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How To Open iPhone 6

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How To Unlock An iPhone Without The Passcode

How To Unlock iPhone 6 Any Carrier or Country (Re-Upload)


  • How to Unlock Your iPhone
  • If you forgot your passcode, you might have to reset your iPhone to factory settings. This means you would lose your data, including your phone numbers, photos, and your saved passwords. Heres how to unlock your iPhone when you forgot your passcode.

    What you need:

    • A desktop or laptop computer
    • A lightning cable

    After youve backed up your data, figure out which model of iPhone you have and follow the instructions below to restore your phone.

    Put iPhone In Dfu Mode

    If nothing else works, you should consider putting the device in DFU mode. This will allow you to reset the device to factory settings by connecting it to iTunes. It is a much more radical solution than recovery mode and should be attempted as a last resort. The following steps will guide you

    Step 1: Hold the Power button and while holding it down, press the home button as well.

    Step 2: Keep pressing the buttons for about 8 seconds and then release the power button and keep pressing the home button.

    Step 3: Release the home button when the device enters DFU mode.

    Step 4: Connect the phone to the computer and when iTunes detect the device in recovery mode, click “OK” to restore the device.

    How To Unlock iPhone 6 Without Passcode Using iPhone Unlock Tool

    The first method we will be taking a look into will be how to unlock iPhone 6 passcode without iTunes. Well, it is no news that iTunes is the officially provided software by Apple that is meant to be used to unlock iPhone 6s as well. But this software might not be the best that is available and it can be sometimes rigid for some users.

    dr.fone – Screen Unlock enables you to unlock iPhone 6 without passcode without using the cumbersome iTunes. More than that, dr.fone is the best toolbox software for smartphone both Android and iOS devices in the market. It can be used to transfer files, switch between phones and even recover lost or deleted files amongst several other functions.

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    Way : Unlock iPhone 6/6s With Itunes

    Unlocking iPhone 6/6s with iTunes is the first method that pops up on every Apple users. It is really easy and simple to unlock your iPhone with the help of iTunes. You just need to put your iPhone into recovery mode or DFU mode and then restore it with the help of iTunes. But you better backup all your data to iTunes prior because if you don’t have backed up data, you will end up losing all your data during the process of restoring with iTunes.

    Process on how to bypass iPhone 6 passcode with iTunes:

    • First connect your iPhone 6 to computer and launch iTunes.

    • Next turn off your iPhone 6 by holding the sleep/wake or power button and swipe it off.

    • Then press and hold home button without releasing the sleep/power button for 10 seconds.

    • Release the power button but continue holding the home button until you get a pop up from iTunes that your device is recognized as being in recovery mode and it will say to restore the iPhone.

    • Once you have clicked on OK button you will see a message asking you to update or restore the iPhone. You just click on restore button to unlock your iPhone with the help of iTunes.

    Enter Your Passcode Again To Complete The Process

    How to unlock IPhone 6 FREE (Factory Unlock)

    If you have constant issues with the amount of time that your battery lasts, then it can be helpful to see how your battery is being used. to learn where you can view detailed information about your iPhones battery usage.

    The steps above will let you remove the passcode from other iPhone models as well, such as the regular iPhone 6, as well as newer iPhone models.

    While this article was initially written to show you how take the passcode off an iPhone 6 in iOS 9, the method still basically works the same in newer version of iOS such as iOS 13 or iOS 14.

    Some differences in removing the passcode from newer iPhone models and newer versions of iOS lies in the fact that many newer iPhone models, such as the iPhone 11, have Face ID rather than Touch ID. Therefore, the menu item is labeled as Face ID & Passcode rather than Touch ID & Passcode.

    Regardless of your iPhone model and iOS model, however, you are going to need to know the current passcode if you want to remove it. Many of the people that visit this page may be attempting to remove the passcode from an iPhone where that passcode has been forgotten but, unfortunately, that isnt possible on the device itself.

    If you have forgotten the passcode and want to remove the passcode from your iPhone 6, then you need to do so from a computer or by going to an Apple Store. Note that using this method will cause your iPhone data to be erased unless the computer you use is one that has previously synced with your iPhone.

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    Reboot iPhone 6 Without Data Loss

    The problem with DFU mode and resetting your iPhone to factory settings is that you will lose some of the data on the device. But there is another alternative, a third-party solution that can help you fix this problem without the risk of data loss. That solution is Tenorshare ReiBoot. To use ReiBoot, install it on your computer and then follow these simple steps

    Step 1: Launch ReiBoot on your computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables. Once the program recognizes the device, click on “Start” to begin.

    Step 2: Click on “Download” to download the firmware package needed to fix the device.

