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How Do You Approve An iPhone

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Why Does My iPhone Say Waiting For Approval

Approve This iPhone iPad iPod – go to one of your devices signed in…. Cant approve Fix

The prompt is Apple’s way of ascertaining that it is you accessing encrypted data on your device. The “Approve this iPhone” feature is part of Apple’s 2-factor authentication system that enables you to sign in on one device using a certified security code from another that you are already using.

Apple released the feature as a seamless way to sign in across your gadgets without setting up the user’s Apple ID every time.

However, for it to function, you have to switch it on across all your iOS devices and iCloud. Failure to do so causes miscommunication across devices. Your new phone will not access your iCloud accounts and won’t sync data.

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How To Approve iPhone From Mac Or Pc

Apple is very concerned about the privacy of its consumers. This is why it might be a bit challenging to update your iOS device to the latest model as you might face the challenge of how to approve iPhone from Mac or PC. When you are using your iCloud login information such as Apple ID and password, you need to confirm that you are the person who is trying to get access to it. If you have some struggles with the approving step, we will explain to you how to do it in several ways.

When you get your very first iOS or MacOs device, you have to go through a number of steps during initial installation. One of those steps is confirming that you agree to use two-factor authentication. This option is responsible for keeping your data private and secure.

A Quick Fix When You Cant Approve This iPhone Using A Software

Aside from the above solutions that we have shown you, there is also one solution that you can apply to solve the “Can’t approve this iPhone” issue. And that is by using the FoneDog iOS System Recovery.

iOS System RecoveryFix with various iOS system issues like recovery mode, DFU mode white screen looping on start, etc.Fix your iOS device to normal from white Apple logo, black screen, blue screen, red screen.Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.Fix iTunes Error 3600, Error 9, Error 14 and various iPhone Error codesUnfrozen your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Using the FoneDog iOS System Recovery, you will be able to fix any problem that you are experiencing on your iOS device. Through the FoneDog iOS System Recovery, you can get your iPhone device to its normal state.

The FoneDog iOS System Recovery can easily fix problems on your iPhone such as iTunes error, iPhone that is stuck in recovery mode, iOS that is stuck in Apple logo, and so much more. And with this software, you will be able to fix your iPhone in two different ways. One is by Standard Mode which will not affect any data on your iPhone. And the other one is the Advanced Mode which will be used when the Standard Mode was not able to successfully be fulfilled. However, when you use Advanced mode to fix your iOS device, all the data that you have will be deleted.

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Bonus Tip: Sync Data Between Two Icloud Accounts

There is also another situation when we need to know how to approve devices on iCloud. We can back up our important data to iCloud from one device. When we want to access these iCloud backup data on another device, we can sign in to the same iCloud, and do as above steps to approve the device on iCloud to restore iCloud backup data.

However, this is not the only way to share iCloud data. We can also sync one iCloud data to another iCloud, and dont need to sign in to another iCloud and approving operation. You will instantly ask us how. To sync data between two iCloud, we need help from one application AnyTrans.

AnyTrans is a one-click iOS data manager. AnyTrans enables to transfer iOS data without limitation, like photos, messages, notes, music, movies, and so on. Besides managing iOS data, AnyTrans can also support managing iCloud data, for example, iCloud Sync feature. In the following, we will take photos as an example to show how to sync data between your two iCloud.

Steps to Sync Data between Two iCloud Accounts

Step 1. > Install it on your computer > Click iCloud Manager section > Hit the Sign in to iCloud option to log into your two iCloud accounts.

* 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Click Photos.

Step 3. Select photos you plan to sync to the other iCloud > Click the To iCloud button, and they will be soon transferred.

Sync Data to Another iCloud in AnyTrans

How Do I Approve My iPhone From Another Device If I Don’t Have Another Device

How to Approve This iPhone

If you’re signing in and don’t have a trusted device handy that can display verification codes, you can have a code sent to your trusted phone number via text message or an automated phone call instead. Click Didn’t Get a Code on the sign in screen and choose to send a code to your trusted phone number.

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How To Manage App Permissions On Your iPhone Or iPad

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Apple has added an increasingly sophisticated app permission system to iOS over the years. Its up to you whether an app gets access to everything from your devices sensors and personal information to notifications and cellular data.

The first time an app wants to use something that requires permission, it has to ask you. You can see which apps have various permissions and manage them later, too.

