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How Do I Figure Out What iPhone I Have

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How To Check What Carrier An iPhone Uses

How to: Determine What Model iPhone You Have

Heres how quickly check this in iOS on an iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone and choose General and then go to About
  • Scroll down to find the following two items in the list, these may be different:
    • Network: This is the currently active network if one is available this is not necessarily what the device will be locked to however, its only what cell network it is actively connected to this will show as blank if there is no active network or no SIM card
    • Carrier: This is what youre looking for to show you what network the iPhone last used, and in most cases, what network the iPhone is actually locked to. Carrier will also show the carrier settings version, sometimes carrier updates arrive separately from the general iOS software version to enable certain functionality

    In the example screenshot, the Carrier of this particular iPhone shows AT& T this is the last network that the iPhone used, was bought with, and wants to join.

    Aside from casual use and figuring out what network an iPhone can use, this can also be helpful for using ipcc files correctly. For those interested in gathering even more information an iPhone carrier , entering into Field Test Mode settings has some much more technical details available, far beyond just telling you which cell provider a device is actively using.

    Other iPhone Model List

    • XS Max has model numbers A1921 and A2101
    • XS has A1920, A2097, A2098 , A2099, and A2100
    • XR has the model number A1984
    • X : A1865, A1901, and A1902 are its model numbers
    • 8 Plus has models A1864 and A1897
    • 8 has A1863, A1905, and A1906
    • 7 Plus has the models A1661, A1784, A1785, and A1786
    • 7 has A1661, A1784, A1785, and A1786

    What iPhone Do You Have How To Identify Your iPhone

    Not sure how to tell which iPhone you have? Heres how to find your iPhone model, capacity and carrier

    Not sure which iPhone you have? Youll need to know its model, capacity and/or carrier if you want to sell it, get a screen protector or case, send it in for repair or buy parts. Heres how to determine what iPhone you have.

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    Whatever You Do Don’t Confront A Thief

    If you’re able to track your phone to a house or apartment building, don’t confront the potential thief on your own. Call the cops and ask for their help. Sure, you want to get your phone back, but getting into a confrontation and potentially getting hurt isn’t ideal.

    Contact your local police and let them handle it.

    How To Do Exponents On iPhone Calculator And Other Tricks

    What iPhone Do I Have Again? Easy Tips to Find Out Fast ...

    If you are looking to know how to do exponents on iPhone calculator, we have got good news for you.

    Interestingly, a lot of iPhone users are also facing these issues. They dont know how to do exponents on the default calculator of the iPhone.

    The good news is that the default calculator of the iPhone is certainly capable of doing exponents.

    And, in this post, we will be showing you how todo that in a step by step manner. Additionally, you will also know how to typeexponents in your iPhone.

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    How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Using Mobile Data

    If your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, its probably not using mobile data, and anything you use your iPhone to do wont count against your data allowance. Its therefore important to know when your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and when it isnt, and its easy to tell. Look in the upper left hand corner of your iPhone.

    If you see the Wi-Fi radio signal next to your carrier name , youre connected to Wi-Fi. If you see LTE, 4G, 3G, or anything else next to the name of your carrier, your iPhone is using mobile data.

    Theres one exception to this, and its when Wi-Fi Assist is on. Open Settings and tap Cellular. Scroll all the way down to Wi-Fi Assist. When this setting is on, your iPhone will use Cellular Data when your Wi-Fi connection is weak.

    Even when this setting is on, it probably wont use a lot of cellular data. Over the course of nine months, Wi-Fi Assist had only used 254 MB of my cellular data. Thats less than 29 MB per month!

    How To Tell iPhone Model

    Its very easy to figure out what iPhone model you have. For newer models, you can just check under your settings. For older models, use your serial number on the back of the phone and check with the list above.

    Ready to upgrade your iPhone? Sell your phone to Buyback Boss. Now that youve known what model you have and storage capacity, click here to see how much your phone is worth. You can get cash for your old iPhone in no time.

    Learn more essential iPhone strategies on the Buyback Boss Blog. You can fix broken updates here. Discover how to repair a water damaged iPhone in this guide. And, check out this ultimate guide to selling your phone. Find everything you need on our blog.

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    Which App Is Using All My Data

    Its time to dive in and discover which app is using so much mobile data. Fortunately, since the release of iOS 7, Apple included a helpful tool to help us get to the root of the problem. Head to Settings -> Cellular, and well find lots of helpful information that should help us figure out which app is sending or receiving so much data.

