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How Much Does iPhone 11 Pro Max Weight

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Cameras

iPhone 13 Pro Max SIZE & WEIGHT Comparison

Apple iPhones have always been known for their excellent photo capabilities. With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple ups the number of rear-facing cameras to three. Offering some of the best still photos and without question the best video capture for several generations now, iPhones are always a solid choice for anyone into mobile photography.

Which One Is Best For You

iPhone 11 Pro Max was Apples biggest and best iPhone of 2019, with a range of upgrades on its predecessor. iPhone XR was 2018s most affordable new iPhone, and one of Apples most popular devices of all time.

iPhone XR features an aluminium design and a 6.1-inch LCD screen. iPhone Pro Maxs superior 6.5-inch OLED display is encased in stainless steel and tough frosted glass. iPhone Pro Maxs much bigger battery lasts up to 4 hours longer than its predecessor, and charges up much faster too. The new A13 Bionic chipset makes iPhone Pro Max quicker and lag-free, and 4GB of RAM will tackle any task with ease.

Apples camera boffins have been busy too. iPhone XR’s 12-megapixel wide angle camera has given way to a versatile 12+12+12-megapixel array with ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, and an improved Night Mode which handles low light situations beautifully. The selfie camera has been upgraded to a 12-megapixel TrueDepth affair that takes eye-catching Slo-mo selfies.

XR is a great phone, available in lots of colours, but if you can afford it, iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones out there.

  • Apple

  • Immerse yourself in HDR movies on iPhone 11 Pro Maxs gorgeous 6.5-inch OLED display.

  • Shoot incredible photos, 4K video with Apples advanced new triple-lens camera array.

  • Go for longer without a charge thanks to iPhone 11 Pro Maxs improved battery life 5 hours longer than iPhone XS Max.

  • Enjoy a smooth, lag-free performance with Apples powerful A13 Bionic chipset.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11 Pro: Specs Comparison

When new iPhones come out a lot of people start asking the same questions every year: is it better to buy the standard version of the new generation series or the Pro/Max version of the old generation iPhones. Every year the answer to this question can naturally be different because Apple phones always come with different specifications. That is why people keep asking. This year, is it better to choose the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 11 Pro? Well, the answer actually depends on the user needs: through this comparison, we hope to let you find out which phone is the most suitable for you between these two handsets.

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Ios 131 Is Coming 11 Days After Ios 13

Apple’s latest OS, iOS 13, . And since the iPhone 11 phones ship out on Sept. 20, you can be sure that they will already have iOS 13 right out of the box.

An update to iOS 13, known as iOS 13.1, will come out 11 days later, on Sept. 30. We’re not sure what exactly this small update will include, although we do know that iOS 13.1 will enable the aforementioned U1-powered AirDrop feature.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max: Software

Heres How Much the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone ...

The Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max each come out of the box with the latest versions of their respective operating systems at the time of launch: Android 10 and iOS 13. We found the latter to be a more meaningful upgrade when we reviewed both releases late last year, thanks to Apple’s well-designed new Dark Mode, improved Maps and Photos apps and privacy-protecting and time-saving Sign in with Apple feature.

These days, the iPhone 11 Pro Max easily runs iOS 15, and it should continue to support Apple software updates for a few years. Likewise, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been updated to Android 11, though we’re not expecting Android 12 to reach the phone until the end of 2021 at the earliest.

Even with most of us wearing masks these days, Face ID Apple’s secure, 3D face-scanning biometric technology remains a great way to unlock your phone and verify mobile payments. Samsung still has no answer to it, and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor it’s used on the S20 Ultra instead is rather clunky and inaccurate.

Winner: iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Rapid Performance And Impressive Battery Life

Apples latest A15 Bionic processor is one of the fastest you can get, which combined with the 120Hz screen makes the 13 Pro Max feel super responsive.

Battery life is class-leading. The phone lasts well over 48 hours on battery requiring me only to charge it every third day, while still using the screen for almost eight hours with various apps, photos and music, including a good four hours on 5G. Thats a solid six-plus hours longer than smaller 13 Pro and should last a day for even the heaviest of users.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max: Display

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 6.9-inch display sports both a higher resolution and a peak refresh rate that’s double the 6.5-inch panel inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max, so you might expect Samsung to pull out a massive lead in this category.

However, there are a few caveats to those eye-catching specs. The S20 Ultra defaults to full-HD resolution, rather than its native quad HD. The default refresh rate mode is also 60Hz, even though the phone can be set to 120Hz for smoother animations and scrolling. If you want a dynamically refreshing display, you’ll have to turn to one of Samsung’s newer S21 models. Apple didn’t add the feature to its phones until this past fall, when the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max introduced dynamically refreshing displays.

