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How To Sync Apps To New iPhone

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1 Selectively Copy Data From Old iPhone To iPhone 12

How to Transfer All Data and Apps from Old to New iPhone

Preparation: Download and install Syncios Toolkit on your computer and run it. And click into ‘Mobile Manager’ on Syncios Toolkit interface to initiate the Syncios Mobile Manager. If you are on Mac computer, directly click the download button to get into it.

Step 1: Connect your phones to computer

Unlock your phones and connect them to computer via USB cables. Wait for a message that says “Trust this computer or not”. The same, you need to tap Trust. Then phones are recognized. Any iOS detection issue, check this tutorial.

Step 2: Backup old iPhone to computer

Now we will firstly create a backup of old iPhone. Choose any file after a detailed preview, then click on Export for media files and click on Backup for other contents.

For instance, go to Messages then choose chats you need, click on Backup. Then choose a proper saving path to backup the selected chats to computer.

Step 3: Restore backup files to iPhone 12

Under iPhone 12 device tab, find the corresponding content column, then click Import/Recover/Add button to restore backup from computer. Keep your device connected well and check files after the restore is completed successfully.

Sync Your Ios Device To Icloud

To make sure all of your latest content is ready for transfer, first you’ll need to sync your iOS phone to iCloud.

On your iOS phone, navigate to Settings, and then tap your Apple ID. Tap iCloud, and then select the desired data to sync. The sync will happen automatically.

Note: If you are not familiar with using iCloud, visit the iCloud setup site.

Choose The Data You Would Like To Transfer

You will be presented with the option to restore your data from an iCloud backup, or creating a new backup of your current device to transfer over to your new one. Wed recommend choosing the option to create a new backup so your data is as up-to-date as possible.

Once youve chosen a backup option, youll also be presented with the option to choose if you want to transfer data and settings for location services, privacy, Siri, and more.

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Sync iPhone To New Computer With Itunes

Firstly, you can choose iTunes to sync iPhone with new computer, but you should be careful when you are using iTunes to sync iPhone. iTunes is not simply backup or transfer software, and it doesn’t allow you to transfer non-purchases. So you only have authority to sync purchased items, including apps, music, movies and so on to new computer or iTunes library. Check out the following steps.

Step 1. Authorize your new computer to use your Apple ID.

Install iTunes on your new computer and then Authorize it in the Store tab.This is the email address you use to sign into iTunes . If you don’t know it offhand, you can just check the computer you’re currently syncing with. If you go into the iTunes Store it should appear in the upper-righthand corner. Once you know it, go to the new computer you want to sync with and locate the Store menu. From there, choose “”.

Step 2. Back Up Your iPhone.

Just in case anything goes wrong when you are syncing, back up your iPhone, so that if all else fails, youll be able to restore it to the way it is right now. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer with its USB cable and open iTunes, Click “File > Device > Back up”.

Step 3. Transfer Purchases from your iPhone

What About the Non-purchased Files like Music or Videos?

Bonus Tip: An Easy Way To Backup iPhone Contacts And More

How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 12

From the above, we have talked about how to fix the Outlook contacts not syncing with iPhone issue. And here in this part, Iâd like to introduce another way to help you backup your iPhone contacts. Although you can save your contacts with Outlook, itâs always a good choice to have more backup plans.

AOMEI MBackupper, one professional PC-based iOS backup manager, provides an easy iPhone data backup & restore solution.â It lets you backup all contacts in one-click or only the selected contacts as per your needs.â It will not erase the existing contacts or any other data on the device during the restore.â Besides contacts, it also supports messages, photos, music, videos, etc.

How about give it a try? Download AOMEI MBackupper on computer and follow the steps to backup your contacts to computer.

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How To Share Apps From iPhone To iPhone By Icloud

iCloud is another desirable alternative that you can use to share apps from one iPhone to another iPhone with ease. This method resembles iTunes and thus involves the backup and restore process. During the entire process, make sure you have a steady Wi-Fi connection and that you have enough storage space on iCloud as well. The following steps illustrate how to share apps from iPhone to iPhone by iCloud.

Step 1. Turn on a Wi-Fi network and connect your old iPhone to this network.

Step 2. On this old iPhone, navigate to the âSettingsâ tab then select your account name. Choose âiCloudâ from the given options and follow with the âiCloud Backupâ option.

Step 3. Enable the âiCloud Backupâ and subsequently select the âBack Up Nowâ option. Patiently wait until the backup process is complete.

Step 4. Now insert either a new SIM card into your new iPhone or use the previous SIM card and power on your new iPhone. If you had set up your new iPhone, then you have to wipe it out first.

