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How To Increase Memory On iPhone

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Tip : Delete Files In Icloud Drive

Increase iPhone memory in 2 minutes

iCloud Drive helps keep any of your documents up to date across your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows PC. You can increase the iCloud storage by removing files stored in iCloud Drive. Heres how to manage it.

  • Go to the Files app on your iPhone and tap on Browse on the bottom right.
  • Tick the documents you want to remove, and then flick the delete icon.
  • Enter Recently Deleted under the Location section, and tap on Select.
  • Select the files you need to delete and tap on Delete to permanently delete them.
  • Use An External Device That Increases Overall iPhone Storage Capacity

    If you still don’t have enough storage on your iPhone, try using an external storage device.

    Devices that plug into iPhones:

    Just like for your computer, you can plug a flash drive into your iPhone to get more storageâbut you’ll either need a flash drive with a Lightning® connector or a Lightning adapter to connect the device to your phone.

    Wireless Storage Devices:

    If you don’t want to plug anything into your phone, keep a wireless hard drive in your pocket or purse instead.

    Tip #: Delete Burst Mode Photos

    When you take photos in Burst Mode, your phone saves numerous almost identical images to create the burst effect. You almost certainly dont need all those identical photos. Delete the ones you dont need. If you want to make things even easier, you can simply turn off burst mode and only using it when absolutely necessary can save space on your phone.

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    Tip #1: Check The Other Category In Itunes

    When you connect your device to iTunes, it lists and organizes all of the data on your iPhone, much like the Storage Usage list does on the device proper. But with checking through iTunes, youre able to look at all the data listed in the Other category which can include emails, downloads, junk and broken files, and other things that will almost certainly use unnecessary storage. To clear this folder, you must first backup your iPhone , and then restore your phone through iTunes.

    Tip #: Listen To Your Music With Pcloud

    How to Increase Storage on Any iPhone! (HD)

    As appealing as it is to keep all your music on your phone, you probably dont have enough space for that. The good news is that the pCloud app allows you upload all your music to the cloud and then listen to it on demand. If you have a massive collection of music, this can be a significant space saver.

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    How To Clear Ram On iPhone With Assistivetouch

    On newer devices with Face ID, namely iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 lineup, iPhone 11 series, iPhone XS, XR, and X, you can reset the RAM with AssistiveTouch. Heres what to do:

  • Open Settings on your device and tap Accessibility.
  • Now, tap Touch AssistiveTouch.
  • Turn on the button next to AssistiveTouch.
  • Now go back to Settings and tap General.
  • Tap Shut Down.
  • Tap once on the AssistiveTouch button. Finally, touch and hold the virtual Home button in AssistiveTouch. Leave it when the iPhones screen flashes and returns to the Lock screen.
  • RAM has been successfully cleared on your iPhone. Enter the password if prompted.

    From Within The Apple Music App

    Open the Music app. Go to Library > Downloaded, where you’ll see music that’s stored locally and taking up space. To delete an entire album, long-press on it and a pop-up menu will include a Delete from Library option. You can do the same for specific songs within an album tap the three-dot menu and select Remove.

    If you want to put the music back on your device, open the Music app and tap Library. Find the song or album you want and re-download it by tapping the cloud-arrow icon on the right.

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    How To Clear Ram On iPhone To Run Faster

    RAM is one of the most crucial pieces of hardware in your iPhone that keeps your device running smoothly. If you feel your iPhone is slow or its performance is lacking, its time to clear the RAM and speed up your iPhone.

    There are some other methods you can use to speed up your iPhone like restarting and force quitting apps. However, even with the introduction of the new iPhone 13 lineup, the process remains the same as its predecessors. But before we get started, lets take a quick look to understand RAM a bit more and why resetting it is beneficial to you.

    There’s Not Enough Space On My iPhone

    iPhone 6 Storage Upgrade to128GB (4K)

    If you’ve ever had this problem, you know what a hassle it can be. When your iPhone runs out of storage, you won’t be able to receive messages, install new apps, take photos, sync media files, install iOS® updates, or do anything else that requires space. Your iPhone might also start automatically erasing messages, and your photos and apps might act up.

    To see how much storage capacity your phone has, open Settings > General > iPhone Storage. You’ll see a list of installed apps and how much storage each one uses.

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    Ways To Boost Your Mobile Phone’s Storage

    Ready to start? Here are our top storage-salvaging tips, with step-by-step instructions.

    Check your operating system

    The steps below are based on Android 10 and iOS 14.4, among the most-used versions of each operating system. But if you have an older or newer version, the steps may be slightly different.

