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What Size Is The iPhone 8

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 8 Performance

Size Comparison of iPhone 8 Plus Against Older iPhones

Here’s where iPhone 8 upgraders will likely see the biggest leap. Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus used the best Apple silicon of their day â an A11 Bionic chip. That processor was more than able to hold its own against the best chipset for Android phones at the time, the Snapdragon 835.

But Apple hasn’t stood still in the last three years, introducing subsequently more powerful processors with each iPhone release. We’re up to the A14 Bionic with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, and to hear Apple tell it, that processor will outperform last year’s silicon by some margin, let alone chips that came out in 2017.

We ran Geekbench 5 on the iPhone 12, and got single- and multicore scores of 1,593 and 3,859, respectively. We don’t have an iPhone 8 handy on which to run Geekbench 5, but the iPhone 12 outscored the iPhone 11 Pro Max , and since that’s a relatively recently A13 Bionic chip, we assume the A11-powered iPhone 8 would eat the iPhone 12’s dust.

Apple hasn’t stepped up one aspect of its smartphones. Storage is still relatively minimal, with base models of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini continuing to offer the same 64GB of capacity featured on the iPhone 8. At least you’ve got more storage options now, with 128GB and 256GB models of the latest iPhones.

One other aspect separates the iPhone 12 models from the iPhone 8 â the new iPhone can connect to 5G networks. Stick with an iPhone 8, and you’re stuck on LTE.

iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 8 Battery Life

In recent years, Apple has spent a lot of time focusing on the batteries inside its phones. Those efforts bear fruit in terms of longevity: The iPhone 11 lasted 11 hours, 16 minutes on our Tom’s Guide battery test, which involves continuous surfing over T-Mobile’s LTE network until the phone runs out of power. That result isn’t the best we’ve seen from an iPhone take a bow, iPhone 11 Pro Max but it’s still close to being among the longest-lasting smartphones we’ve tested.;

As good as the iPhone 11’s result is, though, you can expect similar longevity from the iPhone 8 Plus, which also held out for 11:16. The iPhone 8 fares less well, at 9:54. That was an average result for smartphones back in 2017, but these days, smartphones last a little bit longer on average.

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One thing that hasn’t changed in the time between when Apple released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 11 is fast-charging support. Both phones have it, so you can get up to a 50% charge after half-an-hour with an 18-watt charger. The trouble is, you’ve got to buy that charger separately, as Apple doesn’t include it with either the iPhone 11 or iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Device

Apples annual iPhone update always generates some excitement, but the iPhone 8 was overshadowed by the iPhone X. Of course, not everyone will want to upgrade to the new design. Maybe a $1,000 phone is a bit much, or you prefer the more manageable size of the iPhone 8. Its clear from the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR that the home button is gone for good and the iPhone 8 is the last of its kind.

At first glance, the iPhone 8 doesnt look any different than the iPhone 7, but if you dig in beneath the Retina display, youll find some important distinctions. If you already have the iPhone 7, however, the question remains: Is it worth upgrading? Or if youre looking to buy one of these iPhones today, which should you go for? Lets find out how the two devices measure up.

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iPhone Size Comparison Chart: Ranking Them All By Size

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by Richard Goodwin | Apr 15, 2021 | User Guides

Apple makes quite a few iPhones nowadays and theyre all slightly different both with respect to specs and size. Heres a handy iPhone size comparison chart to give you a visual idea of the differences

Encryption And Intelligence Agency Access

Print out these cutouts to see which iphone size is right ...

It was revealed as a part of the 2013 mass surveillance disclosures that the American and British intelligence agencies, the National Security Agency and the Government Communications Headquarters have access to the user data in iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android phones, respectively. They can read almost all smartphone information, including SMS, location, emails, and notes.

According to an article in The New York Times titled “Signaling Post-Snowden Era, New iPhone Locks Out N.S.A.”, Apple has developed a new encryption method for iOS 8, described as “so deep that Apple could no longer comply with government warrants asking for customer information to be extracted from devices.”

The GrayKey, manufactured by Grayshift, can unlock iPhones, even if they are disabled. As a countermeasure, Apple implemented USB Restricted Mode.

As of April;2016, Apple’s privacy policy addresses requests from government agencies for access to customers’ data: “Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a ‘backdoor’ in any of our products or services. We have also never allowed any government access to our servers. And we never will.” In 2015 the Electronic Frontier Foundation awarded Apple five out of five stars “commend Apple for its strong stance regarding user rights, transparency, and privacy.”

