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When Is The Next iPhone Coming

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iPhone 1: Rumors And Launch Date

The Next iPhone Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

True to form, Apple has thus far stayed mum on when we might expect the iPhone 13 to make its debut. But the rumor mill is that The Fruit will continue the 4-model suite offering that it introduced in 2020, to include an iPhone 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max in addition to the base model iPhone 13.

Based on past years, we expect to see the iPhone 13 announcement sometime in September 2021, with preorders through major carriers beginning within a few days to a week afterward. In fact, recent leaks have narrowed down the iPhone 13 release date to September 14, 2021.

For now, Apple aficionados have the iPhone 12 series to enjoy: the four new versions of the iPhone 12 improve on previous iPhone models in every conceivable way, from their attractive and durable designs to their next-level photo and video-taking capabilities. It’s fair to say that the iPhone 12 is an instant “best-in-class” device.;

Where To Buy The Newest iPhone

You have several options when it comes to buying the latest and greatest iPhone:

There are a few benefits to buying from a cell phone carrier, in particular, one of the major carriers listed above, including:

  • Discounts and special deals , especially during the pre-order period
  • Option to pay for the phone via monthly payments rather than buying the iPhone outright

You can start your iPhone 12 search with some of the most popular cell phone plan options or by choosing an iPhone 12 model below.

How Apple Might Confirm The iPhone 13

If the iPhone 13 press conference is in the cards for September 14th, Apple is likely to send out press invites in the coming days. Apple will not host an in-person event for the new iPhone. The health crisis makes any live events problematic for technology companies.

Therefore, Apple is under no pressure to issue press invites for the iPhone 13 event. Journalists covering the iPhone release closely will not have to make any travel arrangements. Thats because the entire show will stream online, just like it did last year. Some reports claimed that Apple might send out the iPhone 13 press invites as soon as , a week before the actual launch event. If that date is confirmed, we can infer the new iPhones release date.

On the first Friday after the keynote, Apple will start taking iPhone 13 preorders worldwide. Again, thats September 17th. Buyers will have seven days to purchase an iPhone 13 online. Deliveries will begin on September 24th. In other words, Apple only needs to confirm the date of the iPhone 13s launch event to also spoil the new iPhones release date.

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Apple iPhone 1: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Smartphone

Every rumour, all in one place.

With only a few weeks to go until the iPhone 13 is finally released assuming it sticks to the traditional September slot the rumour mill is absolutely buzzing. From stunning screen tech to controversial design leaks, we’ve heard all manner of tantalising tidbits in the last few months.

And while nothing’s certain until Apple officially reveals the device, one thing’s for sure: if anything’s going to knock the iPhone 12 off our best camera phones or best iPhone for photography list, it’s the iPhone 13. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming smartphone. This piece is updated regularly to incorporate all the latest news. And if you don’t fancy waiting for the next iPhone, check out the best Apple deals available right now.

iPhone Release Dates: When Will The iPhone 13 Arrive

The 5 most important changes and additions coming to the ...
  • How Many Americans Will Buy a New iPhone This Year?
  • Since the iPhone 12 5G smartphone took world by storm, the next question on everyone’s lips is:;when will the iPhone 13 be available, and what can we expect to see?

    All indications are that the iPhone 13 will drop on September 14, 2021. While the iPhone 13 may not be the leap in the future of models past, it will almost certainly feature a bigger battery and superior camera. If you’re ready to upgrade and willing to pony up for the typically expensive;super computer, er, iPhone, then this the 13 is a no brainer.

    WhistleOut is on the case with all of the info you need about the iPhone 13.;

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    What Will The Next iPhone Be Called

    iPhone 13 still seems the most likely branding, particularly after the theory was backed up by a July report from Economic Daily News. “The supply chain has reported that this year’s new phone will be named iPhone 13,” the site says.

    Further evidence of this came in late August when Twitter user DuanRui shared an iPhone 13 sticker, which he said he believed to be “relatively reliable”.

    iPhone 13 source:

    Let me emphasize again that I am not a leaker. I don’t have first-hand information. I just reprint some information that I have seen that I feel is relatively reliable.


    The photo he shares appears to show an Apple sticker that could be used for packaging. The name iPhone 13 can clearly be seen.

    But there has been some resistance to the idea that the iPhone could be named 13: 18.3% of respondents to a survey in June said they would refuse to buy an iPhone 13 simply because they consider 13 to be an unlucky number. And even those who are not triskaidekaphobic themselves feel it might not be a wise choice, with an overwhelming 74% advising Apple to choose a different name.

    There are other options. Apple’s own engineers have reportedly been referring to the device internally as the iPhone 12s, which would align with the ‘tick-tock’ policy pursued from 2009 to 2015 where iPhone launches alternated between major, full-number updates in even years and minor, S-designated updates in the odd years.

