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What Comes In The iPhone Xr Box

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Apple iPhone Xr Red Edition Unboxing And Photo Gallery

What comes in the box with iPhone XR?

Apple introduced the iPhone XR last month, along with the iPhone Xs and the Xs Max. It started pre-orders for the smartphone in several countries, including India last week. Here have the unboxing and the photo gallery of the RED edition of the smartphone.

Box Contents

  • iPhone XR smartphone in Red color
  • Lightning Earpods
  • SIM Ejector tool
  • Lightning cable

The phone has a 6.1-inch LCD 326ppi Liquid Retina display, is powered by the same A12 Bionic 7nm Chip as the XS series, however this has 3GB of RAM and loses the secondary 12-megapixel telephoto lens while retaining the wide-angle lens. It has a 7MP front camera and comes with Face ID.

It comes with a aerospacegrade aluminium frame, and is water resistant up to 1 metre for 30 minutes with IP67 ratings. It has a 2942mAh battery with Qi wireless charging and fast charging.

The iPhone XR also comes in White, Black, Blue, Yellow and Coral colors, and is available for pre-order in India at Rs. 76,900 for 64GB, Rs. 81,900 for 128GB and Rs. 91,900 for 256GB through Apple Authorised Resellers as well as , Flipkart and Airtel. It will ship starting from October 26th.

Video and Images by Bharadwaj

Apple Cuts iPhone 11 iPhone Se iPhone Xr Price In India Drops In

After launching the iPhone 12 series last night, Apple has now announced price cuts on three of its iPhones. The iPhone XR, iPhone 11 as well as the recently launched iPhone SE are getting new maximum retail prices in India. To recall, Apple is selling iPhone 12 series without charging adapter and EarPods. Now, it has also removed these accessories from its current offerings. It could be to make a unified experience across all the available iPhone models.

The Apple iPhone XR 64GB has come down to INR 47,900 from INR 52,500. Similarly, iPhone 11 has received a price cut of INR 14500. The 64GB variant is now selling for INR 54,900 instead of INR 68,300. For reference, Apple will be running a Diwali offer bundling AirPods with the iPhone 11. The sale starts on October 17. As for the iPhone SE, its starting price has dipped to INR 39,900 from INR 42,500 for the 64GB model. The 128GB variant now sells for 44,900 while the 256GB version is being made available of 54,900 down from INR 47,800 and INR 58,300, respectively.


Rs. 68,300 Rs. 54,900

The new price is reflecting on Apple India website. However, these are yet to be made official on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

A Small Rant Probably

Note: You can skip this if youre not interested in reading anything bad about Apple or the way it tries to earn more money from its customers.

So the iPhone XS is an absolute beauty, and Ill not go into further detail about it here because then what will I write in the full review? Heh. Anyway, the issue I have is with two things. First, the lack of a headphone dongle in the box. Thats just really petty from Apple, especially on a smartphone that is priced at a whopping $999 or Rs 99,990 in India. Just for the record, you wouldnt get a dongle even if you bought the 512GB iPhone XS Max for $1,449 or Rs 1,44,990 in India, and it makes no sense.

Of course, theres the argument that if youre spending $999 on a smartphone, you can probably afford to spend $9 extra on a dongle, but thats stupid. The point is, if Im spending $999 on a smartphone that has no headphone jack, its almost the moral responsibility of the courageous company to put in a headphone dongle inside it, especially when the company is using a proprietary port on its phone instead of USB-C.

The other thing Im pissed off about is the lack of a fast charger in the box. I mean, cmon! Thats just downright insane. The battery on the iPhone X isnt huge by any means, its barely even up there with Android flagships, and it still takes far longer than any other Android smartphone in the market to charge this thing.

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Does The iPhone Xr Come With An Adaptor

Asked by: Dale Jacobson

As was rumored this morning, the iPhone 11, XR, and SE will no longer be shipped with power adapters or EarPods, much like the iPhone 12 models. … All of the iPhone models will, however, come with a USB-C to Lightning cable, an upgrade from the standard USB-A to Lightning cable that used to be included.

A Cost Burden On Users In The Emerging Markets

What does iPhone XR come with in the Box?

The removal of accessories makes more sense in regions like the US,UK where the installed base of Apple is high and over time these accessories have become redundant. However, this might not be the case in emerging economies like India and LATAM. Apple devices are already priced higher in a lot of countries outside the US due to complicated distribution and higher taxes. Removal of accessories will be an added cost for users, especially if they are switching from Android.

Another factor to consider here is the mode of the upgrade. The advanced economies are operator-driven with a mature refurb ecosystem in place. Users generally upgrade their devices by trading in their older ones. These trade-ins generally do not provide extra value for chargers or earphones, and a user ends up keeping them. However, in the emerging economies, according to Counterpoint Research Refurbished Handset Tracker, the sold as is is much higher than the trade-ins. Users generally sell their devices consumer-to-consumer. In the sold as is scenario, the buyers in some cases expect the accessories along with the device, especially if the buyer is coming from Android. In this case, one of the parties will have to bear the cost of accessories.

