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Random iPhone Numbers To Text

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Have Exciting Conversations Through These Fun Numbers To Text

iOS Programming 9: Random Number Generator

May 31, 2021

Communication has been an essential part of our lives, especially during these times when we are obliged to stay at home. Heres a question for you: when was the last time you had received an exciting call or text? You probably dont remember and youre obviously reading this because you want to have some, right? Fret not cause this list is for you to experience it right now! We spared you the trouble of looking through a bunch of lists and compiled the most intriguing ones weve stumbled across online.

This is for you, fellow prankster! We know how much you love fun and exciting stuff that keeps you at the edge of your seat. We have gathered these fun numbers to text and call that will surely make your phone and messaging apps exciting again! No, Buk Lau or Rakesh arent the ones responding at the other end, but we guarantee you that the conversation will be as fun as the one you might get to have with them! Keep in mind that when you text or call these numbers, THEY MIGHT CHARGE YOU FOR IT. No one wants to get twice their phone bill at the end of the month.

We have a more elaborate list of funny numbers to call whenever you want to entertain yourself–or better yet, try our prank call app to get twice the amount of toll-free entertainment for less the hassle of dialing a bunch of numbers!

So if you have a credit to spare, open your phones native Messaging or Phone app RIGHT NOW and try calling or sending a blank text message to these numbers:

Is It Possible To Track Where A Text Came From

When using third-party texting services, pre-paid burner phones, and texting websites it can be incredibly difficult to find out who is behind the fake texts. Although many of these services require you to login with an account, some do not which may make it more difficult to track the original sender.

Depending on your reasons for sending text messages from fake phone numbers, theres always a way to track the origin if youre smart enough. Prepaid phones require personal information to start service. IP Addresses can be traced. Most common users wont be able to track the texts origins, but it can be done.

Bulk Phone Number Generator

Generate thousand of valid phone numbers from any country. In just a second, you can have a text list of valid mobile and landing phone lines.

This app tool can help you with form submission and whenever you need mockup data or placeholders.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a bulk phone number generator with valid numbers? It’s particularly helpful if the generator can give numbers not just for the United States, but also for every country in the world. What are the possibilities of having that kind of information?

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Why Am I Getting Dirty Text Messages#

There are lots of reasons you are . Senders of spam texts are trying to scam you, sell you something, or install a virus on your phone. Those dirty texts might not be enticing to you, but the senders hope they will get someone to bite.

All in all, the reason you get these texts boils down to this:

Spammers got your phone number and they want to steal from you

These Burner Apps Get The Job Done

Blank iPhone Background liked on Polyvore featuring phones, fillers ...

All the apps in this list will give you a second number, but they’re each tweaked for a slightly different market. Which you use is largely up to personal preference and what you need the number for.

And if you want to keep your costs down while also getting a temporary number, you can also look into the many Android and iOS apps available that enable you to make free calls from a US number.

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Beware Of Legal Issues

It is okay to use a different phone number to text someone occasionally due to various reasons. However, your intentions should always be good, even if youre looking to prank your friends or relatives in some way.

If you want to use a fake phone number for malevolent reasons, most of these applications and services have a way to track your ID or IP address and you can get in legal trouble with the authorities. So, just because these features exist, it doesnt mean that you should abuse them. Use them wisely and with a positive purpose.

How Did They Get My Phone Number#

There are lots of way spammers can get your phone number. One way is scraping it from websites or downloading it from online databases.

There are hundreds of sites that sell peoples personal information and phone numbers. Unfortunately, my phone number is on those lists and yours probably is too .

The fact is there is not much we can do about it. Companies collect our personal information all the time. This information gets leaked when companies get hacked or they sell our personal information for profit .

Spam text senders purchase these lists and blast out millions of spam texts. Once they get your phone number, you can be sure theyll be sending you spam.

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How To Stop Spam Texts On iPhone

Here’s how to stop spam texts on iPhone with a simple yet little-known feature

Learning how to stop spam texts on iPhone is a must if, like me, you’re sick of seeing your Messages inbox cluttered with random and often highly suspect messages.

Spam messages usually originate from a spammer’s getting hold of your cell number, often via data leaks, the sale of personal data or even simply by random number generation. However the spammers got your number spam texts are at best an annoyance, and at worst a downright security hazard. It almost goes almost without saying that you should take your data and information security extremely seriously, and never tap on any links in suspect messages or provide any data that they request.

But how can you stop spam text messages on iPhone? You can block each sender’s number individually, of course, but the spammer can then just as easily send a text from another number straight away. So what if there were a way to simply filter spam messages on iPhone so you never had to see them?

