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Why Does My iPhone Stop Charging At 80

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Test Out The Application

How to FIX iPhone Stops Charging after 80% iPhone Not charging above 80

Your device should send you a notification when the battery has reached 100% charge. To test this out, run the program and plug in your phone. It takes about 90 seconds for the alarm to go off once the battery has reached a full charge. Here are some tips for using the application:

  • Ensure the iPhone is actually unlocked . If the device is locked, the banner will appear, followed by the full-screen alarm.
  • To disable the alarm, select Stop .

iPad Just Stops Charging

0x90 said:I was charging my iPad today and when it got to around 81% charged, charging stopped and the text “Not Charging” was displayed next to the battery icon. I am charging via a power outlet.Why does charging stop? Does the iPad not want me to charge it to 100% or what? I’m tired of having to re-plugin the charger to get it to continue charging.

0x90 said:I was charging my iPad today and when it got to around 81% charged, charging stopped and the text “Not Charging” was displayed next to the battery icon. I am charging via a power outlet.Why does charging stop? Does the iPad not want me to charge it to 100% or what? I’m tired of having to re-plugin the charger to get it to continue charging.

Same problem and more here. 1% to 82% took 13hrs, then it became “NOT CHARGING”unplugged-plugged it back.82% to 87% took another 3hrs, then it became “NOT CHARGING”unplugged-plugged it back.87% to 96% took another XXhrs , then it was showing”NOT CHARGING” again. I started using it, whole day it stayed at 96% 2 days later it was showing 89%.I’ll try to go to apple store.BTW, do I need any reservation to exchange my ipad?

Setup Battery Charging Complete Automation

Were going to use an Automation to trigger a notification whenever the iPhones battery climbs to a certain value. Automations are an extension to the Siri Shortcuts on the iPhone but you dont have to manually run an Automation.

Proceed to open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap the Automations tab on the bottom of the screen. Tap the Personal Automation button.

Scroll down to find the Battery section and select Battery level. This is going to be the trigger for this automation and you can set it to any value from 0 to 100%. Adjust the slider to set the battery percentage to anywhere from 70-80%.

After setting the slider, tap Rises above 80%. This ensures the Automation is triggered only when your iPhone battery level increases which can only happen when its charging. Tap Next to proceed to the next step.

Here, wed add actions that should be performed when the Automation is triggered. Tap the Add Action button and tap the search bar.

Type Notification in the search bar and add Show Notification, Vibrate Device, and Play Sound actions to the workspace. These three actions would ensure when the battery percentage reaches a certain level, your iPhone vibrates, plays a notification sound, and show a notification badge with a custom text. Tap the text option on the Show notification action to edit the text.

After typing the custom text, tap the Next button on the top right.

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Ios 13 Will Charge To 80% And Wait

Apple announced iOS 13 at WWDC 2019. Buried in the list of extra features was a note about battery optimization. Apple says it will be reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. Specifically, Apple will prevent your iPhone from charging above 80% until you need it.

You might be wondering why Apple wants to keep your iPhone at 80% charge. Its all about the way Lithium-ion battery technology works.

Perform A Hard Reset On Your iPhone 8 Or 8 Plus

How To Fix iPhone Not Charging after 80%

Although you shouldn’t rely on hard resets to turn your iPhone off and back on, it can be a reliable way to turn your iPhone off and back on when its unresponsive, frozen, or experiencing a software crash.

  • Quickly press the volume up button on the side of your iPhone.
  • Quickly press the volume down button on the side of your iPhone.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Release the power button when the Apple logo appears on the display. Your iPhone 8 will turn back on shortly after.
  • Applies To: iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus

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    How Do You Change The Maximum Charge On A Battery

    To increase or decrease the Reserve Battery Level percentage, right-click the battery icon in the system tray and select Power Options. The classic Control Panel will open to the Power Options section click the Change plan settings hyperlink. Then click on the Change advanced power settings hyperlink.

    How To Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging

    While the Optimized Battery Charging feature is supposed to help you extend your battery’s life, maybe you want to turn it off to see if your device can fully charge to 100%. Or perhaps you don’t like the feature. Thankfully, turning it off is easy!

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  • Tap Battery Health.

  • Tap the toggle for Optimized Battery Charging to OFF .
  • You’ll get two options for when turning Optimized Battery Charging to off: Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off . Choose which one you prefer.

  • To turn Optimized Battery Charging back on, repeat steps 1-4 above, except the toggle should be green instead of gray.

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    Ios 13 iPhone Features: What Is Optimized Battery Charging

    Apple is trying to make the battery in your iPhone last longer, so you can use your phone for longer periods of time without needing to get it serviced. Optimized Battery Charging changes the way in which your iPhone charges overnight in order to extend the lifetime of the battery. After updating to iOS 13, you may have been wondering why is my iPhone only charging to 80 percent? Heres why

    All iPhone models use lithium-ion batteries, like most mobile devices. Lithium-ion batteries age over time and degrade. They degrade due to the number of charge cycles and also how they are charged, such as how often they stay at 100% charge.

