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Why Is My iPhone Volume So Low On Calls

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Low Call Volume On iPhone 7 Plus Or 7 Heres The Fix

iPhone 11 / 11 Pro: Ringer Sound Volume Gets Low on Incoming Calls? Easy Fix!!!

iPhone 7 and 7s plus beware! Many of the users have reported that they are facing problems with the volume when they receive an incoming call. The problem arises when you receive a call and the caller sound is lower, so what does that mean? You have a defective iPhone!? Well, no, it has to do with the settings of the volume level of your phone. Because of the issue, many users opt in to use Bluetooth devices, AirPods or headphones. But if you dont want to spend a hefty amount on these devices or just dont want to use them. In this article, you can find the solution to rectify the problem of low call volume on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Check Your Network Signal Strength

A bad network signal can be the reason for having a low call volume on your iPhone 7 Plus or 7. Make sure you have a good network coverage, then try again to make a call. We recommend you to try to call another person to make sure that the low call volume issue was not made by the other persons phone.

Fix #: Try To Turn On And Turn Off Bluetooth

When you are having a low volume on your iPhone device, here is another way that you can fix it.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings and then look for your Bluetooth feature.
  • Step 2: And then, tap on it for you to turn it on.
  • Step 3: After a few minutes, go ahead and toggle it again for you to turn it off.

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How Do You Change The Ear Volume For Phone Calls On An iPhone


If you’re having trouble hearing people on your iPhone or your calls are uncomfortably loud, you can adjust the in call volume on the iPhone. If you are using a headset or earphones with the phone, you may separately be able to adjust the volume on the headset or earphones.

Muffled & Cracking Speaker & 35mm Jack Output

12 Fixes increase Call Volume Low On iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7 ...

It is common among consumers, who mention speakers specifically in the official forum threads. Apple engineers added one speaker in the earlier device because one grill stands for primary microphone and second grill designed for primary speaker. The Cupertino-based company adds necessary protection layers to keep the dirt mites, and dust particles from entering the grills. A consumers environment plays a crucial role in the process, and age is another possible factor.

Solution #1: You can put a compressed air gun into the action to force the clogged speaker grill to free itself. You can also set the hairdryer into use, but we don recommend it as it also releases hot air in the process.

Solution #2: Dust removing cloth or NIKON LENS PEN, which is specifically designed to remove the dust from the small areas. The fabric works flawlessly, but it might not be able to reach the small vents because of the size.

Solution #3 : I always thought that my iPhone speaker is defective, but I tried removing the dust and dirt with air using my mouth after eight months. However, theres a risk of releasing saliva liquid particles in the vents that can lead to many problems later down the line. But, it worked, and my iPhone speaker is usually working.

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Adjust Call Volume On Call Time From iPhone 7 And 7 Plus

The first way to solve the problem is to adjust the volume level during the call. This can be done when you receive the call just hold or press the volume up button on the side and it will increase the volume. But you can only do this step when youre receiving a call. It cannot be done before or after the call, as if you try to increase the volume level, it will only increase the ringtone and the sound level but not the voice volume.

Solution : Use Tenorshare Reiboot To Fix iPhone Call Volume Low

If you have tried your hands on every solution and still did not find success, it’s time for you to move to Tenorshare ReiBoot. This will solve your each and every issue related to iPhone including call sound issue, and other iOS system issues such as iPhone black screen, iPhone crash, iPhone screen frozen,etc. Follow the below steps in order to solve your issue.

  • Install and run the Tenorshare ReiBoot tool on your computer. As soon as you have installed the software, connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Click on “Fix All iOS Stuck” alternative.

  • Now click on “Fix Now” option as per your current version of iOS to get started.

  • When the download is completed, select “Start Repair” option to start the recovery of your device. The procedure may take almost 10 minutes. Make sure your iPhone is connected during this process.

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Do Reset All Settings On Your iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/ X

If the iOS update fails to fix no sound issue, Reset All Settings on your iPhone. Go to Settings > General> Reset > Reset All Settings. Next enter the Apple passcode and the iPhone starts to reboot.

Note: Resetting all settings does not delete stored videos, photos, music, messages, etc., and only removes your preferences for Bluetooth, Privacy, Wi-Fi, General, Sounds, etc.

Solution : Speaker Damage And Hardware Issues

iPhone Call Volume Low,No sound Issues Fix

Recently, Apple confirms some effects on new models, which might be happening with your iPhone 8, 8 Plus. Contact the nearest apple support or Book a Genius bar appointment and discuss on the apple help desk via online chat or at the nearest apple store .

Check Here Your iPhone Warranty status online using a unique IMEI number.

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Way #: Use A Volume Booster

If in any case that none of the ways above helps you to increase the volume of your iPhone device, then you can make use of a third-party application. And with that, one application that you can count on is the Equalizer. This application will let you customize your playlist for you to increase the volume of your iPhone device. This is pretty much the same thing with how the Late Night works.