Well, we’ve got good news. Enabling a simple message filtering system on iPhone can effectively stop you seeing annoying spam messages altogether, while ensuring you still have control over what happens to them . It’s yet another handy feature that makes the iPhone one of the best phones you can buy.

Read on to find out how.

You can also follow Tom’s Guide on TikTok for more iPhone hacks and tutorials, just like this one.

Why Use A Burner App

iOS Programming 10: Random Text Generator

In case you’re not sure why you’d want a burner phone app :

  • Online dating is more popular than ever, but it does carry certain risks, particularly for women. Using a temporary number provides a valuable extra layer of privacy.
  • When buying or selling something on Craigslist, or placing an ad anywhere, a disposable number means you don’t have to deal with calls once your business is done.
  • If you’re job hunting, you may be expecting a lot of calls from unknown numbers. It’s good to know that these are related to your job search before you answer.
  • Perhaps you’re moving to a different area, or even a different country. In such cases, you might want to pick up a local number before you move.
  • If your job requires you to be on call or you run your own business, you’ll want a dedicated number that you know to answer professionally and can ignore when you’re off the clock, without having to carry two phones.
  • If someone is monitoring your calls and texts , you can reach out for help using a number they don’t have access to.

Whatever the reason you need a second number , there are plenty of burner apps that can help. Here are some of the best burner phone apps.

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What Are You Waiting For Get Random Phone Numbers With Phoner Now

3 steps for unlimited, instant random phone numbers you need to grow your business, protect your privacy and more.

Phoner gives you the random phone numbers you need. Use it for free and stay safe with random phone numbers that change every time you call or text, or get a premium number you can keep.

How To Text Someone From A Different Phone Number

Your phone number is connected to a SIM card, and unless you have a dual-SIM phone, theres no easy way to change your phone number when you text. You may need to switch a phone number because you dont want to give up your personal information or something informal like pulling a prank.

Although the easiest way to text someone from a different number is to use a friends phone, this method can be easily tracked and is thus unreliable.

Luckily, there are many ways to text someone with different phone numbers, but youll have to use services and apps. In this article, well look at the best ways to mask the senders ID.

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Generate Bulk Fake Mobile Numbers

  • Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Select
  • Congo Select
  • Korea Select
  • Macedonia Select
  • Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Select
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Select
  • Zimbabwe Select
+1 352-948-8057+1 582-682-8498+1 209-419-9658+1 435-823-1240+1 582-302-0317+1 505-509-5837+1 817-448-4450+1 582-558-8225+1 412-808-5063+1 219-254-2092

The Best Option By A Long Shot

WTH? IPhone randomly inserting BBC in text messages...anyone else have ...

I have downloaded a handful of âsimilarââapps, trying to acquire an additional phone number and myself testing their testing period of me. This app has been nothing but PERFECT thus far in all aspects I have been concerned about. If you are seeking a second phone number app, it is SO, SO easy to become overwhelmed by the offerings in the App Store. This is an edit to my review: In using the âOperating System for this App, I just become further impressed the deeper or âfurtherâ I go with using it. Sure, it might not be the only one that allows further number changes later, but the organization of this App, the layout for making changes to your number, numbers, for adding numbers, and much more is SO clean and simple it is nothing short of the best. My friends, I have learned FOR YOU by experience. So save yourself any frustration, go straight to the best option and download THIS APP!

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What Countries Does Phoner Work In

Phoner is not just an American phone number generator. It actually works all over the world too. You can use Phoner from any country to generate numbers to .

Randomly generated numbers are currently limited to the following countries: USA random numbers, UK random numbers, and CA random numbers.

As long as you belong to one of these countries, Phoner app can work as a phone number gen and create a random number in your local home country.

Can A Burner Number Be Traced

Thatâs a great question! And the answer is no. Thatâs the whole point of a Burner phone itâs supposed to be completely untraceable. How does it work here at Burner? First, you choose the phone number you want to use, including the area code that suits you. This means that even the area code doesnât have to be the same one you use, or even close to it, for your regular phone number.

Then, whenever you place a call, itâll show up on someone elseâs phone and phone bill as a call from your Burner number, nothing else. Your name isnât attached to the number aside from on your own end in your account area. Publicly, your name and real phone number arenât attached to your fake Burner phone number.

Need an example? Letâs say you call someone using your iPhone, which is linked via your Seatlle-based number and SIM card. If youâre calling through the Burner app, on someone elseâs phone bill, all it will show is your Burner phone number, which could be from anywhere in the United States or Canada. The same applies to incoming calls your phone bill will show that youâve received a call from your own Burner number.

In the instance that someone finds out youâre using a fake phone number , just burn the number.

