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How To Display Battery Percentage On iPhone X

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Our Opinion On iPhone 11s And X Seriess Lack Of On

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X

We say yuck!

We want Apple to offer a way to customize the iPhone 11/X Series phones top status bar or at least an option to place the battery percentage in the status bar.

I certainly prefer having the percentage on-screen instead of the often useless battery icon.

So what do you think of this redesign? Works or doesnt work for you??

How To Show Battery Percentage On Other iPhone Models

If you have an older iPhone model such as an iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, or an even older model, here are the steps to show battery percentage on them:

  • Open Settings app.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Toggle Battery Percentage on.
  • Since these devices do not have a notch at the top of their screens, the battery percentage appears on the status bar of your iPhone and stays there. This makes it very convenient to look at the battery percentage remaining on your iPhone.

    Bonus: How To See The Battery Level Of A Lost iPhone

    If you misplaced your iPhone, you might want to know the remaining battery percentage because when your iPhone is powered on it becomes easier to locate, lock, and wipe the data remotely.

    To know the battery level of your lost iPhone, visit on a computer and sign in with your Apple ID. Next, click Find iPhone> All Devices and click the misplaced iPhone name. Here, you will see the battery level of that iPhone.

    You may also do the same from the Find My app on another iPhone or iPad. Simply open the app, tap Devices> iPhone name to see the battery level.

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    How To Check iPhone X Battery Percentage

    Youll notice that on the home screen of your iPhone X you can no longer see the percentage of your battery charge remaining. There’s a visual representation of your battery, but there is no specific percentage listed for how much charge remains. Users with an iPhone 8 or prior model can toggle the battery percentage option by going to Settings, then Battery, then toggling the Battery Percentage option. iPhone X users, on the other hand, will have to use a different procedure.

    If you swipe down from the top right of the screen you will bring up the Control Center. At the top right of the Control Center you will see another visual representation of your iPhone X battery, but this one will have the percentage of the charge that remains listed for you as well. While this method of getting the details of your iPhone X battery percentage isnt likely to be popular among users initially, its seems to be the preferred method in the latest versions of iOS. For now, it seems like there is no way to go back to the old method of displaying the battery percentage as with other Apple devices.

    Other changes that Apple has made beyond removing the battery percentage with the iPhone X include changes to how to take a screenshot, and how to close apps on your phone. Were still working our way through all the changes and features ourselves, and will provide more guides like this one as we discover other tips about the iPhone X.

    How To Find The Battery Percentage

    How to Show Battery Percentage % on iPhone X and 11

    The place to check for this is in the Control Centre: swipe down from the righthand side of the top edge. Above the various controls and toggles in this screen, youll see that the status bar has been pulled down from the top and now has enough space to expand the battery status into a graphic and a percentage figure.

    In fact there are other methods you can use to achieve the same thing.

    Any time you plug the iPhone XS into a charging source, a graphic will pop up showing the current battery percentage. And the ever-undervalued Siri can help here too: just say Whats my battery percentage? and he/she will tell you.

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    How To Show iPhone Battery Percentage In The Status Bar

    If you have an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. You will see the battery percentage at the top-right of the screen.

    1. If you have an iPhone with a Home button, open the Settings app.

    2. Tap Battery, then tap the switch to turn on Battery Percentage.

    3. Once this is done, you’ll see the battery percentage at the top-right of your screen.

    View The iPhone Battery Percentage In Control Center

    From your iPhone Lock Screen, Home Screen, or from inside an app, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open Control Center. Here, you will see the precise battery percentage next to the battery icon.

    Image Gallery

    Please note that if you have an iPhone without a notchlike the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6, or 5open Settings> Battery and enable Battery Percentage. Your phone will permanently display the battery percentage in the status bar. Now here’s the kicker, the following methods will work for these iPhones too. So, continue reading.

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    How To Show Your iPhone Battery Percentage

    ByJeffery Battersbypublished 26 February 21

    If you’re not sure how much battery life you have left, here’s a trick for showing it on your iPhone screen

    How much battery life is left on your iPhone? You can sort of tell by glancing at the top of your phones display to see how full the battery indicator looks. But when it comes to figuring out remaining battery life, nothing beats cold, hard numbers.

    Youve got a couple options for getting an exact read on your battery life, especially now that iOS 14 has brought widgets to your phones home screen. But theres no solution faster than a good old-fashioned swipe. Heres the two best ways to display your iPhones battery percentage.

