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How To Get Rid Of Circle On iPhone

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How To Fix The iPhone Stuck On Black Screen With Spinning Wheel Problem

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While the iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel problem may occur after an update or after restoring your device back to factory settings, the issue may also occur when you are trying to reboot the iDevice. The iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel problem is quite common.

Knowing how to fix this problem can help you avoid frustrations. Below, we have the top solutions to the iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel issue. Before we show you the solutions you can use, lets see some of the causes of the iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel Problem.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Circle Control Center On My iPhone

To dismiss that, you need to go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Assistive Touch> OFF. If you bring Control Center up from the bottom of the screen, dismissing it can be done either by tapping on the Home button, or you can swipe it downwards again from the top of Control Center and it will go back down.

Apple Watch Red Lightning Bolt

When you see a red lightning bolt on your watch, it means that your battery is low. If you’ve just put it on the charger and that’s when you saw the icon, just keep charging it. If you see the red lightning bolt and your Apple Watch is locked up, it means your watch is in Power Reserve mode and will need to be charged and restarted.

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Customize The Assistivetouch Menu

To change the order, number, and contents of the buttons in the menu:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch, then select AssistiveTouch.
  • Select Customize Top Level Menu, then tap an icon to reassign a different function to its position.
  • Use the + and – buttons to change the number of buttons that appear in the menu.
  • Use the Reset button to erase your changes and restore the default menu settings.

    Solution : Restart Your iPhone

    How to Get Rid of the Red Circle With the Number in It on an iPhone ...

    Simply turning your iPhone off and then on again can help you get rid of the constant spinning circle on top left of iPhone. Follow the steps below to turn your iPhone off and then on:

    Step 1: Open Settings > General > tap Shut Down.

    Step 2: After a couple of seconds, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo shows on your screen.

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    How To Disable Red Number Badges On iPhone Or iPad

    To disable these annoying number badges, head to Settings > Notifications on your iPhone, and then scroll down to the app you want to turn the notifications badge off for and select it. Im using Airmail in this example.

    Toggle the Badge App Icon switch off.

    Now notifications will still appear in the Notification Center, but the number of unread emails wont appear next to the app icon.

    Its worth noting that you can also disable other annoyances, like notification sounds, or even just toggle Allow Notifications off for the app if theres no reason that you need notifications.

    Add An Alternate Appearance To Face Id

    Apple’s facial recognition feature, Face ID, constantly learns and relearns different aspects of your face with each scan. If you’re struggling to get Face ID to consistently recognize you, try the Alternate Appearance option.

    Go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode> enter your PIN > Set Up An Alternate Appearance and go through the process of enrolling your face again.

    Keep your screen dim to save battery life.

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    Tip 2 Make Sure You Have An Active Internet Connection

    You should make sure that you have high-speed Internet. It requires a stable and active Internet connection to access content in iCloud. Otherwise, your iPhone will have trouble downloading pictures from iCloud, so you will see the loading circles on your pictures.

    You can try to turn on and off Airplane mode or restart your router to refresh the connection. If you think you have a problem with your Wi-Fi, you can refer to this Top 10 Fixes to WiFi Not Working guide to get more solutions.

    Triage Your Privacy Settings

    How to remove dark circle from iPhone back? side effect of open covers Tips & Tricks IOS 11.2.5

    The first time you set up a phone and all of your apps, you’re bombarded with prompts asking for permissions to access personal information ranging from tracking your location to your Apple Health information or your camera roll. It’s far too easy to get in the habit of approving everything just so you can use the app, but take a few minutes and go through your privacy settings and tailor what each app can and can’t see. We walk you through the process in two quick steps.

    Control Center has a lot of potential, you just have to customize it.

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    Tip 5 Access Your Photos In Icloud

    Generally speaking, after trying all of the above methods, this “iPhone pictures loading circle” problem should go away. It may take some time to download all the photos. If you do not want to wait and want to use the photos immediately, you may go to to access your photos. You can download photos to computer and then transfer them to iPhone.

    1. Open a browser on your computer and open

    2. Enter your Apple ID and passcode to log in to your iCloud account.

    3. After entering the website, click the option to view all your photos saved in iCloud.

    4. Download photos to your computer.

    Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

    Once the image has been downloaded to your computer, you can choose to transfer photos from computer to iPhone. If you only want to transfer a few photos, just send them to yourself via email if you want to transfer a large number of photos, you can let the iOS transfer tool help you do it quickly.

