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What Is The iPhone 9

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iPhone 4s Release Date: October 14 2011

Apple iPhone 9 – Here It Is!

After several years of releasing the iPhone in the summer, Apple changed things up in 2011 by releasing the newest version of the device in October. Much like the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4S was an interim update to the phone. It gave it some new features and increased functionality, but most of the device stayed the same.

However, as mentioned above, the iPhone, for the first time ever, had become available on all three major U.S. networks, opening the door for record first weekend sales. More than 1 million were sold on the first day, and Apple sold just over 4 million on the first weekend.

But the release of the iPhone 4S will go down in iPhone history as a momentous one for other reasons. Steve Jobs, one of Apples founders and one of the worlds most well-known entrepreneurs, passed away from pancreatic cancer just nine days before the phone was released to the world.

The Rise And Fall Of The Ipod

The iPod was released in 2001 and quickly became not only a consumer favorite but also one of Apples major revenue streams.

But even as iPod sales were climbing rapidly, Apples executive team knew its days were limited. Customers were carrying around both an iPod and a mobile phone and were convinced that the mobile phones would eventually have the ability to play music, something that would make iPods obsolete.

To keep the company profitable and maintain its position as a market leader in tech innovation, Apple executives knew they needed to come up with the next generation of mobile phones before their competitors did.

Face Id Security And Privacy Concerns

Face ID has raised concerns regarding the possibility of law enforcement accessing an individual’s phone by pointing the device at the user’s face. United States Senator Al Franken asked Apple to provide more information on the security and privacy of Face ID a day after the announcement, with Apple responding by highlighting the recent publication of a security white paper and knowledge base detailing answers.

Inconsistent results have been shown when testing Face ID on identical twins, with some tests showing the system managing to separate the two, while other tests have failed.

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Release Date: September 16 2016

Just about a year after the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple once again unleashed a new set of its signature device. At first glance, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus dont appear to be all that different from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but there was one major change to the appearance. Apple got rid of the headphone jack. This was the first time in iPhone history that users would have to connect their headphones via BlueTooth, and the company was heavily criticized for this move.

However, most people liked what Apple did with the rest of the phone. For example, this was the first iPhone to be water and dust resistant, and the introduction of iOS 10 made apps such as Maps, Photos, and Music run more smoothly, and it also introduced some new features to Messages, such as special effects for messages.

As for other upgrades, the iPhone 7 received the usual gambit of improvements, such as an improved processor and better battery life. Screen sizes stayed basically the same, as did screen resolution and pixel density. In addition to screen size, the 7 Plus featured two rear cameras to help deliver even better quality images. However, beyond this, the two phones were pretty much the same. Here is a summary of the what was new with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

What Causes Error 9 To Occur

Its the iPhone 9

The usual causes for error on most devices are when it is related to software issues. The thing here is that hardware, no matter how solid they are supposed to be, also contribute to the downfall of your iOS deviceâs functionality. Here are the common causes for this error to occur.

  • Your iOS device is jailbroken.
  • Security software on your computer is causing communication blockages between you and Apple update servers.
  • Your firewall, either on Windows or Mac, is blocking communication between you and the Apple servers.
  • There has been a network setting error or it has been corrupted in some way.
  • In conjunction with the 4th cause – Your own computer has been known to hack or jailbreak another iOS device which caused confusion in device recognition.
  • The USB cable caused an interruption in the update or restoration process.
  • Now that we see what the causes are, we can note that both software and hardware are the possible culprits for the errorâs occurrence. With this, we can now go into actually fixing iPhone 5s/6s/7/8/X error 9.

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    iPhone 6 Controversy : Bendgate

    Within weeks of the launch of the iPhone 6 and the U2 drama, another issue became apparent: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would bend if enough pressure was applied.

    Apple denied that Bendgate was the result of any design or manufacturing flaw and that only 9 people had experienced any issues under normal use conditions. Although, they did acknowledge that as per their warranty conditions if the iPhone had been subject to normal use conditions and was faulty, it would be replaced.

    Despite their public denials of any design or manufacturing issues, internal Apple documents, unsealed in 2018 by Lucy Koh in the Touch Disease class-action lawsuit, show that Apple was aware that the iPhone 6 was 3.3 times more likely to bend than the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 Plus was 7.2 times more likely to bend.

    Apple eventually made significant design changes to help prevent this issue with the addition of Series 7000 space-grade aluminum, even though they have never publically acknowledged an issue existed.

    Generation 1: iPhone 12 Pro And iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Alongside the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, Apple also introduced the higher-end versions of the device, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The major difference between these two devices is camera technology.


