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How To Make Audio Louder On iPhone

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Using The App Sound Settings

Make Your iPhone Louder with This Trick (IT ACTUALLY WORKS)

Some mobile apps also have their volume settings where you can make louder the sound youre listening to. For example, with the Apple Music app, youll see a volume slider at the lower part of the screen when you play a song.

Other media apps like mobile games often have in-app audio control that you can adjust. If youre playing a mobile game while listening to music, you can simply lower the games volume through the in-game settings to hear the music better.

How To Make An iPhone Louder: Place The iPhone In A Bowl Or Glass

As well as playing around with the settings on your iPhone, you can look for physical ways of magnifying the sound.

A simple trick is to simply place the iPhone in a bowl or glass anything that is curved and open at the top. Just ensure the speakers which are on the bottom of the iPhone are pointing downwards. That way, the sound waves can bounce from the sides and into the air.

If you cannot get hold of a bowl and want to lay the iPhone flat, place it so that the speaker is a few inches from a wall at a 45-degree angle. Again, this will cause sound waves to bounce and increase the volume.

Are You Connected To Bluetooth

What if there’s no problem with your speakers at all? You might instead be connected to another device.

You’d likely notice if the music you’re trying to play on your iPhone is actually being sent to a Bluetooth speaker. However, you might not if you use wireless earphones like Apple’s AirPods. This could also be the case if you use an Apple TV or if you’ve connected your phone to your vehicle’s audio system.

To test this, swipe to access your Control Center as mentioned above and turn off Bluetooth. Otherwise, go to Settings > Bluetooth, where you can also check which devices you’re connected to. Disconnect as needed, then try playing your music or video again.

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Adjust The Volume In Your Settings

The next method you can use to learn how to make videos louder while on Facetime iPhone is to access your settings. This app helps you make changes to any of the functions of your device.

The steps below will help you make your videos louder via the Settings app.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Look for the section labeled Ringer and Alerts.
  • Move the slider all the way to the right.
  • Find Spotify Music Tracks To Download


    Start by launching ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your computer then it will load the Spotify app at the same time. Now go Spotify to find songs, albums, or playlists you want to download and then add them to the conversion list by drag-and-drop. Or, you can copy and paste the music link into the search bar on the converter.

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    Is Your Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

    This largely affects older iPhones with headphone jacks, but newer models can still be affected by dirt in the charging port .

    If your iPhone thinks earphones are attached, it will play music through a non-existent connection. Adjust the volume using the side buttons the screen will tell you if it’s apparently being routed through another speaker.

    If you use AirPods, the Bluetooth solution above should fix it. Otherwise, shine a light in the headphone jack. You might see some blockages. But since this debris can be tiny, you could have an issue even if you don’t see anything.

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    Try to insert headphones or a charging cable, then remove them. Do this a few times and test the volume again. Doing so could dislodge any dirt inside.

    Use a soft lens cloth to gently clean the jack and speaker areas. You can also use a dry cotton swab, cotton ball, or toothbrush to lightly rub around the edge of the small recess. Don’t press anything into recesses because you may push dirt further inside.

    You can apply a little rubbing alcohol to the cotton beforehand. However, avoid other liquids as these can cause further damage. Even small amounts of sweat can trick your phone into thinking headphones are connected.

    Sadly, if these tricks don’t helpâand you’re not experienced enough to deconstruct your deviceâyou’ll need to visit Apple for professional help.

    How To Make An iPhone Louder: Don’t Reduce Loud Sounds

    To protect your hearing, Apple has included a function that will reduce loud sounds. It allows you to set a maximum decibel level for your headphone audio, which is at 85 decibels by default.

    If you turn off this function, however, then the sound pumping from your iPhone will not be hampered in any way. A word of warning, though: be careful if you intend to listen to music through headphones at a high volume for a prolonged period. You don’t want to cause damage to your hearing.

    Here is how to turn off Reduce Loud Sounds.

    1. To start with, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap Sounds & Haptics.

    2. Under Headphone Audio, tap Headphone Safety.

    3. Now turn off Reduce Loud Sounds.

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    iPhone Volume Not Working Or So Low: Hardware Solutions

    Don’t panic if one of the above fixes hasn’t solved your volume problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make an appointment with Apple. Sometimes, you can fix it yourself.

    We advise great care when attempting to fix your smartphone.

    Don’t take your device apart if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you’re lucky, you won’t need to anyway.

    How To Make iPhone Music Even Louder In Headphones With Hidden Volume Boost

    This Is How To Make Your iPhone Louder
    • 12:29 ET, Nov 8 2021
    • Invalid Date,

    IPHONE users may not know about this trick that can make your headphones even louder.