    Here we recommended AOMEI MBackupper. Its one professional iPhone data management tool for Windows users, which supports data transfer between iPhone and computer, between iPhone and another iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

    With AOMEI MBackupper, photos will be transferred to iPhone with their original quality without any compression. In addition, it will not erase any existing photos or any other data on iPhone. Below are the steps to transfer photos to iPhone.

    1. Download, install and launch AOMEI MBackupper.

    How To Hide The Annoying Red Number Badges On iPhone App Icons

    Harry Guinness

    Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more…

    Nobody reads every single email, and over time, that unread notification count just grows and grows until all your app icons have a huge number in a red bubble. Heres how to disable the red notification count badge on iPhone or iPad.

    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who open and delete unwanted emails, and those who just ignore them, leaving the unread count to grow forever. If youre in the latter group, the notifications badge next to each app on your iPhone can get pretty high. Once its above 20 or so, its not really telling you anything. Can you remember if you had 2034 or 2036 unread emails when you last looked at your phone?

    If youre in this situation with the email app , its probably best to stop your iPhone from showing them at all, even if its just to shut up all the Inbox Zero cultists.

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    iPhone Stuck On Black Screen With Loading Circle 4+ Ways To Fix

    Plus pointers to keep it from recurring

    The iPhone is an incredibly stable mobile device, but many reasons can cause it to crash out on you. Buggy iOS releases, outdated third-party apps, and corrupt system settings are just a few of them.

    When your iPhone crashes, you might see a black screen with a spinning circle as the system software attempts to recover itself. That can sometimes fail, however, and youll continue to see the same screen indefinitely.

    A force-restart should fix an iPhone when it gets stuck on a black screen with a loading circle. If that doesnt help, you must use Recovery Mode or DFU Mode to sort things out.

    Solution : Disable Background App Refresh

    How to Get Rid of the Red Circle With the Number in It on an iPhone ...

    As we had indicated earlier on, one of the main causes of the rotating circle on my iPhone is a network-related activity. The Background App Refresh is a network-related activity. To fix the spinning wheel next to WIFI problem by disabling the Background App Refresh, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Open Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

    Step 2: Toggle the feature off.

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    Get Rid Of Clutter On Your Home Screen

    Since the release of iOS 14 in 2020, iPhone users have had more options and control over what their home screen looks like than ever before. The App Library, for example, acts as an app drawer, allowing you to remove apps from your home screen without deleting them. Heck, you can even fully customize your phone’s look with different app icons and widgets — it’s very Android-like, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    If you like the minimal look, then you’ll want to make sure that newly installed apps aren’t automatically placed on your home screen every time you download an app. Or, on the flip side, if you don’t want new apps to go directly to the App Library where you’re sure to forget about their existence after a day or two, go to Settings> Home Screen and select either Add to Home Screen or App Library Only.

    On an iPhone with 3D Touch, you can use a third-party app to play longer-duration “Live” photos on your lock screen.

    How Do I Know If Someone Is Tracking My Location

    Android and iPhones iOS do not notify or give an indication when someone checks your location. There is a brief icon displayed in the notification bar when GPS is used by location services. Any number of apps or system processes trigger a location check. Only your mobile service provider can track you continuously.

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    Pro Tips For iPhone: 20 Setting Tweaks That’ll Change How You Use Your iPhone

    Don’t settle for the default settings. These changes can make your iPhone run its best and match your specific needs.

    Jason Cipriani

    Contributing Writer, ZDNet

    Jason Cipriani is based out of beautiful Colorado and has been covering mobile technology news and reviewing the latest gadgets for the last six years. His work can also be found on sister site CNET in the How To section, as well as across several more online publications.

    Whether you’re using an iPhone 13, the more budget-friendly iPhone SE or any other model since the iPhone 6S, you’re likely running iOS 15, the latest major version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which it recently updated to version iOS 15.5.

    Though iOS 15 includes a bevy of cool features, like for watching movies with friends and the new Focus mode for eliminating distractions, consider tweaking a few default settings in the operating system before you jump in.

    Whether you’re customizing the apps you can use when your iPhone is locked, making your favorite browser the default or tweaking brightness settings to save your battery, your iPhone’s settings give you plenty of chances to become a power user.

    This incoming call alert isn’t ideal for everyone.

    What Does The Orange Dot On iPhone Mean

    How to remove the small white circle from your phone screen

    The orange dot at the top of your iPhones screen activates whenever an app on your phone uses the devices microphone. The orange indicator light is one of a few new privacy features Apple introduced with iOS 14.