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How Does It Work

Until you text or call someone, the random phone number is not known and is randomly assigned at the time you text or call.

But once you have texted or called someone, that specific phone number for the recipient will be the permanent number between you and the recipient.

This means everyone you text or call knows you by a different random phone number.

It’s a burner phone miracle hack you can easily get for your personal privacy. But what if you want to share your randomly generated number?

Why You Need Mobilesmsio For Your Website Or App Sign Up Needs

iPhone Programming – Generating Random Text

Are you tired of providing your phone number to random websites and social media sites only to be flooded with offers and spam calls from marketers trying to maximize their sales?

Have you ever been asked to enter your phone number in order to signup for a newsletter or service, or to receive a one-time password?

If your answer is yes, then you definitely need a mobile number generator with SMS.

Our service provides you with virtual phone numbers that can be used on various platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and more, without having to risk your personal identity and safety.

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‘they Do This In Mass Numbers’: Cyber Security Expert Discusses Strange Text Surfacing Across Country

MILWAUKEE A random text with the same woman’s picture on it is popping up on cell phones all across the country.

If you get one, your first instinct may be to respond “wrong number.” If you do that, you’re taking the bait because cyber security experts say this is likely a scheme.Harmony Rich says she received this strange text message.

“I was just sitting in bed and I got this text of this random girl and I thought, ‘this is really weird,'” said Rich.

Rich says the message was from a 414 number — her same area code. Her teenage daughter received the exact text at the same time. Again, just the image of a woman.

“So, then I just started diving down a black hole of investigating what was going on with this picture,” said Rich.

Rich read on social media it’s likely a scheme and that there’s also another woman’s image being texted out to the masses.

Rich and her daughter didn’t respond to the message, which is the advice cyber security expert Yoav Keren is giving.

“In order for these people to succeed, they do this in mass numbers,” said Keren, co-founder of online threat hunting company, Brandshield.

Keren says these unsolicited texts typically originate from computers. Oftentimes, they spoof the number, mimicking your local area code so you are more likely to text back.

But it begs the question, who are these women? Keren says they may be real.

Bottom line, don’t respond “wrong number.”

Disable Voice Control On iPhone

Voice control is an Accessibility tool on the iPhone that enables you to control the device with voice commands, without physically touching the screen.

While beneficial, the feature might accidentally trigger random calls, thinking you asked it to make that calls. Check if Voice Control is enabled and disable it to see if the problem is fixed.

Go to Settings Accessibility Voice Control.

Turn off the Toggle for Voice Control feature.

If the setting is already disabled and the iPhone is still making random calls, try the following hacks.

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Why Am I Getting These Texts

On Monday, The Verge reported that the phenomenon appears to only affect Verizon Wireless customers. A Verizon spokesperson confirmed the issue in a statement to CNBC Make It.

“As part of a recent fraud scheme, bad actors have been sending text messages to some Verizon customers which appear to come from the customers’ own number,” Verizon spokesperson Rich Young said. “Since uncovering the scheme, our company has made a significant effort to limit the current activity.”

Young noted a recent uptick in spam text messages across all wireless carriers, and said Verizon is “actively working with others in our industry and with U.S. law enforcement as part of an investigation aimed at identifying and stopping these fraudsters and their illegal actions.”

Robokiller, a company that makes a mobile app to block spam calls and texts, said it had tracked more than 5,000 incidents of the same-number spam text messages over the past week, as of Thursday.

According to Robokiller, typical versions of the spam texts feature messages that say, “Free Msg: Your bill is paid for March,” along with a dubious link that claims to offer a free gift. In other cases, the spam message includes a link that claims to take the recipient to a Verizon survey, according to CNET.

What About Other Kinds Of Spam Texts

iPhone Copy/Paste Service Pastebud Delivers Copied Text to Random Strangers

The recent spate of same-number spam texts comes amid a rise in overall spam texts received by U.S. wireless customers in recent years.

Last year, the Federal Communications Commission warned that spam texts have been rising during the Covid-19 pandemic, with scammers more likely to prey on desperate Americans suffering from health or financial hardships. Robokiller said Americans received a total of 87.8 billion spam text messages in 2021, a 58% increase from the previous year.

Spam texts are often referred to as SMS phishing, or “smishing” attacks, where scammers try to trick wireless users into sharing personal information or clicking on malware-ridden links. In some cases, spammers trick your phone’s Caller ID to make it seem like a text or call is coming from a local or government-associated number, a practice called “spoofing.”

In the case of the same-number spam texts, it appears that “bad actors” are even able to spoof recipients’ own numbers adding another layer to the process.

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