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How To Find Junk Messages On iPhone

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Why Cant I See My Junk Mail

How to Check Spam Messages on Facebook Messenger for iPhone

If youre wondering, Why cant I see my junk mail on iPhone?, then there are a couple of possible solutions. You might try configuring your email account so that it doesnt show junk mail. Or you may have a problem with how your email provider sends spam emails to your iPhone. Either way, these solutions will help you to get rid of your junk mail.

To view your junk mail, go into Settings > Mail. From there, tap the Accounts tab. Scroll down to Junk Mail. In the Mailboxes view, you should see the Junk folder beneath your other folders. If you have a large number of junk mail messages, you can also open the Mail app and choose a folder to save them in. You can also choose the folder by tapping the X at the top-right corner.

You can also mark emails as spam in Mail for MacOS by tapping the X icon. Once youve marked an email as spam, it will appear in the Junk folder. If youd like to remove it from your inbox, you can move it to the Junk folder by tapping it. This will also prevent your inbox from becoming cluttered with junk emails. You can also use the Mark or Move option in the bottom left corner.

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iPhone Without Backup/restore

As we mentioned in the last part, you can use a third-party tool to retrieve the deleted text messages. Among theiPhone recovery software, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is agood choice. This professional software allows you to retrieve deleted or lost SMS/MMS from iPhone, iPad, and iPodTouch quickly. Its helpful to recover your messages without backup, and if you have got iTunes oriCloud backup, it can let you preview the messages before recovery.

The recovered messages will be exported as CSV and HTML files on your computer. Its compatible with a wide range oriPhone models and iOS versions, so you can have no worry to use it.

Generally speaking, there are three ways to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone with FonePaw.

Option : Block Numbers In Your iPhone’s Settings

It’s not difficult to block spam, scam, or smishing numbers from messaging you again. In the message, tap the name, number, or email address at the top of that window. Tap “info” , tap “info” again, then scroll down and tap “Block this Caller.” All messages will be blocked, as well as all incoming calls, but you’ll still get a voicemail if they leave one.

Tip: You could also create a “Spam” contact on your iPhone. Then, whenever you receive an unwanted iMessage or text message, you can add that number or email address to the “Spam” contact. Next, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts, then scroll down, tap “Add New,” and select the “Spam” contact. Any number you add to this contact will be auto-blocked in the future.

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How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On iPhone

Now that you know all the things about the blocked messages, we will see here how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone before blocking. To do that, you can rely on third-party data recovery tools like Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

It is a simple to use yet powerful software to help you recover deleted text messages and iMessages from iPhone/iPad, whether you have a backup or not. Besides texts, it can also recover deleted contacts, call history, photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, notes, Safari history, and much more data.

Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery software is fully compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the latest iPhone 13/12 and iOS 15/14. To get started, free download and install the program on your PC or Mac computer, and then follow these simple steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the iPhone Message Recovery software on your computer and select Recover from iOS Device.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using USB cable and wait for the program to detect the device.

Step 3: In the next window, select Messages and any other type of files that you wish to retrieve. Then click on Scan, the program will begin scanning for deleted messages and files from the connected device.

Step 4: When the scanning is completed, all recoverable files will be listed by categories. You can click Messages on the left panel to preview the deleted texts. Then choose the conversations you need and click on Recover.

How To Filter Unknown Senders In Messages On iPhone

Just Info : Cara Menghentikan Surel Dianggap sebagai Spam pada iPhone ...

To get started filtering text messages from unknown numbers, open Settings by tapping the gear icon.

In Settings, tap Messages.

In Messages, scroll down until you see the Message Filtering section. Flip the switch beside Filter Unknown Senders to turn it on.

After that, close Settings. From now on, whenever you get text messages from numbers that arent in your contacts list, the Messages app will automatically sort them into Known and Unknown categories.

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Force Quit Messages App

Sometimes, an app running in the background for a long time can misbehave. This could be the result of ghost message on your iPhone. Therefore, we suggest you to force quit it if it is opened in the background. Just double click the ‘Home’ button and you will see all the opened apps. Start swiping the apps from left to find the messages app. On finding, swipe it up.

When you have iPhone 12/11/X, just swipe up the screen and pause in between. The app switcher will come showing you the running apps. Now, similarly as above, swipe them to find the messages app and force it quit.

How Do You Unreport Junk Messages On iPhone

If youve received a bunch of spam text messages on your iPhone, it may be time to learn how to unreport them. Reporting junk messages in Messages deletes them and forwards the senders information to Apple. The only way to undo this deletion is to delete the message from your device. To do so, open the message in Messages and tap Report Junk. Once you do this, Apple will forward the messages content and senders name to the corresponding email service.

