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How To Put Call On Hold iPhone

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Eject And Reinsert Your iPhone Sim Card

How to put a call on HOLD: iPhone Edition

Your SIM card is the piece of technology that connects your iPhone to your carriers cellular network and stores your iPhones phone number. Issues related to connecting to your carriers cellular network can sometimes be fixed by ejecting and reinserting the SIM card.

Check out the first page of our iPhone says No SIM card;article to learn how to eject the SIM card on your iPhone. The SIM card tray are your iPhone is incredibly small, so we highly recommend reading our guide if youve never ejected a SIM card before!

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Respond To A Second Call On The Same Line

If youre on a call and receive a second call, do one the following:

  • Ignore the call and send it to voicemail: Tap Ignore.

  • End the first call and answer the new one: When using a GSM network, tap End + Accept. With a CDMA network, tap End and when the second call rings back, tap Accept, or drag the slider if iPhone is locked.

  • Put the first call on hold and answer the new one: Tap Hold + Accept.

    With a call on hold, tap Swap to switch between calls, or tap Merge Calls to talk with both parties at once. See Start a conference call.

Note: With CDMA, you cant switch between calls if the second call was outgoing, but you can merge the calls. You cant merge calls if the second call was incoming. If you end the second call or the merged call, both calls are terminated.

On models with Dual SIM, note the following:

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What Does Call Waiting Means Soluno Explains

Sometimes you want to know if you have calls waiting. For example, if you get stuck in a longer phone call to book a doctors appointment while also waiting for another call. If you have the Call Waiting activated, it will let you know, while busy on the phone, that another call is coming your way. This helps ensure that you dont miss any important calls while youre currently already in one.

If you use the call waiting function on a telephone with display, or in a softphone, you can also, in some cases, see who the incoming call comes from.

How To Use Sos Emergency Features On iPhone Android Or Smartwatch

How to Hold a Conference Call With Your iPhone

Everyone knows to dial 911 to get help fast, but do you know how to use SOS emergency features that are built into your iPhone, Android phone or smartwatch?

These options are the kind of thing that everybody hopes they’ll never have to use, but it pays to know exactly how they work so youre fully prepared in the unfortunate event that theyre actually needed.

The steps for activating these features differ between devices, but enabling emergency options is generally pretty straightforward and definitely worth doing, in case the worst should happen.

Heres how to use the SOS emergency features on your iPhone, Android phone and smartwatch.

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How To Record Phone Calls On An iPhone

ByRichard Priday16 June 2021

Recording iPhone phone calls can be easy with one of these methods just check it’s legal where you are first

Whether it’s for recording a work interview or keeping a clip of a touching call with family members, sometimes you’ll want to know how to record phone calls on an iPhone. However without a readily available app within iOS, it’s not obvious how to do it.

You have plenty of choices available for recording a phone call from an iPhone, but you’ll need to pick carefully based on what you have access to and what you want to record. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a run-down of your best options right here.

  • If you need an upgrade, here are the best iPhones you can get right now

After making sure you’re legally in the clear to record your conversation, you can use apps, dial-in services or some extra hardware to make your recording. Read on to learn more about all of these methods.

Turn Off Phone Noise Cancellation

Enabled ‘Phone Noise Cancellation’ feature can lead to iPhone call volume too low. Therefore, check this feature and disable it if it is on.

  • Start with opening ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘General’ option.
  • From the next menu, tap on ‘Accessibility’.
  • Get to the option of ‘Phone Noise Cancellation’. Turn it off now by sliding the toggle switch.

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Solutions To Fix iPhone Call Volume Low Problem

iPhone Issues

2563 views , 4 min read

After iOS 15 beta/14/13 upgrade my iPhone call volume has decreased it is difficult to hear or take calls if Im out or if Im at busy place. –Apple Community

If iPhone volume low on calls by its own, you must be getting a lot of troubles for such inconvenience. This kind of volume issue is probably an outcome of random hardware or software problem. It is really disappointing and annoying when you are experiencing problems similar to this.

But, don’t get more upset now, we will tell you some solutions you can try when your iPhone call volume is too low. Check them out, follow them and we hope you will be out of the trouble soon.