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Design And Other Differences

The iPhone 12 has a revamped design that, while reminiscent of the iPhone 5, still feels modern and premium. It also marks one of the biggest design changes since the iPhone X. The iPhone 8, on the other hand, has an old-school iPhone design with a home button and thick bezels. As such, you do not get that expansive, largely unobstructed screen that is the hallmark of a modern smartphone. Check out our iPhone 12 and iPhone 8 photo galleries to see for yourself.

iPhone Xr Vs iPhone 8: Display & Design

The iPhone XR features an edge-to-edge display that is 6.1in and has a 2436×1125-pixel resolution at 458ppi. The iPhone 8 features a 4.7in display with bezels that has a 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326ppi. No question about it, the iPhone XRs display wins the day here-well, almost.

The other obvious difference is that the iPhone XR lacks a Home button. It jettisons it in favor of a gesture-based Home control. The iPhone 8 still has the Home button we all know and love. This means the iPhone 8 also still has Touch ID. The iPhone XR lacks Touch ID and replaces it with Apples Face ID facial recognition system.

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Difference Between iPhone 8 And 8 Plus

Over the past few years, specifically since the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has been releasing its flagship smartphones in pairs. Most recently, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus marked the entry of two relatively different phones with the main point of difference being the larger size and the dual camera that was added to the iPhone 7 Plus. In 2017, Apple decided to take this legacy of launching two similar yet distinctively different phones forward with the release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Despite the release of newer models like the iPhone XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, many people are turning to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus because of the fall in pricing that these models have seen after the release of the newer ones. If you are considering this option, here are the major points of difference between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Battery Life And Charging

iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 8

One aspect where Apple has not shown great improvement with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus is the battery life. In terms of performance, the iPhone 8 lasts just about as long as an iPhone 7, while the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus are also very similar in terms of battery performance.;

The iPhone 8 gives you talk time of up to 14 hours, while the iPhone 8 Plus offers 21 hours. The battery performance is fairly similar when it comes to internet usage 12 hours for the iPhone 8 and 13 hours for the bigger model. The models offer video playback of 13 hours and 14 hours respectively, and audio playback of 40 hours and 60 hours.;

The main areas of difference come in terms of charging, where Apple has worked hard to meet the fast charging and wireless charging standards that have been set up by most of the newer Android phones in the market. With the wired fast charging, you can expect your phones to charge up to 50% with just 30 minutes of charging, which is a significant improvement when you compare it to the older models.;

The company has also adopted wireless charging in line with the Qi standard with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. The glass back of both these phones enables wireless charging when placed against a charging plate, but you must remember that the wireless charger will not be provided to you when you purchase the phone.;

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How Is The iPhone 8 Plus Bigger Than iPhone 11

Its actually pretty simple; the iPhone 11 does not have a home button Apple did away with the home button on the iPhone X, adding in FACE ID for unlocking and a notch to house the sensors that power it.

This means all iPhones save for the iPhone SE 2020 released after the iPhone X have larger displays but overall smaller bodies.

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The iPhone 8 Plus still uses TouchID and a home button and this technology do take up a fair amount of space at the bottom of the phone .

Removing this button frees up almost an inch of space and allows for smaller phones with thinner designs. And that is why the iPhone 8 Plus, despite having a smaller display than the iPhone 11, is still a bigger phone with respect to height, width, and overall thickness.

Performance Battery Life And Charging

The biggest upgrade in the iPhone 8 is the A11 Bionic chip. It offers a 30 percent efficiency boost and a 50 percent performance boost when compared to the iPhone 7s A10 chip according to Apple. Thats a significant upgrade, though we dont think youll feel the difference very often, because weve never found the iPhone 7 lacking in terms of processing power. It is discernibly, very slightly faster, but its only when using more demanding apps and games, especially augmented reality apps, that youll notice.

In terms of RAM, Apple rarely lists it as a spec, but we know the two phones both pack 2GB, which is adequate for running iOS. Theres still a debate about how much RAM a smartphone needs, but its certainly not a differentiator here. One welcome improvement for the base model of the iPhone 8 is the storage capacity. It comes in 64GB and 256GB configurations. The iPhone 7 comes with 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB.

Its just as well that the newest A11 chip is supposed to be 30 percent more power efficient than its predecessor, because Apple has reduced the battery size in the iPhone 8. It sports a 1,821mAh battery, compared to the 1,960mAh battery in the iPhone 7. Apple claims that it should last just about as long as the battery found in the iPhone 7, but we have found that it actually lasts a little longer. The iPhone 8 has a slightly better battery life than its predecessor, but there isnt much in it, and both will require daily charging for most people.

Winner: iPhone 8

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iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 12: What You’ll Get If You Upgrade

Here’s how to decide whether you should upgrade to the brand-new iPhone 12 or hang on to your iPhone 8.

