in to your Apple ID. If you are not signed in with your Apple ID before your iPhone was locked, you probably will not be able to see this interface
  • You need to know your Apple ID password
  • Your locked iPhone must have a secure internet connection via Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Steps to follow:

  • To get to the âErase iPhoneâ interface, enter the wrong password seven times. You can see the âErase iPhoneâ button at the bottom of the screen on the prompt âSecurity Lockout try again in 15 minutesâ
  • Security Lockout try again in 15 minutes

    Security lockout click erase iphone

    Sign out of apple id interface

  • Enter your Apple ID and password on the prompt âSign out of Apple IDâ interface.
  • Your iPhone will show the erasing progress with an Apple logo and the progress bar. Your iPhone will automatically restart when the procedure is completed.
  • Showing the progress of the erase


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    Way 4 Restore iPhone 11 In Recovery Mode To Unlock Screen Passcode

    If you have never synced your device with iCloud or iTunes, you need to put your iPhone 11 in recovery mode and then perform a factory reset. Unfortunately, this will erase everything on the iPhone, including the password. Here are the steps to put iPhone 11/11 Pro in recovery mode to remove the passcode:

    Step 1. Connect iPhone 11 to the computer via a USB cable, and then run iTunes.Step 2. Then, you need to press the hardware key combination to enter the recovery mode. Press and quickly release the “Volume Up” button, press and quickly release the “Volume Down” button, press and hold the side button until you see the recovery mode screen.

    Step 3. When you enter the recovery mode, iTunes will pop up a message saying “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”, click the “OK” button, and then click “Restore”.

    iTunes should start downloading software for your device. If the download time exceeds 15 minutes, your iPhone will automatically exit the recovery mode. If this happens, just repeat the above steps. After the process is complete, you can restart your iPhone and set a new password.

    Hope you could find an effective way to bypass iPhone screen lock!

    Why Unlock An iPhone

    How to Unlock iPhone 11 Pro using Unlocking Instructions

    There are a lot of reasons to unlock an iPhone. Maybe a friend or family member has upgraded to a new iPhone 12 and passed you their old iPhone. Maybe you have bought one second-hand or maybe you just want to change phone networks. It is possible to switch to a cheaper SIM-only tariff, which can save you a lot of money compared to a standard iPhone contract, but to get the most benefit you will have to have an unlocked iPhone.

    In this article, we outline how to unlock an iPhone from the UKs major networks, and an alternative official method of unlocking iPhones if that isnt an option or if your iPhone is from a non-UK network.

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    Use Siri To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

    Siri is an extremely wonderful hack for the users who are still running their iPhones under iOS 10.0 version. It can be considered as Apples bug that allowed many people to unlock their locked iPhones without knowing passcode. The solution is still working for some iPhones, so you should try this easy hack to unlock iPhone without password.

    Lets see how to unlock the iPhone without passcode using Siri.

    First off, press the Home button on your iPhone device to activate Siri. For that, you can speak anything. In this case, you are supposed to say, Hey Siri, what time is it or something like that. A clock will appear immediately on the screen, tap on it to further proceed.

    There will be different clocks appearing on the screen, you need to look for the World Clock part and press the + button in front of it.

    Next, you will see a Search box asking you to search for any city in the World, you can type any random text here and long-press the text to see other options. From those options, choose the Select All.

    As soon as you click on the Select All, you will see other options like cut, copy, share, etc. Pick the Share option to move forward.

    A list of apps will appear on the screen, tap the Message app to continue.

    Here, you will see different sections. Type any random text in the To sections and press the Return button that you can find on your on-screen keyboard.

    So, that was an easy trick to unlock iPhone with Siri.

    Unlock iPhone 11/11 Pro Lock Screen With Dr Fone For Ios

    Dr. fone for iOS can bypass the screen lock and help us successfully unlock the iPhone 11/11 pro. When you launch the Dr. fone, you will see many tools that can be used to solve the problems of IOS devices, such as screen lock. You can quickly unlock the screen passwords by selecting Unlock. In just a few simple steps and minutes, your iPhone 11/11 Pro will return to normal use. Dr. fone for iOS is a collectable tool, because we may often accidentally input the wrong passwords and lock the our iPhone. If you change other IOS devices, such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPad, etc., you may also encounter these situations. In addition, Dr. fone has strong compatibility and can support almost all IOS devices. At this time, Dr. fone is undoubtedly the best solution method. Its worth mentioning that many users may worry about the security of Dr. fone. In fact, Dr. fone is safe and trustworthy. It wont steal any users information. You can use it at ease.

