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How To Use The Flashlight On iPhone 11

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iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Use Flashlight Tips (Increase/Decrease Brightness)
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Use A Back Tap To Turn On The iPhones Flashlight

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Finally, Apple included a new Accessibility feature in iOS 14 that allows users to double or triple-tap the back of their iPhone in order to carry about a preselected command. However, this command can be set by the userincluding setting a back tap to run a shortcutjust like the flashlight shortcut we created above.

So note that if you want to turn on your iPhones flashlight with a back tap, youll need to create the shortcut above. Once youve done that, heres how to set it to activate with a back tap:

  • Open Settings.
  • More Information On Turning Off The Flashlight On An iPhone 11

    • You can also open the Control Center on the iPhone 11 when you are on the lock screen.
    • If you dont want a flashlight icon in your Control Center you can remove it by going to Settings > Control Center then tapping the red circle next to the Flashlight option, then pressing the Remove button. You can return to this menu later and add the flashlight again if you decide you want to use it.
    • The flashlight uses the camera flash on the back of the device. Where the camera flash will only illuminate for a second when you take a picture, it simply stays on when the iPhone flashlight is activated.
    • There is also a flashlight icon at the bottom-left corner of the lock screen. You can press that button to turn the flashlight on or off as well. As of when this article was written, it is not possible to remove the flashlight from the lock screen.

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    How To Use Flash On The iPhone Camera

    The iPhone camera is a decent option for taking photographs, and the fact that you will have it nearby means that it is likely to get used a lot. And while it does not have all of the features of a dedicated digital camera, it does have many of the basic features that you would expect. So if you are taking pictures in low-light situations, then you will need to know how to use flash on the iPhone camera.

    The flash on the iPhone camera can be set to Auto, On or Off. This article will show you how to switch the flash to the On position, but you can instead select the Auto option so that the flash is used when it is needed, but is not used in situations where there is enough light.

    Use The Flashlight From The iPhones Lock Screen

    iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Turn On &  Use Flashlight ...
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    One of the fastest ways to access the flashlight on your iPhone is right from the lock screen itself. This tip works with any iPhone that has Face ID built-inin other words, any all-display iPhone with no Touch ID button. The great thing about this method is you can pretty much instantly turn on your iPhones flashlight as soon as you tap the display. Heres how:

  • If your iPhone is in sleep mode , tap the display once with your finger. This will wake the display.
  • Once your iPhones display is awake, look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Youll see a flashlight icon in a circle. Press and hold for a split second on this icon and your iPhones flashlight will instantly turn on.
  • To turn your flashlight off again, simply tap the flashlight icon on the lock screen again.
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    Use Flash On The iPhone Camera

    The steps below will show you how to open the Camera app and turn on the flash. The flash will remain on until you elect to turn it off again in the future. You can turn off the iPhones camera flash in a similar fashion.

    The iPhone also uses the cameras flash as a flashlight. You can learn how to turn on the iPhone flashlight if your phone has been updated to iOS 7.

    Step 1: Open the Camera app on the iPhone.

    Step 2: Touch the Off button at the top-left corner of the screen.

    Step 3: Touch the On option. As mentioned previously, you can also select the Auto option if you want the iPhone to decide when it needs to use the flash.

    It should now say On at the top-left corner of the screen, letting you know that the camera flash will go off whenever you take a picture.

    Are you trying to take discreet pictures, or do you dislike the shutter sound? Turn off the iPhone cameras shutter sound to take silent pictures.

    A Common Mistake: Is That A Light In Your Pocket Or

    When you tap the power button to put your iPhone to sleep, the flashlight turns off, right? Wrong.

    People walk around with illuminated pockets because they dont know they have to go back to Control Center and turn off their flashlight after they finish using it. The iPhones flashlight only turns itself off when you power off your iPhone or it runs out of battery.

    If youre struggling with poor battery life, my article about how to save iPhone battery life has some great tips that will help you out.

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    More Information On iPhone Flashlight Brightness

    This guide assumes that the iPhone flashlight icon is currently a part of the Control Center. If not, then you can go to Settings > Control Center > and tap the green + to the left of the Flashlight option to add it.

    You can tap and hold on the three lines to the right of any option on the Control Center menu if you would like to change the position of that item. For example, if you would prefer to have your most-used Control Center icons at the bottom of the screen then you would tap on the top item listed under Included Controls and drag it to the bottom of that list.

    Changing the brightness of your iPhone flashlight isnt going to affect other apps that use the flash, such as your Camera.

    The iPhone flash can also be used to indicate that you have received an alert, such as a text message. If you would like to try out this option you can find it at Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > LED Flash for Alerts.

    If you select the bottom brightness level on the iPhone flashlight brightness slider it will turn the flashlight off. If you select the top brightness level then the flashlight will be as bright as it can be.

