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iPhone Xr Vs iPhone 13 Pro

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What’s The Difference Between iPhone Xr And iPhone Xs

iPhone 13 Pro Max Vs iPhone XR! (Comparison) (Review)

Theres a lot of confusion between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS models, so we thought wed take a minute to explain the differences. The iPhone XR is a more affordable model that uses the same technology as the iPhone XS, but in a cheaper body. The iPhone XS, on the other hand, is the most expensive model from Apple and uses the new iPhone XS Max design.

So, what are the differences between the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max? Lets take a look.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Price And Availability

Both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro hit shops on September 24, 2021.

Pricing for the iPhone 13 starts at $799 / £799 / AU$1,349 for the entry 128GB model, moving up to $899 / £879 / AU$1,519 for 256GB and $1099 / £1079 / AU$1,869 for 512GB.

The iPhone 13 Pros 128GB model will set you back $999 / £949 / AU$1,699, while the 256GB model will cost $1,099 / £1,049 / AU$1,869, and the 512GB model will cost $1,299 / £1,249 / AU$2,219. But there are plenty of iPhone 13 deals to be had on both models.

Unsurprisingly, then, the iPhone 13 Pro is the more expensive phone of the two by some way. But it gains its own advantage with the introduction of an additional 1TB model for $1,499 / £1,449 / AU$2,569.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Specs And Performance

Apple doesnt traditionally differentiate much when it comes to performance, with its pro models tending to get the exact same A-series chip as the non-Pro series. Thats kind of true again this year, but with one interesting exception.

Both phones get the 5nm A15 Bionic processor, which packs a six-core CPU thats 50% faster than the leading Android competition. But the iPhone 13 Pro gets an extra GPU core , making it the faster performer overall.

In practical terms, we challenge you to tell the difference. Both phones are so fast as to render comparisons an academic exercise, and there are certainly no games on the App Store that get anywhere close to hitting the performance limits of either.

But the iPhone 13 Pro undoubtedly has more headroom this year compared to previous iterations. Its likely to stay feeling fast for a little longer, especially when it comes to more intensive tasks.

In our Geekbench 5 multi-core tests, the iPhone 13 scored 4688 to the iPhone 13 Pros 4718. Thats a slight edge for the Pro, but the main point to take from this is that no other phone gets close to either on raw performance.

Both phones support more 5G bands than before, so more countries will be able to use them to access 5G networks. Only the US models get mmWave support, however, and relatively few Americans will be able to take advantage of those speeds anyway.

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Cameras Photo And Video Modes

The cameras section is surely the point where you will be able to find the most differences between both devices. They have a number of different cameras, and this means that the iPhone 13 has a wider variety when it comes to being able to record and shoot photos differently. Here we leave you a comparative table, and later we will go fully into the most important aspects.

-Stereo recording

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Prices And Storage

iPhone 12 vs 11 vs XR Speed Test

Available to buy right now, the iPhone 13 mini starts at $699, the iPhone 13 at $799, the iPhone 13 Pro at $999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max at $1,099. In the U.K. those prices are £679, £779, £949 and £1,049 respectively.

Storage-wise, the 64GB option has been dropped, with all four phones starting at 128GB then having 256GB and 512GB versions. But the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max gets one advantage here, in the form of a massive 1TB model.

As always, the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 have a big price advantage, but if lots of storage is important to you, you’ll want to look at the Pro models. But they are far from cheap, so we suggest you look at our dedicated iPhone 13 deals page for the very latest sales. We’ve also included our favorite deals below:

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Comparison iPhone Xr Vs iPhone 13

Can the iPhone XR be compared to the iPhone 13? At first they start with a similar concept, although we also see more than obvious aesthetic differences. In view of this, they also have interesting differences in their interiors. Two devices that, being focused on a common audience, can leave several doubts. Whether you already have an iPhone XR and you doubt whether to go to 13, or if you dont have any, we will try to solve all your doubts.


iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 11 11 Pro

The iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 is almost three years old, but it’s likely running smoothly enough for most people. You can probably wait at least until the iPhone 14 arrives before you upgrade. Compared to the iPhone 13, there are two major additions you’ll be missing out on by holding onto the iPhone 11: 5G support and better cameras.

That being said, the iPhone 11 has a great camera that’s suitable for casual photo takers that want snapshots of their pets, children and vacations. It has a 12-megapixel wide and ultrawide main camera system similar to the iPhone 13 that supports features like Night mode and Deep Fusion, an image processing technique Apple introduced on the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have a 12-megapixel triple-lens camera that includes wide, telephoto and ultrawide lenses.

But the iPhone 13 has extra perks that photo enthusiasts will appreciate, especially when it comes to video. There’s the aforementioned Cinematic mode, as well as the improvements that the iPhone 12 gained last year such as Night mode time lapse for videos and Dolby Vision HDR video recording. The main camera has Photographic Styles, sensor-based image stabilization and a sensor that can take in more light.