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Apple Is Removing The Power Adapter And Earpods From Every iPhone Box

  • Apple confirmed during its iPhone 12 event on Tuesday that the new handsets would ship without power adapters and EarPods in the box.
  • The move is part of Apples push to cut carbon emissions and improve the environment. By removing the accessories, Apple can cut the iPhone packaging by 70% and ship more iPhone 12 stock on the same pallet.
  • Its not just the iPhone 12 that loses the AC charger and EarPods. The change also applies to iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11, which are now sold in compact boxes that only contain the charging cable.

The iPhone 12 is official, as Apple confirmed many of the rumors that had been circulating online all year. In fact, most of the rumors that made their way to the web this week came to pass on stage. One of the leaks that may have upset some Apple fans stated that the iPhone 12 series would ship without power adapters and EarPods in the box. Then the iPad Air and Apple Watch 6 event came around, and Apple revealed that none of its Watches would get chargers going forward.

At the time, I said Apples environmental priorities were a clear indication that the iPhone 12 wouldnt get chargers either. Apple confirmed my suspicions on stage on Tuesday. None of the iPhone 12 models will come with a power adapter or headphones. But it doesnt stop there.

None of the other iPhones that Apple still sells will have adapters or EarPods in the box either.

Apple links to its environment page in the process where it lists its goals.

iPhone Xr Specs And Features

The iPhone XR features a 6.1-inch display. It packs the latest A12 Bionic processor, capable of performing super-fast artificial intelligence calculations, while the upgraded camera uses the same rear main camera as the XS and XS Max. It lacks the second rear camera and OLED screen as its larger siblings, but its cheaper price and larger screen make up for the compromise.

Apple bundles in a number of extras in the box, but these have dwindled over the years. Customers buying the original iPhone could expect to receive a dock in the box, but these add-ons have gradually left the included bundle. Hereâs what you get instead:

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Water And Dust Resistance

The iPhone XR is IP67 water and dust resistant, which means that it is impervious to dust and can withstand immersion in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes in laboratory conditions.

Though the iPhone XR can withstand splashes, rain, and brief accidental water exposure, intentional water exposure should be avoided. Apple warns that water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and could decrease as a result of normal wear.

Apple’s warranty also does not cover any kind of water damage to iOS devices, so it’s best to use caution when exposing the iPhone XR to liquids.

Is It Bad To Charge iPhone 12 Overnight

iPhone XR Unboxing – What’s inside the box?

Your iPhone 12 can lose battery life if you charge overnight. Like other smartphones, the iPhone 12 Pro has an average of about 500 to 1,000 charge cycles per battery. One charge cycle is the equivalent of going from 100% to 0% battery. However, any combination of drainage over multiple days can equal a charge.

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Apple Says This Move Was Taken To Reduce Carbon Emissions

After shunning the 3.5 mm jack for a more modern connectivity solution, Apple has taken that philosophy forward and ditched the charging adapter in the iPhone 12 series box as well. In a move to reduce carbon emissions, Apple will ship the iPhone 12 series with only a charging cable in the box. Nothing more, nothing less. Its a minimalist move, sure, but how will this affect new buyers who do not have the required charging adapters necessary and thus have to spend an extra bit of cash on a separate charging adapter? Not content with launching the iPhone 12 series without a charging adapter, now if you decide to buy an iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR anytime in the near future, know that it will not come with a charging adapter in the box.

You will still receive the USB Type-C to Lightning cable in the box but if you were expecting Ear pods or a charging adapter, well, theres some really bad news for you. You will probably need to fork out Rs 1,99 for the 20W fast charger so remember to factor that in when purchasing these devices. You can still charge your new iPhone with any basic adapter lying around but if you want the 20W speeds, then the Apple charging adapter is your best bet.

Is Apple Not Including Charger

Apple had announced in 2020 that the firm will no longer be giving out charging adapters along with iPhones upon purchase. This decision by the technology giant had caused a furore among buyers. … Apple has stated that that power adapters use large amount of materials such as plastic, copper, and zinc for manufacturing.

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Coral iPhone Xr Unboxing Photos

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Oct 26, 2018 in Featured, iPhone Xr

The iPhone XR went on sale today in over 40+ countries and we have managed to get our hands on the Coral variant of the device. While analysts expect the iPhone XR to do very well, theres not enough noise surrounding the device as it was with the iPhone XS.

Nonetheless, to kickstart our iPhone XR launch day coverage, check out some of the unboxing photos of the Coral iPhone XR.

