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How To Delete Email Off iPhone

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Solution : Permanently Delete Emails From iPhone

How to delete an email account off of an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPod and iPad on ios7

If you want an easy, straight forward and convenient way to delete all emails on iPhone, using the application called iPhone Data Cleaner will surely help you most. The iPhone Data Cleaner can delete emails, photos, memos, SMS, full contacts, reminders, accounts, Apple ID, and all others within a single click. Moreover, it leaves zero possibility of recovery meaning deleted files would forever be erased.

The iPhone Data Cleaner features two erasing modes based on three data erasing levels. Low for quick wiping off of data, medium to overwrite existing/deleted files, and high for removing personal accounts as well as sensitive info. How to mass delete emails on iPhone using the iPhone Data Cleaner is very easy, check this quick guide below:

  • Launch iPhone Data Cleaner and connect your iPhone to PC using USB cable.
  • After automatic device recognition, select Erase deleted files on the main interface.
  • Choose the appropriate data erasing level.
  • Hit the Start button.
  • Wait until process completes then click Done.
  • How to complete the email deletion is easy, that is if you know the right methods of removing mail messages. If you are a novice user, non-techie iPhone owner or busy person that doesnt want complicated methods just to permanently delete emails, it is advised to use a professional iOS data cleaning software. They can be installed within seconds and using it requires no technical skills.

    Delete Outlook Email Account On iPhone Permanently

    Closing a Microsoft account permanently means you will not be able to sign in to the Microspft products and services you have been using. It also deletes all the services associated with it, including:

    saved OneDrive files

    Xbox Live data and Gametag

    Skype ID and contacts accounts, Hotmail, Live, and MSN email accounts

    There is no way to delete just one of these services and keep the others. So before you delete Outlook email account permanently, remember to check Part 1 to do the necessary preparation work. After that you can follow steps below to delete your Outlook email account permanently.

    After you select the Mark account for closure button, your Outlook email account will not be deleted permanently at once. You still have 60 days to recover your account in case you change your mind or need to access something on the account before its gone forever.

    How Can I Mass Delete Emails On My iPhone

    Removing all unread emails on the iPhone is not a problem by following the below steps. And this solution can also be used to solve the problem “how to remove flagged emails on iPhone?”.

    • Open your Email app on the iPhone. Go to the inbox, choose the filter icon. Then, tap on Unread to filter by unread.

    • Hold and tap on the top email to select it, then, tap and slide down with your finger to choose all unread emails. Then, choose Trash to delete all emails.

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    I Can’t Delete Or Move Messages On My iPad Or iPhone With The Mail App On Ios Print

    • 322

    If you receive an error similar to ‘unable to move to trash folder’ while deleting email on any iOS based device, you can do the following to fix this. This also applies to moving an email to any other mail folder.Note: this only applies to mail accounts that use the IMAP mail connection type. If you’re using POP, this will not work for you.

  • Choose the Settings app on your homescreen
  • Choose Mail, then Accounts
  • Select the account for which you’re experiencing this problem in the Accounts list. You must now see IMAP in small caps in the upper left corner to proceed.
  • Tap the Account email address, then Advanced at the bottom of the page
  • For the IMAP Path Prefix setting , change it to INBOX in all capitals
  • Go back , then choose Done twice .
  • If it does not take effect immediately, restart your iOS device. Hold down power button, slide to power off, then press the power button again after the screen goes black.Note that if your email is not hosted with us, it’s possible that the IMAP Path Prefix setting is different for your mail provider. Please ask them what it should be set to, or ask us about creating a private hosted email account with us!

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    How To Remove An Email Account From iPhone

    How to Delete an Email Account on an iPhone

    Removing an email account from the Mail app is arguably the simplest way how to instantly mass delete emails on iPhone. Yes, this option is what some would call nuclear as it means that you will no longer be able to receive new emails.

  • Open the settings app.
  • Select the email account you wish to remove.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the Delete Account option again.
  • Dont worry: removing your email account from your iPhone doesnt delete the email account itself. You will still be able to access all your emails from the web or using a different email app. Removing your email account from your iPhone also doesnt delete the emails from the serveronly from your iPhone.

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    How To Delete An Email Account Apple iPhone Se

    The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone SE, in iOS 10.3.2. These steps will also work on other iPhone models using iOS 10, as well as newer versions of iOS, such as iOS 14.

