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iPhone Turn Voice Control Off

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How To Turn Off Voice Control On An iPhone 11

How to Turn Off Voice Control on an iPhone

Many devices are starting to give their users options for performing certain actions by simply speaking into the device. This extends to accessories like the AirPods, which also have their own feature like alerting you if you forget them somewhere.

As the voice control feature becomes more streamlined it can be very useful, especially on a mobile phone. Your iPhone has a voice assistant called Siri that can help you to perform certain actions with your voice.

But even if Siri is turned off, its still possible that your iPhone can accept voice commands. This is because of a separate feature called Voice Control.

Voice Control can either be activated at all times on the device, or it can be configured to turn on when you press and hold down the side button.

Voice Control can be helpful if its something that you actually want to use, but it can be a bit of an annoyance if you find that it is turning on accidentally.

Our guide below will show you how to turn off Voice Control on an iPhone 11 by changing settings on a couple of menus.

  • Turn off Voice Control, then tap Accessibility.
  • Select Side Button.
  • Tap Off under Press and Hold to Speak.
  • Our article continues below with more information on turning off voice control on the iPhone, as well as pictures of these steps.

    Is your phone making it tough to call internationally? Our what is dial assist guide can show you what setting to turn off.

    Turn Off Voice Control On iPhone By Turning On Siri

    As said before, if you Siri is enabled, then the Voice Control on iPhone can’t be activated by pressing the Home button.

    1. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Siri” and toggle Siri on. Enabling Siri disables Voice Control. In order to avoid Siri making an accidental phone call, keep setting in step 2.

    2. Go to “Settings” > “Touch ID & Passcode” > and enter your passcode. Turn off Siri under “Allow Access When Locked” section.

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    Several Things You Can Ask Siri To Do

    Siri could be considered as an enhanced version of Voice Control, it can be pretty helpful if you know how to use to perform certain tasks for you. Here are several things you can ask Siri to do.

    1. Search things

    If you find something you are interested in and want to go online and search it, you can directly activate Siri and ask Siri to do the search for you. It’ll save you the time to open Safari and type the words. And sometimes you will be able to get detailed results other than websites.

    2. Create Reminders

    Another thing you can ask Siri to do is create reminders. Just simply tell Siri “Remind me to…” and Siri will add what you said to the Reminders app and it’ll remind you when it’s time.

    3. Set Alarms

    You can also ask Siri to set alarms for you. Tell Siri “Set the alarm for…” or “wake me up at…” and it will add the time you said to the alarm list.

    4. Make Phone Calls

    5. Find out what time it is

    After waking up in bed in the morning, for a lot of people, the first thing to do would be to know what time it is. If your iPhone is around, just ask Siri: Hey Siri, What time is it and it’ll give you what you need. But you’ll have to have Hey Siri set up in advance and your iPhone have to be pluged into power and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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    How To Turn Off Disable Voice Control In iPhone 6 iPhone 7

    Some users mistake voice control for Siri. It should be kept in mind that Siri and voice control are two separate things. But if you are looking to turn off and disable voice control in iPhone, here is how to do it.

    Open Settings in iPhone and head over to the General tab and then go to accessibility. Now go to Voice Over and you will see a toggle button. Make sure to turn off this toggle button to turn off Voice control.

    If voice control is still not off, chances are your Siri is active. You should turn off Siri and then check whether the phone responds to your voice. In order to turn off Siri, open Settings in your iPhone and head over to Siri and toggle it off.

    2- If you just want to turn off voice control in iPhone 7 and have no problem with Siri, you should know that turning ON Siri will turn off voice control automatically. So whenever youll press the home button, you will see Siri voice center, and not the voice control feature.

    3- Go to Settings in your iPhone and head over to General. Now go to Accessibility and then select Home Button. Under the Press and Hold to Speak option select OFF.

    4- Open Settings and go to General. Now open Accessibility section and move on to Speech and then go to Typing feedback. Turn off speak words and speak auto text to shut down the voice control.

    How To Turn Off Voice Control On iPhone 8 And Earlier Models

    How to Turn Off Voice Control on Your iPhone: 15 Steps

    If you own an iPhone 8 or earlier model, the process is the exact same as above. However, the only slight difference is the location of the setting. You would instead have to go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Home Button. Now follow the steps outlined in the last section to turn off voice control.