    You can exit the brightness slider by tapping anywhere else on the screen.

    Tips : Remove The Flashlight From Control Center

    iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Turn On & Use Flashlight & Camera From Lock Screen Tips

    If you Want a control center on your iPhone lock screen and Home screen but the problem with the Touch Option in the Control center, Remove it at all times. And Then Turn on From lock screen

  • Open the Settings App
  • Lets Turn the switch Off next to the Camera App.
  • Thats it.

    You cant access the camera from the lock screen, from the Home screen, or the Control Center. Theres no Camera app on your iPhone.

    To get back the hidden camera App on your handset, you will have to enter screen time and restrictions passcode.

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    Create A Shortcut To Toggle The Flashlight

    To start, you’ll need to create a shortcut that turns your flashlight on and off. The process is straightforward and takes less than a minute.

    First, launch the Shortcuts app and tap on the “My Shortcuts” tab. Next, tap on the plus sign in the top right to start your new shortcut. In the new shortcut, tap on “Add Action” or the search bar at the bottom.

    A menu will appear where you can search for actions to add. Instead of browsing through, type in “flashlight” into the search bar select the “Set Flashlight” action when it appears it should have a white-and-blue flashlight icon. You’ll need to modify the action, so tap on the blue “Turn” option and choose “Toggle” in the menu that appears.

    The action should now say “Toggle flashlight.” Hit “Next” in the top right and give the shortcut a name. Any name is fine, but to make it easy, you can call it “Toggle Flashlight.” Hit “Done,” and your new shortcut should appear in your library.

    Trick #: Turn Off Raise To Wake Option

    Turning off the Raise to Wake option will also help users get rid of accidental flashlights. This feature is specially designed to turn the iPhone screen on when making eye contact with your iPhone. But sometimes, it wakes the screen and turns the flashlight on by mistake. Hence, you can also disable the Raise to Wake up option by following the below steps.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Next, tap on the Display & Brightness option.
  • Now turn the toggle off next to the Raise to Wake option.
  • Once you disable the Raise to Wake option, your iPhones home screen will only turn on when you press the power button. Hence, there is no risk of the accidental flashlight on now.

    People expected the button to turn off the flashlight from the lock screen of the iPhone with the release of iOS 14. But we havent seen this option since then. But now, we can expect the switch from the next iOS 15 updates which will unveil at WWDC next month.

    Did this post help you to get rid of your problem? Do share your words in the comment box.

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    Trick #: Turn Off Tap To Wake Option

    Turning off the Take To Wake option under the settings app will help you temporarily fix the flashlight problem.

  • Launch the Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Accessibility option.
  • Tap on Touch under the Physical and Motor section.
  • Now turn the toggle off next to the Tap To Wake option.
  • How To Turn Your iPhone Into Flashlight When It Is Locked

    How To Turn On Flashlight iPhone 11

    If your iPhone is locked and you have switched off Control Center and Siri access on the lock screen, then it can be a chore to unlock your iPhone and then open Control Centre or bring up Siri and then turn on the flashlight.

    In case of an emergency, you need the flashlight to be on as soon as possible, which you can do from the lock screen itself if needed. If you want to turn on your iPhone flashlight from the lock screen itself, there are two methods, one for iPhones with Home Button and one for iPhones with Face ID.

    For iPhones with Home Button:

    On older iPhones, you couldnt turn off the Control Center for Lock Screen so you could still swipe up from the bottom to access it.

    Step 1 Swipe up from the bottom on your lock screen.

    Step 2 Tap on the flashlight icon to turn it on.

    Step 3 Tap on the flashlight icon again to turn it off.

    You have to manually turn off the flashlight else it will stay on.

    For iPhones with Face ID:

    The newer iPhone models, that is the models with Face ID, which are iPhone X and later have a faster way to use the flashlight.

    Step 1 You need to wake up your screen, you can do this either by clicking on the side button or if you have Raise to Wake turned on, lifting your iPhone will be enough.

    Step 2 Youll notice a flashlight icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. Tap this icon to turn on the flashlight.

    Step 3 Tap on the icon again if you want to turn the flashlight off.

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    How To Instantly Turn Your iPhone Into A Flashlight

    The iPhone is the ultimate modern convergence device, seamlessly combining telephone, music player, and internet communicator all into one. Thanks to Control Center and the LED flash, however, the iPhone is only ever a swipe away from being something more a flashlight! From kitchen to bedroom to car to studio to server room, your iPhone as a flashlight isn’t just convenient, it can be a life-saver.

    And that’s not all, the iPhone’s Flashlight can also grab your attention when you have incoming notifications, which is particularly useful for people dealing with hearing impairment.

    How To Use Flashlight With iPhone

    Whether youre new to iPhone or want to learn a new way to use the flashlight, follow along for three ways to use flashlight with iPhone.