    As the battery degrades, their maximum capacity reduces. An aging battery may cause performance slowdowns and you will also notice that your iPhone may not last as long on a single charge, as the total effective battery capacity is less.

    If Your Device Stopped Charging At 80 Percent

    iPhone Not Charging after 80 Percent? Here is a Fix

    Your iPhone might get slightly warmer while it charges. To extend the lifespan of your battery, if the battery gets too warm, software might limit charging above 80 percent. Your iPhone will charge again when the temperature drops. Try moving your iPhone and charger to a cooler location.

    iOS 13 and later uses Optimized Battery Charging to slow the rate of battery aging by reducing the time that your iPhone spends fully charged. Your iPhone uses on-device machine learning to understand your daily charging routine so that it can wait until you need to use your iPhone to finish charging past 80 percent.* Optimized Battery Charging is active only when your iPhone predicts that it will be connected to a charger for a long period of time.

    * Information regarding your charging routine is stored only on your iPhone. The information isn’t included in backups and isn’t shared with Apple.

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    Why Is My iPhone Not Charging Past The 80% Threshold

    If your iPhone is not charging to 100%, you may notice that it remains at the 80% threshold or something close to that . That’s because Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 13 called “Optimized Battery Charging.” This feature has the software preventing or delaying your device’s charging at 80% for as long as you aren’t using the device.

    With Optimized Battery Charging, the device uses machine learning to study your daily usage patterns and charging routine, so it limits charging at 80% until you need to use it. Believe it or not, always having your phone at 100% actually wears out the battery quicker the optimal levels are between 30-80%, as these levels get the most out of your battery, especially Lithium-Ion, which is what’s inside your Apple devices.

    So while it may be an annoying feature, Optimized Battery Charging is supposed to help you out in the long run. It prolongs the iPhone and iPad’s battery life and helps prevent you from wearing out the battery too quickly.

    Make That Battery Last

    If you have had trouble with your iPhone battery not charging to 100%, like me, then hopefully, these tips have helped you troubleshoot the issue. But if they haven’t, then you may need to take your iPhone or iPad into an Apple authorized repair center to have it looked at or even replaced. That may be a little harder than usual to do right now, but we have a guide on how to contact Apple Support for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch if you need help.

    Have more questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to help!

    These are still the best tips for troubleshooting an iPhone battery that won’t charge past 80%.


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    How Do I Know If Optimized Battery Charging Is Active

    The Optimized Battery Charging setting is enabled by default for all iOS 13 iPhone users. However, that does not mean that the feature is actually happening. This is because it takes some time for the phone to learn your daily routine. It may need several weeks of data before it can reliably guess when you will need the phone in the morning. If your schedule is erratic, it may never learn.

    When the iPhone has collected enough data , it will tell you that Optimized Battery Charging has been enabled. You will get a notification on your lock screen like:


    To reduce battery ageing, iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.

    Check Your Internet Connection


    The poor Internet connection can be one of the factors why you are having a battery drain issue. When you open a certain app that needs an Internet connection, it will keep searching and loading. These activities always need more power that comes from the battery.

    Try using Cellular Data

    • If you are not using Cellular Data, you can skip this step.
    • Launch Safari and type Then, tap Go
    • Watch how fast it goes. If the Internet on your Cellular Data is fast, it will take only less than 5 seconds. Otherwise, you have to turn off Cellular Data and switch to WiFi.

    Check your WiFi

    • Make sure you have connected to WiFi
    • Launch the Safari browser and type Then tap Go
    • Again, watch how fast it opens If it needs more than 5 or 10 seconds to completely appear, try another WiFi network and repeat the steps.
    • Once you find a fast Internet connection, observe how the battery acts.

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    How Do I Stop My iPhone Battery From Charging At 80

    To fix this, you will need to turn this feature off. To speed your next charge up for more power faster, open Settings, select Battery, choose Battery Health, then select the toggle next to Optimized Battery Charging. A pop-up will appear with three options. Select Cancel if youve changed your mind.

    Even If Constant Charging Affects Battery Life Will You Ever Notice

    Charging your phone all of the time and letting it run dry are habits that may erode its battery life. But are they liable to have enough of an effect to make a practical difference before you upgrade to a new model?

    Two-year wireless service contracts may be a thing of the past, but modern installment plans usually still require two years to pay off a phone, meaning people who dont buy their phones outright are likely to keep them at least that long. A notable exception is Apples iPhone Upgrade Program, which promises a new iPhone every year. But even with the advent of such programs, recent data suggests that phone replacement cycles are lengthening rather than getting shorter. A 2019 study found that Americans now keep their smartphones for an average of nearly three years. Those who prefer Apple may keep their iPhones even longer up to four years, according to one analysts report.