    The hidden volume boost has been highlighted in a viral TikTok video.

    TikTok star posted the short clip to the platform.

    He gets out his iPhone and states: “First go to your Settings app. Then, search for ‘Audio & Visual’.

    “Now click on Headphone Accommodations and switch it on.”

    This just means you need to turn the toggle next to Headphone Accommodations green.

    You’ll see a note from Apple that says: “Once enabled, you can customise the audio for supported Apple and Beats headphones by adjusting the settings or through custom Audio Setup.”

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    Is Your iPhone On Silent Or Turned Down

    Annoyed by that shutter noise when taking a photo? You probably set your phone to Silent by moving the little switch at the top-left of your iPhone. If it’s closer to the screen, the volume is on. If it’s near the back of your device , your phone’s muted.

    This shouldn’t affect music, but it will affect your iPhone alarm volume.

    Just below the Silent switch, you’ll find the Volume buttons, which adjust sounds for videos and music in increments. This also works if you’re trying to increase ringer volume.

    If the buttons don’t change anything, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, then check that Change with Buttons is turned on. Alternatively, you can alter the volume via the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right of your screen . On older devices, you can access Control Center by swiping upwards from the bottom.

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    There’s also an option to limit the maximum volume. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Headphone Safety. There, you can toggle on Reduce Loud Sounds. This should be automatically set to 85 decibels , but you can go up to 100 decibels .

    When listening to loud music, your phone should warn you if you exceed recommended volume levels in a week.

    How To Change Volume On Airpods

    Unlike wired headphones with in-line audio controls, AirPods dont have the same electronic real estate since they are completely wireless.

    For example, flagship earbuds from other brands like the Sony WH1000XM4 come with various integrated gestures for a broader range of control. But unfortunately, all versions of AirPods only have touch controls except for the AirPods Max, which includes a Digital Crown.

    Yet, you still get access to some audio playback controls for your AirPods including adjusting your audio volume.

    Depending on your version of AirPods, you may have different ways of interacting with them. For instance, AirPods Pro controls are slightly different with pressure-sensitive sensors, whereas regular AirPods use touch sensors.

    Lets go over the different ways you can change your AirPod volume one by one.

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    How To Boost The Volume On iPhone: Increase The Volume In Spotify

    Weve already looked into what you can do to boost the volume on your iPhone when using the Music app. Quite similarly, you can also increase your audio volume via Spotify if you are a Premium subscriber.

    Heres how to boost the volume on your iPhone via Spotify:

  • Open your Spotify app.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • In the top right corner, select Settings.
  • Scroll down till you find Playback.
  • Right next to the Volume level, tap the Loud option to boost the volume.
  • How To Make Sound Louder On iPhone Using The Settings App

    This One Super Simple iPhone Hack Will Make Your Music Sound Louder ...

    If you want to know how to make sound louder on iPhone using the Settings app then look for the following steps where you need to increase the ringer and alerts volume in the Settings app.

    Step 1: First of all, open the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Now, scroll down and find the Sounds option.

    Step 3: At this point, you will find a Ringer and Alerts option. Here, you need to drag the volume to the right. Doing so, you will increase the volume of the ringer, and the notification sounds on your iPhone.

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    Make Sure It Isnt A Hearing Problem On Your End

    All of the solutions we listed above are primarily on the side of the AirPods and the iPhone. So, if the problem persists after trying them all out, then the user might be the problem in the sense that theyre the ones with the hearing issue.

    You really wont hear well with your AirPods if you couldnt hear well in the first place.

    Hearing issues can come in many forms and causes, such as affected ear canals or underlying hearing damages. Lucky for you, there are some ways to confirm whether youre the problem or not.

    Have a friend test your AirPods

    One way is to have someone else test the AirPods for you preferably an AirPods and iPhone user. Have them compare the volume of your AirPods with theirs, and let them connect their AirPods to your iPhone to see if they hear anything different.

    If they dont hear anything unusual with your AirPods or with your iPhone, thats when you can confirm that youre the one with troubled hearing.

    Use third-party apps

    Another way to test your hearing is by using third-party apps such as the Mimi Hearing Test. Apps like this will assess your hearing ability and show you results to guide your audio settings and adjustments.

    Consult a professional

    And last but not least, a quick visit to an ENT specialist would be the best way to diagnose and treat any hearing conditions. Both the second and third methods listed herein could help determine the extent of your hearing problems.

