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How To Add Another Language To Keyboard iPhone

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How To Add Third Party Keyboard App On iPhone Or iPad

How to add different language keyboard iPhone X (10)

Use keyboard apps on iPad or iPhone

There many apps available on the App Store for Keyboards. You can install third-party keyboard apps like you install other apps on your device. Follow these steps:

  • Go to App Store and select the app you want to install.
  • Tap Get then Install by using your Apple ID.
  • Then select the Keyboard from the Settings App. Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards > Add new keyboard.

Add Personality And Speed To Your Typing With Alternate Keyboards

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If you want to get rid of the default keyboard that comes built your iPhone, install custom keyboards on your phone. From the debut of the iPhone until 2014, Apple offered a single keyboard option for writing emails, text messages, and other text. While Apple stuck to that traditional keyboard, alternative keyboards appeared for Android. Finally, with iOS 8, Apple joined the party and introduced alternative keyboards in the form of third-party apps.

Instructions in this article apply to iPhones with iOS 8 and up.

How To Add New Keyboard Language On iPhone And iPad

If you are willing to use different language keyboard then the first thing you need to do is enable alternate language keyboard which allows you to use different languages without changing the entire language in iOS.

Add or change keyboard language on iPhone

Keyboard can be added, removed or adjusted in iOS by doing the following steps:

  • Open the Settings App, then go to General.
  • In General select Keyboard.
  • Choose Keyboards and select Add New Keyboard.
  • Tap on any alternate keyboard language you wish to add.
  • In the modern version of iOS, when you select an alternate keyboard the Emoji Icon on the keyboard is replaced by a Globe Icon but Emoji keyboard will be existing.

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    How To Change Keyboard Language On iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

    As someone who owns an Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you may want to know how to change the keyboard on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. You can change the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus keyboard to Spanish, Korean, Italian, Arabic, French, German or any other language, and its important to note that these changes will affect all apps and user interface settings, including third party applications as well.But one thing that you will need to do is change keyboard language settings separately. But dont worry well explain how you can change keyboard settings and language keyboard settings on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus below with just a few minor settings tweaks.

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    How to change keyboard on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Make sure that your iPhone is turned on
  • Go to Settings, its the gear icon
  • Then, go to General
  • Search and tap on Keyboard
  • Tap on Keyboards at the top of the screen
  • Tap on Add New Keyboard
  • Finally, choose the language of your preference on your iPhone
  • How to change language on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Make sure that your Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is turned on
  • Next, open the Settings app. Its the gear icon
  • Search and click on Language & Region
  • Tap on iPhone Language
  • How To Enable New Keyboards On The iPhone:

    How to Add language to Keyboard on iPhone
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Keyboard.
  • Tap Keyboards.
  • Youll see a list of the keyboards youve already enabled. To add a new one, tap Add New Keyboard.
  • On this screen you can find other language keyboards, also any added by third-party apps. You can scroll through the list or use the search field to fine the one you want. Simply tap it to enable the keyboard.
  • After adding a keyboard, you will return to this screen. If you’d like to reorder, or remove a keyboard, tap Edit.
  • In edit mode, you can tap and hold on the three lines icon on the right side of a keyboard, then slide your finger to reorder the keyboards. This will allow you to make a different language your primary keyboard.
  • To remove a keyboard you no longer wish to use, simply tap the red minus icon to the left of the name.
  • When you’re finished rearranging and removing keyboards, just tap Done.
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    How To Add A New Keyboard Language To iPhone Or iPad

    Lets start by adding a new language keyboard to your iPhone or iPad.

    Open the Settings app and then go to the General section.

    Here, select the Keyboard option.

    Now, tap the Keyboards button.

    Youll see a list of all available keyboards. Here, tap the Add New Keyboard option.

    Browse through the list of available keyboards and tap the language you want to add.

    Youll now see it in the Keyboards list. If you want to reorder the list or remove a language from the list, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner.

    Tap and drag the Handle icon next to a keyboard to reorder it.

    If you want to delete a keyboard, tap the Minus button and then tap Delete.

    How To: Reorder Apple Keyboards

  • From the Keyboards screen select Edit in the upper right.
  • Drag and drop your keyboards into the order you want them to appear.
  • Your device comes with two Apple keyboards installed, the standard keyboard and the emoji keyboard. Any other third-party keyboards youve added will also appear in this list. The order of the keyboards in this list is also the order keyboards will appear as you switch between them.

    If you add extra TextExpander keyboards in other languages, for example, they will appear in this list.

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    How To Change Keyboard Language In iPhone 12

    How to change the keyboard language on iPhone 12? How to get access to keyboard language options on iPhone 12? How to choose a preferable keyboard language on iPhone 12? How to set up keyboard language on iPhone 12?

    If you are looking for a method of changing the keyboard languages in iPhone 12 then follow our video instruction to smoothly set up the keyboard to your desired language. Lets watch the above tutorial and use iPhone 12 keyboard in your desired language.