    The setting youll see first allows you to turn off Cellular Data entirely, which you may want to do to avoid a hefty phone bill if youve already exceeded your monthly data allowance.

    Next, youll see Cellular Data Options. Tap on it, then tap Voice & Data. Here youll see a helpful hint: Using LTE loads data faster.

    It also uses mobile data faster. If youre trying to conserve data, you might want to try going without LTE for a while but I cant guarantee this will fix your problem. I recommend you keep reading before you decide whether or not to turn off LTE.

    Next, scroll down to the Cellular Data Usage section. Theres one piece of this section that might be confusing: When you see statistics about Current Period, the Current Period listed here does not correspond to your iPhones billing period with your carrier.

    On your iPhone, Current Period displays the amount of data youve used since you last reset the data usage statistics on your iPhone. Ill show you how to do that in a little while. If you already know how, dont reset your statistics yet, or we might end up deleting some helpful information.

    Take Advantage Of Family Sharing

    BEST WAY: How To Find Out What Generation iPhone, iPad, or iPod You Have

    Apple’s Family Sharing service not only saves you money by letting your entire family install a paid app on multiple devices, but it also integrates with the Find My. With Family Sharing set up, you can view the location of all the devices linked to a family member’s Apple ID. Meaning, you can ask a family member to immediately begin looking for your lost iPhone once you realize it’s missing.

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    Check Your Order Receipt

    Did you order your smartphone online, through your mobile network or a third-party retailer offering SIM-free phones? Normally, youll receive an order receipt in your email that should have your exact model number. For example, community-oriented network giffgaff send out an email that includes the full model name of the phone youve chosen, plus a link to the handsets page so you should always be able to find the correct model. Apple send out a similar email, and other retailers should provide a similar paper trail for you to follow up with.

    Find The A Model Number On All iPhones

    In fact, if you can’t read the text on the back of an iPhone or it isn’t there, you can just launch the Settings app and then navigate to General > About > Model.

    From there, tap once on Model to reveal the phone’s ‘A’ model number. Additionally, you can find the rough size of your iPhone’s storage capacity by opening the Settings app in iOS and navigating to General > About > Capacity.

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    iPhone Generations & Model Numbers

    Now use the list below to look up your iPhone model number. Ive listed them in order of their generation, starting with the original iPhone and moving toward the newest lineup of iPhone 12 models and the soon to be released iPhone 13. Here are all the iPhone model numbers and the iPhone models that go with them. In case you want to jump to a generation, here is a way to quickly navigate this list:

    Make Sure Find My iPhone Is Enabled

    Updated for 2018: Easiest Way to Know Your iPhone Model ...

    After setting a passcode, double-check that Find My is turned on. It should be enabled by default, and you’d have to go out of your way to disable it, but it’s always a good idea to double-check right now.

    On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top of the screen. Next, tap Find My > Find My iPhone. Make sure that the switch next to Find My iPhone is on, and while you’re there, make sure the switches next to Find My network and Send Last Location are on as well.

    As a refresher, Apple’s Find My network will crowdsource the location of a device marked as lost. For example, if you lose your iPhone and mark it as lost in the Find My app , Apple will use the Find My service on any iPad, iPhone or Mac to locate your iPhone, even if it’s not connected to the internet. The device owner won’t even know they’re helping you find your lost device. I covered this feature in more detail here when it made its debut. There’s no reason to not use the network to help you, or a complete stranger, find a lost Apple device.

    As for Send Last Location, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory. As your battery gets low, it will automatically send its last location to Find My in an effort to help you recover it if it turns off. You can still track your phone after it shuts down if your device is running iOS 15, but that’s only available on newer iPhone models. More on that later.

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    What iPhone Do I Have How To Tell

    Knowing your iPhones exact model name is a must if you need to change some of its parts. By knowing your iPhones full name, you wont end up buying parts that dont fit or that arent supported by your phones model. This will save both your time and money.

    Since not everyone has full documentation for their iPhone, we will show you how to find out your phones exact model manually.

    Look In Settings For The Model Name And Number

    The simplest method these days is to look in Settings.

  • Open the Settings app, and go to General > About.
  • In the top bank of entries you’ll see Model Name, with iPhone 12 Pro or whatever next to it.
  • This page also tells you the device’s capacity, which is listed a little further down.
  • Some older iPhones won’t show the iPhone model name here. For example, this iPhone 6s shows a combination of letters and numbers instead that is the model number and you can use this to identify the iPhone.