    If you dont upgrade regularly and dont follow ideal charging practices, it stands to reason that you may find your phones battery life lacking over time. However, other factors including how much you use your phone in general most likely have a much larger impact on battery longevity than charging behavior. Thats because lithium-ion batteries are rated for a specific number of charge cycles, or times they can be filled up. So the more you use your phone, the more you have to recharge the battery, and the more it degrades.

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    Check Your Charging Cable For Damage

    Carefully inspect the charging cable and see if you notice any accidental cuts or damages. If yes, this may be the reason for your iPhone not charging.

    If you do not see any physical damage on the cable, then try to charge your friends or family members iPhone with this cable. See if it works or not.

    Sometimes the answer to why is my iPhone not charging may lie in the cable you are using. Faulty cheap knock-off cables may be the culprit. It is a good idea to use a lightning wire that has MFi certification.

    MFi is the short form for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It is a licensing program, and if you see the MFi logo on a product package, it means Apple has authorized the maker. Usually, these products are made to work well with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Here are some suggestions for the best iPhone cables:

    Tips And Trick To Extend iPhone Battery Life

    STOP Charging Your iPhone Past 80%!

    1. Turn off the Automatically Update

    • Go to Settings > > iTunes & App Store
    • In the Automatic Downloads section, find Updates
    • If you see the button next to Update is green, tap to turn it Off.

    2. Reduce Screen Brightness

    • Open Settings > > Display & Brightness
    • Reduce the brightness by moving the slider to the level as low as you can still feel comfortable.

    3. Turn off Take App Suggestions

    • Head to Settings > > General > > Handoff & Suggested Apps
    • Slide the My Apps and App Store button to turn it off.

    4. Stop Motion & Animations

    • Settings > > General > > Accessibility > > Reduce Motion
    • Tap the button to green/On

    5. Turn Off WiFi when you are not using it

    • Go to Settings > > WiFi, tap the green button next to it one time to disable it.

    6. Manage Location Services

    • Open Settings > > Privacy > > Location Services > > System Services
    • In the System Services screen, turn off Diagnostics & Usage, Location-Based iAds, Popular Near Me, and Setting Time Zone.

    7. Turn off Bluetooth if you arent using it

    • Open the Control Center by swiping up from any screen of your iPhone
    • Tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.

    8. Turn off the Data Push

    • Go to Settings > > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > > Fetch New Data > > Push, tap the green button once to turn it off

    9. Fetch Email Less Often

    • Open Settings > > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > > Fetch New Data. Here, scroll down the screen until you find the Fetch section.
    • Select your preference. The longer time you choose, the longer your battery life will be.

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    Clean Your iPhones Charging Port

    This may seem simple. But most of the time, cleaning the charging port with a soft, dry toothbrush or carefully with a toothpick, or paperclip will get the job done.

    Over time, debris, dust, etc. get accumulated in the interiors of the port. Removing them and also carefully cleaning the lightning pin on the charging cable with a dry cloth will solve the problem.

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    Use Standard Apple Charger

    Dont use any third-party charger to charge your iPhone. Always charge iPhone with the Apple MFI certified charger. Or, if you lost your charger then get a new one from an Apple-authorized store only. Because a third-party charger can heat your iPhone. And, as you know iPhone stops charging to prevent battery damage. If youre iPhone 7 user, and your device also charging slow. Then you can read my article on iPhone 7 not charging.

    Article Contents

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    Why Your iPhone Stops Charging At 80 Percent

    One explanation could be that your mobile device has gotten too warm. When the temperature of your phone rises, the software of your iPhone automatically limits your device from charging beyond 80 percent. When this happens, try moving your phone to someplace cooler. When the temperature of your device drops, your phone will automatically resume charging if you keep it plugged in. According to Apple, the appropriate temperature is anywhere between -20º and 45º C.

    Another reason involves the use of iOS 13 and later versions of iOS. These updates have a new feature called Optimized Battery Charging which combats battery aging by “reducing the time that your iPhone spends fully charged.” With this feature, your phone studies your daily charging routine and adjusts your phone’s charging speed until you need to use your phone again, which probably explains why your phone is still at 80 percent even after leaving it for charging after a long while.

    When this feature is enabled, you will receive a notification on your Lock Screen stating at what time your phone will finish charging. If you want to finish charging sooner, you may click the notification, which will provide you the option to Charge Now.

    The Optimized Battery Charging feature aims to improve your phone battery’s lifespan, but you also have the option to disable the feature. To do so, go to Settings, then Battery, then Battery Health, and toggle the Optimized Battery Charging button to turn it off.

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