  • In the first step, unlock your iPhone 12 and select the Messages icon.
  • In the second step, tap on the icon located on the right upper corner.
  • At this moment, when the keyboard is activated tap and hold on the emoji icon until Keyboard Settings pops up.
  • Now, select Keyboard Settings to switch the keyboard language.
  • After that, choose Keyboards to set up keyboard language.
  • Afterward, Add New Keyboard… to select the language that you want to use.
  • In the final part, you will be able to scroll the whole list of available keyboard languages in APPLE and choose your preferred language.
  • Fantastic! New Keyboard Language has been successfully set up.
  • Switch Language Back To English:

    How to add a new language keyboard on your iphone IOS 11

    If you have switched your iPhone language to something other than English, you might find it difficult to switch it back to English since the system will be displaying another language.

    This situation could happen if you accidentally switched the language on your iPhone to a language that you don’t understand. Then all the text on your iPhone become a foreign language to you.

    Here is a graphical way to return language back to English.

    • Tap the Settings Application which has an iPhone icon that looks like this.

    Now once you get to the settings which is in a different language, look for the general icon, which looks like settings app icon shown below on the left.

    When you get to the General screen, languages on iPhone becomes a little tricky to find. Therefore, you will need to count down from the CarPlay icon.

    You need to count down to the sixth option in this screen to get to the system languages area.

    In the next screen shown below, you need to tap the first button, and you will see English in the list. Tap English and then tap the button at the top right to confirm or top left depending on the language. The iPhone will restart and will go back to English language.

    Also check out Arabic iPhone application for more interesting Arabic apps in the app store.

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    How To Access The iPhone Keyboard Settings

    The fastest way to reach the settings needed to add a new iOS keyboard is by opening any app where you can type, like Skype or the built-in Messages. When your iPhone keyboard pops up, touch-and-hold the emoji icon in the lower-left corner. In the menu that appears, tap on Keyboard Settings.

    NOTE: If youre using an iPad, the emoji button is found instead on the last row of the keyboard, to the left of the Spacebar. As soon as you add another language to the keyboard on your iPhone, the smiling emoji is replaced by a world globe icon, but we get to that later in this guide.

    Access the iPhone keyboard settings from any field you can type in

    Alternatively, you can also launch the Settings app by tapping on its icon on your Home Screen.

    Access Settings on your iPhone or iPad

    Next, scroll down until you find the General entry, and press on it.

    NOTE: On iPad, this screen looks slightly different, and you can find the General settings on the left column. Use the panel on the right to follow the next steps.

    Scroll down if you have to, and then access General

    On the General screen, tap on the iPhone Keyboard setting.

    Press the iPhone Keyboard setting

    Either of these two methods takes you to the Keyboards screen, where you can see all your iPhone keyboard settings.

    There are two ways to access the iPhone keyboard settings

    The list of settings is quite long, isnt it?

    How To Easily Type Different Languages On iPhone With English Keyboard

    Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    How do you message your friends with their native language? How do you type other languages like Hindi, Arabic, Nepali, Greek, Persian, Gujarati, Telugu, etc from your iPhone? Well, you can change your iPhone keyboard to that language and start type on it.Id say this is not a practical solution if you are living in a foreign country where you need to message both foreign language to your colleagues over there and your native language to your friends and family.

    First of all, you need to switch the keyboard between these two languages frequently. The second problem is that your native language keyboard. Even though you are very expert in your native language, it is extremely difficult to type your native language from iPhone keyboard.

    Editors Note: Please see the updated version of this article to Change Language on iPhone Keyboard.

    If you are the one like me that practiced with English Qwerty keyboard from the beginning, the better you find out some alternative solutions rather than switching your iPhone keyboard language.

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    Follow The Below Steps For Change Keyboard Language In Ios 10/ Ios 11 Or Later: iPhone iPad And Ipod Touch

    Step 1: Go to the Setting app.

    Step 2: under the Setting > General > Keyboard.

    Step 3: Default language should be English and Emoji. But now you can add another language manually by the tap on Keyboards.

    Step 4: Next, Go with Add new keyboard. Choose any number of languages, and it will automatically add in keyboard language list. That will be accessible directly from your keyboard when you are typing text.

    How To Enable Alternate Language Keyboards In Ios

    How to Add More Languages to Your Keyboard!(IOS)

    Before anything else, youll probably want to enable an alternate language keyboard if you havent done so yet. This allows you to type in another language using that languages keyboard without changing the language entirely in iOS.

    You can add, adjust, or remove new language keyboards at any time in iOS by doing the following:

  • Open the Settings app then go to General and Keyboard
  • Choose Keyboards and select Add New Keyboard tap on any alternate language keyboard to add that to the list of available keyboards in iOS which youll then be able to gain quick access to
  • Well assume youve already added at least one alternate language keyboard this way, but for the sake of trying out the keyboard switching you can even just enable and use the glyph and symbol keyboard or the Emoji keyboard.