    How To See The Battery Percentage On An iPhone With Face Id

    How to view iPhone X battery percentage

    Apple doesn’t show the battery percentage on an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13. Here’s how to find it yourself.

    The iOS battery icon in the top-right corner of the newer iPhone models does not display the exact battery percentage. Because of this, if you have an iPhone with Face IDlike the iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13you might wonder how to turn on the battery percentage.

    Surprisingly, despite reducing the notch size in the newest iPhone 13 model, iOS 15 does not offer any way to show the battery percentage next to the icon in the status bar. So, here are five quick and easy alternative methods to see the battery level on your iPhone.

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    Battery Doctor Battery Saver

    The free version of Battery Doctor Battery Saver displays your current battery charge. You can view a history of your charge overtime, but that requires a pricey subscription of $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year. Instead, stick with the free version, which offers tips for preserving your battery charge and a guide for creating a shortcut for the app. With the shortcut enabled, you can view the average times required to charge your phone and the average amount of time its plugged in.

    How To Get And Show Battery Percentage In iPhone X 8 7 6 And So On

    Today, Apples first full-screen mobile phone iPhone X becomes a role model for many other smartphone companies those are intermittently trying to copy its design and other features. But today we talk about the turning on and showing of battery percentage in iPhone X. The procedure to turn on the battery percentage is same as other iPhone series like iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and so on.. Because the core features of these all phones operating system are same. But displaying the battery percentage on iPhone X is bit different because after activating it you need to slide the screen from the top right. We know that after the iPhoneX or so-called iPhone 10 is activated, the batter is displayed as an icon by default after entering the system. But there is no percentage figure display, and the user can only roughly understand the remaining battery condition. However, iOS 11 system also supports the battery percentage display, but the thing is how to set the percentage of iPhone X and other models? Today, How2shout brings an iPhone battery percentage display setup tutorial, and also how to show it one iPhone X. Lets have to look

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    Put The Battery Percentage On iPhone X

    As I indicated at the beginning of the article, on the iPhone X Apple has decided to change the display mode of the remaining percentage of battery charge.

    In all other iPhone models, in fact, the percentage is always visible in the upper right part of the screen, next to the battery indicator, after activating the specific function in the settings of iOS, accessible by touching the Dell ‘icon gear on the home screen, in the wording Battery on the next screen and appears EN options lever Battery percentage.

    In the iPhone X, the option in question is already active by default and cannot be deactivated but in this case you can see the exact percentage of Battery charge. solely and exclusively by calling Control center.

    To do this, take your iPhone X and slide your finger from the upper right corner of the screen to the bottom. When you do, the screen will appear in the upper right of the control center, next to battery indicator, Also there porcentaje exact charge. You can follow the steps in question with the iPhone locked and unlocked, it doesn’t matter.

    How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone Xs

    How To Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11?

    The notch bisecting the top edge of the screen on the iPhone XS is there for a good reason: it contains sensors and cameras used for Face ID and selfies. But it removes much of the space previous taken up by the status bar. What has happened to that information, and how do we get it back?

    In this article we explain how to find the battery percentage on X-series iPhone handsets .

    For broader related advice, see How to use the iPhone XS. And if youd like to improve battery performance once youve found out how your device is getting on, see How to get better iPhone battery life.

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    How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 13 12 iPhone 11 And Xr

    The process remains the same for iPhone 13, 12 Pro , 11 Pro, Pro Max, iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max. Here are all the ways to show your iPhones battery percentage:

  • Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open Control Center and view the battery percentage.
  • You can add the Batteries widget to Today View, and optionally pin it there if you want to see it all the time. This approach has the added benefit of showing your battery life on connected devices as well.
  • Ask Siri what the battery percentage is on your iPhone.
  • Plug-in your iPhone to charge, and youll see the battery percentage displayed on the Lock screen.
  • Add A Batteries Widget To Your Home Screen

  • Touch and hold the Home Screen background until the apps begin to jiggle.

  • Tap at the top of the screen, then scroll down and tap Batteries.

  • Swipe left and right through the widgets to view the size options.

    The different sizes display different information.

  • When you see the size you want, tap Add Widget, then tap Done.

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    Ask Siri To Tell You The Battery Percentage

    Siri can do a lot on your iPhone, including giving you the battery percentage. You will find this method particularly helpful when you cannot look at your iPhone screen, especially if you have AirPods or other wired/wireless earphones connected.