    There are several ways to use flashlight with iPhone. While Control Center may be the most well-known option, Siri and the Lock screen shortcut on certain iPhones are usually the most convenient choices.

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    Tips : Disable The Control Center On The Lock Screen

    No One can access your iPhone Torch from the Control center when the Phone is locked.

  • Open the Settings App
  • Scroll the screen, Tap Face ID & Passcode
  • Lets Enter your Phone unlock screen passcode
  • next, scroll down the screen, turn toggle Control Center Off/White, that appears a section of Allow access when locked.
  • Thats it!

    A Quick Trick For Turning The Flashlight Off

    How To Turn On Flashlight On iPhone 11

    Opening the Control Center and fumbling for the right icon to turn off the flashlight can feel like too many stepsespecially if you prefer not to allow access to Control Center from your Lock screen or don’t have Hey Siri enabled. Heres how to turn off your iPhones flashlight without opening the Control Center.

    Your iPhones camera flash and flashlight use the same bulb, so opening the Camera app turns the flashlight off.

  • Press the Side button on any model of iPhone to access the Lock screen. On newer iPhones, you can also use Raise to Wake to access the Lock screen.
  • From the Lock Screen, swipe left as though to access the Camera and release before reaching the halfway point.
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    How To Fix The Flashlight Not Working On iPhone In A Few Clicks

    Generally speaking, Flashlight Not Working issue is not a hardware issue on the iPhone. If you cant fix it by resetting or restart iPhone, you may try some other iOS system issue troubleshooter. Like AnyFix, a newly released system repair tool, which supports to fix over 130 system problems and over 200 iTunes issues. Once you encountered iPhone problems, like stuck on a black screen, stuck on the Apple logo, keeps restarting, frozen, etc. AnyFix can fix it in just a few clicks. Follow the next detailed steps and fix the Flashlight Not Working issue.

    Step 1. and launch it on your computer > connect your iPhone to the computer > choose the System Repair on the top.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Choose System Repair on the Homepage

    Step 2. Click on the 50+ iPhone Problems> Click on the Start Now to go on.

    Select iPhone Problems

    Step 3. Choose the Standard Repair to repair which wont risk any data loss on iPhone > Tap on the Standard Repair to continue.

    Choose Standard Repair Mode

    Step 4. AnyFix will download a firmware file on your computer > when it download complete, you should put your iPhone into Recovery Mode > Click on the Fix Now.

    Firmware Download Completed

    Step 5. Minutes later, the repair will complete. Then you will see this on your computer.

    How To Change The Brightness Of An iPhone Flashlight

    1. For iPhones with Face ID, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. For iPhones without Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

    2. Press and hold the flashlight icon.

    3. Tap or slide your finger along the vertical bar to turn the brightness up and down.

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    Why Is My iPhone Flashlight Not Working

    Reason 1: Restriction of iPhone flashlight settings. Your iPhone’s flashlight does not work, this is a phenomenon that in most cases is caused by incorrect settings. You can set the flashlight setting to “Auto”, “On” or “Off” and take pictures in all rooms. Later, open “Settings” and click “General” for accessibility.

    Add The Shortcut To Back Tap

    iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Use Flashlight + Tips ...

    Now that your shortcut is finished, it’s time to add it to a Back Tap gesture. Open the Settings app and go to Accessibility â> Touch â> Back Tap.

    Choose either “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap,” depending on how you want to enable and disable the flashlight. Either option is fine it’s just about preference and whether or not one option is already being used to run another shortcut or action. Choose an option, scroll through the list, and tap on the flashlight shortcut you just created. You’re now finished with this step.

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    However If You Use Control Center You Can Press And Hold On

    How do you cut off flashlight on iphone 11. The round button will then turn white, indicating the flashlight is on. Tap the flashlight icon again to turn off the flashlight. On newer versions like the iphone 11, heres how to run the flashlight from the control center.

    Activate siri via holding the power button or use the phrase, hey siri to wake it up. How the shortcut to turn on the unlock screen flashlight on iphone works. To turn it off, say, hey siri, turn off the flashlight.

    or hey siri, flashlight on, please. You can do so easily by going to settings > siri > language/siri voice. Videos you watch may be added to the tv’s watch history and influence tv.

    , hey, siri, turn off my flashlight., or hey, siri, shut off the flashlight. The quickest way to turn off the iphone’s flashlight. You will still need to launch the flashlight by swiping up for the control center and tapping its icon, but you can now simply swipe up on the camera icon to turn off the flashlight.

    If you want to learn more about this process, you can read how to change siri’s voice on an iphone. To turn off the flashlight, tap and hold the flashlight button again. What more you can do with the flashlight controls on the iphone the lock screen has no controls for the flashlight beyond on and off.

    Your iphone will think you are attempting open the camera, which. Go to settings/touch id & passcode, enter your passcode, and turn off control center. Turn on light fast and easy.

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