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When Is The iPhone 14 Come Out

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Dummy Models And Part Leaks

Apple iPhone 14 – The PERFECT iPhone is Coming

MacRumors acquired some iPhone 14 dummy models designed for case makers that provide a look at what we can expect for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models.

Because there’s a lot of money in having a case ready for a new âiPhoneâ ahead of launch, dummy models are often quite accurate, so these fake âiPhone 14â devices give us a clear picture of what we can expect to see.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, however, will be similar in size to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the increased size of the camera bump will prevent an iPhone 13 Pro Max case from fitting an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Design wise, the iPhone 14 models are going to look a lot like the iPhone 13 models, but with a notable exception – there’s not going to be an iPhone 14 mini. Instead, Apple is making two 6.1-inch iPhones , along with two 6.7-inch iPhones .

For the Pro models, the notch is going to be replaced with hole and pill-shaped cutouts for the camera and the Face ID equipment. The hole and pill design is not much different from a notch, but it will free up some space and make the front cameras less obtrusive. Standard iPhone 14 models will continue to have a notch.

We know there are some minor changes to the sizes of the devices, but when comparing a dummy unit to the iPhone 13 lineup in person, it’s difficult to tell. There are tiny changes to the screen sizes of the iPhone 14 Pro models, but in day to day use, you’re not going to notice.

When Does It Come Down Here’s The Launch Date Of iPhone 14

When will the iPhone 14 come out, and what is the launch date: This is the question that preoccupies the minds of many about the Apple phones that we wait every year.

We haven’t heard any hints or rumors regarding a possible iPhone 14 release date. But going back to all the previous Apple conferences, we expect the iPhone 14 to be officially unveiled in mid-September 2022.

The four series phones will be launched simultaneously, as we saw in the 2021 series, after all manufacturers adapted to the conditions of the current Corona epidemic and succeeded in meeting their commitments to pre-set production schedules.

iPhone 14 Specs And Hardware

The iPhone 13 was the first iPhone to offer 1 TB models, so this will most likely be an option with the iPhone 14, too. We might even have some 2 TB options, but don’t expect to see that for a few years.

This might also be the year the iPhone goes entirely port-less. Whether this is what the majority want is another question, but a fully wireless iPhone will probably make its way into our homes at some point, and it could very well start with the iPhone 14.

That said, the renders presented above do show the standard Lightning connector at the bottom like other iPhones, so this is unlikely .

Something interesting to note about ports: in mid-2022, the European Commission announced a mandate for USB-C to be the standard port for smartphones. This won’t need to apply to iPhone 14 since the rule doesn’t start until fall 2024, but it could for any upcoming iPhone, depending on if/when they want to get ahead of it and start rolling out USB-C phones.

Either that, or it will go entirely portless. In other words, iPhone 14 could mark the beginning of something significant: the last iPhone with a Lightning connector, or the first without a physical charge port at all.

There’s no official word yet on how this phone will look, but chances are it’ll resemble the current models in most ways. One exception we’ve heard, in addition to the punch-hole display, is that the high-end models will have a titanium allow chassis.

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iPhone 1: Release Date Rumours Price News Specs And Leaks

We’re likely now just two months away from the iPhone 14 launch, and there are plenty of rumours to digest. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of its next smartphone but the internet is awash with iPhone 14 rumours and talk of a “complete redesign“.

Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reckons the iPhone 14 line-up will feature four devices including two upgraded ‘Pro’ models, while the South China Morning Post suggests that iPhone 14 production is about to ramp up.

We’re big fans of the iPhone 13, so we’re expecting great things from the iPhone 14. Especially given that the budget iPhone SE is on par with the iPhone 13 in terms of performance.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about Apple’s next-gen iPhone…

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iPhone 14 Possible Release Date And Price

Going by all the rumors so far, we reckon September 13 will be the launch date for the iPhone 14 range.

After that, we can expect pre-orders of the iPhone 14 range to go live the Friday after the Apple event, September 16, with the phones being released a week later, likely on Friday September 23. This would be 10 days after the rumored Apple event.

There is one wrinkle in all of this, ands that’s down to claims the iPhone 14 Plus/Max could be behind schedule and thus might end up being delayed. That would likely mean it’ll be launched at the same time as the rest of the iPhone 14 range but could be released a little bit after the other three phones. Apple has previously done staggered releases for its iPhones, so this wouldn’t be beyond the realm of imagination.