Encryption And Intelligence Agency Access

How to Hold Call on iPhone & Unhold: Can’t hold call on iPhone 11 (Pro Max) XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5S

It was revealed as a part of the 2013 mass surveillance disclosures that the American and British intelligence agencies, the National Security Agency and the Government Communications Headquarters have access to the user data in iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android phones, respectively. They can read almost all smartphone information, including SMS, location, emails, and notes.

According to an article in The New York Times titled “Signaling Post-Snowden Era, New iPhone Locks Out N.S.A.”, Apple has developed a new encryption method for iOS 8, described as “so deep that Apple could no longer comply with government warrants asking for customer information to be extracted from devices.”

The GrayKey, manufactured by Grayshift, can unlock iPhones, even if they are disabled. As a countermeasure, Apple implemented USB Restricted Mode.

As of April;2016, Apple’s privacy policy addresses requests from government agencies for access to customers’ data: “Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a ‘backdoor’ in any of our products or services. We have also never allowed any government access to our servers. And we never will.” In 2015 the Electronic Frontier Foundation awarded Apple five out of five stars “commend Apple for its strong stance regarding user rights, transparency, and privacy.”

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Use Facetime With Your iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch

Learn how to use FaceTime to make video and audio calls from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You can use FaceTime over Wi-Fi1 or over cellular on supported iOS or iPadOS devices.2 FaceTime isnt available or might not appear on devices purchased or used in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.;However, with iOS 11.3 and later, FaceTime is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in Saudi Arabia.;And with iOS 12.4 or later,;FaceTime is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in Pakistan.;Update your device;to get FaceTime in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Update The Software On Your iPhone

Its possible your iPhone is dropping calls because its running an outdated version of iOS, the software of your iPhone. Some iOS updates include;modem updates, which have the potential to fix the problem when your iPhone drops calls.

Open Settings and tap;General -> Software Update to check for an iOS update. If an update is available, tap;.

Note: The version of iOS in the screenshot below may be different than the version of iOS ready to download and install on your iPhone.

The update process can take quite awhile, so make sure your iPhone has plenty of battery life. Check out our article if you have any issues updating your iPhone.

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How To Make Video Conference On iPhone

The development of video conference technology enables you to make a video conference on iPhone without any limits whenever you want. Apple users can easily start a one-to-one video chat with other iOS device users via its built-in app – FaceTime. However,what if you want to make a group video conference on iPhone with your teams or clients? You may need a video conferencing app for iPhone to help finish the task. Here we are going to introduce you two ways to make personal or group video conference on iPhone.

Part 1. Make Personal Video Conference Call on iPhone via FaceTime

Part 2. Make Group Video Conference on iPhone via ezTalks Meetings

Sharing On The iPhone And iPad Is An Essential Skilland There Are Hidden Features

How to Place an iPhone Call on Hold: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

Even;toddlers;know that its nice to share, but the iPhone and iPad take sharing to a new level with the Share button. You may not have realized that the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it is called Share, but you probably have figured out that you tap it if you want to send someone a selected photo or the address of the current Web page.

Tapping the Share button causes a Share sheet to appear. Many of the options offered here make sense for what you would think of as sharing, and you should see choices like sending the selection to another Apple device using AirDrop or another person with Messages or Mail.

Most of the buttons in the first row are aimed at helping you share data with another app, like Reminders or Notes, so its important to keep the Share sheet in mind as a conduit for transferring data between apps, whether or not youre sharing with another person. You can transfer a voice memo from your iPhone to a cloud storage app, for example, or copy a PDF downloaded in Safari to iBooks. The rows on a Share sheet scroll horizontally, so drag left on them to see all the possibilities.

Even more interesting, however, are the buttons in the second row, some of which have little to do with sharing. Here is a sampling of helpful features available in this row, which vary by app and with the type of data selected:

To share a selection of text from most apps, such as Mail or Notes, follow this procedure to bring up the Share sheet:

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How To Use Sos Emergency Features On An iPhone

1. First, its good to set up Emergency Contacts on your iPhone. This is easily done: just find who you want to nominate in your iPhones contacts, select their name and choose Add to Emergency Contactsfrom the list of options that opens.;

2. Your iPhone is already set up to use the emergency functions as soon as you take it out of the box.;

Simultaneously hold the wake-up button on the right-hand side of the device and either press the volume down or volume up button on the left until a screen appears giving you three options: power off, Medical ID and Emergency SOS.

