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Can You Switch Carriers On An iPhone

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You Can Switch Anytime

The NEW Way To Unlock Any iPhone From Any Carrier in 2020

While most carriers no longer offer two-year contracts, you may still be in one. In this case, you will have to wait for your contract to be up or see if your new carrier will cover any of your early termination fees. The only thing that may tether you to your old carrier is your old phone. If you own that phone, or can pay it off, you may still need to unlock it from your old carrier, so it will work on your new network.

Getting a phone unlocked is a lot easier than it used to be, especially now that its actually legal. But that doesnt mean its simple. To do it youll need your phones IMEI number, your phone number, all the relevant account details, and the phone number of your current carrier. Call them up and theyll walk you through the process. Some carriers even offer a way to do this online as well, so we recommend you check their website first.

Which Carrier Offers The Best Deals For Old Phone Trade

If you time it right, you can trade in your old phone, get out of your old contract and receive a brand-new phone, all on your new carriers dime. The deals are typically pegged to new product launches.

Unfortunately, carriers dont take just any old phone usually trade-in offers are for customers with fairly new devices looking to upgrade every year or so. Keep an eye out when new phones from major players like Apple, Samsung and Google are released to get the most bang for your buck . Toms Guide also keeps close tabs on deals aimed at switchers, and we get the word out when theres a particularly appealing offer.

How To Manually Change Network Carrier On iPhone

David Lipovkov | September 14 2021

When you take a trip to another country, your iPhone automatically adopts a mobile phone network from your visiting place. Experienced travelers already know which service has the fastest network or the best features, so they can manually connect to the preferred network in their destination country. Hence, you might not be traveling, but you want to use the best carrier available in your region. Its when the possibility to manually change the carrier on your smartphone comes in handy.

To manually change network carrier on your iPhone, take the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Network.
  • You will see a list of available carriers below the screen. Select one carrier from the list and test the network speed. You can then select the carrier with the highest network speed for your area.

Once you select a network, iPhone will only use that network.

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How Do I Know If My Verizon Phone Is Unlocked

You can check if your Verizon iPhone is unlocked by doing the following:

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Choose Cellular
  • Select Cellular Data, if applicable

If your phone is unlocked, you’ll likely see the category Cellular Data Options or Data Networks. You can also use a compatible, non-Verizon SIM card and check if you can use your iPhone for things like phone calls or sending a text message.

Check That First Bill

How To Change Carrier Logo iPhone and iPad No Jailbreak

Likewise, your new cell phone plan provider will send you an invoice. Bills are usually sent by email or you need to log into the carrier’s web site to see it.

This is the best chance you have to make sure everything is correct. It’s harder to argue that you’re not on the right plan after a few months.

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How To Unlock An iPhone

There are many advantages to using an unlocked iPhone, and flexibility is at the top of the list. If you have purchased your phone from a carrier and paid for it in full through installments, it becomes eligible for official unlocking. Still, you will need to contact your carrier directly and request they review your account and unlock your phone.

The entire process may take a few days, but the carrier will notify you when your iPhone has been unlocked. All you have to do then is to remove the existing SIM card and enter the SIM card of a new carrier. Once you turn on your phone, the new SIM card should be active.

However, keep in mind that you can also purchase a new unlocked phone directly from Apple. These devices are unlocked by default and can be used with any carrier from the moment of purchase.

How To Change Carrier 4g To 5g On iPhone 12/13

Apple brand smartphones are compatible with the 5G network on iPhone 12 and up. To find out if you are connected to a 5G network, your iPhone will show you an icon in the iPhone status bar. Its at the top of the screen, and its the same screen where you see the coverage level, the battery percentage, or the time. Before testing the wireless carrier, please turn off your Wi-Fi connection since we need to test your 5G, not your home network.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Step 2: Tap on Cellular and choose Cellular Data Options.
  • Step 3: Then tap on Voice & Data. Next, change from LTE to 5G auto.

Now you have changed your wireless carrier to use a 5G network instead of 4G LTE.

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Current Deals For Switching Without Paying Fees

No carriers will hand you a wad of cash. Then youll pay your ETF and then a couple of hundred dollars extra for a device. Still, it can be a pretty good deal.

T-Mobile has long offered many reasons to switch to them. The company will pay off a portion of your outstanding payment pan balances with your current carrier and any early termination fees based on your final bill. Theyll then give you a bill credit based on the value of an eligible trade-in device. to learn more.

Verizon also has several options to get you to switch. Most of them involve giving you a trade-in amount for your current phone. This will go towards paying termination fees associated with your phone or line. If this doesnt cover the full cost of switching, Verizon will pay the difference.

