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When Is The Next iPhone Being Released

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Will iPhone 14 Get Under

The next iPhone SE 3 Specs & Rumors Release Date price

The feature that seems to get kicked down the road the most in Apple rumor world is the return of Touch ID. Early rumors supported the Touch ID’s return coming in the iPhone 12, and when that didn’t happen, speculation turned to the iPhone 13. But even before the iPhone 13 launched , word on the street had shifted again: iPhone 14 would surely be it. Now, that’s looking less likely, too. In late September, Kuo predicted that it won’t be until 2023 that the iPhone regains Touch ID technology. That would be the iPhone 15?

Camera Rumors: What Apple Might Improve For The iPhone 14

Two of the big rumors we’ve heard about the iPhone 14’s camera setup are actually more about the phone’s design: first, that the chunky camera bump could disappear and second, that a hole-punch front camera could replace the dreaded notch.

Kuo shared insights about the iPhone 14’s potential camera upgrades in an investors note reported on by 9to5Mac just after the iPhone 13 launch. In the note, Kuo predicts a hole-punch front camera, making the iPhone 14 notchless, as well as a 48-megapixel wide rear camera for the Pro and Pro Max models, up from 12 megapixels on previous iPhones.

iPhone 13 camera upgrades include a new Cinematic mode, ProRes video and some improvements in zoom capabilities. We had previously reported on rumors that the entire lineup would feature lidar, the iPhone 12 Pro’s standout depth-sensing feature, but lidar ended up making an appearance only on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max after all. It’s possible Apple might expand the feature to its full lineup in 2022 instead, but we haven’t heard anything yet.

Another of the camera features we’re still waiting on is an improved telephoto lens. While the iPhone 13 Pro’s zoom capabilities were given a 3x optical zoom, it still pales in comparison to a lot of competitor flagships, including Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, which boasts a 10x optical zoom.

iPhone 14 could have a camera setup that’s flush with the back of the phone, nixing the chunky camera bump.

iPhone 13 Release Date: When We’ll Find Out

As we get deeper into summer, expect more concrete rumors to emerge about when the iPhone 13 will arrive. Pay attention in particular to leaks emanating from wireless carriers, who need to plan for big fall phone launches and invariably let those details trickle out. Apple’s ever-talkative supply chain is also a good source of rumors for any upcoming hardware launches.

Until more details emerge, though, feel free to draw a circle around that Sept. 14 date for the iPhone 13’s unveiling. Just be sure to draw that circle in pencil for now.

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iPhone Se 202: Price Release Date Features And More

What to expect from Apples next low-budget iPhone SE

Apples annual flagship iPhone launch keeps the rumor mill churning all year round, with the latest iPhone 13 lineup making waves due to a list of small but favorable tweaks. But what about Apples other iPhone? The low-budget iPhone SE may not get a yearly update, but thats what makes the rumored 2022 model all the more exciting. The iPhone SE excels at being the Cupertino tech giants powerful, yet affordable smartphone option, even more so than the last-of-its-kind iPhone 13 mini. With a low price, the same A13 Bionic that powers the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and a nostalgic form factor that features the sorely-missed Touch ID, the latest iPhone SE is Apples secret weapon.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have now set the stage for the iPhone SE 2022, hinting at a processor upgrade, 5G connectivity, and other modern features found on Apples latest flagship phones. However, rumors indicate we may see a new kind of iPhone SE next year, and there may be not one, but two SE models in development.Weve scoured the internet high and low to find out all the latest rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhone SE 2022, including potential release dates, price, features and more. Read on for everything you need to know and find out why the iPhone SE is still one of the best iPhones.

iPhone Pricing And Release

New iPhone to be Released Next Month, Despite COVID

Apple tends to find a price point and stick to it for a few years. Market trends and currency rates can sometimes affect iPhone pricing, but it is rare to see a drastic change in price.

Given Apple’s release cycles, the “iPhone 14” will likely be priced very similar to the iPhone 13. Expect Apple to retain the 1TB storage option for pro models, and maybe 2TB at some point in the future thanks to the existence of ProRes video recording.

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Apple’s Workout Service Expands Internationally Will Be Available In New Languages

Apple’s health guru and fitness instructor, Jay Blahnik, said the company will expand its workout streaming subscription, Fitness+, to several new countries. It’s currently available only in a few nations which speak English. Apple will make videos in six new languages, including Spanish.

Fitness+ is one of the new subscriptions the company is relying on to get Apple users to spend more money on the company’s services. It’s now adding workouts for winter sports, and is adding social features, called Group Workouts.

Apple is bundling three-month trials with new Apple Watches.

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Use Find My To Avoid Being Tracked

The Find My tool is also getting a bit better with iOS 15.2, as a new Items that can track me toggle is being added. Select that and youll see any unknown items in your vicinity that can communicate with Find My.