You can also filter messages from unknown senders by swiping them into the unknown tab and deleting them. While these two methods will help you with the problem of unwanted SMS on iPhone, you can also unreport the messages directly from your phone by reporting them. However, if you are unable to unreport the messages, you can also block them or add them to your contact list.

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If You Have An iPhone:

Apples spam blocking is a little more basic than Androids: it blocks phone numbers that you dont have saved in your contacts list and havent been in contact with before, which could be an issue .

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down to and select Messages > Unknown & Spam
  • Toggle on Filter Unknown Senders

Scroll down to Unknown & Spam.Toggle on Filter Unknown Senders.

How To View Text Message Filter Folders#

iPhone 6: How to Block Spam Text Messages

Go back to the messages app and click the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to go to the filters page to see the new messages folders.

If you are having trouble finding the new message folders here are two things to double-check.

First, if you see the normal text message conversation view, click the Filters back button on the top left corner of the screen.

Second, if you dont see the back button to access filters, make sure that you followed the directions correctly to enable to unknown sender filtering.

Recap: Here is a quick step-by-step guide for turning on the junk folder for text messages:

  • Go to settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and tap on Messages
  • Scroll down and tap on Unknown & Spam
  • Toggle Filter Unknown senders
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    Faqs Of Finding Deleted iPhone Messages

    Do deleted text messages stay on iPhone?

    Yes. The deleted text messages still stay on your iPhone after deletion. It will be marked as deleted by the internal database on iPhone. Besides, the deleted text messages is sent to the network provider.

    Does iCloud save text message history?

    Yes. If you have enabled iCloud Backup on your iPhone, your messages, contacts, calendars and settings will be backed up automatically.

    Where are iMessages stored?

    iMessages are automatically stored in Apples backup system iCloud. You can enable iMessages on in Settings > Messages.

    In this article, we have sloved the basic question “are iPhone messages really deleted?” and we have offered you simple tricks on how to find deleted messages on iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6 Plus/7/8/X, if you have more queations or suggstions to see iPhone deleted messages, leave your comments down below.

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    Use Spotlight To Find Old Imessages/text Messages

    You can also access text messages on your iPhone with Spotlight.

  • Just tap and swipe to the right to bring up Spotlight Search from the Home screen.

  • Then, tap the search bar and enter the information you are searching for. You can search a word, phone number,etc. in the target text message.

  • When the search results appeared, swipe down to scroll through the list to locate the Messages section.

  • On iOS 11 or above, such as the latest iOS 15, Spotlight is more powerful for you to search content.

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    Fix iPhone Ghost Message Using Ios Repair Tool

    The first method you could try is to fix all the possible system issues with iMyFone Fixppo. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and supports all iOS devices even the newest iPhone 13 and iOS versions from iOS 9.0 to the latest including iOS 15 beta 3/2/1. It can be used to fix various iOS issues including iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone wifi issues, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, black screen, white screen and so on.

    You can fix your iPhone without any data loss under the Standard Mode. Here is how you can use this tool to resolve iPhone ghost message issue.

    Step 1. Download and install Fixppo on your computer. Open the software and then connect your iPhone to the PC. Afterwards, hit on Standard Mode to begin the fixing process.

    Step 2. When you enter this mode, you need to click on the Next button. You might need to follow the clear steps on the program for DFU or Recovery Mode if your device cannot be detected.

    Step 3. The program will automatically detect your iPhone model and show you available firmware. Choose one and click on to finish all the preparation.

    Step 4. Make sure all is ready and click on Start to fix ghost message. Wait for a while and your device will be fixed and no phantom text message will show up.

    How To Filter Junk Messages On iPhone

    How to block spam email senders on iPhone or iPad

    If you would like to know how to filter junk messages on your iPhone, follow the steps below to do so.

    • On your iPhone, first, you need to add a spam filter to your Messages application to prepare to filter junk text messages on your iPhone.
    • Then, click on the Settings app from the home screen and then hit on the Messages tab to turn on the feature of Filter Unknown Senders.

    Thus, you will see two categories in your Messages application: Contacts & SMS and Unknown Senders. All text messages that are sent from people who are not on your contact list will be categorized in the Unknown Senders column.

    You can check all the filtered text messages by clicking on the tab of Unknown Senders. Thus, you can block a contact number to address how to stop junk messages on your iPhone, add a number to your contacts, or click on the button Report Junk under the SMS to remove it directly from iPhone.