    The Pro also incorporates Apple ProRaw Capture that gives the user access to more image data so you can get a head start on editing, with noise reduction and multi-frame exposure adjustments already in place and have more time to tweak color and white balance.

    The iPhone 12 Pros camera also incorporates 4K HDR Dolby Vision offering a cinematic look in video scenes with stronger contrasts for up to 60 fps.

    Designed for Pros

    These two devices are great assets to more camera-centric individuals like content creators and photographers who are willing to pay more for better camera features.

    For the average user, who takes the normal selfie, the base versions of the iPhone 12 should offer adequate camera features if not better than other smartphones in this niche market.

    The iPhone Pro Max has all the features of the iPhone 12 Pro, plus a wide-angle camera with 47% larger sensor. Giving the sensor sites more room and making them larger makes them more sensitive to light. More light means more signal, less noise, and sharper results.

    Display and Storage

    In addition to the upgraded camera technology, the Pro Max also has a 6.7 inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, making the device the largest in iPhone history.


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    iPhone Screen Sizes Compared

    • iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7in OLED display
    • iPhone 12 Pro 6.1in OLED display
    • iPhone 12 6.1in OLED display
    • iPhone 12 Mini 5.4in OLED display
    • iPhone SE 2020 Size 4.7in LCD Display
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max Size 6.5in OLED Display
    • iPhone 11 Pro Size 5.8in OLED Display
    • iPhone 11 Size 6.1in LCD Display
    • iPhone XS Max Size 6.5in OLED Display
    • iPhone XS Size 5.8in OLED Display
    • iPhone XR Size 6.1in LCD Display
    • iPhone X Size 5.8in OLED Display
    • iPhone 8 Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
    • iPhone 8 Size 4.7in LCD Display
    • iPhone 7 Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
    • iPhone 7 Size 4.7in LCD Display
    • iPhone 6s Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
    • iPhone 6s Size 4.7in LCD Display
    • iPhone 6 Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
    • iPhone 6 Size 4.7in LCD Display
    • iPhone SE Size 4in LCD Display
    • iPhone 5s Size 4in LCD Display
    • iPhone 5 Size 4in LCD Display
    • iPhone 4s Size 3.5in LCD Display
    • iPhone 4 Size 3.5in TFT Display
    • iPhone 3GS Size 3.5in TFT Display

    iPhone 2g Features And Functionality

    Why Apple Skipped The iPhone 9

    According to Apple, the first version of the iPhone was actually a combination of three products. It was:

    • A revolutionary mobile phone
    • A widescreen iPod with touch controls
    • A breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, searching, and maps.

    Its natural to want to anoint the innovative touch screen as the most novel feature since up until this point nothing like it existed. But the first iPhone was also a brand new phone in that it allowed people to make calls by simply pointing at and touching a name in their contacts list.

    This type of functionality had never been seen before, and it helped make the iPhone truly unique. Furthermore, the introduction of Visual Voicemail made it possible for users to read their voicemails as texts instead of having to listen to them.

    The first iPhone also featured a full QWERTY keyboard on a soft touchscreen. Before the iPhone, phones with full keyboards, such as the Blackberry, made us of a hard keyboard, which reduced the size of the screen. Wanting to make the iPhone a full-screen device, Apple invented a touchscreen that was more accurate and more responsive than any other phone in history.

    Because of this, the first iPhone was also described as a full-screen iPod. This idea of having a full-screen device with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface changed the course of mobile phone history. Today, nearly all smartphones today are built using this design concept.

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    A New Way To Use Computers

    The birth of the revolutionary technology that would eventually power the iPhone didnt start with a grand vision for reshaping the way we communicate. It started with a plan to fix the most cumbersome parts of a computer: the mouse.

    In 2003, Apple started internal experimentation to find a way to replace the mouse with a touchpad that offered much more control and flexibility. Their initial design, a tablet-sized, finger-controlled interface known as the Model 035, allowed users to pinch, scroll, and zoom all things that were currently unavailable on modern computers.

    This project was eventually put aside though when it became clear that Apple had more pressing issues

    What Happened To The iPhone 9 Interesting Fact Time

    Richard GoodwinThis blog post may contain affiliate links

    by Richard Goodwin | Jun 22, 2021 | Phones

    Apple released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and then skipped straight to the iPhone X so what exactly happened to iPhone 9?

    Most of the time, Apples iPhones follow a linear progression. You have the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6, and so on.

    But what happened to the iPhone 9?

    Apple released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in 2017, alongside the iPhone X a completely redesigned iPhone.

    This lead to the iPhone 8 range being almost completely overlooked, as Apple fans flocked to the fancy, newer looking design.

    This represented one of the first instances of Apple releasing three phones within a year.