This is designed so that you can discover items that might be tracking your location. Once discovered by the Find My app, you can make this unknown tracker play a sound so you can locate it, and the app can even provide instructions for disabling it.

Note that these items will only be discoverable if theyre not in range of their owners device, which could be up to 50 meters away.

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iPhone Se 3 Release Date Price News And Every Leak So Far

5G, OLED and more?

When it eventually comes out, the iPhone SE 3 probably won’t be called that, and it’ll likely follow the iPhone SE ‘s naming convention with the year of release in the title. But right now, we don’t even know for sure what year the next affordable iPhone will release.

The iPhone SE was one of the most exciting iPhones of 2020, providing excellent Apple hardware and software in a compact size and at a relatively low price. So how can Apple top that?

Easy add some of the features from the flagships to the next mid-range iPhone SE. We’re hoping to see the iPhone 13 series launch with new features and tech, and perhaps some of those could trickle down to the mid-range iPhone SE line too.

The iPhone SE 3 is, as the name suggests, the third-gen model in its line, following the aforementioned 2020 device and the original 2016 model. That age gap could suggest we’ll be waiting four years until the iPhone SE 3, but the 2020 version was so well received, we don’t imagine we’ll be waiting that long, and rumors point to a 2022 launch.

A future iPhone SE might have Face ID and a notch, but we’re not sure the change will happen in time for the iPhone SE 3. Plus, many of the iPhone SE 3’s specs have now leaked.

For now though, youll find what little we have heard, along with a wish list of the things that we hope the iPhone SE 3 will offer, below.

Over 300000 Viewers Have Tuned Into Apple’s Youtube Livestream

NEW iPhone SE 3 Release Date and Price New Design?

Five minutes before Apple’s show is due to start, 352,908 people are streaming the event on YouTube. It’s a sign that Apple can still generate immense consumer demand for its new gadgets through its coordinated launch events.

Last year, more than 1.5 million people tuned into Apple’s September livestream launch, which did not include the iPhone 12 announcement.

The product launch is also being streamed on Apple’s website.

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iPhone 13 Release Date And Price

The iPhone 13 series was announced on September 14 at the company’s launch event, with pre-orders opening on September 17. The iPhone 13 release date is September 24, and unlike with 2020’s iPhone 12 series you’ll be able to buy the new handsets on the same day.

The iPhone 13 starts at $799 / £779 / AU$1,349, which is the same price as the iPhone 12 in the US and Australia, and a touch cheaper in the UK. The iPhone 12 cost $799 / £799 / AU$1,349 at launch.

Youll get 128GB of storage for that price Apple has dropped its 64GB models this year, and not before time. If you need more storage, the 256GB iPhone 13 costs $899 / £879 / AU$1,519, while the 512GB model costs $1,099 / £1,079 / AU$1,869.

If those prices are a bit of a stretch, the iPhone 13 mini has similar specs but is a not-insignificant amount cheaper, starting at $699 / £679 / AU$1,199, while going in the other direction youve got the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max if youre looking for higher specs and, in the case of the latter phone, a larger screen.

iPhone Se 2022 Design

Design rumors for the iPhone SE 2022 are scattered, but more recent rumors suggest fans of the iPhone 8 form factor will be happy with the upcoming SE model.

Young claims the iPhone 8’s chassis will continue to live on through the iPhone SE Plus, corroborating Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s reports that the next iPhone SE device will maintain the same body and 4.7-inch display as its predecessor. This means we can expect the same thick bezels, display, Touch ID home button and small form factor. Both analysts believe the biggest changes will take place internally.Apple has gone big in color options in recent years, from the purple iPhone 12 to the array of colorful iMac options. The current iPhone SE only comes in black, white and signature Red. There havent been any rumors or leaks to suggest which color options well see next time around, but we expect there to be a green, blue or purple thrown in, too.While the iPhone SE Plus isnt expected to change, the other iPhone SE model rumored to be in the works may offer a different yet familiar design. Young claims the iPhone SE 3 will have 6.1-inch design, with other leaks suggesting it will be equivalent to an iPhone XR 5G. Chinese platform MyDrivers and a post on Weibo also claim the iPhone SE will be similar to the iPhone XR, which means the home button with Touch ID is getting the chop. However, these two sources believe this is the design well see in the iPhone SE 2022, not the iPhone SE 3 rumored to be delayed to 2024.

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Event Kicks Off With Montage Of California Landscapes Cook Takes The Stage

Invites to this event sported the tagline “California streaming,” and it is opening with a music video taking place in several major California landmarks, including among the redwood trees and in downtown Los Angeles. Apple’s headquarters is in Cupertino, California, a suburb of San Jose.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage shortly afterward, and praised the state, calling it a place for people with big ambitions and big dreams.