Sprint offers a similar program called Clean Slate, where theyll cover up to $650 for your old phone and contract. Theyll even give you a Visa Prepaid Card giving you the flexibility to do this, but you will need to register and trade in your old phone first.

AT& T will cover over up to $650 per line switched, including customers ETF from their previous carrier up to $350. For AT& T, the trade-in value of the phone will be deducted from AT& Ts payment, and customers get a promotional prepaid card.

Unlocked iPhone 13 Mini Carrier Compatibility

The ONLY Way To Unlock Any iPhone From Any Carrier â?


If you are buying an iPhone 13 mini for use in the United States, you will need to get model A2481. Selecting iPhone 13 mini model number A2481 means you will get carrier support on each of the three major US wireless carriers, as well as with many of the smaller MVNO carriers that use the major carrier networks.

In the United States, the three major carriers include Verizon, AT& T, and T-Mobile. The MVNO carriers include Visible, Straight Talk, US Cellular, Ting, Mint Mobile, and numerous others.

The iPhone 13 mini supports the following network bands:

  • 5G NR
  • 5G NR mmWave
  • TD-LTE
  • CDMA EV-DO Rev. A

The bottom line is that model number A2481 is the best option if you are buying an iPhone 13 mini for use in the United States.

Model number A2481 is one of six different models of the iPhone 13 mini. Each model has support for different countries, with model number A2628 offering the widest range of carrier support around the world. The different iPhone 13 mini model numbers are as follows:

  • A2626 Canada, Guam, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, US Virgin Islands
  • A2629 China mainland
  • A2630 Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
  • A2628 Global

If you are looking for an iPhone 13 mini to use in different countries around the world you should look for model number A2628. The 5G and LTE band support for iPhone 13 mini A2628 is as follows:


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Is My iPhone Unlocked 3 Easy Ways To Check iPhone Unlock Status

iPhones can be bought unlocked from legitimate vendors , but you should know how to tell if an iPhone is unlocked before you make your purchase. Whether you want to make sure your phone is unlocked so it’ll be worth more or you’re just thinking of switching carriers, we’ll show you how to check if an iPhone is unlocked or not.

Switching Carriers With Apple Watch

An Apple Watch with cellular connectivity shares its phone number with its paired iPhone. So to change the cell carrier for your Apple Watch, you have to change the cell carrier for your iPhone.

Your iPhone might be locked to your carrier. If so, contact your current carrier to get unlock instructions. Carriers often include these instructions on their website.

Once your iPhone is unlocked , replace your current SIM card with a SIM card from the new carrier and set up your iPhone again if need be.

Now use your iPhone to set up the new carrier on your Apple Watch.

  • Tap Watch.
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    What Is An Unlocked iPhone

    This part trips up a lot of folks. Because unlocked is a word used that can be used to describe anything from the lock screen to iCloud, so its best to define what the term unlocked iPhone actually means.

    • Factory unlocked The iPhone was originally sold unlocked and typically compatible with most US carriers
    • Carrier unlocked The iPhone was originally locked to a specific carrier, but unlocked to work on other compatible networks
    • iCloud unlocked The iPhone is ready for use by a new user, and the original owner hasnt reported the phone as lost or stolen

    On Swappa, our unlocked iPhone category is exclusively for factory unlocked iPhones. In addition to being sold factory unlocked, this also means the iPhone has been paid in full, and is no longer being financed. Often times factory unlocked iPhones are sold as SIM-free models directly from Apple, although its still worth looking at the specific model number to make sure its compatible with your specific network .

    If youre looking to find carrier unlocked iPhones for instance, a specific AT& T iPhone model that you can use with your T-Mobile SIM card then youll need to search for these types of listings under the normal AT& T carrier category. Again, Swappa doesnt allow carrier unlocked iPhones to be sold in our dedicated unlocked category.

    Unlocked iPhone 12 Mini Carrier Compatibility

    Change Carrier Logo On iOS 12


    Apple announced the iPhone 12 on October 13, 2020. The iPhone 12 becomes the 14th generation of the iPhone, and the full lineup consists of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In this post, well be going over the various model numbers that are available for the iPhone 12 mini.

    If you are buying an iPhone 12 mini for use in the United States, you will want the A2176. This model number is available for the U.S. market and it supports 5G and LTE connectivity for all three of the major wireless providers: AT& T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Model number A2176 also supports most MVNO carriers that make use of the big three carrier networks. This includes Mint Mobile, Cricket Wireless, US Cellular, Straight Talk, and many others.

    The bottom line is that you will want iPhone 12 mini model A2176 if you are planning to use the phone with any of the three major wireless providers, or through an MVNO that uses any of the big three associated networks.