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    The Only Way To Get Out Of Voice Control Is To Disable Voice Control Luckily It’s Easy To Do And To Turn Back On If You Change Your Mind

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    Voice Command can be a helpful feature to many, but it can also be frustrating or even unsettling to know your iPhone’s microphone is listening to you all the time. To stop Voice Command, you have to go into your Settings to turn it off, but it’s an easy switch, and you can just as easily turn it back on. Let’s look at how to disable Voice Control.

    Turning off voice activation is easy to do, and easy to reverse. For more ways to use Accessibility features, check out our Tip of the Day.

  • Toggle Voice Control off.
  • If Voice Control is on, you will see a blue microphone symbol at the top left of your screen. Once it is off, that symbol will disappear.

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    Turn Voice Control On Or Off

    After you set up Voice Control, you can turn it on or off quickly by using any of the following methods:

    • Activate Siri and say Turn on Voice Control.

    • Say Turn off Voice Control.

    • Add Voice Control to Accessibility Shortcutsgo to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut, then tap Voice Control.

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    How Can I Turn Off Voice Control On My iPhone 4

    My iPhone 4 is on voice control. How do I get it back to normal?

    by Regh Reghu

    while in voice over mode, you can’t really be able to do much like go to settings and all. So for iPhone 3/3s hold the power and home button, it will restart fresh. In iphone 4 and above press the home button 2, 3 or 4 times to switch voice over control.

    by Samz

    Thank you my phone was blackscreen and voice control and wouldn’t do anything. Once voice control was off I could reset. I am very relieved. Thanks.

    by annfill

    I have an iPhone 4 that is possessed and it randomly goes on voice control and starts calling or face timing random people in my contacts. How do I shut it off?

    by Fab hen

    Ughhh i have the exact same problem after i updated siri kept on turning on whenever it wanted to, so i disabled it. but now voice control comes up and randomly calls people, plays music, facetime people… its a bit much. i dont know what to do!! please HELP!!!!!!! before i throw this phone out the window!!!!!

    How To Get Out Of iPhone Voice Activation

    How to Turn Off Voice Control and Siri on iPhone and iPad

    Some people find the Voice Control feature on the iPhone useful while others view this feature as a hindrance. Voice control seems to be fairly accurate when you call out a contact from your address book, but the feature is not very useful for finding music by title, artist or album. Additionally, when voice control is activated, unauthorized users can simply hold down the Home button to open the iPhones dialer and make calls. The voice control feature is integrated into the OS and cannot be disabled in the phone preferences. You can, however, deactivate voice control by setting a lock screen pass code and disabling voice dialing. For iPhones with the Siri feature, enabling Siri disables default voice activation on the device.

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    How Do I Make My iPhone Stop Talking

    Switch the VoiceOver option from ON to OFF. Unfortunately, with VoiceOver turned on it can be tricky to get into Settings in the first place. If you have the triple-tap Accessibility setting turned on, you can try pressing the home button three times quickly, then double-tapping the Turn VoiceOver Off button.

    How To Turn Off Voice Control On An iPhone 8 Or Earlier Model

    On the iPhone 8 or earlier, you can disable the Classic Voice Control or Siri feature that activates when you press and hold the Home button.

    1. Locate the “Settings” app icon on your iPhone’s home screen and tap it.

    2. Once on the Settings screen, tap “Accessibility.”

    3. Then, tap “Home button.”

    4. Under “Press and Hold to Speak,” select either “Siri,” “Classic Voice Control,” or “Off.”

    5. If you wish to keep Siri active but disable Voice Control, click “Siri” so that a check mark appears beside that option. If you wish to disable both Voice Control and Siri, click “Off” and a check mark should appear beside it.

    You’ve now disabled Voice Control on your iPhone 8 or earlier.

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    How To Turn Off Voice Control On The iPhone

    You may not realize that, on an iPhone, voice control and Siri are two completely separate things. But how do you turn off voice control on the iPhone, if you decide thats what you want? Its very easy to do just a quick tweak in the iPhones settings. You can also use the same setting to disable Siri if you want.