But to compare things to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, while the S20 Ultra’s display can look better than the iPhone’s, it doesn’t come out of the box that way. To get the best longevity on a charge, you won’t want to keep it locked on those energy-draining settings.

What’s more, the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s panel was able to reach a higher peak brightness setting in our lab, churning out 761 nits to the S20 Ultra’s 662 nits. Apple’s screen tuning also opts for more muted, realistic colors, whereas Samsung provides several options on its devices, ranging from natural to Adaptive. The latter lends a noticeably more saturated look to photos, movies and games.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Performance And Battery Life

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are both powered by an A15 Bionic processor, packing a 6-core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores. The A15 Bionic processor also features a new 16-core Neural Engine to power machine learning and artificial intelligence tasks.

One difference between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is that the former features a 4-core GPU, while the latter features a 5-core CPU. It remains to be seen what kind of difference this leads to in real-world performance, but it is a notable change for Apple to be segmenting the iPhone 13 lineup in this way for the first time.

Apple has not made any changes to the RAM configuration this year, with the iPhone 13 packing 4GB of RAM and the iPhone 13 Pro packing 6GB of RAM.

Both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro feature notable improvements in battery life this year compared to their predecessors. The iPhone 13 Pro is able to edge out the iPhone 13 in some areas, according to Apples claims.

iPhone 13 battery estimates:

  • Video playback : Up to 15 hours
  • Video playback: Up to 19 hours

iPhone 13 Pro battery estimates:

  • Audio playback: 75 hours
  • Video playback : Up to 20 hours
  • Video playback: Up to 22 hours

Both devices support fast charging, for getting up to a 50% charge in 30 minutes with a 20W power adapter. Theres also support for 7.5W Qi wireless charging and 15W wireless charging when using a MagSafe wireless charger.

iPhone 13 Models Are Heavier And Thicker Than iPhone 12 Models

Should You Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2021

Apple’s iPhone 13 models are nearly identical in design to the iPhone 12 models, but there are some slight differences in weight and thickness.

All of the iPhone 13 models are heavier than their iPhone 12 counterparts, likely due to the larger batteries that are inside and the thickness increase. Weight comparisons are below.

  • iPhone 13 mini – 141 grams vs. 135 grams
  • iPhone 13 – 174 grams vs. 164 grams
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 204 grams vs. 189 grams
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 240 grams vs. 228 grams

The iPhone 13 models are a bit thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro models, which is in line with what we were expecting from rumors. All of the iPhone 13 models are 7.65mm thick, up from 7.4mm for the iPhone 12 lineup.

Height and width of the new models are the same compared to the iPhone 12, but the change in thickness and the new design for the cameras for some models will mean the iPhone 12 cases likely won’t fit iPhone 13 models.

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The Max Needs Apple Pencil Support

You dont need me to tell you that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an extremely large phone. With a 6.7-inch screen, its display is only about an inch smaller than the original iPad mini. A display that big is great for watching movies, but its also an excellent productivity device for things like typing long emails and editing photos. But you still have to use your fingers for everything.

The Apple Pencil would be a fantastic companion for the iPad Pro.

The Apple Pencil is a fantastic accessory for the iPad, and it would be just as valuable on the iPhone 13 Max. With a 6.7-inch display, its about the size of a small notebook, and a smaller Apple Pencil would be a perfect way to use it as a way to quickly just down thoughts and mark up documents. And whats more, it would separate the iPhone 13 Max from the rest of the lineup and establish it as more of a pro productivity device, like the iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Mini iPhone Deserves A Place In Apples Lineup

There have been numerous reports to suggest that the iPhone 13 mini will be the last of its kind. Poor sales have seemingly deemed the tiniest iPhone for the chopping block as iPhone buyers gravitate toward handsets with larger screens. While I certainly appreciate the iPhone Maxs 6.7-inch display, I also miss the one-handed use of the iPhone 12 mini.

If the iPhone mini really is going away with the iPhone 14 lineup, I hope Apple keeps it around with a future iPhone SE. After all, Apple currently sells the 12 mini for $599 and will presumably cut it down to $499 next year like the current iPhone 11. While rumors suggest the 2022 iPhone SE will stick with the same retro design, the next next model is almost certain to adopt a Liquid Retina display and the iPhone mini chassis would be a perfect fit.