    At the time, this was not common practice, so it was very much headline-making news, especially when people saw the iPhone X.

    The iPhone X was a completely different phone than the iPhone 8, and all other iPhones that came before it.

    The iPhone 8 and iPhone X also launched at a very special time in Apples history too

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    Question: Q: iPhone Camera Aspect Ratio Option

    I don’t know if anyone else is as mystified as me about this but here is my gripe with the interface and capture process of the iPhone’s camera. Let me say this up front I’m fairly happy with the image quality of the camera. My beef isn’t with the image quality

    here’s the issue. I just recently returned from a cruise in the Mediterranean with my family and i took probably close to 600 photos using the iphone 6s plus. Upon returning home and wanting to print 4×6 prints of my faves for our album only to realize that some major cropping will have to be done to 100% of my images. WHY? Because the native aspect ratio of the iphone camera is 4:3!! Seriously?!?!? NOTHING in this world is no longer 4:3 aspect ratio. Old “square” tube televisions use to be 4:3 but who uses one of those to view their iphone images? Even the iphone screen when turned horizontal to “landscape” mode is not 4:3 so why does Apple even have this as a default setting for taking photos on what they tout as a “high-end” camera?

    When I compose a shot I typically use the display/viewfinder edges as my guide for what to include or exclude from the frame. I dont have time to think “wait a second, remember if you want to print this shot on a 4×6 print you have to account for the crop that will need to be done so give yourself more room etc”.

    DIsclaimer: I recently purchased a camera app that offers choices for aspect ratio BEFORE taking a photo.


    iPhone 9 Will Be Called iPhone Se And Could Launch Soon

    iPhone 9 Release Date: Specs, features, price, news and more

    ByRoland Moore-Colyerpublished 3 April 20

    Apple looks set to resurrect the iPhone SE in the form of a 4.7-inch budget-orientated phone, if a Belkin screen protector thats popped up on the Apple Store is anything to go by.

    Weve been waiting for Apple to announce a much-rumoured iPhone 9, but 9to5Mac got hold of some new information that suggests that the entry-level iPhone will have the SE suffix instead. And with the Belkin screen protector labelled for iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7 use, still available online as we write, it looks like iPhone SE launch is imminent.

    Update: Although there were rumors that the new iPhone SE could launch as soon as today, Apple has not made an announcement. We do expect the device to launch sometime this month.

    The caveat is this could be a mistake on the Apple Store, but the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector fits the iPhone 8 which has a 4.7-inch display, while the original iPhone SE had a 4-inch screen. So this listing is certainly curious and is a strong hint that a new 4.7-inch iPhone SE is about to be revealed.

    Apples original iPhone SE launched back in March 2016 as a budget alternative to getting an iOS-equipped phone to the iPhone 7, which was Apples flagship phone at the time.

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    First iPhone Controversy: Early Adopter Tax

    While the first iPhone was universally hailed as redefining personal communication, it wasnt without controversy.

    Its initial recommended retail price of $599 was well beyond the cost of a typical mobile phone. While this didnt deter tens of thousands of Apple fans queuing for hours to get their hands on one, there were some vocal members of the public who complained about the price.

    Apple eventually caved to the public pressure and reduced the price to $399 after less than three months after release. Whilst those who had delayed their purchase were happy with the decision, Apples early adopters were outraged at having to pay an additional $200.

    Apple ultimately listened to the growing frustrations of their most loyal supporters and gave them a $100 Apple gift voucher. Not exactly $200, but enough to show their supporters they were valued.

    Release Date: October 26 201:

    The iPhone XR was announced at the same time as the iPhone XS, but it was released after it. It was designed to be a budget option of the iPhone XS, although with a starting price tag of $799, its tough to justify that moniker. It possesses some of the features of the XS, such as the super-fast A12 Bionic processor, but it is missing some others, such as the OLED, Super Retina display.

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    iPhone 5 Features And Functionality

    While the iPhone 5 represented an exciting change in the hardware and software Apple used to make its devices, this new version did not offer much in terms of new features, but there were some, such as:

    • An improved Siri

    These upgrades certainly made the device better, but the real improvements came with its specifications.

    Checking Your Usb Cable And Ports

    iPhone 9 is coming!

    Consider the scenario where perhaps your USB cable has become faulty through wear and tear or mishandling.

    A possibility for the iPhone 6 Error 9 to appear is also through a sudden disconnection when it was updating.

    A simple fix for this is to try a new USB cable or one that you know currently works. Also be sure that the connection is not loose and seated in the device and the computer/laptop securely – this may have caused the interruption in the update if you did not intentionally yank the cable.

    *Make sure that the USB cable is certified and authentic – best if it was from Apple.

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