    Note that deleting an email account in this manner will delete the Inbox and the associated messages from your device as well. However, this will not delete the email account from any other devices, nor will it cancel your email account. If you wish to cancel your email account, then you need to do it with the email provider.

    How To Disable Notifications For New Messages

    To disable only notifications for new messages you receive at an iPhone email account, while the messages are still downloaded automatically and ready once you open Mail:

  • From the Settings app, open Notifications.

  • Scroll down and select Mail.

  • Select the account for which you want to disable new mail notifications.

  • Turn off the Allow Notifications toggle switch.

  • Some older versions of iOS have different settings. If you don’t see the above, go to Alert style when unlocked and select None. Also, turn off Show in Notification Center and Show on Lock Screen. Optionally, disable the Badge App Icon.

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    How To Remove Email Contacts From An iPhone

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to delete the contacts on your iPhone that synced from an email account.

    Will Deleting An Email On The iPhone/ipad Delete It On The Server

    How To Delete Email Accounts On The iPhone or iPad

    The answer depends on your setup, which we’ll explain

    Most of us have email messages wed like to get rid of forever from our inboxes. However, there are times youll delete an email only for it to show up among your messages again, leaving you dumbfounded.

    Theres a reason for this, and it has everything to do with your email setup.

    Were going to explain whether deleting an email on an iPhone or iPad deletes it on the server, and how your setup affects the whole process.

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    Stop Syncing Unused Email Accounts To Your iPhone’s Mail App

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 407,783 times.

    This wikiHow teaches to you remove an email account from your iPhone. Deleting an email account will erase any Contacts, Mail, Notes, and Calendar information that is synchronized between the account and your iPhone.

    Delete Emails On iPhone Inbox

    If you are tired of checking your Mail app full of old emails, follow the steps below to get rid of them from your Inbox.

    Step 1. Run the Settings app, tap on your name, and go to Account and Passwords. Select your email account and tap Advanced.

    Step 2. Tap Archive Mailbox and select On the Server, and then choose All Mail. Back to the Advanced settings screen, tap Move Discarded Messages Into and select Deleted Mailbox. Tap Done to confirm it.

    Step 3. Open the Mail app from your home screen and go to Inbox.

    Step 4. Tap Edit at top right corner and touch the unwanted emails.

    Tip: You are allowed to delete up to 150 emails on iPhone Inbox at one time.

    Step 5. Tap Trash at the bottom and press Delete All to delete emails on iOS 10 immediately.

    Note: After deleting emails on iPhone 8/7/6 and more, youd better restart your iPhone. That could clear out all the cache and deleted items from your iPhone.

    Note: this is the common way to delete emails on your iPhone, and others cannot see them again. However, once your iPhone is scanned with professionl data recovery software, it still gets the possibility to retrieve the deleted emails on iPhone.

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    Why Wont Apple Mail Let Me Delete Emails

    In Apple Mail, go to Preferences > Accounts> Mailbox Behaviors and check your settings there. See if changing any of the Trash preferences make a difference, especially the setting to store deleted messages on the server. To remove a message you have to select the message and click the Delete icon.

    How To Factory Reset An iPhone

    How to Delete an Email Account on an iPhone

    Sometimes, emails are just one of many things taking up free space. If you would like to erase your iPhone completely, you can do so by performing a factory reset to delete all data and settings. We strongly recommend you make a backup beforehand because otherwise you couldnt go back and restore your iPhone to how it was before.

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes and click the Restore option in the Summary panel.
  • Set up your iPhone as new.
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    Email Protocols And How They Work

    Email systems use three main email protocols IMAP, POP and SMTP to move emails from your device to the intended recipients device.


    IMAP or Internet Mail Access Protocol is used when receiving emails, and lets you access your emails from any device and location. When you receive an email on your iPhone or iPad using IMAP, youll be reading it from the email service, and not downloading or storing it directly on your device.

    However, when you click on the email, itll be downloaded to your iPhone/iPad, but any attachments wont be downloaded automatically. This helps you save memory on your device, and you can check your messages much faster.

    As a result, IMAP keeps your email messages on the server after you view them so theyre accessible to you from a different platform whenever you want. As a two-way communication protocol, IMAP also ensures that any changes you make on the email client are synced to the server.

    This way, you wont have to worry about losing important emails in case you deleted the message and want to recover it, or if your device is stolen or broken into. It also helps you find specific messages faster using keywords.