Out of the four iPhone 12 models that Apple announced last October, the iPhone 12 is best suited for most people, and it’s also one of our highest-rated phones ever. But if you’ve held back from upgrading since 2017’s iPhone 8, you’re probably wondering whether now is the time to do so. After all, the iPhone 12 boasts a string of significant new features including;5G, a ceramic-hardened display and MagSafe charging. While these updates and others are welcome additions to the iPhone 12, not all of them will materially affect your daily life, at least for now.;

Here’s everything you need to know about how the iPhone 12 compares with the iPhone 8 before you make that decision to upgrade — or wait another until the next-gen iPhone.

iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 8 Plus: Design

iPhone 8 Release Date, Images, Features, Specifications ...

These two phones represent the evolution of the iPhone quite neatly. The iPhone 8 Plus is the old style that endured for a decade, with chunky bezels above and below the screen, which include the Home button .

The iPhone 11 is the new-style design, with the screen filling the front, save for the notch at the top that includes the Face ID facial security system.

This means that even though the iPhone 11 is slightly smaller and lighter than the iPhone 8 Plus, it has a significantly larger screen, making more use of that real estate.

Beyond this, you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the devices an all-glass front, aluminium sides, and an all-glass back. The iPhone 11 has a square camera bump in the style matched by the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro; the iPhone 8 Plus has a little lozenge of a camera system on the back.

We mentioned the two security system types in the past, we’d say the convenience of Face ID made it overall superior to Touch ID, but it doesn’t deal very well with masks, so recent events have made Touch ID perhaps more preferable. That said, we wouldn’t make it the primary reason to choose one phone over another.

The iPhone 11 comes in black, white, red, green, yellow and purple finishes. The iPhone 8 Plus comes in black, white and gold finishes.

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iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Technical Specifications


Cellular & wireless:

  • Model A1863 & model A1864:
  • TD-LTE
  • TD-SCDMA 1900 , 2000
  • CDMA EV-DO Rev. A
  • Model A1905 & model A1897:
  • TD-LTE
  • All models:
  • 802.11ac WiFi with MIMO
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology
    • Talk time : Up to 14 hours
    • Internet use: Up to 12 hours
    • Video playback : Up to 13 hours
    • Audio playback : Up to 40 hours
    • Fast-charge capable: Up to 50% charge 30 minutes
  • iPhone 8 Plus:
  • Lasts about the same as iPhone 7 Plus
  • Talk time : Up to 21 hours
  • Internet use: Up to 13 hours
  • Video playback : Up to 14 hours
  • Audio playback : Up to 60 hours
  • Fast-charge capable: Up to 50% charge 30 minutes
  • Both models:
  • Wireless charging
  • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
  • Fast-charge capable
  • iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 8 Software And Special Features

    The iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 8 match-up is pretty even here. While the iPhone 12 ships with iOS 14 pre-installed, iPhone 8 users have been able to upgrade to that version of Apple’s software since it came out last September. And iOS 14 introduced a number of new features such as home-screen widgets, better app organization, and improvements to Maps, Messages and Reminders that can make an older iPhone feel like new. iOS 14.5 is now available, and it works on the iPhone 8 as well as it does on the iPhone 12.

    If the last iPhone you bought was the iPhone 8, you’re probably used to getting wired headphones and a charger in the box. That doesn’t happen with the iPhone 12, though, as Apple is ditching those accessories in the name of more environmentally friendly packaging and less e-waste.

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    iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 8 Design

    You’re not going to mistake an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 8 if you stack up the models next to each other. At 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches, the iPhone 11 is noticeably taller and wider than the iPhone 8. The 8 Plus is both taller and wider than the iPhone 11, though, even with the larger screen on Apple’s newer phone.

    Apple can fit a larger screen onto the iPhone 11 because of the notch in the display that houses the sensors and lenses that make up the TrueDepth camera. That frees up space for more screen real estate that’s otherwise eaten up by the chunky bezels on the top and bottom of the iPhone 8 and 8 Pro.

    Both the newer and older iPhones feature a glass back, but the iPhone 11 outdoes the iPhone 8 in terms of color options. You can get Apple’s new phone in one of six colors black, green, yellow, purple, white and Product Red. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available in more staid gold, silver and space gray options.;

    The iPhone 11’s more durable, too, with an IP68 water resistance rating that allows it to survive a 30-minute dunk in up to 2 meters of water. With an IP67 rating, the iPhone 8 models can only last that long in up to 1 meter of water. Apple says the iPhone 11 is more durable than before, and while third-party durability tests back up that claim, we’d still recommend getting an iPhone 11 case.

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