3.Swipe across the red Emergency SOS slider and itll automatically put a call in to the emergency services.

4. If youre unable to use the on-screen slider for any reason, continue to hold down both buttons. This will start a short countdown, at the end of which the emergency services will be called. ;;

5. After the SOS call is finished, your phone will automatically send a text message that includes your GPS location to all of your Emergency Contacts, although you can choose to cancel this. If your location changes, itll send out another text with the new details. ;

6. If you own an iPhone 7 or older, youll need to press the power button five times in rapid succession instead. This also works on newer phones and will automatically initiate a three-second countdown before a loud siren is set off and the emergency services are called.;

Why Would I Need To Merge Calls

You might need to merge calls into a conference for different reasons.

  • You could be planning a family reunion and need to talk to everyone about;details.
  • Your iPhone could be your company phone, and you need to call into a meeting.
  • Or you could simply want to talk to a bunch of friends at once.

The list can go on and on. Anytime you want to talk to two or more people is reason enough to use the feature.

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How To Add An Incoming Caller

Sometimes when the conference call has already started, another person may call you instead of you calling them. You can add them as long as you have not reached the maximum number of people allowed. Here is how to add an incoming call to the conference call.

  • When the person calls, the;Hold & Accept;button will appear. Tap the button.
  • Allow the call to connect and then tap the;Merge Calls;button.
  • If Someone Calls You From Outside Of Whatsapp

    Place callers on Hold with your iPhone. Call someone else and then merge the calls.

    If someone attempts to call you through a landline or mobile phone outside of WhatsApp while youre on a WhatsApp voice or video call, you can tap:

    • End & Accept: End the call youre currently on and accept the incoming call.
    • : Decline the incoming call and remain on the current call.


    • Depending on your carrier, you might receive charges for calls made outside of WhatsApp. You might also receive charges for voice or video calls made on WhatsApp, if youre using data roaming or have exceeded your data limit.

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    Ending Calls In The Phone App

  • 1Open the Phone app. It’s a green app containing a white telephone icon and can be found on your Home screen, usually in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.
  • 2Tap the red “End Call” button. When you’ve finished your call, move the phone away from your ear, and tap the round, red button with a downward-facing telephone icon to hang up.
  • If you’ve navigated away from the Phone app, tap the green bar at the top of your screen, which indicates a live phone call, to get back to the Phone screen.
  • How To Record A Phone Call On Android Or iPhone Using A Call Recorder App

    If you can’t use Google Voice, or don’t want to, there are a few other call recorder apps that you can use but they have drawbacks. Some of the apps cost, others require you to pay depending on how much of a call you record and the free ones have dubious security.

    Here are some that you should check out if you’re looking for an app to record your calls:

    • an Android app that can record calls and help you manage the recordings, either by backing them up to the cloud or by categorizing them. It also has caller ID features to help you identified unknown numbers.
    • ; an iOS app that lets you record both incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll need to pay to listen back to longer calls, but you can record for as long as you like.

    There are many similar apps on the Play Store and App Store, but if you want a free one it’s best to check the store ratings and reviews just to make sure it works well.

    • These are the best apps you can download on Android and iOS

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    How To Use Sos Emergency Features On A Samsung Galaxy Phone

    1. There is no equivalent, baked-in emergency function on Googles Android OS, but Samsungs Galaxy range does have something similar to the iPhone, called SOS messages. Youll need to specify up to four emergency contacts who will be alerted when you use it.

    2. Go to Settings, find the Advanced Features menu and select Send SOS messages.” This will ask you to add recipients from your phonebook or create new contacts to use.

    3. Once SOS messages are turned on, pressing your phones lock button three times will start a five-second countdown. When this reaches zero, it will send messages to all your designated SOS contacts.

    These messages will contain a Google Maps link to your location, photos taken from both front and rear cameras, and a five-second audio recording from your phones microphone.

    How To Put A Call On Hold On iPhone To Call Someone Else

    How to Place an iPhone Call on Hold

    Ongoing call put On Hold on iPhone.

    But how can you put a call on hold on your iPhone without the help of a secondary incoming call? The Mute button is the origin of this hidden trick. Its available in the ongoing call interface.As soon as you place a call on hold, the conversation partners from the other end of the line will start listening to random music, provided by the cellphone network that youre using.

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