    Which iPhone 14 Handsets To Expect

    We largely expect Apple to follow tradition and release an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Whether there will be an iPhone 14 mini remains to be seen well have to see if another small-format phone comes out in the 2021 lineup before we start considering it a permanent fixture of the flagship iPhone range.

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    iPhone 13 Pro Max: What’s Good

    The iPhone 13 Pro Max is huge, with a screen that measures 6.7 inches diagonally.

    That’s either good or bad depending on what you want out of a phone. If you want something that feels a bit like a mini-tablet in your pocket and is great for gaming and viewing TV shows and movies, then you’ll love the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    The screen is notably better than last year’s. It’s the first iPhone with Apple’s ProMotion display, a very high refresh-rate screen technology that was introduced on the iPad Pro in 2017.

    The screen can adjust to the content on the page to help save battery life and make things feel smoother. If you’re just reading a website, for example, it might refresh less frequently and save battery life. But then if you’re gaming or scrolling through a long webpage, it’ll refresh really fast to make everything much smoother.;It’s one of those things you need to see for yourself to appreciate.

    Battery life is top-notch and lasts longer than any other iPhone on the market. Unless you’re playing games for hours and hours, iPhone 13 Pro Max should get you to bedtime and even into another day.

    Speaking of movies, the screen also gets brighter than last year’s model, although I find the iPhone 12 Pro Max already gets plenty bright.

    Apple also updated the cameras. The regular wide-angle, the zoom and the ultra-wide-angle lenses on the back now allow in more light, which means they’re better at taking pictures in the dark.

    Here’s a shot of my dog Mabel:

    Performance And The A15 Soc

    Apple Byte – Iris scanning tech coming to the next iPhone?

    We took a closer look at what to expect from the A15 processor earlier this year. Still made with a 5nm manufacturing process, we can expect most of the improvements to the A15 to come from architectural changes and simply making the chip bigger. Which often means a little hotter and more power-hungry.

    The short story here is that the A15 is probably going to be somewhere around 10-15 percent faster than the A14 present in the iPhone 12. If Apple finally moves to LPDDR5 memory, then specific tasks that are bottlenecked by memory bandwidth should be significantly faster than that. And the company will almost certainly lean hard into image processing and neural network performance.

    Faster is always better, and we have no reason to believe that the A15 will be anything other than the fastest smartphone processor anywhere. The only thing is, theres just nothing that really taxes the A14. Or for that matter, the A13. Your average person isnt going to notice a significant difference in the things they do most between a two-year-old iPhone and the one Apple releases this year. Without some spectacular new gotta-have-it software feature that just doesnt run on a lesser SoC, the A15 wont be a game-changer for your average iPhone user. Well probably only really appreciate the speed bump three years down the line when we notice that iOS 18 runs a lot better on an iPhone 13 than an iPhone 12.

    Will the A15 chip run circles around the A14? Probably not.


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    iPhone 1: Spec And Storage

    Rumour has it the iPhone 13 will raise the bar when it comes to spec and storage. Perhaps the most exciting news so far is that the iPhone 13 range will boast Qualcomm’s X60 modem, according to noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

    Thanks to Qualcomm’s latest “5nm” manufacturing process, the the X60 packs a bigger punch of performance into a smaller footprint that the “7nm” X55 modem in the iPhone 12. The X60 is smarter about 5G too, achieving higher connection speeds whilst preserving battery life.

    This modem will apparently be customised to support satellite communications that means you could make calls and send SMS where you don’t have a mobile signal. Though according to Bloomberg‘s sources, this feature will only be used to communicate with emergency services, and won’t launch until next year. It will also be limited to certain markets, at least until Apple can launch its own satellites into space, according to Mark Gurman .

    The iPhone 13 is set for a further boost thanks to Apple’s A15 Bionic chip. According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, the new phones will include Apple’s faster chip and a smaller notch plus new screen tech that he suggests could enable a faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling.

    The A15 is thought to be a System-on-Chip affair a major upgrade over the A14 Bionic processor in the current iPhone. Performance-wise, it could be a huge shot in the arm .

    As for storage, the iPhone 13 is expected to come with between 64GB and 512GB.;

    When Will The iPhone 13 Come Out

    We expect the iPhone 13 to be announced at Apple’s event on 14 September 2021, for which invitations have now been sent out. The event takes place at 10am PDT next Tuesday, or 6pm UK time. Here’s how to watch live.

    Pre-orders are likely to start on Friday 17 September, and the new iPhone may start to ship on the Friday after that: 24 September. This is how it usually plays out. It’s typical for Apple to release the new phone around a week after the introduction.