    Models Included: iPhone 11/11Pro/11Pro Max/iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone 8/iPhone 7,etc.

    Following are detailed steps to unclock screen passwords on iPhone 11/11 Pro.

    Step 1 Connect iPhone 11/11 Pro to PC

    After downloading, installing and starting Dr. fone on the computer, select the Unlock tool on the software homepage. Then, you need to connect your iPhone 11/11 Pro to your computer via USB and press the Start button.

    Step 2 Boot iPhone 11/11 Pro into DFU mode

  • Power off your iPhone 11/11 Pro.
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    About The iPhone 11 Pro Max On Att

    The iPhone 11 is the first post-Ive era iPhone which Apple has produced. As a result, it’s both thicker and heavier. But in terms of usability and getting all-day battery life, it’s so much better.

    It’s the 13th generation iPhone, announced to the world on September 10th 2019. There are three variants of the device – iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The iPhone has a three-camera design and is the first iPhone to come with a fast charger out of the box.

    The iPhone 11 is waterproof up to 2m for a period of up to 30 minutes. It features a Super Retina XDR OLED display, with varying resolutions. 3D touch is out – and Haptic Touch is in. The removal of 3D touch was probably to help reduce the weight of the device.

    New Machine Learning Accelerators permit the processor to deliver over one trillion operations per second, and also the Neural Engine is quicker than ever for photograph and video analysis.

    When it involves battery life, Apple has created spectacular enhancements. The iPhone 11 Pro offers up to eighteen hours of video playback, eleven hours of streamed video playback, and sixty five hours of audio playback, which is four hours longer than the iPhone XS.

    All carriers which sell the iPhone 11 lock it to their network. If you want to get it working on another carrier, you’ll need to unlock it.

    How to unlock your AT& T phone for maximum flexibility and cost-saving!

    Why unlock your ATT device?

    How to unlock your ATT device!

    How To Unlock Screen Passwords On iPhone 11/11 Pro

    How To Unlock iPhone 11 From AT& T to Any Carrier

    Summary: What if your new iPhone 11 / 11pro is locked because it has entered the wrong password too many times? Now, the best solution is to use Dr fone to unlock the screen passwords.

    The iPhone 11/11 Pro is Apples new phone this year. On the outside, the iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch LCD screen with black, white, yellow, green, purple and red body, while the iPhone 11 Pro features an OLCD screen with dark green, dark gray, silver and gold body. The iPhone 11 series has also become a choice for many consumers to replace their new phones. After all, compared with last years iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 series has greatly improved in performance and configuration. With Apples latest A13 chip, the iPhone 11 / 11 Pro has improved performance and durability. In terms of camera, the iPhone 11 uses a 12 megapixel dual camera combination, while the iPhone 11 Pro adds a long focal length lens on the basis of the iPhone 11, forming a combination of the main camera, long focal length lens and ultra wide angle lens. In terms of battery life, the iPhone 11 has a battery capacity of 3100 mAh and the iPhone 11 Pro has a battery capacity of 3190 mAh.

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    How Much Should I Pay

    Ideally you shouldnt pay anything to unlock your iPhone, because your carrier should unlock it for you for free. But some carriers are still setting admin charges, so you might prefer looking at third-party options. These seem to charge between £10 and £25, and we wouldnt pay more than that. Shop around if anybody quotes you a higher price.

    Unlock iPhone 11 At& t And Any Other Carrier

    Did you just bought an iPhone and is locked to AT& T but youd want to use another sim card? Theres no need to be worried about, with the Unlocky tool you can unlock iPhone 11 AT& T for free in no matter time. Our tool can be used for any country or network provider in the world. We cover over 200 countries and over 500 carriers/network providers.

