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How To Set App Limits On iPhone

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How To Set Limits On Specific Apps On The Screen Time App

How to Set time limits on Apps iPhone

1. Once youre in the Screen Time app , youll tap the graph, choose today , and then select the app to limit.

2. Tap the app youd like to limit, then scroll all the way down to where it says Add Limit.

3. Now you can set how long your child is able to spend on specific apps. Done!

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Apple’s Screen Time Feature Might Even Make Your Kids Talk To You

You may be more lenient about screen time during the holidays, but at some point, it’s best to set some limits.

Getting sucked in? Use Screen Time on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to cut down on how much time you spend on your device.

The holidays are a great chance for the family to get more quality time with one another, but sometimes the time off from school and work turns into a phonefest. If the kids are spending more time glued to their screens than they are with the rest of the family, it may be time to set some limits. Like many people, I’ve relaxed my rules in response to the difficulties of stay-at-home and quarantine life. But there has to be some limit to the number of YouTube videos a kid can watch in a single day, right?

Enter Apple’s Screen Time feature for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It’s built-in and tracks and monitors how much time you spend on your devices and can lock you or your kids out of apps after you’ve reached a set amount of time. You can even block access to your kid’s Apple device at a set time each night, preventing them from staying up past their bedtime playing their favorite games under the covers.

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Before you start monitoring a child’s device use, I recommend using Screen Time on your own devices to familiarize yourself with the feature. Screen Time is somewhat complex, with many settings and features tucked away in different menus.

If You’re Not Using Family Sharing To Manage A Child Account

  • Make sure that you’re on the device used by the child.
  • Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  • Tap Turn on Screen Time, then tap Continue.
  • Tap This is My Child’s .
  • Set up Downtime, App Limits, and Content & Privacy with the limitations that you want for your child, or tap Not Now.
  • Tap Use Screen Time Passcode, then enter a passcode when prompted. Re-enter the passcode to confirm.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password. This can be used to reset your Screen Time passcode if you forget it.
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    How To Disable Screen Time On Ios 12

    Follow these steps to get rid of app usage limits on iOS 12.

  • Go to Settings> Screen Time.
  • Scroll down and tap Turn Off Screen Time.
  • For more tutorials, visit our How To Section.

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    How To Set An App Limit For A Specific App

    iPhone time limit: How to set a time limit for a specific ...

    To kick things off, open the Settings app and then tap Screen Time.

    Youll see a graph at the top of the next screen. Either tap the graph or the All Devices option directly above it.

    Scroll down to the list of apps youve been using and then tap the app for which you want to set a new limit.

    Tap the Add Limit button at the bottom of the screen.

    Finally, set a time limit by scrolling the hours and minutes. If youd like to set a limit for different days of the week, tap Customize Days.

    Tap Add to apply the changes and set the app limit.

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    Final Note: How To Set Time Limits On iPhone & iPad Apps With Screen Time

    If you have any queries regards the How to Set Time Limits on iPhone & iPad Apps with Screen Time, then please ask us through the comment section below or directly contact us.Education: This guide or tutorial is just for educational purposes.Misinformation: If you want to correct any misinformation about the guide How to Set Time Limits on iPhone & iPad Apps with Screen Time, then kindly contact us.Want to add an alternate method: If anyone wants to add more methods to the guide How to Set Time Limits on iPhone & iPad Apps with Screen Time, then kindly contact us.Our Contact: Kindly use our contact page regards any help.

    Set Time Limits For App Usage

    There are two ways to setup app limits in Screen Time: by app category and by individual apps. To create limit for a general app category, such as Games, go to Settings -> Screen Time -> App Limits.

    Tapping Add Limit will allow you to select a category of apps, such as Games. While this can be helpful to quickly limit a group of apps, it isnt always easy to identify if a particular app is in a certain category.

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    If You Are Desperate To Lock Your Ios Apps Here Is How You Can Lock Apps On Your iPhone

    How to put a lock on apps ios. Tap on lock note and set the password Open settings > scroll down and tap on screen time. It allows you to lock photos on iphone using pattern or password.

    How to lock apps on iphone in ios 12.with ios 12 running on your iphone, now you will be able to lock the apps on iphone using a screen time bo. Open the settings > general > restrictions. Thats all you have to do to lock specific apps on your iphone.

    Restrict apps on iphone with ios 12 and below. If you’ve already set up the app, open it, and navigate to settings. Tap the app you want to lock, and tap add limit.

    Then go to the app limits section and tap on add limit option Tap the app you want to lock, and tap add limit. How to lock apps on iphone x/8/7 with password.

