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How Big Is The iPhone 13 Pro

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iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Design

iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!

The iPhone 14 Pro rumors say that the most obvious change from the iPhone 13 Pro will be that the front notch will get replaced with separate cut-outs for the selfie camera and the Face ID sensors.

You can see how this may look in the renders on this page, or in these alleged images of iPhone 14 series display panels. While the iPhone 13 series reduced the size of the Face ID notch for the first time since its introduction on the iPhone X, the new pill-and-punch-hole cutout design would give back more screen real estate to actual pixels, making it less obstructive when using an app in fullscreen mode.

We had thought there would be a more obvious new look for the back of the iPhone 14 Pro too, but it now looks like it’ll be basically the same as the iPhone 13 Pro. One subtle difference is the already large rear camera bump could be getting even larger to house some rumored upgrades. As a result, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max cases don’t seem to fit the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max based on their schematics.

The iPhone 14 Pro should still have a Lightning port rather than a USB-C port for power and data transfer too. That may change next year though, due to changes in the law in the EU and demand for similar legislation in the U.S.

iPhone 13 Pro And Pro Max Battery

The change thats most likely to make the biggest impact for the most people is battery life. Apple is happy to tell you that the battery improvements come from a constellation of updates, including increased efficiency in the new A15 Bionic processor and changes to how the new display uses power. I am sure all that is true, but Im just as sure that the biggest contributor is simply that the batteries are bigger than last year.

The 13 Pro has an 11 percent larger battery, and the 13 Pro Maxs battery is an astonishing 18.5 percent larger. Apples quoted improvements over the 12 Pro models are one and a half hours more usage on the 13 Pro and two and a half hours on the 13 Pro Max and the 12 Pro Max was already a battery life monster.

The battery life improvement isnt complicated its a bigger battery

Ive only had the phones for a little less than a week, so I focused most of my use on the smaller iPhone 13 Pro as a kind of worst-case test. And my results are in line with Apples claims. On a day when we really pushed the phone with lots of 4K video and max brightness on the screen, it still lasted from early morning to 11PM with 20 percent remaining with somewhere north of four hours of very heavy use in the screen time tracking app. A day with less intense usage clocked me at seven hours of screen on time before the low battery warning kicked in.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max keep the major redesigns introduced last year they still feel fresh and modern.

iPhone 13 Pro Review: Price And Release Date

As with every iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro is available from nearly every carrier in addition to Apple. And the iPhone 13 Pro is available to buy right now, starting at $999 for the 128GB model.

From there, a 256GB version costs $1,099, while the 512GB sets you back $1,299. For the first time ever, Apple offers a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro, which costs $1,499 as much as a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 chip and a 512GB hard drive. Take a look at our Apple Store coupons page for ways to save on your order.

In the U.K. the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro starts at £949, that ramps up to £1,049 for the 265GB model and £1,249 for the 512GB version. If you have deep pockets, then the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro will cost a hefty £1,449.

I encourage you to check out our best iPhone 13 deals page to ensure that you get the best offer, whether you opt for a trade-in, payment plan, or buy the phone outright. And also check out our iPhone 13 delays page to see the latest shipment date info.

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iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Display

Once again, we should see the Pro iPhone for this year feature a 6.1-inch display, and the Pro Max version sport a 6.7-inch display. This description may be deceiving though, as the screens may be ever so slightly larger than the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max thanks to reduced bezel sizes.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max introduced ProMotion adaptive 120Hz displays to the iPhone for the first time, allowing for a display that’s both smoother and more power efficient. The rumors for the iPhone 14 Pro say that it could get an improved version of this tech that can scale down to 1Hz instead of 10Hz.

Not only would that mean reduced power consumption, but it would enable the rumored iPhone 14 Pro always-on display that Apple could also be adding. This will apparently let you see widgets like those you can add to your lock screen in iOS 16 on your phone even when it’s locked, allowing for convenient updates at a glance.

iPhone And The Environment

iOS 13.1.1 and iOS 13.1.2: Apple takes an aggressive update cadence to ...