Fix : Check Screen Protector

In some cases the wrong screen protector can block the speaker of iPhone and thus making sound level very low. Make sure right screen protector is used in right directions .

Fix 5: Check for hardware fault

In a rare scenario, low volume of iPhone speaker can be due to dust in the speaker or damaged hardware. To check that you should take your iPhone to Apple store and ask for hardware replacement.

Fix 6 : Update the iOS

If the iPhone speaker problem started after iOS update then there are chances then the iOS software release has some issue that caused the issue. Please make sure to update the iPhone to latest version to get a permanent fix for the issue.


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Way : Update Ios To Latest Version

The last way you can fix the iPhone low call volume problem is by updating your iOS. Older iOS versions usually have some bugs and errors. You can upgrade the software and these bugs might go away. Simply go to Settings > General and choose the Software Update option. Click on Check for Updates and see if there is any latest version available.

If there is, you can upgrade your iPhone to the latest version, currently iOS 14. Moreover, keep the phone battery at least 50% when you are updating to the new version. Also, you wont be able to use your phone during installation. Therefore, make sure you dont need your phone at that time.

Audio Volume Suddenly Became Quiet / Low

12 Fixes increase Call Volume Low On iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7 ...

If the audio volume was originally normal, then suddenly became quiet and barely audible, please try the following:

On iOS, due to a bug with Bluetooth, the volume may be “locked” at a lower volume than normal, such that even at max volume, you still can’t hear anything. To resolve this, please try the following:

1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to bring up the Control Center.

2. For volume, drag the slider down to the bottom, then back up to max. This should reset your volume settings for Bluetooth.


Note that on Android, there are separate volume controls for music and calls. You can change them individually by going to your phone’s Settings > Audio and sliding the volume for each.

Also, on Android, volume controls for the glasses are separate from the phone. Your phone’s audio might be at max volume, while Vue is still at “default” mid-range volume. There are two methods to resolve this:

1. In the Vue app, change Swipe to control “Volume Up/Down”. Then keep swiping forward until you reach max volume on the glasses.

2. Enable developer options on your phone, then select the option to enable Absolute Volume .

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Problem: iPhone Xs Poor Sound Quality During Calls

I saw your one article about this, but have a question. I just got a XS and notice the sound quality when making a call when the phone is to your EAR, my 6s sounded better. THis is like the treble is turned down Not distorted but its a completely different tone than all my other iphones, last one was a 6s Is this maybe normal??? I know these new phones have 3d sound, etc, and that same speaker doubled to do other things., DOes that ear piece speaker just sound different> ??

Solution: Based on our own experience with older iPhones and the new iPhone XS, general sound quality thru speaker is improved on the latter. We dont have the exact idea what sound difference youre trying to tell us here but if you think the speaker sound on your own iPhone XS is inferior to that of an iPhone 6S, thats a real possibility.

While Apple tries to enforce strict quality control over its products, a few may end up leaving the factory defective or below standards. This is the reason why some devices may be replaced or even recalled. If possible, try to get second, third, or more opinions from friends you used both older iPhones and the new iPhone XS. its possible that you may have simply gotten used to your iPhone 6S speaker sound and the slight difference in sound quality on your iPhone XS may be confusing you right now. You can also try to visit your local Apple store and consult someone there regarding this issue.

Increase the volume

Ensure speaker is not blocked

Force restart

Tip : Troubleshot Any Ios System Issue With Drfone Repair

It might sound surprising, but the iPhone call volume low can be a side effect of a more serious issue with your device. If you think there is a software-related problem with your iPhone, then we recommend using dr.fone Repair . It is a complete iOS device repairing tool that can fix all kinds of issues with an iPhone by updating it to the latest stable firmware. It supports every leading iPhone model and will make sure that the device wont suffer from unwanted data loss in the process. To fix iPhone call volume low using dr.fone Repair , follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, connect your iPhone to the system and trust the computer. Once the phone gets detected, launch the dr.fone toolkit and go to the Repair section.
  • Now, you can pick between the standard or the advanced mode. At first, you can go with the standard mode and if it wont meet your requirements, then you can pick the advanced mode.
  • The application would detect the device model and the latest firmware version compatible with it. Just verify or change the details before clicking on the Start button.
  • Wait for a while and maintain a stable internet connection as the tool would download the firmware update and verifies it with your device.
  • When the download is completed, you can just start the process by clicking on the Fix Now button.
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    When You Don’t Have Any Sound Even On Apps

    Sometimes you need a more drastic and permanent solution to the no sound issue with your phone. Restoring your iPhone on iTunes has worked for a lot of people. Here’s how to do it.

