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How To Take Headshots With iPhone

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Tips To Take A Professional Headshot With An iPhone

Professional Headshots Using Portrait Mode on your iPhone

In this guide, well be discussing everything you need to know about iPhone headshot photography.

Sometimes we dont want to use a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera when we have to take a photo of ourselves. These days, the iPhone has similar capabilities to these high-end cameras.

But when it comes to using an iPhone versus a regular camera, there are some tips you should know. Lets dive in!

Well be covering the following topics :

  • Final Remarks
  • Post Processing Aint Cheating

    So after youve done all the above, if you want to go the extra mile, I highly suggest editing the photo you just took. My favourite phone editing app is Snapseed. If you adjust things like your White Balance to be correct , add a little saturation, and brighten the photo up just a touch, chances are youll have a really fantastic photo on your hands .

    Dont overdo it with post processing. Its easy to get drunk on all the cool effects packed into an editing app. Dont fall prey. Keep it simple.

    First photo: underexposed a little, white balance is off, little colour. Second photo: brighter, whites are white, shirt is blue.

    Find A Plain Wall Across From A Window

    For an at-home headshot that looks like you hired a professional, make sure any identifying features of your house window blinds, kitchen cabinets, couches, etc. are out of the shot. You want to mimic the look of a photographers studio.

    Find a plain wall in your house thats directly facing a window during a time of day in which the sun is not in immediate view. The soft, diffused light from the window is extremely flattering and will make the picture look professionally-taken.

    Pro tip: you want to stand far enough away from the wall that you dont have a clearly-defined shadow.

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    Headshot Camera For Portraits

    Headshot Camera for Portraits is one of the best headshot photo apps that enables you to create decent headshot photos in seconds. With it, you can turn your selfies into pixel headshot photos and make adjustments to them easily.

    It utilizes advanced algorithms to both enhance faces and blur or remove background to achieve perfect headshot photos automatically. You can adjust the blurred background by selecting the area from the final adjustment screen. When you are done, you can share the image to the camera roll or upload it to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zoom.

    Create Friendly Headshots By Asking Someone To Make You Laugh

    Thoughts on this âheadshotâ?? Taken with my friendâs iPhone X (Iâm 16, I ...

    A fake smile or laugh is noticeable. An authentic smile is impossible unless youre genuinely having a good time. To achieve this, ask a friend or family member to entertain you as you take pictures.

    You can also try listening to a funny podcast or watching a humorous video as you take pictures. This sounds strange, but its one of the easiest ways to look authentically happy in your headshots.

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    How To Take Professional Photos On iPhone 13 Pro

    iPhone 13 Pro boasts the same impressive camera features as iPhone 13 Pro Max, making it another great option for smartphone photographers. Use Night mode to take impressive shots even in the dark, or Portrait mode to highlight your subjects and blur out unnecessary background noise.

    To find these settings, simply go to your camera app and youll see options to toggle between camera modes at the bottom of the screen.

    How To Take Your Own Professional Headshot Outdoors

    If you prefer natural light, you may want to consider shooting outdoors. Take your camera outside and set it up on a tripod, just like you did indoors. However, just like when you were shooting indoors, you will want to avoid harsh direct sunlight.

    Instead, look for a shaded area where the lighting is even for a better portrait. You will want to stand in the shade with no harsh light behind you. Also, look for a plain background such as greenery or an outdoor wall. Space should not be distracting and create a neutral flattering backdrop free of distraction. A little natural light behind you is great! You dont want any crazy sun rays coming out from behind because your camera will darken your face.

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    Stand Sideways To Show Your Best Angle

    Many people have a favourite angle that makes them look more photogenic in pictures. You can use this to feel more confident during your photoshoot.

    Stand sideways to the camera. Make sure youre not squeezing your arm. If you do, it will look wider than it does in reality. You can hold your arm to the side or stretch it out by putting your hand on your hip.

    Dont glare sideways at the camera. Gently turn your head so that most of your face is visible.

    How To Put Your iPhone Camera In Portrait Mode

    How to Take a Headshot With an iPhone and $30 of Gear | WSJ

    Heres how to use Portrait mode:

  • Open your Camera either by clicking on the app or swiping right on your locked home screen.
  • Swipe right on the Camera screen once.
  • Follow any instructions that pop up on the screen to move closer or further away from your subject.
  • Press the large white button at the bottom-center of the screen to take a photo.
  • If youre too close to your subject to capture it in Portrait mode, the camera will tell you to move further away so that youre standing the optimum distance for the right depth-of-field. It will give a similar notification if youre standing too far away.

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    Dont Underestimate The Power Of Good Lighting

    You want to make sure that you use a good quality light source if youre looking for professional results.