    The carrier such as AT& T, T-Mobile, Vodafone usually locks your cell phone because they want to keep you as their customer until the contract ends or can unlock it by charging you overprice. Even so, the unlocking process may take up to 10 days. Dont fo further and unlock iPhone 11 free with Unlocky.

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    iPhone 11 / Pro / Max Unlock Faq

    How to unlock iPhone 11 / Pro / Max questions answered.

    We are proud to provide the fastest way to unlock an iPhone 11 / Pro / Max. Most unlocks are processed within 24 hours, with many successful instant unlocks. Sometimes it can take a little longer, however you can check the progress of your iPhone 11 unlock with our live tracking service.

    Everything you need to unlock your iPhone 11 will be sent to you by email and the process is conducted over the air using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi – so you can unlock your iPhone 11 anywhere in the world! Whats more, there will be no interruptions to your carrier service throughout the unlock process.

    Our helpful customer support team is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have, and you can track the progress of the unlock live online.

    All we need to unlock your iPhone 11 is the iPhones IMEI number, which is a set of 15 identification digits that can identify your specific iPhone. You can find this by dialing *#06# from your phone or by going to your Settings> General> About screen. Identifying your device by IMEI, means we can officially unlock your iPhone 11 remotely, quickly and effectively.

    Unlock iPhone Using Itunes

    How to Unlock iPhone 11 from Carrier/Screen/iCloud Lock? [Solved]

    Prepare for unlocking iPhone:

    • A computer
    • An Apple USB cable

    When you’re ready, check how to unlock iPhone from iTunes.

    Method 1: If you use a computer where you’ve ever synced iPhone with using iTunes before

    Here, we’ll use a PC to show you how to unlock iPhone passcode with iTunes, which is almost the same with using iTunes or Finder in a Mac computer.

    1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable.

    2. Open up iTunes. Make sure that iTunes is updated to the latest version.

    3. If your iPhone has been synced with this computer via iTunes, an iPhone icon will show up in the top left corner of iTunes window after iTunes detects it. Click on it. If not, go to the next method.

    4. In the left of iTunes screen, click Summary. If you don’t have a backup for the iPhone that need to be unlocked, click Back Up Now button to perform a backup using iTunes first. Once done, move on.

    5. Hit the Restore iPhone button, then hit Restore button again. Then, iTunes will start unlocking the phone.

    Method 2: If you use a computer which your iPhone has never been synced to using iTunes

    Can’t get iPhone recognized by iTunes due to that you forgot the lock screen passcode or get stuck on ”iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes”? Don’t panic, as you can fix it up by putting your iPhone into recovery mode and then unlocking iPhone using iTunes without passcode.

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    Way 1 Easily Unlock iPhone 11 Screen Passcode With Unlocking Tool

    If you are looking for a way to unlock iPhone 11/11 Pro password with one click, it is best to use a professional iOS Unlocking tool – UkeySoft Unlocker.

    Thanks for UkeySoft Unlocker, it is possible to gain access to iPhone 11 if you forget your passcode. With this powerful tool, you can easily remove iPhone screen passcode without password, such as 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID. Is it amazing? What’s more, this powerful tool can easily remove Apple ID from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, helping you access iPhone again!

    How To Update An Unlocked Phone Without The Sim Card

    If youve requested an unlock from your carrier, but have not got the original SIM card, or if you have acquired a locked iPhone from someone else, you may need to reset the phone before it will be unlocked. Follow these steps to reset the iPhone:

  • Back up your iPhone to iCloud or via iTunes/the Finder.
  • Erase your iPhone. Click on Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Complete the setup assistant and restore from your backup.
  • The phone should now be unlocked.

    When you turn the iPhone back on, complete the setup assistant and restore it from the backup you created. Then you can insert the new SIM card and it should now work.

    And there we have it! Your iPhone should be unlocked and free for use on any network. If youre interested in repeating the process for your tablet, weve got a separate guide for those who wish to unlock an iPad.

    If youre thinking of moving your old iPhone on to someone else, you should also read how and where to sell your old iPhone for the best price for some tips on resetting it and getting the best deal.

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