    Once you are connected to iTunes, click on Restore. This is a full reset of your device, so we should probably mention that you are going to lose all of your data, including pictures, music, and contacts. Therefore it pays if you backup your iPhone data before you do this. It is also a highly effective way to fix any glitches your phone may have, including problematic sound.

    Time To Check Connected Devices

    iPhone XS / XS Max: Ringer Volume Gets Low on Incoming Calls? Easy Fix!!!

    The above solutions should fix your problem. However, if that doesn’t happen, check connected Bluetooth devices. Typically, if a Bluetooth device is connected to your iPhone, the alarm will play through your iPhones as well as the connected devices speaker. However, often due to a bug that might not happen. So turn off Bluetooth from Settings > Bluetooth and see if the alarm volume returns to normal.

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    Quiet iPhone Earpiece After All Attempts Try Cleaning It

    You can clean the earpiece on your iPhone by using a toothpick. Take a toothpick and gently remove the dust from the earpiece. After you clean the earpiece, try again to make a call to check the volume. We also recommend you to check if your screen protector covers the earpiece this can block the sound from the earpiece and getting a low volume.

    Solution : Reset All Settings To The Default Settings

    My iPhone 8 call volume was low all of a sudden. Try to Reset All settings option on the iPhone will not erase the user data but only remove iPhone system settings that we can customize after that easily. This option also helps to fix an internal software glitch that doesnt compatible with the Earpeace speaker.

    Steps to Reset All Settings for iOS 15 & later version:-

  • Head to settings app on iPhone.
  • Tap on General> Scroll to Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap on Reset> Reset All Settings.
  • Thats it.
  • Hit on Reset
  • Tap Reset All Settings.
  • During resetting the settings, your iPhone will reboot once. Now, Test and Check hope you fixed it.

    Still, the Solution quality is low, Then try to Erase all content and Settings, Before that Backup iPhone, Because in this process whole iPhone will erase first. After the problem is fixed we can restore the backup. Follow the below steps for Erase All Content and Settings.

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Scroll to General and Tap on it.
  • Now, Scroll to last on-screen and Tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone/ Reset option.
  • Next to Reset, Tap on Erase All Content and Settings option. Enter the passcode to verify. After that, your iPhone will erase soon and Reboot once. So, Dont interrupt the process. Once you see your iPhone welcome screen, set it up like a new Phone and Do a Call test.

    Once you fixed your problem, Restore from Backup on iPhone is called Restore iPhone.

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    Way : Adjust Call Volume

    This method is very simple but a little tricky, and some people wont be knowing this. If you are pressing the Volume Up button when the call isnt going on, you are just increasing the ringer volume instead of the call volume. To fix the iPhone low call volume problem, all you need to do is making a phone call and then pressing the Volume Up button on the side of your iPhone.

    Turn Off Reduce Loud Sound

    iPhone X Ring Volume Low For Incoming Call? Here is Why ...

    The Reduce Loud Sound feature protects your ears. It is a great feature when you are using wireless headphones and speakers, but sometimes the audio might be too low that you do not enjoy. When that happens, you need to turn off the feature.

    When there is no volume limit, you can crank up the volume to the level you need. The feature is also available for Apple Watch, so if you have the same problem you can remove the limit from the watch separately.

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    How To Fix Low Sound Coming From iPhone Speaker

    If the sound coming from your iPhone speaker is too low, you may simply need to adjust the volume. However, low volume or muffled sound could be the result of incorrect accessibility or audio equalizer settings.

    To fix the problem, you should first determine its cause. If sounds are only low volume while in a call or using apps, its possible that local app settings are to blame. However, if all sound seems too low, you may have a problem with a broader app setting or even the speaker itself.

    What To Do If iPhone Microphone Not Working During Calls

    If you find iPhone calls not working i.e. iPhone no sound on calls or the person at the other end cant hear on iPhone or finds your iPhone sound low or unclear, there may be an issue with the microphone on your device.

    You may find your iPhone microphone not working during calls if it is exposed to dirt and dust. If the microphone is blocked with dirt particles the person at the other end wont be able to hear you clearly. In such case, youll need to clean the microphones the way described in Step 1 above, to clear any debris.

    There are three different microphones on your device,

    1. The one at the bottom and on the left side of the lightning port is meant for calls

    2. The one at the top is used for Face-Time calls and voice memos

    3. The one at the back of your device and on the right side of the camera is used for audio recording of videos

    If you see that iPhone audio not working on calls or iPhone no audio on calls and the person at the other end cant hear you even after cleaning the microphones, try the following steps:

    • Turn off Bluetooth to disconnect any wireless speaker or headset from your iPhone
    • Make sure that the microphone is not blocked with your fingers or case while holding the device
    • Remove any case or screen protector that may be covering the microphone
    • Restart your device
    • Upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS version

    Before I conclude let me also reply to some related queries often asked by the iPhone users.

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