    If you want to hide apps on your iphone , thats also a relatively easy process. Open notes app on your iphone 8/8 plus/x. Tap passcode & touch id, or something similar depending on the app.

    Turn on the guided access feature and tap on the passcode settings. Continue the same process for other apps you wish to lock. Here is the way to make it.

    Import/export your private photos and videos conveniently from the photo app of your iphone. Pic safe is one of the best vault apps available for ios devices. This makes it easy to return a missed call, reply to a message, or open your wallet app.

    So Whats The Problem Really

    How to Activate App Limits in iPhone SE – Set Specific Time Limits

    Now that iOS 12 has officially rolled out, Im sure a lot of you have updated your iPhones to the latest version of iOS, and you may have noticed that when you try to add App Limits in Screen Time, it doesnt let you add individual apps, and instead adds categories of apps. So while you may want to limit your Instagram usage, Screen Time will set App Limits on all Social Apps, which isnt what we want.

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    How To Set App Usage Time Limit On iPhone

    Posted October 2, 2019 by Leomar Umpad in Apple iPhone

    You can set app usage time limit on iPhone using Apples Screen Time feature. Learn how you can limit daily usage of social networking apps, games, and app categories.

    Screen Time is your ultimate parental control app and service. With the introduction of iOS 13, Screen Time now offers more features and controls. If you are having problems with your child spending most of his time checking out Facebook and Instagram, we have some good news for you. Now, you can set app usage time limit on iPhone using Screen Time. Check out the sections below to learn more.

    Set Communication Limit During Downtime

  • Inside the Settings app, tap on Screen Time Communication Limits.
  • Tap on During Downtime.
  • Tap on Specific Contacts. Now select the persons who can be contacted during Downtime. You may also add a new contact if the person is currently not already saved in contact. Finally, tap on Done.
  • Now, during Downtime, he/she can only contact the persons you selected using the steps above. If the child tries to call or message somebody else, they will see this:
  • Further, if you turn off the toggle for Allow Contact Editing, your child wont be allowed to edit their contacts.

    To disable communication limits during Downtime, you can either turn off Screen Time or choose Everyone in step 3 above.

    Important Notes:

    • Irrespective of any of the above settings, the child can always communicate with known emergency numbers.
    • Further, once the kid contacts any emergency number, all communication limits are disabled for the next 24 hours. This is to ensure that your kid is not restricted from contacting anybody else during this distress. Nicely thought by Apple!

    Signing Off

    This is how you can set call and message limits on your childs iOS or iPadOS device. It will ensure their well-being by encouraging them to get off iMessage and spend time doing something else outside the digital world!

    At last, please note that a few options may be differently renamed in iOS 13 and iOS 14, but they do the same thing.


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    App Time Limit: How To Set A Time Limit For Apps On iPhone

    by Anna Sherry Updated on 2021-05-31 / Update for Screen Time

    “I setup a time restriction of 2 hours on YouTube app via the iPhone Screentime setting but they were still watching YouTube past the 2 hour mark?”

    If you happen to spend a lot of your time using apps on your iPhone and you would like some control over it, you need an app time limit feature. Fortunately, all the iOS devices running iOS 12 and later have a feature called Screen Time that lets you limit your app usage on your devices. The following guide talks about the feature and shows how you can limit app time usage on your iPhones.

    Screen Time was introduced with iOS 12 and it is available for both iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 or later. Once the feature is enabled, it allows you to specify time limits for the apps installed on your device. When you have reached these limits, your iPhone will restrict your usage of the predefined apps.

    The following is how you go about setting up the feature on your iPhone:

    Overview Of Family Sharing Features

    Record It App Time Limit : How To Use Apple S New Screen ...
    • Family Photo Stream lets you automatically share photos with other family members
    • Locate family members’ devices from any other device in the family group via Find My iPhone
    • “Ask to Buy” feature lets parents require children under 18 to ask permission before purchasing iTunes and App Store content you can accept or deny requests remotely

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    Set Up Screen Time For A Child

    Now, let’s say you want to create limits for a child’s account. The easiest way to do this is on your child’s iPhone or iPad. Turn on Screen Time and tap Continue. At the screen asking if this device is for yourself or your child, tap This is My Child’s iPhone.

    However, you can also do this from your own phone. The Screen Time screen should show the other members of your Apple Family. Tap the name of the child for whom you want to set up Screen Time and then tap Turn On Screen Time.

    You will then be asked to set a start and end time for Downtime. At the App Limits page, select All Apps & Categories or choose specific categories you want to include.