    How To Optimize Your iPhone Photos

    There are a couple of ways your iPhone can help you store photos more efficiently. First, if you have an iPhone 7 or later, you have the option to shoot all your photos in Apple’s new “High Efficiency” mode. Your image quality won’t be affected, but each photo takes significantly less space to store. This might be turned on already, but it bears double-checking.

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2. Tap “Camera,” and then tap “Formats.”

    3. Make sure that the camera capture mode is set to “High Efficiency.”

    In addition, you can tell your phone to store lower resolution versions of your images on the device itself, but to be sure to keep the original full-resolution images in iCloud. You can save a lot of space this way â potentially gigabytes â but if you share images directly from your phone, you’ll be sharing lower-res versions, so this is admittedly a bit of a compromise. If you want to turn it on, do this:

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2. Tap “General,” and then tap “iPhone Storage.”

    3. To the right of “Optimize Photos,” tap “Enable.”

    There’s more. If you take a lot of photos in the iPhone‘s HDR mode, you might be unwittingly saving two copies of each photo â the improved HDR photo, and the unretouched original, which you probably don’t need.

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2. Tap “Camera.”

    3. Turn off “Keep Normal Photo” by sliding the switch to the left.

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    Tip #1: Clear The Browser Cache

    Internet browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. save things like browsing history, cookies, and other temporary files to make the internet experience smoother and seamless, but all of those extra files take up a lot of space especially if you use the particular browser a lot. To clean up the cache, simply go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

    How To Upgrade Your iPhone 6/6s Storage From 16g To 128g

    How to increase storage on iPhone

    BY kaye |April 9th, 2019|0|

    Step 1. Check your iPhone 6/6s functions, make sure they are OKStep 2. Restore your iPhone data with the iPhone system repair toolStep 3. Teardown iPhone 6/6s and remove the iPhone 6/6s LCD screen

  • 1. Teardown the iPhone, steps refer to our YouTube video of iPhone 6s teardown
  • 2. Remove the LCD screen and disconnect the flex
  • 3. Take out the motherboard
  • Step 4. Pry the drive from the motherboard

  • 1. Put the motherboard on the PCB holder
  • 2. Blow with the hot air gun on about 200, clean the drive at the same time
  • 3. Continue blowing the drive on 280 to 380 until glue melted
  • 4. Pry the drive carefully with a razor blade from the motherboard
  • Step 5. Rewrite the iPhone drive date with 128G via system repair toolStep 6. Clean the PBC black adhesive and the tinsStep 7. Align drive with PCB bonding pad and coated with solder pasteStep 8. Align BGA stencil with the drive, adjust it by hot air gun blowingStep 9. Connect motherboard back to motherboard plate after it is cold down, install the LCD screen backStep 10. Restore iPhone via iTunes and activate it, check the current capacity. Storage upgrade completed

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    Tip #: Backup All Your Photos Using Pcloud

    A simple solution is to automatically backup all your photos using a service like pCloud. Instead of constantly fighting for space on your phone, just enable the Automatic Upload function on your phone and then delete the backed up photos from your phone. As an added bonus, when you turn on your Automatic Upload, you never need to worry about deleting a photo by mistake again.

    Check Your Total Usage

    First, assess how much space you have. Go to Settings > General > Storage. At the top, you’ll see a color-coded bar chart that outlines how much space certain categories of apps are taking up on your device.

    You don’t need to understand these numbers deeply. To update iOS, you’ll want to have up to 6GB of free space. If you simply want to have enough free space so you can take new photos and install new apps without worrying about hitting an obstacle, give yourself at least 2GB of free space.

    Note that when you add your available space and the used space, they won’t add up to the total size of your phone’s storage. That’s because it doesn’t factor in the space being used by the operating system.

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    What Is Ram On iPhone

    RAM stands for random access memoryits also known as volatile working memory. In the simplest terms, its where all active processes on your iPhone are carried out.

    iOS has excellent RAM management. But when you have too many activities going at once, like running multiple graphics-intensive games, editing apps, streaming over LTE, etc. your iPhone may struggle to keep up especially if its an older device.

    When this happens, youll notice that your iPhones performance becomes sluggish. The keyboard may take more time to open, there can be a delay in swiping gestures or button presses, and the phone may get too hot to handle. In situations such as these, freeing up RAM can be a helpful solution.

    Tip #1: Delete Ibooks


    Many people read on their iPhones constantly, whether its PDFs of journal articles or books you get from the iTunes Store. In either case, if all these are downloaded to iBooks, then they will end up taking a massive amount of room. The good thing about iBooks is that they are also saved to your Cloud, so removing them from your device wont delete them permanently. Just tap on the icon and choose Delete This Copy, instead of choosing to delete it from all your devices. Additionally, make sure you go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and tap Stop Automatic Download of iBooks, in case you purchase them on other devices.