    The iPhone 12 mini supports the following bands:

    • 5G NR
    • 5G NR mmWave
    • FDDLTE
    • TDLTE
    • CDMA EV-DO Rev. A
    • GSM/EDGE

    If you are planning to use your iPhone 12 mini outside the United States model number A2176 is not your best option. If you are shopping for an iPhone 12 mini to use in other parts of the world, model number A2399 is the global model and offers support for a wide range of countries. Band support for 5G and LTE networks for the iPhone 12 mini A2399 are as follows:


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    Switch To A New Cell Provider And Keep Your Number

  • New Smartphone for $0
  • Article Summary

    Anyone can switch their Canadian phone number to another phone provider at any time. You can even move your landline to a mobile phone. Before you change carriers, our guide helps you plan the switch, make sure you don’t get any surprise cancellation fees, and find the best cell phone plan for you. You may even pick up a new premium phone for $0 down!

    At any time, you can switch to a new plan with the same mobile carrier and keep your number. Even if you’re on a contract. Really! The Canadian Wireless Code of Conduct posted by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications guarantees these rights.

    HOWEVER… You might find yourself stuck with cancellation fees and paying an even larger price on that cell phone you bought on 2-year contract.

    How Do I Compare Data Plans To Find The Best Deal

    This requires some research on your part. First, decide whether youre looking for a single line of data or a multi-line plan for families. Then, figure out how much data you typically use in a month. You can do that by looking at your phone bill. Sign into your online account and go over the last three months of data usage. You can also find that information in your paper statement, if you still get one. That will help you figure out how much data you need from your new carrier. You can also call the company directly for answers. Toms Guide has compared plans from a wide array of carriers and has come up with the best picks for unlimited data, families and prepaid users. If youre looking to save money, we also have the best cellphone plans under $40.

    These days, carriers are pushing unlimited data plans, which offer you all the LTE data you could ask for. If you find yourself using less than 6GB of data, though, you can save money by going with a cheaper tiered data plan. Verizon and AT& T still offer tiered data, and if you broaden your search to prepaid and discount carriers, you can save even more money if your monthly data use is low.

    MORE: Best Prepaid Phone Plans: MetroPCS vs. Boost vs. Cricket

    WhistleOut compares 100,000 cellphone plan combinations from 30 carriers if youd rather let someone else handle the legwork for you.

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    Use Your Unlocked Phone With A Smaller Carrier

    Any iPhone user looking for a cheaper monthly plan can always switch to AT& T or T-Mobile if they dont want to use Verizon or Sprint. Depending on the features that are important to you, this might be an excellent option. For example, if you need unlimited data, you can take advantage of this with a smaller carrier.

    How To Remove A Sim Card From An iPhone

    How To Unlock Any iPhone From Any Carrier In 1 Minute – XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5

    All iPhones come with SIM card slots located on their sides. For iPhones after the iPhone X, the SIM tray is located on the right side. If youre looking along the edge, you should see a small oblong shape with a pinhole next to it. Thats your SIM card slot. With your phone turned off, follow these steps to remove your SIM card:

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    Picking The Right Plan For Your Unlocked iPhone

    The most important thing when switching your iPhone from Verizon is making sure you find a suitable data plan from your new carrier. With an unlocked iPhone, youll have plenty of perk-heavy options from major carriers like AT& T and T-Mobile, as well as cheaper plans from smaller MVNOsincluding those that run on Verizons network, like Visible. If you previously had a Verizon unlimited plan, Visible’s unlimited plan offers the same great coverage for way less and that includes mobile hotspot! Even cheaper options include Mint Mobile’s Unlimited plan for just $30/month, but note that Mint is a T-Mobile MVNO, so you’ll want to check for T-Mobile coverage in your area.


    How To Unlock Your iPhone To Use It With Another Carrier

    Major cellular carriers Verizon, AT& T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others typically lock their networks to the iPhone you buy from their stores or pay for via an installment plan. What does that really mean, though? A cell phone lock is a software code that ensures your mobile phone connects only to a specific network. Conversely, unlocking your iPhone means that you can switch carriers if youre dissatisfied with the service, move to a different region, are traveling, or want to keep your old handset when you change networks.

    To switch carriers, you must rely on your current carrier to unlock your phone. While Apple cant unlock your iPhone, its support page lists the carriers that offer unlocking services, such as AT& T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Xfinity, and many more.

    Unlocking your iPhone requires you to meet certain criteria. For example, your phone must be paid in full, by completing an installment plan or coming to the end of any other contract you signed. The handset cannot be reported lost or stolen, and your account must be in good standing. If you paid for your iPhone in full upon purchase, then its probably unlocked already. Unlocked iPhones are generally worth more than locked mobile devices. Its generally a good idea to unlock your phone when it goes off-contract. If youre ready to unlock your iPhone, heres how to do it.

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