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    How To Back Up Messages On iPhone

    You are probably aware of the importance of backup now. But how to back up messages and other data on my iPhone? LikeFonePaw iPhone Data Recovery which can help you search deleted iPhone text messages, there is another tool – iOS Data Backup & Restore, which helpsyou back up text messages/iMessages and other data on your iPhone.

    Open the program and connect your iPhone with a USB cable. Then use the program to make a backup of textmessages/iMessages on your iPhone.

    When the backup is done, click Restore iOS Data to view the backup.

    Enter text, phone number, contact name on the search bar to search text messages/iMessages. You can also clickRestore to PC to view the messages on PC or Restore to Device to share the messagesto another iPhone.

    In conclusion, it is recommended to always back up the important messages or any other data on your phone in case youneed them. And if you cannot find or accidentally delete important messages, using a data recovery software like FonePaw iPhone DataRecovery is an efficient method. Its also aconvenient way to back up messages on iPhone using iOS Data Backup & Restore.

    What Happens When You Report Junk On Imessage


    May 28, 2022

    Sometimes your contact information ends up where you dont want it, and you end up with annoying spam iMessages from people, companies, or bots that try to scam you or steal personal information.

    Fortunately, Apples iMessage service comes with an abuse report feature that you can use to report senders who are misusing the iMessage platform by making it a less enjoyable thing to use.

    It can be a huge security risk to answer back or tap on any links from unknown senders. You may be walking into a type of phishing trap. For this reason, its better to report the abuse of Apples iMessage platform and then delete the message, so it goes away.

    Moreover, if you have fallen victim to spammy iMessages from individuals, companies, or bots, they can be annoying. The notifications will still sound off your iPhone, other iOS devices, and Macs at all times during the day and night and thus interrupt your life.

    In iOS 8.3 and later, any time someone who isnt in your Contacts list iMessages you, you will see a blue Report Junk button under a prompt that says This sender is not in your contact list, as shown below.

    When you tap on this button, a prompt appears at the bottom of the screen that lets you either delete the iMessage and report it to Apple as a junk message, or cancel your report if youve changed your mind for any reason.

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    Option : Filter Out Messages From Unknown Senders

    Since iOS 10, Apple has included a built-in setting for filtering out potentially suspect messages from your main feed in Messages. It won’t block or report messages, and it applies to all messages from contacts not saved in your address book.

    While that may sound like overkill, it can be a good tool for keeping unwanted messages away from your important ones. And you don’t have to worry about any needed texts disappearing completely since you’ll still be able to access them you just won’t get notifications for them or see them in your “Known Senders” feed.

    To activate the feature, go to Settings > Messages, then scroll down and enable the toggle next to “Filter Unknown Senders.” To view messages from these senders, tap “Filters” in the top left, then “Unknown Senders.” From here, you can use any of the other options above to report or block senders.

    See Deleted iPhone Messages With Fonelab

    How to Block Spam Emails on iPhone! (Easy)

    Spotlight Search can be of convenience if you do recall some SMS keywords. For people who want to find all deleted messages on iPhone/iPad, there is another way to check deleted iPhone texts, that is to scan and view all iPhone text messages including the deleted ones with the help of FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery one perfect iPhone manager. So how to see deleted messages on iPhone? You can follow the simple steps below:

    Step 1Download and Launch FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery and connect iPhone to PC/Mac. Wait until iPhone is recognized automatically.

    Step 2Choose “Recover rom iOS Device” to see deleted messages. All files on your iPhone will be scanned and displayed according to categories such as Media, Playlists, Photos, Books, Contacts, SMS and more.

    Step 3Click SMS from the left list, then all iPhone messages, including deleted will be displayed in the preview window. Now you can find all deleted messages on iPhone. Check the “Only display the deleted item” option, then you can see deleted iPhone messages only.

    Note: With this iPhone messages manager, you could not only look at deleted iPhone messages, but also see other deleted files such as photos, contacts, etc. Besides, if you want to not just see deleted iPhone text messages, this software supports you to recover deleted messages on iPhone. In addition, FoneLab also helps you find deleted iPhone messages from backup.

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    How To Mute Block And Report Spam On Imessage For iPhone And iPad

    With iMessage, you’re definitely getting one of the best features there is for any Apple device. This is an app that lets you stay in communication with your favorite friends and family, even coworkers, with ease. Plus, there are plenty of fun additions that you can add to your iMessage, such as stickers, animated GIFs, animojis, and more.

    But just because anyone can send you a message in iMessage doesn’t mean that you need to let them. If you’re getting messaged too often, if you keep getting messages meant for someone else, of if ugh! you’re getting spam, you can absolutely take action again it. Mute, block, and reporting are all here for you on your favorite iPhone with iOS 15.

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