    Note that in modern versions of iOS, when you have more than one alternate keyboard language enabled, the familiar smiley face Emoji icon on the keyboard gets switched out with a Globe icon, which is actually the same with what the Emoji and language access looked like in prior versions of iOS.

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    How To Install A Keyboard Language On Macos

    Follow the steps below to install and use a keyboard language on macOS.

  • Select the Apple logo at the top-left corner of your Macs screen and choose System Preferences.
  • Select the Keyboard option.
  • Select the Input Sources tab on the Keyboard settings screen to view a list of currently installed keyboard languages.
  • Select + at the bottom of the list, to add a new language.
  • Select the language youd like to add, from the left sidebar.
  • Select an input source on the right for your language, and then select Add at the bottom.
  • Youre now back to the Input Sources screen. Enable the Show Input menu in menu bar option to switch between languages using your Macs menu bar.
  • To remove an installed language, select that language in the list and select the Remove option at the bottom of the list.
  • What To Do If Multilingual Typing Is Not Working On iPhone

    Sometimes, you may find that multilingual typing is not working on iPhone, even after the second keyboard in your native language has been properly added.

    Since, this usually happens due to the dictionery for second language not being available on iPhone, it can be easily fixed by adding your native or second language dictinery to iPhone.

    Go to Settings> General> Dictionary> On the next screen, select the Language of second keyboard that you added to iPhone.

    Once you complete this step, you should find your iPhone supporting multilingual typing and seamlessly switching between the two languages.

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    How To Set Up And Use Multilingual Typing On iPhone

    Beginning with iOS 10, Apples predictive QuickType keyboard supports multiple languages without switching keyboards. This lets you type in multiple languages simultaneously and take advantage of the auto-correct function to receive appropriate suggestions without having to switch between different keyboards manually. This tutorial explains how to set up multilingual typing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

    How To Install A Keyboard Language On Windows 10

    iPhone 6: How to Add New Keyboard Language

    Microsoft offers several languages to install on your Windows 10 PC using the Settings app.

  • Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open the Settings App.
  • Select Time & Language.
  • Select Language, from the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down the right pane to the Preferred languages section.
  • Select Add a language in this section.
  • Choose the keyboard language you wish to add and select Next at the bottom.
  • Select the extra language features to enable them. Then, select Install.
  • Once the selected language is installed, you can switch to it using various language switching methods. On the Language page in Settings, click on Keyboard.
  • 9. In the drop down list, go ahead and select your new language for the keyboard input.

  • You can also click on the language under Preferred Languages and click on Options to install more features for your language like additional keyboards, if they exist.
  • To remove a keyboard language, repeat steps 1-3 listed above to reach the Language screen, select the language and choose Remove.
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    How To Set Up Multiple Languages On iPhone And iPad

    When you add a new keyboard to your iPhone, it automatically enables you to type and get predictive suggestions in these languages. Further, the autocorrect will not try to change the word. It will understand that you are typing in more than one language and act accordingly. Heres how to enable more than one iOS or iPadOS keyboard to enable multilingual typing.

  • Open the Settings app and tap on General.
  • Tap on Keyboard Keyboards.
  • Tap on Add New Keyboard
  • Tap on one of the desired languages. The new keyboard is added. Note: For some languages, like Hindi , on the next screen, you might be given an option to select the keyboard layout like QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ. Tap to choose one. Finally, tap on Done.
  • How To Dictate In Different Languages On The iPhone

    Many folks arent aware that iPhones and iPads have the ability to dictate in different languages, so if youd like one email to go out in French, and the following one to be in Spanish or English, thats perfectly doable with just a quick icon press.But in order to use the multi-language dictate feature, you first need to set it up. This is accomplished by configuration additional dictation languages as extra keyboards in your iOS settings. Heres how it works.

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    Open Message Or Text App In iPhone And Switch Keyboard To Your Language To Start Typing

    Now open any message or text app and you can start type with your installed language. For demo purposes, we select the WhatsApp message app. When you open the app the first time, the default language will be English.

    Now tap on the bottom globe icon on the keyboard to pick your language. Start type with English keyboard with your language pronunciation. It will give you suggestions and you can pick the suitable one from predictions or keep type-on to automatically convert your English to the selected language.

    KeyNounce works in any app like messaging, social network, email or just typing app. Once you enable the keyboard youll be able to easily compose texts, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and search the web in your choice of language.

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    Now we have a bunch of messaging applications to contact our national and international friends for free. It doesnt matter whether they are in your own country or a foreign country, you can message than with their own native language with this app.

    These apps let you type all these languages by installing them on your iPhone. You can install multiple apps and add to your iOS keyboard list to type multiple languages with your iPhone.

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