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How Much Storage Does The iPhone 12 Have

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Ram And Beyond: The Benchmarks Of The iPhone 12 And 12 Pro

How to Delete Other Storage on Your iPhone

As per the website MySmartPrice, the AnTuTu scores recorded are as follows:

Starting with the iPhone 12, the device being tested has 4GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage and is running on iOS 14.1. The iPhone 12 has managed to score 564899 on the AnTuTu test, 167894 on the CPU test, 201085 on the GPU test, 105677 on the MEM test, and 90243 on the UX test.

The iPhone 12 Pro, on the other hand, has 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage and has scored 572133 on the AnTuTu test, 167437 on the CPU test, 196812 on the GPU test, 114462 on the MEM test, and 93422 on the UX test.

More Features In The iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 family also includes these shared features.

  • Wi-Fi 6 for up to 38% faster download speeds.
  • Better dust and water resistance: IP68 rating on iPhone 12 Pro for up to 4 meters of water at up to 30 minutes.
  • Fast-charging for up to 50% battery capacity in just 30 minutes.
  • Audio sharing with two sets of AirPods to Beats headphones on a single iPhone.
  • Spatial audio that simulates surround sound
  • Dolby Atmos that simulates sound moving around in a 3D space
  • Dual SIM with eSIM

To keep down the prices of the new phones and reduce the carbon footprint of accessories, Apple is selling the iPhone 12 without earbuds or charging plugs in the box. The only accessory in the box is the standard Lightning to USB-C cable. Apple also likely expects that many buyers already have earbuds and USB chargers on hand.

Gb: Store Photos Videos Series And Music Offline

You can download the latest apps and games without having to worry about how much space you have left. You have plenty of storage space for photos, videos, and music. You don’t necessarily have to use cloud storage. You also like taking photos in portrait mode recording 4K videos. You can even download a few episodes of your series for on the plane. Cleaning up isn’t your thing. Perhaps you do it once a year, just to see if you have some unnecessary apps on your device.

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iPhone 12 Storage Size: Make Use Of The Great Cameras

Even though the iPhone 12 Pro series will have bigger sensors and telephoto lens, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 still have a fantastic camera system. After all, you are still going to have the dual 12MP Wide and Ultra Wide cameras, optical image stabilization, 2x optical zoom out and 5x digital zoom. And yes, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 can still record 4K video up to 60fps, and do HDR Dolby Vision recording up to 30fps.

So while the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 may not not have the telephoto camera and all that extra stuff, you’re still going to get some great shots with the camera. And if you plan on shooting 4K video, they’ll look beautiful and stunning, but guess what? 4K video files can take up quite a bit of space!

  • If you don’t plan to take a lot of 4K videos but just need to shoot some photos, then 64GB should be fine.
  • If you plan to shoot some 4K video and take a good amount of photos, then 128GB is what you should consider.
  • For those who are going to shoot a lot of 4K video and photos, then you should get 256GB.

Apple iPhone 12 Series At A Glance

Memory storage comparison with all the major phone manifacturers

The iPhone now comes in four models. In order from least expensive to most expensive, they are the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Screen sizes vary across models, as do colors, camera configurations, and storage allotments.

All the phones offer 5G connectivity and are available from more than 100 carriers across 30 regions. The company made a big deal about the possibilities of 5G during the launch event.

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The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are essentially the same phones. Obviously, the Mini is smaller than the vanilla iPhone 12, but the specs and features are the same across both models. The only exception is the battery capacity: the iPhone 12 Mini has a smaller battery due to its smaller physical footprint.

The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are also very similar. Both phones feature triple-lens rear camera systems, a step-up over the dual-lens systems of the non-Pro iPhones. The Pro models also feature slightly better internal specs, such as more RAM. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also features a few more perks than the iPhone 12 Pro, most obviously its size and battery capacity.

In a big change, none of the iPhones include wall chargers or headphones in the boxes. Inside the box with an iPhone 12 model, youll find the phone, a Lightning-to-USB-C cable, and paperwork. Apple is selling this as an eco-friendly move, but we dont buy it.

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iPhone 12 Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Get the specs, key features, prices, and availability details for Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the new purple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and AirTags.

2020 has seen the release of four new iPhones, all of which Apple revealed at a virtual launch event on Tuesday, Oct. 13. The iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max offer varying sizes, features, and prices. As such, Apple has designed its new lineup to reach a wide array of customers with different needs and budgets. The four new iPhone 12 models are also the first Apple phones to include 5G connectivity, a potential consideration when shopping for a new phone.