    Make Sure The Speakers Arent Covered Or Blocked

    This is an obvious one, but if youre listening to something through your iPhones speakers, you should make sure theyre not blocked, either by dust and debris, or by your hand. If you do see any obstructions, try blowing on the speaker grille.

    This is unlikely to be an issue, but its worth checking if your phone seems quieter than you think it should be or usually is.

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    Is Your iPhone Up

    You might have an old version of iOS installed. While this shouldn’t cause sound complications, it’s always worth keeping your phone updated to iron out potential problems.

    Go to Settings > General > Software Update to see if a new iOS version is available.

    If the problem lies in an appâfor example, volume everywhere on your iPhone except when using a specific appâcheck whether there’s an update to install via the App Store. If not, you could contact the developer and ask for advice.

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    Bass & Volume Booster

    How To Make iPhone Speakers Louder-Tutorial For Louder Music

    Bass & Volume BOOSTER is well designed and does what it says on the tin. It allows you to use Noise Reduction to then boost the volume coming out of your speakers using levels that you slide up and down to fit the amount of volume you’d like.

    The Profile tab allows you to change your Model of hearing. For instance, Normal, Car, Inside, etc. In the Settings tab, you can toggle Noise Suppression, change the amplification level of quiet sounds, and adjust the High Frequencies, Low Frequencies, and Balance.

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    How To Make Your Spotify Louder On All Devices

    The features, including volume normalizer, in-built equalizer, and music quality, on Spotify that you can take advantage of to make your Spotify sound louder on your phone and computer. But one thing you should know is that you need a Spotify premium account when you go to adjust these settings. Besides, sometimes, you still can’t make a song louder with all the methods mentioned above. But next up we’re going to introduce the best way to make Spotify sound louer without a premium subscription.

    With the built-in protection from digital content, Spotify songs are only playable within the Spotify app. But ViWizard Spotify Music Converter can solve this issue. ViWizard software can enabled you to directly download whatever content from Spotify and then play with any media player. It means that the volume of these downloaded songs will not be normalized by Spotify anymore. So, you can use another media player to make Spotify music louder without limits.

    iPhone Volume Still Too Low Download iPhone Volume Booster Apps

    If nothing else works, try a third-party app. Equalizer allows you to customize your playlists to bring out certain elements in music. In much the same way that Late Night works, increasing the bass or vocals means you can tune into your favorite parts easily.

    However, some features require payment, and it doesn’t currently work with Apple Music as its developers are locked out of the company’s API. Still, it remains useful, should all else fail.

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    Faqs On How To Make Audio Louder

    Is there an app to make audio louder on Android?

    Yes, the Volume Booster Pro is one of them. It is an easy-to-use volume control and booster application for Android users. It will undoubtedly aid in making your audio louder.

    Will increasing the volume of my audio damage my device’s speaker?

    Audio boosters for Android might harm your smartphone. As a result, you should use it with care.

    How can I make the sound on my Mac louder?

    To modify the volume on your Mac, click the Sound control in the menu bar or Control Center, then move the slider to the desired level. If the Sound option isn’t on the menu bar, go to the Apple menu, then System Preferences, and finally Sound.

    How To Use In

    Make your iPhone LOUDER!

    Besides volume normalization, you can also make use of the equalizer in the Spotify app to boost up the volume. But it is only available for those Spotify mobile users. Here’s how to make the bass louder on Spotify.

    Step 1. Open Spotify on your iPhone or Android device and enter the Home page.

    Step 2. Tap on the cog icon to load Settings and scroll down to Equalizer then tap on it.

    Step 3. Choose one of the presets that can make music louder on Spotify or adjust the frequency by yourself. Down below you can drag the Bass boost slider to get a more booming bass.

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    How To Make iPhone Speakers Louder

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to change your iPhone’s equalizer settings and volume limit in order to make it easier to hear your music.

    How To Make An iPhone Louder: Alter The Eq Settings On Your iPhone

    The iPhone has a limited equalizer that affects sound playing in the Music app. It is turned off by default but one of the options Late Night will make your music sound noticeably louder.

    This is achieved by normalizing the sound coming from the Music app so that quieter parts of a song are given a volume boost. Although the louder parts are also quietened ever so slightly, the overall effect is stark, especially when you have the volume cranked up to the max.

    Here’s how to change the EQ settings to make your iPhone speaker louder. The trick also works if you’re listening through headphones, but be aware that altering this setting won’t impact audio that isn’t played via Music.

    1. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap Music.

    2. Now tap EQ, which is located in the Audio section.

    3. Look down the list and tap Late Night.

    4. You can now play some music. Try turning EQ on and off to see the difference it makes.

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