    The iPhones orange dot will appear whenever you use apps like Voice Memo or third-party applications that require your microphone to be activated. You will also see the orange indicator whenever making phone calls or even using voice-to-text to dictate text messages to your friends and family.

    You may also see a green dot appearing on your iPhone in the same place the orange dot appears. This colored dot lets you know an app is accessing your camera and will appear when using your phones camera app, Facetime, and other apps that record video.

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    Other Ways To Get Around Circle With Disney

    There are alternatives to using a VPN to bypass Circle with Disneys parental controls, but they can be complicated and impractical.

    You could attempt to physically damage the device. However unless you open it up and tamper with internal circuits and wires, your parents will probably notice. And if it just outright stopped working, your parents might replace the device.

    A more efficient method is to change, or spoof, your MAC address. However, this involves downloading software, and going through a number of technical steps. Its something thats only really recommended to someone who has a lot of technical know-how and coding skills.

    All in all, the easiest and most surefire method of getting around Circle with Disney and bypassing the MyCircle app is by getting a good VPN.

    A VPN takes moments to set up, and hides all your activity from Circle with Disney, so whoevers in charge of the MyCircle app will simply think youre following all the rules and restrictions!

    How Do I Get Rid Of The Circle With The Arrow In The Middle Icon

  • I think this is for new downloads available but I have checked everyhwere on my berry and there is nothing new anywhere.How do I get rid of it?10-03-11 08:37 PM
  • gordonzhaoClick the bar between your profiles and search, you get your today. scroll all the way down, you should have something under App World, click on the app that’s displayed as in need of an upgrade, close if you don’t want to update or if you already have. It should be gone now.10-03-11 08:57 PM
  • kwitel Originally Posted by gordonzhaoClick the bar between your profiles and search, you get your today. scroll all the way down, you should have something under App World, click on the app that’s displayed as in need of an upgrade, close if you don’t want to update or if you already have. It should be gone now.I dont have a bar between search and profiles, just ads.I clicked on app world and checked if anything needs an upgrade and nothing does.Whats this bar you are talking about?10-03-11 09:03 PM
  • Go into your main messages folder and delete the upgrade. It will get rid of it on your home page.Posted from my CrackBerry at
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    Solution : Force Restart Your Device

    If the constant spinning wheel on iOS status bar is a result of a glitch, force-restarting your iPhone may fix the issue. Follow the steps below to force restart your device:

    iPhone 6S and Earlier

    Step 1: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons.

    Step 2: Release the buttons when you see the Apple logo on your iPhone screen.

    iPhone 7/7 Plus

    Step 1: Press and hold the Volume Down and the Sleep/Wake buttons.

    Step 2: Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen.

    iPhone 8 and Later

    Step 1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

    Step 2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

    Step 3: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears on your Screen.

    What Is The Lock Symbol With A Circle/arrow Around It

    Get Rid Of The Apple Logo With Find My Apple Watch

    Recently, a mysterious symbol appeared next to the battery symbol on my iPhone. It is a lock with an arrow circle around it. How do I get rid of it and what is it?

    Seen at the top of the image here:

    Can u please tell me what a similar circle with an arrow that usually shows up on web or Internet pages is? No lock in the middle though. Thanks. I press it but nothing seems to happen, lol.

    by rodneyd53

    Omgosh..thank you so much for your help!! I would have been lost without informative explanation you gave.

    by sk8this128

    Need to know how to get my iPad rotating again.i don’t understand what made it stop rotating

    A padlock with a circular arrow around it in the status bar at the top the screen means that the phone is locked in portrait mode and will not rotate to landscape mode. This can be turned on and off by double clicking home so that your open apps are displayed. Then, swipe these icons to the right until your iPod controls appear, where you should see an icon with a circular arrow. This icon locks your screen rotation. Good luck and I hope this helps!

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    Manage Your Notifications With Focus Mode

    We get a lot of notifications every day, but not all of them are relevant all the time. With iOS 15, Apple introduced a feature to address this called Focus Mode. Think of it as a sort of custom Do Not Disturb, but tailored to specific circumstances.

    This allows notifications from important people and apps to come through so that you don’t miss anything, while blocking out less relevant alerts. You can set up different types of Focus modes for specific circumstances. Apple currently offers options for Do Not Disturb, personal, sleep, work, driving, fitness, gaming, mindfulness and reading, but you can also create your own custom mode. You can schedule Focus modes so that they turn on automatically when needed, and display a status in apps so that others know when you have notifications silenced.

    To get started, open the Settings menu, tap Focus and choose one of the available options to set up your notification preferences. Tap the plus symbol in the top right corner to add a new Focus.

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