The bottom line: Most people can probably hold onto their iPhone 11 or 11 Pro at least until the iPhone 14 launches. But videographers and photographers that need better cameras, longer battery life and more storage for projects could benefit from upgrading sooner.

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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Performance

All iPhone 13 models come with the new Apple A15 Bionic chip. Built on a 5-nanometer process, the chip comes with six processor cores: two for demanding tasks and four for more less rigorous workloads to increase efficiency. Overall, Apple claims the A15 Bionic offers 50% faster performance than the leading competition here’s looking at you Qualcomm.

But it’s on the graphics side that we see some disparity between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. The former has four GPU cores, while the latter has five. Apple claims the iPhone 13 offers 30% better graphics performance than leading Android phones, but noted that the extra core in the A15 Bionic for the iPhone 13 Pro handset will offer 50% more graphics performance than rival chips. Although, it should be noted that it has had Bluetooth issues in some cars.

In our testing, the iPhone 13 scored 4,129 on the Geekbench 5 multi-core test and 1,684 in the single-core test. The iPhone 13 Pro outperformed it but only just scoring 4,718 and 1,733 respectively. That’s not really a big enough difference to notice any real performance disparity in everyday use.

In graphics testing, iPhone 13 hit 55.9 fps in the 3DMark Wild Life benchmark, while the iPhone 13 Pro managed a very impressive 70 fps. Clearly, that extra GPU core is working hard. So if you want the best gaming performance, then you’ll want to go for the iPhone 13 Pro, not that the standard phone will let you down either.

iPhone 13 Price: How Much More Does It Cost

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone XR! (Quick Comparison)

As the latest flagship Apple smartphone, you can expect to pay a mint for the iPhone 13 series. No surprises there. At its cheapest, the iPhone 13 will cost you $1,199 for the 128GB iPhone 13 mini model. The standard iPhone 13 starts at $1,349 for the 128GB model. If youre going Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at $1,699 for the 128GB model and the premium iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,849 for the 128GB model. At its most expensive, the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB model will set you back a whopping $2,719.

Theres not much point in comparing launch prices with handsets that were released over four years ago but for comparison, the iPhone X launched at $1,579 for the 64GB model and $1,829 for the 128GB model back in 2017. So pretty close, comparatively. One year later, the iPhone XR launched at $1,229 for the 64GB model, the iPhone XS 64GB started at $1,629 and the iPhone XS Max pushed the boundaries with a $1,799 starting price.

“Yes, Qi”

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Face Id And The Truedepth Camera System

Face ID, introduced in 2017 with the iPhone X, is the biometric authentication system used in the iPhone XR, which features a notch housing the TrueDepth camera system that enables Face ID.

Face ID performs the same role as Touch ID, except it uses a facial scan instead of a fingerprint, and Face ID in the iPhone XR is identical to Face ID in the iPhone X with the exception of speed improvements. With the new A12 Bionic chip and Neural Engine improvements, Face ID is able to detect your face and unlock your device faster than before.

Face ID is used across the iOS operating system for tasks like unlocking your iPhone, allowing access to third-party passcode-protected apps, confirming purchases in iTunes and the App Store, and authenticating Apple Pay payments.

Face ID works through a set of sensors and cameras built into the front of the iPhone XR, called the TrueDepth Camera system. To create a facial scan, a Dot Projector projects more than 30,000 invisible infrared dots onto your face, which are then read by an infrared camera.

This depth map of your face is then relayed to the A12 Bionic processor where it is transformed into a mathematical model that the iPhone uses to make sure it’s you attempting to access your iPhone.

Pricing And Storage Options

Prices begin at $699 for the 128GB iPhone 13 mini, $799 for the standard iPhone 13, $999 for the Pro, and $1,099 for the Pro Max. Higher storage capacities will cost you more. Want the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max? Be prepared to shell out $1,599. As is expected, more storage is more money. Your options are as follows:

  • iPhone 13/mini: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

The iPhone 13 lineup has a lower starting price however, the Pro and Pro Max add a higher storage tier. Still, most people likely won’t need a whopping 1TB of storage, making the iPhone 13 the best deal of the bunch.

There are plenty of iPhone 13 . Whether you want to upgrade from an old iPhone, switch carriers, purchase an unlocked iPhone, or something else, theres undoubtedly an option to fit your needs. Check out the on the market.

Both iPhone 13 Pro models pack what Apple dubs its ProMotion display technology. ProMotion is a variable refresh rate implementation capable of operating as low as 10Hz and as high as 120Hz. As an adaptive refresh rate, ProMotion automatically adjusts to your on-screen tapping and scrolling. For example, it dips down while slowly scrolling through an article but ramps up during fast-paced gaming.