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Apple Previews Shows On Its Streaming Service Apple Tv+

Apple Next iphone is expected to be released on 10th ...

Apple opened its show not with new hardware, but with a short video highlighting some of its shows on the Apple TV+ streaming service. The company is bankrolling billions of dollars of new video content, including shows starring Reese Witherspoon and Jon Stewart. It costs $4.99 per month or is bundled with other Apple services, and the company has never revealed subscriber numbers.

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An Oled Screen With A Higher Resolution

The iPhone SE has an IPS LCD screen with a 750 x 1334 resolution, neither of which are exactly cutting edge.

Now, there are of course limits to what can be done with a mid-range phone, but when you consider that the similarly priced OnePlus Nord and both manage a higher resolution and OLED technology , its hard to see how Apple could justify omitting these things from the next iPhone SE model.

That said, we wouldnt count on getting either Apple rarely competes with Android phones on pure specs.

iPhone 13 Review: Performance And Battery

The iPhone 13 is powered by Apples newest phone processor: the A15. Theres no huge leap forward in how fast it feels in general use compared to the A14 in the iPhone 12, but that doesnt matter at all, since there was no lack of speed already.

Even with larger apps such as Garage Band and iMovie, theres no sign of any delays on the iPhone 13. Every operation is fast and smooth making it effortless to use. Geekbench scores also back up the iPhone 13s performance, with a 19% increase in the multicore CPU score over the iPhone 12.

New iOS 15 features blend in nicely too. Even the Focus modes which can seem a little overwhelming to set up are quickly integrated into your workflow, thanks to the one-off prompts, asking if you want certain notifications in your current focus and offering location-based activations. I can now activate work mode, just by sitting at my desk.

The A15 is also more efficient for battery use, and is faster for smart background tasks, such as the processing required for the improved photo quality, or everything that Cinematic Mode is doing.

The iPhone 13 now includes better support for worldwide 5G coverage, and remains capable of ridiculously fast download speeds where its supported.

Here in the US, the iPhone 12 benefits from the faster mmWave 5G, which can deliver data speeds up to 2Gbps. As this band is yet to be utilized outside of the US, iPhones sold in other regions dont support this bandwidth.

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Does The iPhone 13 Pro Have A 120hz Refresh Rate

Both Pro models now get a higher 120Hz refresh rate, which makes animations and scrolling look smoother and gaming more immersive. Android phones, whether they are expensive or not, commonly feature a high refresh rate screen. Up to now, the only Apple device to offer such a refresh rate was the iPad Pro, which uses an LCD screen instead of the OLED found on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Here’s some more information on the iPhone 13’s 120Hz refresh rate, ProMotion and why it may not work exactly the way you think.

Apple Ios 1: Next iPhone Update Will Have 3 Awesome New Features

iPhone 5S Release Date, News and Rumours

iOS 15.1 will bring new features to iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

David Phelan

Apples latest keynote took place today, Monday, October 18. And as expected there were MacBook Pro laptops with new Apple Silicon powering them.

But new AirPods were announced as well, which require updated software to support them, especially if they have new features on board. So, does this mean iOS 15.1 is almost here and if so, when and what will it bring?

But Apple has now revealed when its coming.

In a news report at that accompanied the announcement of the AirPods third-generation, Apple has confided:

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Keep It Small And Affordable

The iPhone SE stands out through both its small size and its relatively affordable price, and we want both of those things to remain for the iPhone SE 3.

There arent many compact phones anymore certainly not ones with good specs, and nor are iPhones known for being affordable, so the two things make for a great combination.

When Will The iPhone 14 Be Released

Apple only officially unveiled the iPhone 13 in September, so were still quite some time away from the release of the next-gen iPhone 14.

While there arent any solid rumours right now, iPhone releases tend to happen in September with the exception of 2020 amidst the pandemic so with that in mind, we expect the iPhone 14 range to be released sometime in September 2022.

Well update this section once we hear more, so check back frequently for the latest details, and if you cant wait that long, take a look at our iPhone buying guide.

Image credit: Jon Prosser / Front Page Tech

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Will Supply Constraints Affect New iPhone Pricing

It’s no secret computer chip shortages are impacting industries from cars to smartphones. Apple even gave a warning during its last earnings call that iPhone production could feel the constraints.

So, if it’s costing Apple more to produce iPhones this year, will the company have to raise prices to keep its margins? Or will it eat the costs to keep iPhone prices the same?

We’ve seen mixed reactions from other tech hardware makers. Roku, for example, said in its last earnings report that it kept its TV streaming devices the same price even though supply constraints were increasing production costs.

On the other hand, Sonos recently raised prices of some of its products to make up for the increased production costs.

We’ll see how Apple deals with the issue when it announces iPhone pricing toward the end of its event Tuesday.

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