Approve iPhone/ipad On Mac

If you have already enabled iCloud keychain on your Mac computer, it is going to be very simple to get your iPhone or iPad approved. Follow the steps carefully to do so.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad.
  • 2. Try switching on your iCloud keychain. You will now be asked to go to one of the other devices to approve this iPhone/iPad using the iCloud keychain.

    3. On your Mac screen, you now see a notification alert on the upper-right corner. Click Continue.

    4. Now enter your Apple ID password and click Allow. You can enable iCloud Keychain on your iPhone successfully.

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    Fix Approve This iPhone Issue By Getting Verification Code

    Another way to resolve Approve this iPhone problem is by getting a verification code on another iOS device that is linked with your apple id. Follow these steps on how to get a verification code on another iOS device:

  • On another iOS device, go to Settings and tap Password & Security
  • Tap Get Verification Code and wait for the pop-up window to appear with the code and tap OK
  • Go back to the iPhone with Approve this iPhone screen and check if the problem has been resolved.
  • Getting the verification code from another iOS device will help you fix Approve this iPhone issue.

    Solution #: Use Verification Code

    How to Approve iPhone from PC using Windows computer or using iCloud or without iCloud device
    • Launch your Settings on your iPhone and then tap your name.
    • From there, tap and choose Password and Security.
    • And then, choose Get Verification Code.
    • Once you do that, you will then be able to see a pop-up message on your screen with Verification Code.
    • And then tap on the OK button.
    • And once that you go back to your iPhone screen check if the message is still there, if not, then this means that the problem is already fixed.

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    What Does Resetting Encrypted Data Mean

    If you can’t remember the password for your encrypted backup Here’s what to do: On your device, go to Settings > General > Reset. … This won’t affect your user data or passwords, but it will reset settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper. It also removes your encrypted backup password.

    Why Do My Apple Devices Keep Asking For My Password

    Update Your iPhone Its possible your iPhone keeps asking for your Apple ID password because its running an outdated version of iOS. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and check to see if an iOS update is available. Tap Download and Install if an iOS update is available on your iPhone!Nov 23, 2018.

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    How To Get Your iPhone/ipad App Approved Faster On The App Store

    Apples app review process is one of the most important parts for the developer. All your work as an iPhone/iPad app dev is reviewed by Apples testers and if your app satisfies their rules and guidelines, your app will be approved and be on the App Store soon.

    There is no set time-limit for the app review/approval process. It depends on a lot of factors mostly, it can take anywhere between 5 days and 4 weeks. Sometimes, if you dont activate the IAPs, your app might remain in pending for a long time till you fix it.

    Theres nothing technical you can do to get your app reviewed faster but if you follow these steps, you might avoid getting your app rejected and follow the reject-repeal cycle.

    Solution : By Turning Off The Icloud Keychain

    [SOLVED] How do I approve my iPhone from another device ...

    Can you remember all the passwords? There are so many passwords you have to use in daily life and you may easily forget or confuse them. But what if you need to delete the iCloud account without the password? At some point in time, you may need an assistant helping you store your Apple ID and password. That is how the concept of iCloud came into being. There may be times when the system designed for your convenience starts to create troubles. It might happen that the iCloud Keychain is storing a password which is either incorrect or obsolete not working on your new phone. In such a case, the best solution is to turn off the iCloud Keychain. Here are the steps which you can follow:

    • Next, move to the iCloud section under the Apple ID tab. There, you will find a Keychain tab and click it.
    • Now, you have to restart your phone and then repeat the above process all over again.

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    How To Approve iPhone With Other Device

    How to approve iPhone from other non-Apple devices Head to your browser on the other device. Successfully sign in to your iCloud account by entering your account details. Enter the Apple ID Verification Code. Toggle on two-step verification by clicking the edit button.

    Use The Settings Menu To Receive A Code

    Finally, if you don’t receive automatic codes and are unable to take a call or text, you can use the Settings menu on your trusted device to generate a code. Here’s what you do:

    This method will work even if your trusted device is offline.

  • Go to Settings > on your trusted device. On older devices, you may have to tap iCloud to find the menu.

  • Tap Password & Security.

  • Finally, select the option that says Get Verification Code. Tap OK when done.

  • Two-factor authentication is important, but don’t get locked out in the cold. Make sure to set up your trusted devices when you set up authentication in order to quickly and easily approve any new devices.