Step 5. When the Wi-Fi screen appears, select your Wi-Fi network and follow the on-screen instructions until the âApps & Data Screenâ appears.

Step 6. Choose the âRestore from iCloud Backupâ option and enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud. Choose the backup you recently created and wait for iCloud to restore your files into your new iPhone.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

How To Transfer Data Without A Backup

The above method is fine for those of us that haven’t already set up our iPhones as ‘new’ iPhones – but what if you’ve already started using the new phone and don’t want to restore from a backup? Luckily there is a way to transfer some data at this point.

The following method uses Apple’s iCloud and should transfer all photos, contacts, notes, calendars and Safari passwords from your old iPhone to your new one. For related advice, read How to transfer music from one iPhone to another.

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Solution 5 Reset Your Account

If your Outlook contacts not syncing with iPhone Outlook app, you can try to reset your account. Go to Outlook app > Tap Settings > Select the account that is not syncing > Tap Reset Account.

The problem still exists? Try to re-add your account: Settings > Tap the account > Tap Delete Account > Delete From This Device > Add your account again.

Selectively Transfer The Apps To Another iPhone

How to Transfer Apps & Data From an Old iPhone to a New iPhone : Tech Yeah!

If you got a new iPhone and wish to selectively transfer the apps to your new iPhone, this is a good tip to you. You can either fully or partially transfer your data to another iPhone with the help of iMyFone D-Port Pro. This is the prov version to D-Port and supports selectively restoring functions to help the users flexibly restore their backup files. Before starting, you need make a backup of the apps. Then follow the steps given below to finish the job.

How to Transfer Apps to Another iPhone

Step 1 Open the program after downloading and installation in the computer. Once entering the main interface, click on “Restore Backup to Device” option. This way, you will receive all backup lists on your computer screen. Choose one backup file and click on “Next” option.

Step 2 Now, there will be two options namely “Restore Full Backup” and “Restore Partial backup”. In order to restore selectively, you need to click on the latter option and then select “Next”.

Step 3 You will get the data types supported by the program. Choose the one you need and hit “Next” for scanning the data. Preview your file after scanning and hit on “Restore” at the end. The program only supports to restore WeChat, messages, WhatsApp separately now. More data types will be supported in the future updates.

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Syncing iPhone And iPad Content Through Icloud

The simplest way to sync files across your Apple devices is through iCloud. First introduced in 2011, iCloud allows you to store data like documents, photos, and music on Apple’s servers.

You can then access and download it on iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. The service also allows you to back up iOS devices directly for setup and restore purposes.

With iCloud, your data stays secure both when it’s in transit and in storage. Apple uses secure tokens for authentication, and end-to-end encryption protects specific sensitive information.

To sync data across your Apple devices, you need to make sure you have enough iCloud storage space. If you don’t have enough, you’ll see a message on your iOS device before your attempt.

We’ve covered how to manage your iCloud Drive files from any device if you need help creating space. And if you need to buy more, you’ll find many great uses for spare iCloud storage.

About Syncing App Data

Many of the iOS apps in the App Store use iCloud to store data. This makes their information easy to sync across your devices when you install the same app.

If you don’t see your favorite app in the list described above, you should contact the developer. Perhaps they’ll add iCloud syncing in a future update.

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Best Way To Sync iPhone Text Messages With Drfone

dr.fone – Phone Transfer is a worthytrusted program, with which efficiently transfering text messages between old iPhone and a new one is possible.

How to sync iPhone text messages using dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1. Connect your iPhone mobile to which the text messages need to be synced and then launch the dr.fone – Phone Transfer application on your desktop.

Step 2. Tap on the “Phone Transfer” option and connect the source iPhone to your desktop via a USB cable. Both the source device and the new device will be displayed on the left and right of the screen.

Step 3. Select the data that needs to be synced by checking the box, for example, voicemail, and tap on the “Start Transfer” tap.

Step 4. Now the data you have selected will be synced to your new iOS device. Once the process is complete tap on “OK”.

Back Up Your Current iPhone To Icloud

New iPhone set up: Transfer data directly to a new iPhone ...

In order to transfer data from your current/old phone to your new one, youll need to back up your data to iCloud. To do this, open your Settings.

Then, navigate to your iCloud settings by tapping your name, then iCloud, then iCloud backup.

If you havent enabled it yet, tap the switch;at the top to enable iCloud backup. Then tap Back Up Now.