    Here, then, is how it will probably shape up:

    • iPhone 13 announcement: Tuesday 14 September
    • iPhone 13 pre-orders: Friday 17 September
    • iPhone 13 on sale: Friday 24 September

    Apple leaker Jon Prosser says his sources have the pre-order and start dates of the iPhone 13 lineup on the 17 September and 24 September confirmed. Of course, it’s possible that Apple will announce something else entirely on 14 September, since the invitation doesn’t mention the iPhone – but this is unlikely.

    Up until 2020, Apple had been quite consistent with the release dates of its iPhones. The new handsets are usually announced near the beginning of September and released a week or so later. Occasionally there are exceptions, such as last year’s iPhone 12 models, but also the iPhone X and XR, which came out in November and October respectively, and the spring-launched iPhone SE series. But more often than not it’s September. Here’s an overview of every iPhone launch date, for those who are interested:

    iPhone 12

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    iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 13s Vs iPhone 1: What Will The Future iPhone Be Called

    Theres some uncertainty about whether the iPhone 14 will be called that and the numbering depends a lot on what happens with the next phone to come. The 2021 lineup could be called the iPhone 13, or it could be numbered the iPhone 12S. In that case, the 2022 phones could be called the iPhone 13 range.

    Or, if the 2021 lineup is numbered iPhone 13, the 2022 Apple handsets could be called the iPhone 13S. Nothing is certain until the company gives their official name to the phones, which typically happens well after WWDC in the middle of every year.

    Rumors And Release Date

    Apple Rumor Patrol: The Next iPhone Is Coming SoonAnd It ...

    As the Coronavirus pandemic ravaged the economy during early 2020, forcing many smartphone buyers into tighter budgets, the affordable iPhone SE reportedly became a larger-than-expected piece of Apples iPhone sales. In an April note to investors, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the cheaper handset would be “critical” for 2Q20 iPhone shipments.

    Kuo later said he believed that because of multiple economic and production factors, a plus-sized iPhone SE wouldn’t launch until 2021. However, late in 2020, Kuo weighed in yet again,;adding that he doesn’t see Apple releasing the larger handset until the second half of 2021.

    In late 2019, Kuo had predicted that the “iPhone SE Plus” would be a full-screen iPhone with;Touch ID;in its power button instead of;Face ID. However, the iPhone 12 mini’s eventual release calls that prediction into question, as the two handsets could have more overlap than Apple typically allows for different models.

    A larger-sized budget iPhone with Touch ID could be an attractive option for iPhone owners who have held onto one of the 5.5-inch models Apple released from 2014 to 2017. It would combine a familiar design with better performance, improved photography, and pandemic-friendly budget pricing.

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    Facetime Upgrades: Spatial Audio Support For Android And Windows

    FaceTime will offer spatial audio to make people’s voices appear to come from their position on the screen, making your video chats feel more natural and lifelike. FaceTime will also start to look more like Zoom, allowing you to see all participants in a grid view, schedule calls and share links to calls that can be accessed via browser .

    I Never Knew What Was Coming Out Even When I Worked There

    When I worked at Applecare I was the product champ for Keynote for almost a year. This meant that I needed to know everything about it. How it worked and what issues It might have. I would actually go to meetings that talked only about that application filled with people who could call Steve Jobs on his personal phone number. Guess what I never was told anything.

    I remember there was a surprise update to the Keynote Application that was a major change. It basically went like this.

    • Manager: Good Morning Kevin how was your weekend?
    • Me: Great!!
    • Manager: Oh the new version of Keynote was released today. I have the CD on your desk better install it because customers are already calling about it.
    • Me: WHAT? NEW VERSION? I was in a meeting with Bob yesterday! Why was I not told??

    Truth be told it was Keynote so nothing ever really breaks with it. However, it was my job to know this sort of thing and I was still kept in the dark.

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    Will The iPhone 2019 Have Distance Charging

    iPhone 8 and iPhone X introduced inductive charging to iPhone. It uses the Qi-standard, though, and currently requires the iPhone to be placed in direct physical contact with the charging pad.

    There have been rumors for a while that suggest Apple is also working on resonant inductive coupling, which would let devices charge even at a distance. So, instead of having to put the iPhone in direct contact with the charging pad, you can simply put it down anywhere nearby the power station.

    It would make charging even more convenient and less error-prone. If Apple can nail it.

    Foldable iPhone: When Will Apple Join The Trend

    New, smalle iPhone coming out next week

    Samsung in 2019 and 2020 unveiled two foldable smartphones, the the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Flip Z, both of which feature a foldable design that converts from one shape to another, kicking off a new wave of foldable smartphone releases.

    The Galaxy Fold transitions from a 4.6-inch smartphone into a 7.3-inch tablet, while the Galaxy Z Flip is a 6.7-inch smartphone that folds in half to be more portable. Other companies like Motorola and Huawei have also released foldable smartphones with similar designs. The technology is nascent and still has some issues, but foldable smartphones are a trend right now, and a trend that Apple might one day adopt.

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