On April 20 this year, Apple announced a new purple color to complement its previous color offerings, and it will be available on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini with pre-orders starting on April 23 and delivery on April 30.

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Customers can add a free engraving to personalize the tags, as well as add an Apple-designed AirTag accessory, such as the Polyurethane Loop, the Leather Loop and the Leather Key Ring, featuring specially tanned European leather.

AirTag orders begin at 5 a.m. PDT on Friday, April 23.

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Gb: Local Storage Space Limited

Don’t necessarily want the latest iPhone? You can consider 32GB. This is enough for a number of standard apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Do you like to download lots of new apps to try them out? A 32GB storage is not enough. You’ll also need a subscription to a streaming service such as Spotify, because you have limited local storage space for music. You also don’t mind regularly cleaning up your entire iPhone.

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iPhone Proraw Setting Is Good And Bad

It wasn’t long ago that the RAW image format was reserved for digital cameras. The feature came to smartphones via third-party apps more recently. In December, Apple introduced its ProRAW format with iOS 14.3.

Heres the bad news: This is only available if you have an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max. ProRAW gives you the benefits of so-called lossless imagery and works on all four of the iPhone 12 Pros cameras. This means that your RAW images make full use of Apples Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, as well as night mode.

ProRAW also uses the industry-standard DNG file extension, allowing you to edit photos with third-party software.

To turn it on: Go to Settings > Camera > Formats, then toggle on Apple ProRAW to try it out.

A RAW icon will appear in your camera app, which you can toggle on and off as you shoot.

When you close the camera app and reopen it, ProRaw defaults to off. To keep it on permanently, go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and toggle ProRAW on.

Did you unbox a new iPhone 12? Here are the first 5 things to try.

The iPhone 12 And 12 Pro Have An iPhone 5 Design

iPhone 12/12 Pro: How to Check iPhone Storage Space

One of the first things I noticed about the iPhone 12 is its “slabular” beauty. Apple’s idea of premium differs from the flash and spectacle we see in flagship Android phones. Body colors don’t appear to morph from one to another depending on the light. The screen doesn’t wrap around the edges. In fact, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro don’t have curved edges at all.

Instead, a straight-edged polished stainless steel band defines the iPhone 12 Pro , much in the way it did on the iPhone 5, 5S and SE, just without the chamfered edges. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have a bold, striking look without any frills. The build and finish on the 12 Pro are extraordinary.

The squared-off edges of the iPhone 5 are back.

The iPhone 12 is also defined by a stunning OLED panel, which Apples calls a Super XDR display. Gone is the LCD found on the iPhone XR and 11. Besides the contrast and resolution, the squared-off sides seem to push the display up and forward. When the phone is on its back, it’s as if the rest of the phone is holding up the display while trying not to be seen.

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iPhone 12 Storage: What Variants Does The Lineup Have

The new iPhones come in three storage variants each. While the iPhone 12 series consists of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options, the iPhone 12 Pro lineup starts at 128GB, and goes up to 512GB with a 256 gigs model in the middle. Lets break down the price per gigabyte to get a better sense of what you are paying for.


iPhone 12 series: Price per gigabyte

64GB $699 / $10.92 per gigabyte128GB $749 / $5.85 per gigabyte256GB $849 / $3.32 per gigabyte 64GB $799 / $12.48 per gigabyte128GB $849 / $6.63 per gigabyte256GB $949 / $3.71 per gigabyte

iPhone 12 Pro series: Price per gigabyte

128GB $999 / $7.80 per gigabyte256GB $1,099 / $4.29 per gigabyte512GB $1,299 / $2.54 per gigabyte 128GB $1,099 / $8.59 per gigabyte256GB $1,199 / $7.80 per gigabyte512GB $1,399 / $2.73 per gigabyte

As you can see from the tables above, the 256GB variant is the most value for money option for the four phones. However, you might not want to spend above $850 on any of the iPhone 12 models, and personally speaking, 256GB might also be too much for some of you. Separately, if you are in the market for the most affordable new iPhone, 64GB iPhone 12 mini is the way to go, but it might now be the best bang for your buck. This is where iCloud comes into play.

iPhone 12 64gb Vs iPhone 11 64gb

Before we get stuck into the original article, it’s worth discussing the 64GB iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. The iPhone 12 allows more editing options for video compared to the previous model. For example, you can add colour-grading effects and more on the fly, and export to HDR and Dolby Vision. As a result of these additions, we can see ourselves shooting a lot more video on our iPhones this year.

However, that might not ring true for you. If you’re considering upgrading regardless, it’s worth checking out what each mobile provider is charging for the iPhone 12 on a plan .