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Can You Transfer Apps From One iPhone To Another

“Can I transfer apps to my new iPhone?”, many users asked. Since you are here, you know that the answer is “Yes.” But to be clear, transferring apps from iPhone to iPhone is generally achieved by transferring everything from one iPhone to another, which means all your data and settings. There are five ways in total for you to transfer an app. Whether you want to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth or transfer apps from one iPhone to another without iTunes, you can find the solutions below. It’s worth mentioning that these methods can also be applied to transfer apps from an old iPad to a new iPad.

How To Transfer Data From Your Old iPhone To A New One Using Itunes

  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Plug your old iPhone into your computer.
  • If theres a pop-up message asking for access to your iPhone, follow the onscreen steps.
  • Select your iPhone on the top toolbar.
  • If you want to transfer your Health and Activity data as well as saved passwords, click Encrypt backup.
  • Create a password for your backup.
  • Click Back Up Now.
  • Once your backup is ready, put your old device aside. Now, you can transfer data to new iPhone:

  • Turn on your new iPhone. Youll see the Hello screen.
  • Follow the setup steps until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
  • Tap Restore from iTunes Backup.
  • Plug your new iPhone into the computer you used to back up your previous device.
  • Open iTunes and select your new iPhone at the top left of the screen.
  • Click Restore Backup.
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    Open Your Files With Third

    You can open your files in Sync using third-party applications installed on your phone. For Microsoft Office documents follow these instructions. For any other file format follow these instructions:

  • Open the Sync mobile app.
  • Browse to the file youd like to open.
  • Tap the icon beside the file, to open the file menu.
  • Tap Open With.
  • A list of apps installed on your phone that can open the file will appear. Tap the app youd like to open the file.
  • Note: Once you have opened the file in another app, edits or changes made to the file in that app may not save back to Sync automatically. You may have to manually upload changes back to Sync from the app, by sharing them back to Sync.

    How To Transfer Apps From An iPhone To An iPad

    How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

    Apps you purchase from the iTunes Store can be installed across all your iOS devices as long as the iTunes account associated with those devices is the same. The easiest way to transfer apps from an iPhone to an iPad is through the iCloud service that enables you to synchronize almost anything between iOS devices. With app sync enabled, all apps you install on your iPhone are automatically installed on your iPad. If you want to transfer apps that are already installed on your iPhone, you can either transfer apps one by one through the App Store on your iPad or through iTunes on your computer.

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    2 Directly Sync Data From Old iPhone To iPhone 12

    Syncios Data Transfer owns a direct phone to phone transfer feature. Compared to Syncios Mobile Manager, this tool gives a straightforward way to migrate data from one phone to another, especially when you are going to completely switch from an old iPhone to new iPhone 12.

    Syncios Data Transfer
    • Transfer contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApps, music, photos, videos, apps, safari history, bookmarks, Notes, calendars, ebooks and more.
    • 1 click transfer data between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device.
    • Recover iTunes backup and iTunes Library file to iOS or Android devices effortlessly.
    • Restore and Download iCloud Note, Contacts, Reminders and more to iPhone 12.

    Preparation: Click the download button provided above to get a Syncios Toolkit onto your computer. And then click into ‘Phone Transfer’ mode on the interface to initiate the Syncios Data Transfer. If you are on Mac computer, directly click the download button to get into it.

    Step 1:Connect iPhone to Syncios Data Transfer

    As long as you run into Syncios Data Transfer program, connect both phones to computer. Wait for a message noting “Trust this computer or not”. You need to tap Trust.

    Step 2: Choose “Transfer” mode

    Step 3: Transfer data from an old iPhone to iPhone 12

    Transfer With App Store

    Tap the “App Store” icon on your iPad home screen.


    Select the “Purchased” tab and then tap “Not on this iPad.”


    Tap the “Cloud” button to install apps that are not already on your iPad. This includes apps you purchased on your iPhone. To view apps that are not designed solely for the iPad, tap the “iPhone” tab. You will be prompted for your iTunes password when attempting to install an app.


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    Wait For The Transfer To Complete Then Get Started With Your New Device

    Leave your device alone until the data from your backup has been loaded on to your new phone. All your information, messages, photos, apps, and more.

    Once the data transfer has finished, you can finish setting up your device following the instructions presented on your screen.

    Those are all the steps you need to take to transfer data to your new iPhone using iCloud. If youd like to use the iTunes method instead, follow the instructions in the next section.

    Outlook App For iPhone Not Syncing New E

    How to transfer data from your old phone to your new ...

    I use Outlook for desktop with Windows and the Outlook apps for my iPhone.; They have always worked fine until about a week ago.New e-mail notifications stopped showing up on my iphone.; They do show up on the iPhone Mail app and still show up on Outlook for desktop.

    This is creating serious problems in my routine working since I am unable to know regarding incoming mails on my outlook app. Please help in this issue at the earliest.

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