    Its best to use a light box and natural lighting if possible for your fill light as mentioned in tip #2

    If youre looking for an easy-to-use, on the go light source, try LED video lights.

    If you want more of a professional look, purchase studio lights and modifiers like umbrellas and softboxes.

    studio lights and modifiers

    Find A Portrait Background That Makes The Subject Pop

    Portrait photography isnt just about having a great subject. Its also about having a great background.

    What does a great background look like?

    A great background is straightforward and simple. You want your subject to remain the focal point of the photo. You dont want the subject to get lost in a chaotic scene.

    In the photo below, my subjects stand out against the simple brown wall.

    Also, make sure that your subject wears a color different from the surrounding elements. Otherwise, your subject will blend into the background!

    Another tip is to use an app that blurs the backgroundor even Portrait mode!

    If you want to take incredible iPhone portrait photos, make sure you have a simple, uncluttered background. That way, your subject will really pop.

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    The Best App To Use For Professional Headshots

    Several photo editing apps will make your life a lot easier when editing your professional headshots. Here are our top favorites that even a professional photographer may use.


    The Snapseed provides a multitude of editing ideas for after your shoot. Using a few simple clicks, you can whiten your teeth or smooth your skin. It also allows you to brighten your eyes or adjust the lighting if you didnt get it right in the camera.


    VSCO gives you some of the best lighting adjustments. When choosing which lighting to adjust for your headshots, focus on exposure, white balance, highlights, and shadows. Lastly, use this app to make a proper crop for your headshots. You will want to cut from your chest to just above your head, so your face takes up most of the image.


    AirBrush helps you quickly remove pimples and smooth away wrinkles. If you suffer from redness or other skin coloring issues, this app is perfect for touching those issues. If you are searching for professional photographer results, its here.

    Dont Use A Dull Background

    Taking Your Own Headshot With An iPhone (On A Budget)

    If you want professional headshots, avoid using a dull background.

    This will make the difference between amateur and expert shots.

    Get creative with things around you and try to create something unique that stands out from the rest.

    We recommend using Photoshop to create your background if you dont want to head outside and dig around the back of your garage.

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    Use A Simple Location With Good Light To Make Your Face Stand Out

    You dont need to take photos in a professional studio unless you want to. Its possible to take stunning headshots in simple locations, including your own home!

    Your goal is to have as much natural light as possible. Take photos when its sunny or cloudy outdoors. If you want to take pictures indoors, make sure the room has lots of space and light. A simple white wall is perfect for a photo shoot.

    If youre shooting outdoors, pick a shaded area. This shade will create an even amount of light on your entire face. Avoid harsh direct sunlight. For backgrounds, you can use a brick wall or a white wall. The less colourful it is, the better.

    If there isnt enough light, you can use a reflector or take photos on another day.

    Compose Your Shot Carefully

    Now its time for the tricky part:

    In other words:

    What should you include in the frame?

    For headshots, youll want to capture head and shoulders only. The final image should include no hands, no waists, and no legs.

    Now, if your camera has a flip-out LCD screen, achieving this is easy. You can simply stand in the soft light making sure that the background looks nice, as well! check the LCD, and fine-tune the camera position until you get the perfect composition.

    And if you have a person holding the camera, simply find the good light and good background, then ask them to come forward until the frame only includes a head and shoulders shot.

    If your camera doesnt offer a flip-out screen, composing a headshot is a bit more tricky. Id recommend setting up a chair in your ideal headshot location . Imagine yourself in the chairs place and carefully frame the shot. Once youre finished, you can mark the chairs position, then put it aside.

    One point of advice:

    While its true that a headshot should only include the head and the shoulders, if youre worried about not composing correctly, youre always free to shoot a little wide and crop the image later on. If youre using a smartphone camera, I dont recommend this, because the image quality tends to be low but on most modern-day DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, youll be able to crop comfortably without ruining the photo.

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    How To Take A Decent Head Shot Using Your Phone

    In a perfect world, your brother/sister/mother/child would be a professional photographer who owed you a favour. Youd have them take beautiful head shots of you and your employees for FREE, which youd then toss on your recently redesigned website for the world to see.

    Alas, we live in an imperfect world.

    But do not fret! This doesnt mean you have to settle for crappy head shots on your website. Budget and time constraints often lead our smaller clients to taking a DIY approach to head shots for their websites, and you know what? Thats ok. While we encourage everyone to seek out a professional photographer to take brilliant portraits of their team, we understand that sometimes you just need to get images of your staff on your website as quickly as possible. And sometimes, the only decent camera you have kicking around is the one nestled inside your trusty iPhone .