Here are the most popular iPhone 12 plans currently available in Australia.

And here are the most popular iPhone 12 Mini 64GB plans currently available through Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.

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How Much Storage Do I Need On My iPhone 12 Pro Max

The amount of iPhone 12 Pro Max storage you need depends on how you use yourphone.If you frequently capture photos or videos, download a lot of music, or install a bunchof games and apps, you should probably opt for the larger storage size.On the other hand, if you primarily stream video and music online, store most of yourphotos and videos in the cloud, and only install a few games and apps at a time,you can save money by getting a smaller storage option.

Gb: Enough For The Average User

Which IPhone 11 Storage Size Should You Buy: 64GB, 128GB or 256GB?

An iPhone with 128GB storage capacity is suitable for the average user. With the new iPhone 12 models, this is the minimum storage capacity. With 128GB, you have enough space to store some photos, music, and videos locally. As a result, you don’t have to exclusively use iCloud storage. Want to download a movie for on the go? Not a problem. Simply delete it from your device afterwards so you can download a new one.

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Why Do You Need A 64gb

If you are the type who just loves to associate with Apple as a brand so, you purchase their products based on that only then, storage space may not be an issue of concern for you.

Also, if you prefer to stream all your videos, songs or movies online without having to download them on your phone, then you can contend with the 64GB storage size.

However, if you choose to download to your phone, you may want to consider transferring some of your photos, videos and files to iCloud for storage.

iPhone 12 Storage Size: Local Storage Or Cloud Storage

Since both the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 still start at 64GB , it’s important to ask yourself if you are going to be relying on local storage for files and media, or can you use cloud storage syncing services?

Apple offers 5GB of iCloud storage for free for every iPhone user, but let’s face it that is a paltry amount and really won’t hold much before you fill it up. This is especially true if you want to use iCloud backups for your devices. But you can bump up that iCloud storage space with plans that start at $0.99 for 50GB, $2.99 for 200GB, and $9.99 for 2TB. iCloud storage will also be a part of the upcoming Apple One bundles, so if you use a few of Apple’s services already , then these are a great value.

As long as your iCloud storage subscription is active, you’ll be able to use things like iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Music Library. With these, you can have your photos and video stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, and you can stream your music instead of requiring them to be local on your iPhone. You can even use iCloud Drive to store files and documents and access them anywhere.

There are also third-party cloud storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more, if you want something other than iCloud.

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iPhone 12 Storage Size: Apps And Games

The App Store debuted in 2008, and since then, there are millions of apps and games available to download. Apps can help you become more productive, entertain you, maintain healthy habits, communicate with others, make your photos and video better, and so much more. Games are just downright fun and entertaining, and there are so many offerings available now on Apple Arcade. With Apple Arcade, you get unlimited access to dozens of premium and exclusive games for just $5 a month or $50 a year, and a subscription can be shared among six other people with Family Sharing.

But if you want to be able to download all of these apps and games, you have to have enough free space. Most apps are not that big in size, but the more graphically intense and complex games can require 1GB of space sometimes, so you need to keep that in mind. You should always have some space for apps and games if need be, but it is always possible to run out of space if you have a smaller capacity and don’t manage it often.

  • If you tend to stick with stock apps and don’t need a lot of apps or games, then 64GB should be okay.
  • If you want to download some apps and get some mobile gaming in, then consider a 128GB device.
  • If you love to try out new apps and mobile games, then get 256GB.

What Storage Size iPhone 12 Should You Buy 64gb Or 128gb Or More

Why iPhone 12 is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone 12 Pro

Do you sometimes sit and wonder why you consume so much storage space? Lucky you if you havent thought of that before. For me, it is a constant thought and I have always searched for ways to resolve it.

However, it does not come as a surprise to me. As a matter of fact, being tech-savvy comes with the feeling of having to put into consideration the storage capacity of any device I am purchasing.

So, you can easily guess, at the snap of a finger, what my choice of purchase of the iPhone 12 series would be as a result of my storage space consumption.

My job requires me to surf the net always and also make some other tech-oriented research which tends to consume lots of space too.

Perhaps you wonder why you always run out of space quickly? Or you are indecisive on the model of iPhone 12 storage size you should buy? Then this article is just for you.

Everything you need to know about the storage size of the iPhone 12 series and more is embedded within, so just read on.

To begin with, it is important for you to know the storage capacity for each iPhone model in the iPhone 12 series.

Although some of the iPhone 12 models are quite similar to one another notwithstanding, there are several unique features to tell them apart one of which is the storage size.

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