    Youll need a stable internet connection if you want to access the emails stored in the remote web server. Plus, if youve used up your storage space on Gmail, you may not be able to send or receive emails.

    Difference Between IMAP and POP3


    Bonus Tips: How To Free Backup Files With Tenorshare Icarefone

    Excepting the problem of how to mass delete emails on iphone, you may also need to delete other files on your iPhone 12/12 Pro 11/X/8 for storage problems. To free your iPhone storage, you can back up all important files to your PC before deleting them. Tenorshare iCareFone has a free back up feature. It can help you free back up data without any limitations. Whats more, you can transfer your WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android or iPhone to iPhone with this tool. Below is the backup guide for you.

    • Select “Backup& Resotre” to choose files you want to back up to the computer. Select the file location and click “Backup” to finish to back up your iPhone files to PC/Mac.

    Please note this way only allows you to select multiple emails one by one. If you want to remove all emails at once. You need to use the Gmail Web version on your PC or Mac.

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    Solution : Delete An Email In Mail App On iPhone

    You can use the default Email application of iPhone to delete your mails. Although this method doesnt require third party applications, you have to delete messages twice to permanently remove them on your device.

  • Open your Email application on iPhone and hit the Edit button.
  • Select the emails you want to delete by ticking the circles next to them.
  • Go back to your mailbox and select Trash folder.
  • Tap Edit button and check the messages you want to permanently delete.
  • How To Remove Sent From My iPhone From Your Email Signature

    How To Delete Email Account On iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus –

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    The default iPad and iPhone signature in iOS Mail is “Sent from my iPad” or “Sent from my iPhone.” But while some people may be happy to declare what device they are using at the bottom of every email they send, others prefer to provide other information, such as the name of the sender and additional contact information. Here’s how to remove or change your email signature. This tip will let you change your signature in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook emails sent from iPhone as well as your Apple iCloud account.

    • To edit your iPhone’s email signature, go to Settings > Mail > Signature.
    • Tapping on All Accounts will allow you to change the email signature for all your email accounts at once.
    • Tapping on Per Accounts will allow you to edit the signatures for each individual accountwhich is handy if you use your iDevice for work and personal emails.

    To edit Sent from my iPhone tap on it, and then delete the default text and add the email signature you want to appear at the bottom of your emails instead.

    Top image credit: Radu Bercan /

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    How To Delete Emails Completely From iPhone And Save Storage

    Andrew Myrick May 6, 2020

    When it comes to dealing with emails on your iPhone, you may be surprised at how much space can be taken up. Apple has slowly but surely been updating the official Mail app with better features over the years, and the same is true with the latest version of iOS.


    However, there are still some qualms when it comes to deleting emails entirely from the iPhone. Luckily, Apple made significant changes in the Settings, making it possible to delete emails completely from the iPhone.

    How To Keep Maintain Zero Inbox

    With a clean inbox, your next goal should be to maintain Zero Inbox. To achieve it, we recommend you deal with new emails as soon as possible and immediately unsubscribe from any newsletter you dont want to receive. If youre inbox gets out of hand anyway, you can always run Clean Email again and easily go back to Zero Inbox.

    Its also useful to have a dedicated inbox for marketing emails, so you can delete it entirely from time to time and keep your main inbox cleaner.

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    How To Remove Email Account From An iPhone 6 Quick Summary

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and choose Password & Accounts.
  • Select the account to delete.
  • Touch the Delete Account button.
  • Tap the Delete from My iPhone button.
  • Continue reading below for additional information, as well as pictures for each of these steps. The bottom of this section also addresses how to remove an email account from an iPhone 6 in earlier versions of iOS.

    Whats The Difference Between Imap And Pop

    How to Delete an Email Account on an iPhone

    With IMAP, everything you do syncs back to the server. But with POP, your emails are stored locally. Changes you make on your iPhone with a POP email account dont affect the emails anywhere else.

    So you can delete an email on your iPhone, but have it remain on the server and still be available on your computer. We found a helpful diagram from WebFuel below.

    Of course, there are potential downsides to POP as well:

    • you constantly need to re-read messages on different devices
    • when you flag emails as important, they dont get flagged on other devices
    • and if you set it up wrong, receiving emails on your iPhone deletes them from the server and they never appear anywhere else.

    A POP email setup isnt for everybody. Most people prefer to keep their emails perfectly in sync across every device using IMAP. But if you know you want to make the switch, weve explained how to change to a POP email setup below.

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