  • Similar to the iPhone XS and previous iPhones, the iPhone XR comes in a white box with a photo of the device on top which matches the color of the device you ordered.
  • The Coral color is definitely very unique. Apple has also paid close attention to detail, with the aluminum chassis and antenna lines having a tinge of coral as well which looks very similar to Rose Gold of previous iPhones.
  • The camera hump at the rear is prominent.
  • The Liquid Retina display is bright and beautiful but the bezels surrounding the display are definitely bigger than that of the iPhone XS series.
  • Despite a 6.1-inch display, the iPhone XR is comfortable to hold and use.

The Coral iPhone XR definitely looks stunning and very unique. While various Android OEMs have released devices in different shades, Apple has definitely managed to trump them with the unique colors it offers the iPhone XR in.

iPhone 12 Pro Unboxed Hands On And First Impressions

Seacosmo iPhone XR Case, Shockproof Case [with Screen ...

The unboxing experience is similar across the board. The box is so small it would surprise you in case youve bought an iPhone before. This is because, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini, all ship without a charger and EarPods in the box. Why is Apple doing this? To reduce carbon emissions and avoid the mining and use of precious materials, which enables smaller and lighter packaging, and allows for 70 percent more boxes to be shipped on a pallet. Through such steps, Apple plans to have net zero climate impact across the entire business, which includes manufacturing supply chains and all product life cycles by 2030.

So, whats in the box when you buy a new iPhone? Theres the iPhone of course and a USB-C to Lightning Cable, one Apple sticker and some customary documentation. Please use your existing Apple power adapter and headphones or buy these accessories separately, Apple mentions on a side note. Theres a high probability that you will have to buy a charger separately though because of the nature of the cable that Apple is bundling in the box so, there goes all the reasoning out the window.

Regardless, now that Apple is doing it, others should likely follow suit despite them mocking the whole move right now thats right, I am looking at you Samsung.

All the new iPhones can also record Dolby Vision HDR videos at up to 60 fps a first for any smartphone.

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Apple Removes The Charger From The iPhone 11 iPhone Se iPhone Xr Boxes

·Bogdan Popa··

All iPhone 12 models will come without a charger and EarPods in the box, and Apple says its doing this for environmental protection reasons, as it can help reduce electronic waste in the long term.

But while it originally seemed that the iPhone 12 would be the only lineup affected by this decision, it looks like Apple is also pulling the charger and the EarPods from previous models too.

As per GSM Arena, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR are also shipping without a charger and EarPods in the box, unless they are sold in France where local regulation require headsets to prevent radiation.

People close to the matter previously said that pulling the iPhone charger and the EarPods was a method that Apple would turn to in order to deal with the price increase caused by the addition of 5G. So theoretically, Apple wanted to keep the price of the iPhone 12 at a lower level by removing some accessories that it shipped with the device, instead requiring customers to buy them separately and thus pay extra for the full package.

Which Color Is Best For iPhone Xr

  • iPhone XR White
  • I would not recommend white color for iPhone XR as it will get dirty and the color combination of the black and white color isnt much pretty.

  • iPhone XR Black
  • If you are a fan of Black color, then I would not stop you to go for the Black variant. Though it is difficult to distinguish between iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS with iPhone XR, as they also come with Black color. So if you are not in that state of mind then buy this sleek and stealthy color of iPhone.

  • iPhone XR Blue
  • A lot more smartphone brands are offering blue color as you have seen in Huawei and Samsung. But if you are iPhone fan and bored of the same color then Blue is the best color for iPhone XR.

  • iPhone XR Yellow
  • Yellow is a unique color when it comes to mobile phones. Usually, nobody would select Yellow color for their phone unlike they want to differentiate themselves from other people. If you are going for Yellow color, then kindly buy the clear case, as another case will hide your one and only yellow colored iPhone XR.

  • iPhone XR Coral
  • Not interested in RED color iPhone XR? Then Coral variant is the best alternative for you. Besides Red color is quite bold for iPhone XR, still, if you love Red then Coral is good for you.

  • iPhone XR Red Product
  • Apple releases the Red edition of the iPhone on some occasions and I am surprised that people buy Red colored iPhone. It is not that bad if you love Red color. Go for it.

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    Does iPhone Xr Have Gorilla Glass

    The fact is Apple uses Gorilla Glass from the very first iPhone. Although iPhone XR contains Liquid Retina HD Display of 6.1-inch with 1792×828-pixel resolution. Other than this, it comes with Multi-Touch Display with IPS technology.

    However, Apple does import screen from other manufacturers and is very precise about the quality of it. Since now, Apple hasnt confirmed or mentioned anywhere that iPhone XR has Gorilla Glass. But it is an open secret that Apple uses Gorilla Glass on the iPhone.

    While other companies didnt miss a single chance to show that they have used Gorilla Glass. This is how Apple differs from other smartphone brands. Additionally, there is no need to announce that iPhone XR uses Gorilla Glass as you will get to know after using the device.

    Have you seen any of the drop tests of the iPhone? If not then Google it, you will get dozens of videos regarding the strength of iPhone XR display.

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