    Tap Show All Categories to see them all, then swipe down to the bottom of the screen and tap Time Amount. Choose the amount of time for the app limit, then tap Set App Limit. At the Content & Privacy screen, tap Continue. Then enter and re-enter a passcode to make Screen Time go into effect.

    From here, drill down into the settings for Downtime, App Limits, Communication Limits, Always Allowed, and Content & Privacy Restrictions to make or modify further changes for your child’s account.

    Set Time Limit For Apps On iPhone Or iPad

    If you are concerned about the amount of time that you are spending on Social Media or Entertainment Apps, you can setup a reasonable time limit for Social Media and Entertainment Apps on your iPhone.

    This can be done using the App Limits feature in iOS, which makes it really easy to set time limit for Social Media, Entertainment and other Apps on your iPhone.

    Once you reach the set time limit for Social Media and Entertainment Apps, your iPhone will automatically block you from accessing those Apps.

    However, you wont be completely locked out of Apps on your iPhone. If it becomes necessary, you will be able to request extra time for any Locked App on your iPhone by entering your Screen Time Passcode.

    Also, you will be able to prevent your most important or commonly used Apps from being locked by moving them to Always Allow category.

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    How To Enable And Get Started With Family Sharing On iPhone And iPad

    The family organizer is the person that should initially set up Family Sharing. As the family organizer, you are the one that will receive requests for purchases and, more importantly, you are agreeing to pay for any purchases that anyone in the family group makes, adult or child.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or higher.
  • Tap the Apple ID banner at the top.
  • Tap Set Up Family Sharing.

  • Tap on Get Started.
  • Tap on Continue. You can add a photo beforehand if you’d like, but this is optional.
  • Tap Continue to share purchases.

  • Tap Continue to confirm your payment method. This can be changed in settings.
  • tap to share it with Family members or tap Not Now.
  • Tap Add Family Member.

  • Start typing someone’s name.
  • Tap the person you’d like to add as a Family Member.
  • Enter the when prompted in order to verify that you’re the organizer.

  • That’s it! Just keep adding members until everyone in your family is added . They will receive an email notification as well as a push notification on their devices asking them to accept your invite. Once they do, all purchases made from that point forward will be charged to the family organizer’s account. And they’ll instantly have access to everyone else in the group’s purchases.

    How To Limit And Block Apps Usage On iPhone

    How To Add App Limits For A Single App On iPhone or iPad

    To limit the usage of the apps and block once the time limit is over, heres what you have to do.

    • Launch the Settings app from the homescreen on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Under the Settings, swipe through the bottom till Screen Time and tap on it. This will take you to the Screen Time menu on your iPhone.

    If you havent set up Screen Time on your iPhone or iPad before, simply tap Turn On Screen Time. Set a passcode to keep Screen Time settings protected.

    • On the Screen Time menu, choose App Limits.
    • Tap on Add Limit and choose the app you want to hide. If its a social media app, use the category Social Networking.

    Here, you will be able to choose the daily usage limit of the app before Screen Time locks the app and prevents you from accessing it.

    • Choose a time limit for the chosen app.
    • Turn On Block at End of Limit to block once the timer ends.

    Thats all you have to do to limit the apps usage and block or hide it further on your iPhone. You can always delete the app limit by visiting the Screen Time again and deleting the added apps. You can also choose to turn Off the App Limits using the slider switch to stop limiting the apps altogether.

    Want to know more what screen time can do for your iPhone? It can help you prevent apps from installing, disable in-app purchases, and can block websites in Safari. Also check out more iPhone guides, tutorials, tips, tricks, hidden features iPhones as well as other smartphones.

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    How To Set App Time Limits For Kids On iPhone Or iPad

    If you have a child that uses your iPhone or iPad, youll appreciate the Screen Time feature Apple introduced in iOS 12. Screen Time allows you to monitor and set time limits on app usage for an iOS device. This is very helpful for parents to limit the time children are using an iPhone or iPad.

    Screen Time has a variety of settings and options, but this article will focus on monitoring app usage and limiting the time your kids spend on their device. There are also features for content and privacy restrictions, which is similar to the restrictions settings available in older iOS versions.

    How To Enable Childs Screen Time On iPhone And iPad

  • Open Settings on your childs iPhone.
  • Tap Screen Time Turn On Screen Time Continue This is My Childs iPhone.You can set Downtime, App Limits, etc., now as well as later.
  • Next, create a Screen Time passcode . You are now inside Screen Time on your childs iPhone.
  • After youve set the childs iPhone, you can enable Downtime and set app limits, following the steps mentioned earlier.

    If you use Family Sharing, you can also enable Screen Time for your child using the steps shown in the next tip.

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