    Step 3: As soon as the download is complete, click on “Start Standard Repair” to begin the repair process. The device should start in a few minutes.

    When your iPhone 6 won’t turn on, it is our hope that the solutions above will help you fix this problem and get the device working again. These methods may also works if you don’t know what to do when iPhone 5 won’t turn on.

    Updated on 2021-01-29 / Update for iPhone Fix

    How To Use Find My iPhone To Bypass iPhone 6/6 Plus Passcode

    For this feature to work, you must have “Find my iPhone” enabled on your iPhone 6, and you must remember iCloud ID credentials to log in. Bypassing iPhone 6 passcode without Siri or iTunes provide you with another option, and it is through iCloud.

    Note: This process will not just reset the passcode of your phone you’ll also lose data that you have stored.

    So, let’s proceed and restore your iPhone to bypass security code:

    • Open on your browser using Computer or any other device then login to your account with credentials of Apple ID.
    • Now Under “All Devices” choose iPhone 6.

    • You’ll have 3 options Play Sound, Lost iPhone and Erase iPhone click on “Erase iPhone”, and a popup will open for confirmation. Click on “Erase” to start formatting your iPhone.

    Congratulations, you’ve got your iPhone unlocked but sadly at the cost of your data.

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    How To Factory Reset iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus Without Password

    When you need to factory reset a locked iPhone 6 without a passcode, FoneLab iOS Unlocker is a powerful way to remove the Apple limits. It enables you to wipe passcode for iPhone, unlock iOS Touch ID/Face ID, bypass Screen Time restrictions, and more.

  • Remove 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.
  • Factory reset a disabled or locked iPhone 6 without a passcode.
  • Remove Apple ID if you forgot Apple ID or password for iPhone 6.
  • Support iPhone 13 or earlier than models with the latest iOS version.
  • Step 1Download and install FoneLab iOS Unlocker, you can launch the program on your computer and choose the Wipe Passcode option. Connect your iPhone to the computer with the original USB cable.

    Step 2Confirm your device information before unlocking and click the Start button. It will download the firmware package to fix the problems and remove the restrictions on your iPhone 6 accordingly.

    Step 3After that, you can click the Unlock button to factory reset the iPhone directly without a passcode. When you remove the screen-locked passcode on your iPhone, all the data and settings will be erased.

    It is also helpful for people who want to know how to factory reset iPhone 6 plus without password or reset iPhone without Apple ID.

    iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

    How to open an iPhone 6 or 6 plus 6s 6s plus the easy way without damaging the screen

    Hello folks,

    Let me show you how I replaced my iPhone 6 battery. After about a year of use, the phone didn’t last long at all. I use my phone for work and I’m depending on good battery life. I bought the highest rated iPhone 6 battery kit from Amazon for $30 and it worked out great! This kit was just slightly more expensive than others but based on the company’s previous batteries who all had great reviews I decided to go with this. Now my phone lasts about a day and a half with heavy usage. The batteries are also sold on their site:

    You will need the following tools :

    – Phillips PH00 screwdriver – Pentalobe screwdriver – Tweezers- Plastic opening tool – Battery – Battery adhesive

    Before I begin I want to say that almost all screws inside the iPhone 6 are of different lengths. It’s extremely important that each screw is put back into its correct place. If you mix up screws, it’s better to proceed with the battery replacement without them. If you put the wrong screw in the wrong hole, it can damage the phone’s logic board! On Step 3 I show how I organized my screws. If you keep track of the screws, the changing the battery should not be a very difficult project.

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    How Do I Enter Dfu Mode On iPhone 8 iPhone X iPhone Xr iPhone Xs Or Later

  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes using a lightning-to-USB cable.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button.
  • After 3 seconds, also press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • After 5 seconds, release the Sleep/Wake button but keep holding the Volume Down button.
  • iTunes should detect a device in Recovery Mode, click Restore.
  • For more on DFU Mode on an iPhone X Series, see this in-depth article.

    Can I Replace My iPhone Battery Myself

    Up to a point I found I could, yes, and I’m not normally “handy” in a DIY sense. iFixit’s instructions were easy to follow, and there were only seven internal screws to remove, which were easy to replace.

    The iPhone 6, old battery removed and all traces of the glue cleaned off.

    What I found a little confusing was that iFixit’s instructions on its web page end at the point where you remove the old battery. The only instruction in the conclusion was to follow the previous steps in reverse order. Admittedly, that wasn’t particularly difficult to do, but I would have appreciated more guidance at that point.

    Another issue I ran into was that, during the removal of the screen, I cracked the screen protector that was in place. I noticed the hairline cracks and was worried that I’d damaged the display itself, but thankfully that was unharmed.