As for price, somewhat reliable leaker LeaksApplePro has claimed three of the four iPhone 14 models are tipped for a price hike.

The standard iPhone 14 is expected to stick at $799 and the new iPhone 14 Max is tipped to cost $899. But the iPhone 14 Pro might hit $1,099, which is a $100 hike over the $999 iPhone 13 Pro. And the iPhone 14 Pro Max may see a similar increase, with it hitting $1,199. This relatively significant leap in launch price would certainly sting the wallet, so we hope it’s not true.

If you’re on the fence between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, we’ve rounded up some reasons to buy the iPhone 13 now vs waiting for the iPhone 14 .

Release Date: When Will iPhone 14 Come Out

With the exception of the iPhone 12, which was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, new flagship iPhones are generally announced and released in September. iPhone 14 will be released sometime during the second half of 2022, according to Kuo. As such, the iPhone 14 lineup is likely to be announced in September 2022.

Kuo also predicts that the iPhone 14 Max, or whatever it ultimately ends up being called, will be priced at under $900 USD.

What do you think of the iPhone 14 rumors so far? Are you planning to upgrade? Let us know down in the comments!

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What Are The Latest Rumours

If the rumours are true, the biggest change will be the scrapping of the iPhone Mini, meaning the standard model would be the smallest iPhone.

The 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini proved unpopular with customers. The standard iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are expected to be 6.1 inches, with the Max models at 6.7 inches.

The upgraded front camera is rumoured to have built-in autofocus. Current iPhones rely on software to autofocus their front cameras.

It is also expected to have a wider aperture, which allows more light into the camera, making it crisper and more effective in lower light.

The notch on the display is rumoured to be biting the dust on the Pro models, replaced by a circular hole-punch cut-out for the camera and a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID purposes.

Unverified rumours have suggested the phones will be available in a brand new purple colour, and that the body could be made from titanium rather than stainless steel.


Apple Maps Adds Transit Fare Cards

Big iPhone 14 Changes Are Coming

Maps will get several updates. You’ll be able to plan trips with up to 15 different stops along the way. If you start planning a trip with the Maps app on your Mac, you’ll be able to share that to your iPhone.

And in something similar to what Google announced for Google Wallet in Android 13, you’ll be able to see transit fare estimates as well as add more money to a fare card from within Apple Maps.

In iOS 16 you’ll be able to customize Quick Start with a specific child’s iCloud parental controls and settings.

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Latest iPhone 14 News

It looks increasingly likely that it will be possible to buy eSIM-only versions of the iPhone 14 line.

a report suggests production of the iPhone 14 Max is way behind, so the phone could be delayed.

cases showing off the sizes of the four iPhone 14 models have leaked… and there’s another mention of that ‘Plus’ name again.

One retailer has already started iPhone 14 pre-orders – but they start at $10,000.

We now have a good idea of why the iPhone 14 might use the iPhone 13’s chipset, and the Mac is apparently to blame.

We’ve heard that the iPhone 14 Max might actually be called the iPhone 14 Plus.

Possible battery capacities for all four iPhone 14 models have been leaked.

The iPhone 14 looks increasingly likely to be getting major selfie camera upgrades, including the addition of autofocus.

The new A16 Bionic chipset might not be much of an upgrade according to a leak.

May 30: A popular Apple leaker and analyst has suggested that iOS 16 could introduce an always-on lock screen to the iPhone 14, letting you check notifications or the time without having to turn on the device’s display.

More of the latest iPhone tidbits

May 25: Production of the iPhone 14 line is reportedly behind schedule, which could mean a delayed launch.

May 24: We’ve heard that the iPhone 14 could get a much better selfie camera than older iPhones… but that the upgrade could result in a cost increase for the phone.

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Max Specs: No Performance Bump

Apple usually upgrades the processor for its iPhone models every year, but in 2022, that won’t apply across the lineup. While there is an A16 Bionic chip, it won’t feature on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. Instead, it will be reserved for the Pro models. This means that the base models in the lineup will stick to the same A15 Bionic chip seen on the iPhone 13 series, resulting in no significant bump in performance.

The good news is that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will be getting a RAM upgrade. According to a report by Trend Force, the RAM will increase to 6GB, matching that of the Pro models. However, the standard iPhone 14 models will reportedly stick to LPDDR4X RAM, while the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will get the faster LPDDR5 standard. The report also says that the standard iPhone 14 models will be available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options. In addition, they will support mmWave and sub-6 5G networks.