    Weve compiled a few handy tips on how to take a decent head shot with your phone follow these and you will end up with images youll be proud to use to grow your business.

    Tips For Stunning Portrait Photography On iPhone

    How To Take Professional Headshots With iPhone 12 Mini

    Posted by Karyn TenoComments 42

    Do you want to take stunning portraits with your iPhone? The iPhone is a powerful tool for portrait photography, but taking incredible iPhone portraits can be challenging. In this tutorial, youll discover 13 excellent techniques for taking stunning portrait photos with your iPhone.

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    Use Portrait Lighting For Dramatic Portrait Photography

    If you have the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max, then you can use Portrait Lighting.

    What is Portrait Lighting?

    Portrait Lighting is a Portrait mode feature. When you activate Portrait Lighting, the resulting photos look like they were taken under studio lighting.

    To add a Portrait Lighting effect to your photo, open the image in the app. Then tap Edit.

    Portrait Lighting has five different options. To switch between them, scroll through the Portrait Lighting menu .

    Natural Light does nothing to your photo. Its the default setting. Use this if you want to keep your portraits looking as natural as possible.

    Studio Light brightens the face of your subject. Contour Light adds shadows to the face of your subject for a more defined look.

    Stage Light blacks out the background, making it look like the subject is standing under a spotlight. Stage Light Mono has the same effect as Stage Light, but it turns the photo black and white.

    Do you want to create photos that look like they were taken in a studio? Then try using Portrait Lighting!

    Set Up The Camera App

    Most current models of smartphones have the ability to change settings on the camera app. I recommend that you turn off the flash first flash can wash out the face and cause unwanted background shadow.

    Next, you should activate the HDR or High Dynamic Range setting if your phone supports it. HDR allows your camera to handle the low and highlights better and makes your image punchy.

    If you want to control the aperture, you can change this to around f/2.8 this will result in your subject in focus but the background slightly blurry. Dont use the built-in portrait mode as this can result in the subject having out-of-focus areas.

    Also, dont use filters when taking the photos you can always apply these later. Make sure to take a couple of practice shots and check the outcomes so you dont end up with all your shots looking wrong.

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    How To Take Professional Photos On An iPhone 13 Pro Max

    With iPhone 13 Pro Max, a massive hardware upgrade meets superintelligent software to bring macro photography to Ultra Wide, 3x optical zoom to Telephoto, and Night mode to all cameras. Also, with Portrait mode, you can make sure your subject remains the focus of your shot every time making beautiful, professional photos of yourself easier than ever before on iPhone.

    To find these settings, simply go to your camera app and youll see options to toggle between camera modes at the bottom of the screen. Portrait mode works well for self-portraits and headshots.

    Here are some tips to take professional shots with these settings:

    • Night mode will automatically turn on when it detects low-light settings, but make sure to hold your iPhone steady while capturing your photo. Night mode may need a few extra seconds to get enough light to capture the image.

    • Portrait mode can also be used for inanimate objects to create depth. To emphasize the blurry effect of portrait mode, increase the distance between the focal point and whats in the background.

    • Use the timer to take a headshot of yourself. That way you dont need to click on the button.

    • Tap on the screen to indicate where you want to focus your photo. Then, if you want to adjust the brightness or other settings swipe up or down.

    How Do You Shoot Your Portraits

    The Dabbling Crafter: Show &  Tell: DIY Headshots with a iPhone

    Are there any tips and tricks that you swear by while you shoot your iPhoneography portraits, or would you rather snap your pictures with a DSLR?

    Are there specific tools and gadgets that you use to get the most perfect mobile photography photo, or do you do a majority of your tweaking in a particular editing app?

    Let us know how you shoot your portraits in the comments below!

    This article has been updated with the best of the best photo tips out there!

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    How To Take Pro Photos With iPhone

    Want to learn how to take pro photos with iPhone? Then you’re in the right place. Apple offers some of the best cameras to be found on smartphones, especially if you have the latest iPhone Pro or Pro Max. Even professional photographers are using iPhones for some photography work and there’s no denying that it’s possible to get incredible shots. However, despite the fantastic camera arrays on the latest models, it’s still possible to get badly lit, poorly composed or just plain boring shots if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Fortunately, a few tips can go a long way to help you get pro photos from an iPhone. In the guide below, we’ll offer some simple considerations to bear in mind, from suggestions on setting to use to get the best shots to general pointers on photography that can serve anyone who wants to take better photos on a smartphone.

    Still looking at whether to buy a new iPhone? See our complete iPhone 13 Pro review and our guide to the best camera phones. If you do go for the iPhone 13 Pro, be sure to check out our iPhone 13 Pro camera tips.

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