  • iPhone 13/mini: 60Hz fixed refresh rate display
  • iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max: Up to 120Hz variable refresh rate panel
  • Ultra-wide: 12MP /2.4 aperture, 13mm focal length, 5-element lens, 120-degree field of view
  • Front-facing: 12MP
  • Front-facing: 12MP

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Prices And Where To Buy Them

We are coming to the end of this comparison, and obviously we have to mention a fundamental factor when the user decides or not to buy a device, and that is the price. At Apple you can only buy the iPhone 13 , since the iPhone XR has been discontinued by the company and, although you can buy it in other stores, this is becoming more and more complicated as the existence of these devices is coming to an end.

In the Apple Store, the iPhone 13 starts at 909 euros in its 128 GB version, although in Amazon , in addition to also being able to find the iPhone XR , the iPhone 13 is at a slightly lower price than in the Apple store . Obviously, between the two devices there is a great difference in price, which is usually around more than 300 euros, but also a great difference in terms of benefits and possibilities that they give you.

Screens A Similarity And Many Differences

iPhone 11 Pro Max contra iPhone XR: o carro

Although both have a 6.1-inch screen, they really do not take advantage of the same and the iPhone 13 has thinner bezels . And they are not the same in terms of screen technology either, and that is that while the XR mounts a Liquid Retina HD panel, the iPhone 13 is a Super Retina XDR , a screen that is far superior in performance by displaying purer colors, Especially highlighting the black, which in this type of panel is achieved by turning off the pixel that represents it and assuming this a lower battery consumption.

You can also find improvements in resolution, brightness and contrast, so the experience you have with the iPhone 13 is much more positive, especially when consuming multimedia content on platforms such as , Netflix or similar, but also when you start to edit photos or video . On the other hand, the brightness will also make you see the iPhone screen much better, especially outdoors where the light affects considerably and in the XR it tends to cost too much to see the content well when the light falls directly on the screen.

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Is The Change In Form Factor Noticeable

Something that irreparably affects is always a design change, but the difference between the iPhone XR and the iPhone 13 not only lies in something aesthetic, but also in the feeling that all users have when having them and holding them in hand, and this is something that everyone will notice as soon as they see and hold both devices.

The iPhone XR is a device that has well-marked rounded lines , a design that Apple welcomed with the arrival of the iPhone 6 and that it has maintained until the iPhone 11, with the 12 models being the first to make the leap to the long-awaited straight frames. , same design that the iPhone 13 also has. Obviously it is something that not only affects the aesthetic section of the device, but also how it feels in the hand, giving the feeling of having a more premium device in the case of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Why Should You Go Pro

ByJon Mundylast updated 13 May 22

iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro? Which is right for you?

Our iPhone 13 review and iPhone 13 Pro review highlight that these are two key players in Apple’s top smartphone line. But what’s the difference, and which should you buy?

The 13 and 13 Pro both rank among the best smartphones and certainly among the best iPhones, but how do the two compare, and which is the better buy? Has Apple learned from its mistakes of last year and properly differentiated its Pro model this time around?

We scored the iPhone 13 a little higher than the iPhone 13 Pro, but that doesnt mean its the better phone, so there’s a lot to cover in our iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro matchup. This ones going to take some unpacking.

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Apple iPhone Xr Vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Side By Side Specs Comparison

This is a side-by-side smartphone specs comparison of the Apple iPhone XR and Apple iPhone 13 Pro. The Apple iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch display, Apple A12 processor, cameras, 4G LTE connectivity, and 2942mAh battery.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro has a 6.1-inch display, Apple A15 Bionic processor, triple cameras, 5G connectivity, and mAh battery.

3.5/5 stars
Screen 6.1-inch HD+ IPS LCD Display with Scratch Resistant Glass, 19.5:9 Aspect Ratio and Notch 6.1-inch FHD+ OLED Display with Scratch Resistant Ceramic Glass, 120Hz Screen Refresh Rate, 19.5:9 Aspect Ratio, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Notch
4K Video Recording and Optical Image Stabilization
Front Camera
Storage 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
4G LTE, 3G HSPA+, 2G EDGE & GPRS Networks 5G, 4G LTE , 3G HSPA+, 2G EDGE & GPRS Networks
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi 6
Stereo Speakers and Dolby Atmos
FM Radio
Proximity Sensor & Ambient Light SensorCompass, Gyroscope & Accelerometer Proximity Sensor & Ambient Light SensorCompass, Gyroscope & Accelerometer
2942 mAh Li-ion Battery Fast Charging and Wireless Charging Li-ion Battery 20W Fast Charging and 15W MagSafe Wireless Charging
Material Glass with Metal Frame Glass Front and Back with Stainless Steel Frame
Size 151 x 76 x 8.3 mm 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.65 mm

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