    With its new battery, this iPhone 6 should be running at optimal level again.

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    Try These Items To Eject A Sim Tray

    The diameter of the hole used to eject a SIM card tray is tiny. Although there are plenty of straight objects that might work, the SIM hole requires something sturdy with a narrow dimension.

    Watch your thumb when pushing any of these tools you may have around the house into your phone. Most of them are sharp and could pierce the skin.

    Here are some ideas that have been used with success:

    Many cellphone carrier stores have extra SIM card ejector tools if you’d prefer to stay with a proven and guaranteed method of extraction.

    How Do I Inspect My iPhone Charger

    Permanent iCloud Unlock on iPhone 6
  • Charge your iPhone with multiple different power sources. If you normally use your wall charger, try using a USB port on your laptop, and vice versa.
  • If your iPhone charges with one power source but not the other, then you know that the charger is causing your problem.
  • Applies To: iPhone 5,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6S,iPhone 6S Plus,iPhone SE,iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone X,iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR,iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max,iPhone SE 2

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    Contact Your Network Provider

    The first thing that you should try to do is contacting your network provider and asking them to unlock your iPhone 6s Plus. If you have finished the contract, you should be able to get your iPhone unlocked without any hassle, and most of the time, for free

    Every carrier has different ways to go about these things, so its best to contact them directly for the detailed instructions. Its impossible to list them down here because therere virtually thousands of carriers around the globe.

    Try For A Smooth Recovery

    If youre getting stuck at startup some users have reported seeing either a red or blue screen, or freezing of the white Apple logo you can connect your phone to a computer and launch it into recovery mode.

    First, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. When your phone is connected to iTunes, hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Keep them pressed even after the Apple logo appears, until you see the Recovery mode screen. When the Recovery mode screen pops up, you can let go.

    Itll then ask you whether you want to update or restore. Select update, and iTunes will reinstall your iOS.

    Now, as per the Apple support page, iTunes will do its best to reinstall the iOS without erasing any of your data but they dont make any promises. That said, most of the time this step goes smoothly, and your data is still saved after the reinstallation.

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    Restore iPhone To Factory Settings

    You may also need to restore the iPhone to factory settings if all other solutions have not worked. To do that using iTunes, follow these simple steps

    Step 1: Plug in the device’s USB to the device and computer.

    Step 2: Run iTunes and click “Summary” once your iPhone is recognized.

    Step 3: Click “Restore iPhone” to put the device to its original state.

    How Much Does A Replacement iPhone Battery Cost

    How to OPEN iPhone 6 Plus in 3 Minutes

    The problem with my situation specifically was that I bought the phone for so little in the first place that spending more money on a battery replacement service negated some of those initial savings. Apple‘s official replacement service costs £49 , which is more than half what I paid for the iPhone 6 I bought. As I was in the middle of a coronavirus lockdown when I attempted this, I wasn’t able to get to an Apple store to take it in, and sending it in through the mail would bring the total cost to around £56 .

    iFixit, however, sells a DIY replacement pack for £35 . It costs $30 in the US, and with shipping costs that comes to about $38. It’s not a huge saving over Apple’s official replacement, but every little bit helps.

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    Charge Your Dead iPhone For At Least An Hour

    Thanks to Apples lithium-ion batteries, it normally doesnt take long to get a significant charge on your iPhone. However, if your battery is completely dead, you might need to charge your iPhone for much longer.

    Keep your iPhone on charge for at least an hour. After that time, try turning it on again by holding the Sleep/Wake button, sometimes also called the Side or Power button.

    If this works, there might be a problem with your charger or iPhone battery which made it take so long to power on. Perhaps your battery is coming to the end of its life and .

    Way : How To Factory Reset iPhone 6 With Itunes

    iTunes is another way to factory reset your iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus, you need to connect your iPhone to a computer via the original USB cable. It enables you to backup the files and restores the iPhone to its original status.

    Step 1Once you have connected the iPhone to the computer, iTunes will launch automatically. Click the device icon on the iTunes interface and choose the iPhone 6.

    Step 2If you have already backed up the desired files, you can click the Restore iPhone button from the Summary panel. Then click the Restore icon again to restore the iPhone to factory settings.

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    I Want To Buy A Phone On Facebook Marketplace How Can I Be Sure Its Unlocked

    If youre buying a phone from an individual or a third-party seller, you can look up the IMEI number on your carriers website. If it says its available for activation, youre good to go.

    The best option for anyone purchasing a new phone is to meet the seller at your carriers store. Doing this will ensure that the phone is activated and theres no damage. An older iPhone will likely not carry AppleCare anymore, so having trained staff help you with the purchase is ideal.

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