    Simply call Siri and ask “What is the battery percentage?” It will tell you the iPhone’s remaining battery level. If you would like to know the battery percentage of a connected device, say something like “What is the battery percentage of my AirPods?”

    Now You Know How To See The Battery Percentage On Your iPhone

    iPhone X/XS: How to Show Battery Percentage

    These were the five ways to view the battery percentage on any iPhone. You should use the ones you are most comfortable with. A tip for people with smaller hands is to add the battery widget on the top of the screen. Since you do not have to tap this widget, it takes the top spot, shifting the usable app icons down and thus making them more reachable.

    Finally, if you often find yourself struggling to make it through the day on a single charge, you must check your battery health and see how to save battery life on your iPhone.

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    Check Your Battery Health

    On an iPhone, you can next check the overall health of your battery. Near the top of the screen, tap the setting for Battery Health.

    The first section displays the maximum capacity of your battery relative to when it was brand new. A new battery should be at a full 100%. As your device gets older, the battery will lose some of its capacity, so the percentage will start to drop to numbers in the 90s, 80s, or lower.

    If you feel your iPhone doesn’t hold its battery charge as well as it should, and the battery capacity is low, then it may be time for a new battery. If the capacity is still high, you should consider other actions to reduce the drain on the battery.

    The second section tells you if your battery is operating under normal peak performance. The results for this section vary depending on your model iPhone. Those of you with newer iPhones in good health should see a notice that your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.

    Those of you who own older iPhones with a poor battery capacity may see a message telling you that your batterys health is significantly degraded. Tap the link for More about service options to see the options for replacing the battery.

    How To Show Your Battery Percentage On Any iPhone Including iPhone X Models

    Hollis Johnson

    An iPhone’s battery percentage display varies depending on the model of the device.

    • Your iPhone shows a graphic representation of its battery in the upper right corner at almost all times, which indicates its approximate battery life remaining.
    • On the iPhone X or newer, you can view the device’s specific battery percentage by swiping down to display the Control Center.
    • If you have an iPhone 8 or older, and your battery percentage display is off, you can turn the display on from the Battery section of your Settings app.
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    No matter how much Apple improves the battery with each iteration of the iPhone, it seems like we always need an emergency charge to prevent a dead battery in the middle of the day.

    The iPhone has a battery graphic at the top of the screen that shows the approximate state of your battery, but you might prefer seeing a cold, hard percentage as well, since every iPhone owner knows that there can be a big difference between 40% and 25% remaining.

    You can easily see your battery percentage, but the process is different depending on whether you have an iPhone X or an iPhone 8 .

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    Use Widgets To View Battery Percentage On iPhone

  • Enter edit mode. To do so, tap and hold space on the screen.
  • Tap on the + icon at the top-left corner.
  • Then tap Batteries Tap Add Widget.
  • Tap Done to exit the edit mode. Now you can see the battery level of your iPhone and other Bluetooth devices connected to it.
  • With iOS 14, you can add a battery widget to the iPhone home screen to keep an eye on the battery level.

    Thats all there is to it!

    So, no matter which iPhone you have, its easy to show the battery percentage. This makes it convenient to monitor the remaining power on your device.

    If youre looking to save your battery life, you might want to check out these apps.

    Let us know in the comments if youre looking for more tips about your iOS devices. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away, and well do our best to help you out!

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    How To Turn On Battery Percentage On iPhone X 8 7 And In Other Models

    How Do I Show Battery Percentage On iPhone X, XS, XS Max, And XR?
  • First switch on your iPhone.
  • Go to the System Settings.
  • Find the Battery option and select it.
  • Now from the battery settings of iPhone X, you will get two option Low Power Mode and Battery Percentage.
  • Slide the toggle button given in the front of the Battery percentage and the battery percentage will successfully appear at the front of your iPhone battery icon.
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    Using The Batteries Widget

    As anticipated, you can put the battery percentage on iPhone X also using the appropriate widget Battery, included standard on iOS.

    If the widget is not visible, it is evidently because it has been disabled. To activate it, access the screen with all the widgets as I indicated earlier, scroll the latter down and press the button Modification. Then press the button capacitor positive lead, at the top left, locate the widget Battery, select it, choose the format you prefer and, if you wish, drag it to the page of the home screen you prefer .

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