    You’ll also see the Model Number below Model Name on newer iPhones. By default Settings shows the M number , but you can tap it to display the A number instead, which can also be used to identify which iPhone model you have.

    The SKU/M number/N number is quite handy, however, because it provides a more precise identification than the A number or even the Model Name . There’s a huge number of possible M numbers – far more than we can list here. Check the iPhone Wiki for a full list.

    Settings, as we can see, is extremely helpful when it comes to identifying an iPhone. But it has the slight down side of requiring that your device be functional and accessible to you if you’re trying to identify a bricked device or one you can’t unlock, this won’t be much use and you’d better move on to the visual identification chart in the next section.

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    How To Identify Which iPhone Model You Have

    Are you trying to figure out the model number of the iPhone you own? Well, you dont necessarily have to find the box your iPhone came in just to get the model number, as you can check it right on your device.

    Model numbers are usually printed on the back of your iPhones packaging, close to the Designed by Apple in California text. However, the problem is that not everyone keeps these boxes around after unboxing their devices. On the other hand, if you own an older iPhone like the iPhone 7 or iPhone SE, you could find the model number printed on its back, but that requires you to remove your phones case.

    Thankfully, the method were going to discuss today requires neither of that. In this article, well be discussing how you can identify the model number of the iPhone you currently own.

    Play Sounds And Get Directions

    How to Know Which iPhone Model You Have

    Once your device has been selected on the map, you can then select from a few different options. Tap Play Sound, and your iPhone emits a pinging, sonar-sounding noise to help you find it. A notice also appears on the screen for a Find My iPhone Alert. Tap Directions to get driving or walking directions to the device’s location.

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    Check Your iPhone Settings

    Checking the model number in your software is easy as well.

    Just tap the Settings app and choose General then About.

    You should find a model listing toward the top of the page of information displayed.

    The model number displayed by default likely starts with an M. This is actually the part number and is harder to cross-reference.

    But tapping the model number will switch it the model number. If it switches to a 5-digit code starting with an A, you’re good to go.

    Find Your Location History Of Your iPhone Or iPad

    First, lets talk about finding the location history on your iPhone or iPad. Open the Settings app and tap on Privacy.

    From here, select Location Services.

    Scroll down on this screen and tap on System Services.

    From the next screen, select Significant Locations.

    Here, locate the History section, which collects and groups places based on how often youve visited them.

    If you wish to clear the history, you can scroll down and tap on Clear History. If you want to stop location tracking on your iPhone or iPad, go to the top of the screen and tap on the toggle next to Significant Locations.

    When you tap on a location collection from the History section, it will show you a visual breakdown on the next screen. Youll see the map of all locations at the top of the display.

    Select one of the visits to see a detailed view of the area you visited. The detailed view will also show the time of your visit and the mode of transport along with the date.

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    Is Your iPhone Out Of Style

    We hope this guide helped you determine which iPhone model you have! Speaking of iPhone models, not all of them are created equally.

    As iPhones grow ever more capable, old models tend to lag behind. Some iPhones don’t even support the latest versions of iOSnot only is it frustrating to miss out on useful new features, but it’s also a big security risk.

    If you’ve got an older iPhone, make sure you find out if it’s obsolete to learn if it still gets updates.

    iPhone 4 And iPhone 4s

    Updated for 2018: Easiest Way to Know Your iPhone Model ...

    The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s both have a glass front and glass rear and come in black or white. Here’s what they look like:

    It’s hard to tell the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s apart, unfortunately. One possibility is to look for a SIM tray on the righthand side – if you can’t find an opening then you’re looking at the iPhone 4, which was available both with and without a SIM tray. The iPhone 4s always has a SIM tray.

    You can also check the storage capacity, which may offer a clue. The 4 was sold in 8, 16 and 32GB capacities the 4s was available in all of these but also added a 64GB model. Check Settings > General > About, and if Capacity is any higher than 32GB then you’ve got an iPhone 4s.

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    Which iPhone Do I Have How To Identify iPhone Model

    If you dont deal with iOS and iPhones day in day out, such as we do, it can get a little confusing when youre supposed to pick the right firmware update file or prepare to sell your device. If you ask yourself the question: Which iPhone do I have? this little article will show you how to find that out.


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