  • iPhone

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Overall Winner: iPhone 11 Pro Max

It’s hard to ignore that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus gives you everything plus the kitchen sink. If you want the best phone but don’t want to pay up for a current model, there’s really nothing you could ask for that the S20 Ultra doesn’t have.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
79 82

However, the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra remains pretty high, even with newer Samsung phones available. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is still significantly cheaper than Samsung’s Ultra phones and slightly better than the S20 Ultra in ways that will likely matter to more people namely, with regard to its more intuitive, regularly updated software, exceptional performance and attractive design.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t regret purchasing either of these phones, though at this stage in their life cycle, make sure you’re paying as little as possible. No matter which device you buy, they’re both stunning options that leave nothing on the table.

At the time of its release, the Galaxy S20 Ultra represented where the industry was headed, but the original price was just out of reach, the advantages are negligible, and Samsung refined many of the features it introduced on the newer Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. But the iPhone 11 Pro Max remains a better big-screen phone overall.

iPhone 13 & 13 Pro Weight: How Heavy Are The 2021 iPhones

Sell iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max are all worth recommending and buying. But what can you expect from how much the phones weigh?

Smartphone weight varies considerably depending on the make/model, and this is on full display with the iPhone 13 family from Apple. Many factors come into play when buying a new phone. It’s important to make sure it has a good display, fast performance, high-quality cameras, etc. These are all things the entire iPhone 13 lineup succeeds at. Whether someone’s buying the compact iPhone 13 mini or monstrous iPhone 13 Pro Max, all four of Apple’s latest iPhones bring a lot of good to the table.

That said, there’s one characteristic of smartphones people often overlook: weight. A phone like the iPhone 13 Pro Max has everything someone could ask for. However, if that person doesn’t like heavy phones, it may not be a good fit at all. Smartphone weight may not be the most exciting talking point out there, but it’s something that can make daily use with a device considerably better/worse depending on your personal preference.


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iPhone 11 Says Goodbye To 3d Touch For Good

Apple began to phase out its 3D Touch feature last year, starting with the iPhone XR. Debuting in 2015 in the iPhone 6S, 3D Touch allowed you to access additional menu options and commands by hard-pressing your finger against the screen. Now, however, the feature is absent on all three new iPhone 11s.

Instead, the company replaced 3D Touch with Haptic Touch. Haptic Touch works relatively the same way, except instead of having to press down harder on the screen, you’ll need to merely long-press on the item. This confirmed rumors that have been floating around since last year, about Apple ditching the technology for either its 2018 or 2019 iPhone lineup, according to MacRumors.

Goodbye, 3D Touch.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max: Design

At 6.5 inches from corner to corner, the iPhone 11 Pro is an imposing smartphone. But the Galaxy S20 Ultra takes things a step further with its largest-in-class 6.9-inch AMOLED panel. Samsung’s handset also employs a 20:9 aspect ratio that’s slightly narrower than the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s squatter 19.5:9 proportions.

As a result, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is considerably taller than Apple’s supersized iPhone, yet not quite as wide. Because the S20 Ultra is a hair narrower, Samsung’s device is actually a bit easier to grasp in your hand. On the flip side, the additional three-tenths of an inch of height means you have to stretch your thumb farther across the Galaxy’s display to reach the opposite corner.

Make no mistake: Those shopping for one of the best small phones aren’t going to be comfortable with either of these handsets. But aesthetically speaking, the iPhone 11 Pro Max feels a bit more premium and distinctive, with its stainless steel frame, matte glass back, meticulously designed triple-lens rear camera array and selection of color options. The S20 Ultra, by comparison, is only available in Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray both of which look very boring.

Winner: iPhone 11 Pro Max

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How Does It Feel To Use An iPhone And Ios

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – Should You Upgrade?

Last year, I reviewed the iPhone XS and used it for almost a month. After that, I returned to Android and have been there ever since. Since I had limited iPhone interactions prior to the XS, it took me a while to learn the ropes last time. After a years absence, I found it easy enough to pick back up. Like last time, there are some things I like and some things that turn me off.

Ill start with the downsides. Keep in mind some of them are very personal issues but others will probably apply more broadly to others.

The ability to move things around on the homescreen. Im kind of borderline OCD about certain things. My Android homescreen never has more than one row of icons filling up the left side, per page. I will use folders, but multiple screens filled with icons bothers me for some reason. With iOS I dont have the option to cater to my own insanity.

Not being able to change default apps and general hand-holding. I like being able to change the default browser, camera app, and so on. You cant do that in iOS. Some of these restrictions might contribute to the fact that iOS is more secure, but not all hand-holding makes sense. For example, if you try to download a large file on iOS it will force you to turn on Wi-Fi. My Pixel 3 XL might warn me to use Wi-Fi, but I can override it easily. If you rely on your cellular connection primarily, this can be an issue. There are plenty of other situations like this in iOS.

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