The software is one area where all the iPhone 14 models will be on par, running iOS 16 out of the box. Apple has already previewed the latest version of its iPhone software at WWDC, giving users a fair idea of what to expect. iOS 16 will bring new features like a customizable lock screen, the ability to edit and unsend messages in iMessage, and shared iCloud Photo Libraries, among others.

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Where To Buy The Newest iPhone

You have several options when it comes to buying the latest and greatest :

  • Buy direct from Apple
  • Buy from retailer

There are a few benefits to buying from a cell phone carrier, in particular, one of the major carriers listed above, including:

  • Discounts and , especially during the pre-order period
  • All three major carriers typically offer or deals to make the new iPhone model even more attractive
  • Option to pay for the phone via monthly payments rather than buying the iPhone outright
  • You can start your iPhone 13 search with some of the most popular cell phone plan options or by choosing an iPhone 13 model below.

    iPhone 1: Release Date Rumours Price And More

    iPhone 14 için ilk bilgiler geldi! Kamera bu sefer olacak!

    The wait could almost be over as rumours predicting the launch of the next generation Apple iPhone reach fever pitch, and speculation over whether shoppers will finally get their hands on what is sure to be one of the hottest launches of the year, builds to its inevitable climax.

    The latest hot-takes and gossip from the internet’s tech-bloggers continue to help fuel excitement around the release of the iPhone 14, while Apple remains defiant, and keeping quiet about its rumoured latest design.

    How much the iPhone 14 will cost, whether it’s worth waiting for, and if a mini version will once again be available are just some of the questions potential buyers are desperate to find the answers to.

    So here is a round-up of everything Which? knows about Apple’s newest addition to the family, the iPhone 14.

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    When Is The iPhone 14 Coming Out

    With no official announcement from Apple, prospective release dates are merely speculation. However, previous iPhone launches give us the biggest clue to the potential unveiling.

    On 14 September 2021, to much pomp and ceremony, Apple released details of its new iPhone, describing it as the, ‘most advanced pro camera system ever on iPhone’. Customers were then able to pre-order a device on September 17, with availability beginning on September 24.

    To confuse things further, in 2020 Apple took a slightly different approach with the release of the iPhone 12. Announcing the release of the device on October 13 2020, pre-ordering began on October 16, with customers eventually getting their hands on the iPhone 12 on October 23.

    So far the rumours among tech-bloggers is that we are looking at a September unveiling for the iPhone 14. Website iDrop News went further and predicted the unveiling date as September 13, with Friday, September 23 the first day the public can get their hands on the new device.

    Looking for a new phone? You may want to consider buying a refurbished mobile phone instead.

    iPhone 14 Display Promotion And Always

    The iPhone 13 Pro features a 120Hz ProMotion display, and hypothetically it would make sense that Apple might add this feature to the entire iPhone lineup next year. At least one analyst suggested that ProMotion and the 120Hz display could come to all of the iPhone models. However, multiple more reliable analysts have stated that 120Hz is expected to remain a ‘Pro’ iPhone feature this year, keeping the cost of the regular versions down and helping to differentiate between the two.

    However, DSCC’s Ross Young says this is not the case, with a 60Hz LTPS display remaining in the regular iPhone. However, Apple might upgrade the screen in other ways, as it did this year with the Super Retina Display XDR.

    One major display upgrade leaked in the iOS 16 beta is the possibility of a new always-on display that would use a variable refresh rate to display your lock screen all the time, much like the Apple Watch Series 7. At least one insider has predicted the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 1Hz display refresh rate mode. This lines up with the intense focus Apple put on its Lock Screen in its latest software version. This feature, like many upgrades this year, is expected to be limited to the ‘Pro’ models. Analyst Ross Young has also backed up reports of an always-on display, as has Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. In a leak in June, Gurman stated that the iPhone will feature the same tools to hide sensitive Lock Screen data as the Apple Watch:

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    iPhone 14 Australia: Storage Power & Battery Life

    If theres one thing Apple knows how to do besides design incredible-looking phones its how to give them ridiculous amounts of power. The iPhone 13 series features Apples A15 Bionic chip, which can also be found in the lower-priced iPhone SE. Considering Apple updates the processor with each iPhone model, its safe to assume the iPhone 14 will arrive with yet more power.

    Only two Pro models would upgrade to the A16 processor, while the 14 & 14 Max will remain the A15. All four new models will likely come with 6GB RAM, with the difference being LPDDR 5 vs. LPDDR 4X .

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