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    How To Approve iPhone From Windows Pc Or Computer

    Your iPhone can be approved with help of a Mac or an iOS device. You need to verify your identity in iCloud Account which is possible only through another apple device. Some iPhone users often ask if they can approve their iPhone by using a Windows Computer.

    It is not necessary that every iPhone user has other apple device. So we have done a research to find out a method to approve iPhone from a Windows PC. As a result, we found that you cannot approve your iPhone with help of a Windows Computer. Because Apple does not send the verification code on any non-apple device.

    Therefore we strongly recommend you to use a MacBook, Mac PC or iOS Device to approve your iPhone. In case you dont own a Mac or iOS device, kindly use your friends or relatives apple device to approve your iPhone from Mac.

    Test Excessively Before Sending It For Approval

    How to Approve Your Kid’s Downloads and Purchases on the iPhone

    Ive included this as the last point but this is the most important point. Test your app thoroughly, excessively and do it like its an obsession. Testing reveals a lot of stuff that goes wrong, that might be done other way and thats required/not required. Also, rope in a few friends to test the app before you send it for review.

    While you cant influence the time taken in an app review process, you can make sure there are things that cleared out fast. To summarize, keep things simple, be really unique, re-read the guidelines a lot of times and test, test, test. Keep testing till you know for sure that things are perfectly okay.

    Similar lessons apply for app updates that you push. Incidentally, app updates take a much shorter time than the first review process. Nevertheless, follow these principles to make sure nothing goes wrong.

    Thats all, folks!

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    Sync Data Between Two Icloud Accounts

    You can also sync one iCloud data to another iCloud and that too without signing in on another iCloud.This can be done by using an application called AnyTrans for iOS. It allows you to view and extract iCloud backups, delete old files, batch save photos to the computer and move files easily between iCloud accounts.

    Follow the steps down below to sync data between two iCloud accounts. Here, well take the example of photos.

    • Download AnyTrans and install it on your PC/MAC.
    • Now click Add iCloud Account to log in to your two iCloud accounts.
    • Scroll down to category management and click Photos.
    • Select photos you want to sync to the other iCloud and click the To iCloud button.

    How To Approve Mac On Icloud From Ios Device

    When we upgrade our Mac OS, or just get a new one, and need to approve it on iCloud, we can figure it out with the following steps:

  • After you enter iCloud ID and password, it would remind you that you need 6 figures to approve this Mac from other devices. At this moment, open your iPhone, which has already signed in iCloud before. iPhone will tell you there is another device using iCloud, and ask whether to allow or not. You need to click Allow, and then there will show the 6 figures Apple ID Verification Code.
  • Enter Apple ID Verification Code, and you succeed in approving Mac on iCloud.
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    How Do I Approve My iPhone From Another Device On Icloud

    Do you want to approve your iPhone from another device on iCloud? Well, this article can guide you with the same.

    I am sure you might have come across a situation wherein you were trying to sign in on another iPhone device but came by an error instead. However, there is nothing to worry about as this problem can be resolved by following some of the easiest steps mentioned below in this article.

    What If You Dont Have A Mac Or Ios Device

    How to Approve Device on iCloud from Other Device

    You may have the question How to Approve iPhone if I dont own any Mac or other iOS Device? In such circumstances, you have to think logically. When you buy your first iPhone or other Apple Device, you need to Create an Apple ID and iCloud Account. The iOS System does not ask to Approve This iPhone when you are creating your iCloud Account.

    You will get the notification as Approve This iPhone only if you own an iCloud Account with other Mac or iOS device. It may happen that you had an old iPhone or iPod with iCloud Account, but the device is lost or dead. So you dont have that old device at present. In such circumstances, you should try our alternate methods.

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    Unique In Content And Approach

    For every idea, there is an app out there. With over 700 million apps and counting, there are way more duplicate apps out in the App Store now than it was ever before. Naturally, if your app does almost the same thing as some other app in the store, your app has a higher chance of getting rejected. Even if you create something thats a little different, this will delay the process. Make sure what you create stands out. Totally.

    How To Approve iPhone/ipad From Another Device

    How to approve iOS devices on iCloud has similarities with approving Mac in many ways, and there is just one point you need to understand.

  • Get Apple ID Verification Code from another iPhone, and enter the 6 figures.
  • The only difference from approving Mac on iCloud is that after you enter Apple ID Verification Code, you will be asked to enter the iPhone passcode, too. After that, you finish approving iOS devices on iCloud.
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