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    Offload Apps You Don’t Use All The Time

    If you don’t want to completely delete an app, you can offload it instead. Offloading it lets you retain the documents and data associated with that app so that you can reinstall it anytime and quickly pick up right where you left off. Navigate back to the list mentioned above by opening Settings, pressing General and choosing iPhone Storage. Tap any app in the list and select Offload App. You can also set your iPhone to do this automatically by opening Settings, tapping the App Store option and making sure the Offload Unused Apps switch is toggled on.

    You can offload apps you don’t use very often instead of deleting them.

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    How To Find Out How Much Space You Have Left On An iPhone

    The first thing you need to do is determine exactly how much space you have left.

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2. Tap “General,” and then tap “iPhone Storage.”

    3. You may need to wait a few moments, but you should see a graph at the top of the screen displaying how much free space you have and what’s using up your memory .

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    The Difference Between Ram And Storage

    In order to answer whether you can expand your iPhone memory, it’s important to understand the kind of memory you’re talking about. There are two kinds of memory used by mobile devices: storage for your data and memory chips that the device uses while running the operating system and apps.

    This article discusses expanding your iPhone’s storage. There aren’t any options for upgrading its RAM. Doing that would require having memory that fits the iPhone, opening the iPhone, and removing and replacing the phone’s electronics. Even if you have the hardware and skills, that would void the iPhone’s warranty and expose it to damage. Obviously, this is risky at best and destructive at worst. Don’t do it.

    An Ultimate Ram Manager

    How to Increase iPhone Storage + Memory (up to 128gb ...

    Since the manual tip may not greatly help, here is a perfect substitution for you to free up ram on jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod in iOS 10/9/8/7/. Tenorshare iCareFone is an excellent RAM cleaner for iPhone/iPad to boost performance, which is actually an iOS cleanup/speedup tool that promises to clean up all sensitive and overloaded data. It smartly allows you to get rid of unwanted files so that your device could have more free space to let the apps run more smoothly.

    The well-designed program features two feasible ways to clean your sluggish iPhone, iPad and iPod: Quick Clean and Deep Clean. They will help you clean up app cookies, app crash logs, photo caches, call history, iTunes Radio caches and other junk files and you can remove them in one click.

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    Tip #1: Delete Unnecessary Imessages

    Another an obvious but helpful way of getting more space on your iPhone is to look through your iMessages and texts to trash individual ones, or even entire threads, if you dont need them anymore. Just think about it do you really need all of the texts from your carrier letting you know they received a payment? Or informing you of a new data plan? Or the texts from Snapchat or WhatsApp giving you login information? Exactly. If youre like me, those texts pile up. Getting rid of them can be a huge help.

    How To Customize Your Memories

    After creating a Memory, you can edit it like you would edit any Memoryeven the ones your iPhone automatically creates. To edit the photos a Memory contains, tap the Select button at the top right corner of your screen, tap one or more photos you want to remove, and then tap the trash can icon.

    To edit the Memorys video, tap the video to start watching it. You can quickly customize the video by choosing a type of musicDreamy, Sentimental, Gentle, Chill, Happy, Uplifting, Epic, Club, and Extreme are the options. You can also choose the video length by tapping the Short,Medium, or Long options.

    To really customize the video, tap the Options button at the bottom right corner of the window. You can then choose the exact title of the Memory, the music it includes , the precise duration of the video, and the photos and videos the memory includes.

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    Tip : Turn Off Icloud Photos & My Photo Stream

  • Go to Settings> > iCloud.
  • Click on .
  • Disable iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream.
  • When you turn off iCloud Photos, you can try a third-party cloud service like , which offers unlimited storage space for free. You can also choose other alternative cloud services like Yahoos Flickr app, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, and . These cloud services will automatically back up your photos just like iCloud.

    Master Your Mac With Our Macos Monterey Guide

    How to Increase Storage on Any iPhone! (HD)

    The latest Mac software, macOS 12 , brought major changes to Apple’s most powerful devices. This new software demonstrates Apple’s efforts to blur the line between Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices for increased flexibility and compatibility. Some of the most exciting new features outlined in this macOS Monterey Guide will teach you how to enable a more cohesive experience and handoff between devices. Plus, you’ll learn new ways to collaborate and share with both Apple and non-Apple users!

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    Delete Apps You No Longer Use

    Another great way to clear out your iPhone is to get rid of apps you no longer use. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at which apps you haven’t used in a long time. Open your iPhone’sSettings menu, tap General and go to iPhone Storage. You’ll see a list of your apps along with how much space each app occupies and the last time you used it. Scroll through the list and try deleting apps that you haven’t used in a long time.

    Get rid of apps you haven’t used in a long time. You can see the last time you’ve used a specific app in the iPhone’s settings menu.

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