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    To turn off voice control on the iPhone X and later models, go to Settings–> Accessibility–> Side Button. Under the Press and Hold to Speak section, deselect Classic Voice Control by tapping Siri instead. You can also disable Siri by choosing the Off option. On the iPhone 8 and earlier models, you can find the same setting by going to Settings–> General–> Accessibility–> Home Button.


    How To Turn Off Voice Control On iPhone X And Later Models

    Why is My iPhone Making Random Calls? How To Fix It?

    First, go to Settings> Accessibility and scroll to the Physical and Motor section. Tap Side Button.

    On the next screen, go to the Press and Hold to Speak section. If you want to disable voice control, make sure the Classic Voice Control option is deselected. You can do this either by tapping Siri or Off. Tapping Off however will also disable Siri. Off turns off everything relating to voice control on the iPhone.

    If you change your mind later, and you want to enable voice control again, just follow the same steps above, but in reverse.

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    Tips To Reset Siri Voice Recognition

    If the Voice Control can recognize your voice well, Siri isn’t responding when you say “Hey Siri,” or if it misunderstands you more often than not, it is time to reset Siri voice recognition.

    Just go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on the Siri & Search option. Tap the Listen for “Hey Siri” option to turn it off. Wait just a few seconds for it to deactivate Siri recognition completely. After that, you can tap the slider again to reset Siri voice recognition.

    Remember to speak naturally in a normal tone of voice. Instead of some action commands, you can have a joke or conversation with Siri. Speak at the same speed you usually would, which can avoid some wrong command actions caused by the voice recognition.

    Testing In A Foreign Language

    When testing with assistive technology it’s important to test with content in a language that you can understand and with a language that is supported by the assistive technology. For further information see the assistive technology testing in a foreign language guide.

    • Voice Control isn’t available in all countries or regions
    • Speak voice commands in the OS language

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    Ii: Can You Turn Off Voice Control

    Actually, you cannot turn off or disable Voice Control in iOS 10. What you can do to stop it from turning on is by enabling Siri. Thus, Siri will override the Voice Control feature of your Apple device. However, theres one news you might now want to hear. Disabling Siri and Voice Control simultaneously is not possible in iOS 10.

    To help you with the problem of disabling Voice Control, heres a step-by-step guide:

  • Activate Siri. Do this by going to Settings. Then, go to Siri. Finally, toggle on Siri.
  • Go back to the menu called Settings. Choose Touch ID & Passcode. If this is not available, you can select Passcode.
  • Input the passcode. After which, you should press Turn Passcode On. If you currently dont have your own passcode, you will create a new one.
  • Press the option named Voice Dial to disable the voice dialing feature.
  • On Allow Access When Locked, you should disable the Siri option from the lock screen.
  • You should also put Require Password to the option called Immediately. In this way, you are required to enter a password when the phone is locked. This will also hinder pocket calls from happening.
  • Lock your Apple device or iPhone.
  • Press on the Home button for a few seconds. With this, Siri or Voice Control will not be activated.
  • Remember that when you deactivate Siri, Voice Control will take over your phone once again. You can deactivate Siri by going to the Settings Menu and visiting the Siri option. Tap once again to deactivate Siri.

    How To Turn Off Disable Voice Control In iPhone 6 iPhone 7 When You Press Home Button

    How To Turn Off Voice Control On iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus –

    Voice control in iPhone is a nice feature using which you can control your phone with voice commands. This saves time and makes daily tasks like playing music and checking for a flight easy. But sometimes it becomes impossible to turn off or disable voice control in iPhone. Especially in iPhone 7, its pretty hard to figure out how to disable voice control.

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    Stopping Unintentional Voice Control Activation

    The voice control feature makes doing stuff with your iPhone easier. You can compose an Email, text, call, or facetime someone, by uttering words on your device.

    If you want to keep the feature turned on but stop unintentional activation, you can make the feature inaccessible on a locked device. Doing this ensures you only use voice control when your device is unlocked. Follow these steps to achieve that:

  • Open Settings.
  • Create a passcode that youll use to lock your phone.
  • Go back to Settings and click on Passcode Lock.
  • Scroll down the menu and turn off the Voice Dial toggle.
  • Under Allow Access When Locked, turn off the toggle beside Siri.
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