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are designed with the following features to reduce their environmental impact:17

Made with better materials

  • 100% recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine, representing 99% of the tungsten in the device
  • 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, representing 98% of the rare earth elements in the device
  • 100% recycled gold in the plating of the main logic board
  • 100% recycled gold in the wire in the front camera and the rear cameras
  • 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board and the battery management unit
  • 35% or more recycled plastic in multiple components

Energy efficient

  • Meets U.S. Department of Energy requirements for battery charger systems18

Smarter chemistry19

  • Mercury-, BFR-, PVC-, and beryllium-free

Green manufacturing

  • Apples Zero Waste Program helps suppliers eliminate waste sent to landfill
  • All final assembly supplier sites are transitioning to 100% renewable energy for Apple production

Responsible packaging

  • 100% of virgin wood fiber comes from responsibly managed forests
  • 90% or more fiber-based packaging

Apple and the EnvironmentWere committed to making our products without taking from the earth, and to become carbon neutral across our entire business, including products, by 2030.See Apples commitment

  • Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.
  • Available only in select cities and transit systems. Requires eligible device and OS version. See here for details.
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    Is There A Better Alternative

    In terms of hardware, the iPhone 13 Pro is the best model in the lineup, but if you want a longer-lasting battery and a bigger screen, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has everything in the Pro for a higher price. The iPhone 13 is more affordable, but its pared-down with no 120Hz screen, telephoto lens, or support for macro photos. It also doesnt have a 1TB storage option. The iPhone 13 Mini is an even smaller version with the same hardware, making it a good choice if you love small phones.

    If you arent set on an iPhone, the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus 10 Pro, and the all give the iPhone 13 Pro serious competition. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may also be worth a look if you like the idea of trying out a folding smartphone.

    What if you have an older iPhone? If you own the iPhone 12 Pro, then wed recommend sticking with it for now. The iPhone 13 Pro performs in a very similar way, and wed say the camera is actually slightly better. If you own an iPhone 11 Pro or earlier, then the iPhone 13 Pro is a significant upgrade due to the high refresh rate screen, camera, and faster processor.

    iPhone 13 Pro Review: Software

    The iPhone 13 Pro ships with iOS 15. Weve covered the latest version of Apples mobile OS quite extensively since we got our hands on the beta over the course of the summer. There are quite a few features to take note of, such as a tweak to notifications, Live Text/Visual Look Up, Focus, FaceTime enhancements, and improvements to many of the core apps. I encourage you to check out our extensive coverage of the update, including our iOS 15 review and our look at the current iOS 15.2 update.

    I didnt find any iPhone 13-specific software features , but I think iOS 15 is best experienced on the iPhone 13 Pro because of the ProMotion display and the A15 Bionic chip. Thats usually the case the newest hardware runs the latest software version the best and shows off everything it has to offer.

    If you have an Apple Watch, we do suggest you proceed with caution if you’re going to buy an iPhone 13 Pro right away, as a caveat with on the software side of things in that it appears iPhone 13 models are having a problem unlocking with the Apple Watch. However, this issue doesn’t appear to be affecting every single user and Apple has officially acknowledged the problem and a fix may already be available.

    One of the best things about iOS is how developers have embraced the platform and continue to make great apps for Apple devices. We’d suggest loading up on some of the best iPhone apps or, if you’re new to the platform, grabbing the best apps for a new iPhone.

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    iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Which Should You Choose

    Here’s how the iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro differences stack up

    Which should you choose in the iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro contest? That’s easy. Until you consider what buying the best means in terms of money, that is. But hear us out.

    The iPhone 13 is great for the typical phone user, offering top performance, excellent photos and video and strong battery life. The iPhone 13 Pro takes this and adds on a better display plus an extra camera on the back for even more varied photography. However you have to pay another $200 for the privilege.

    Still not sure whether to go Pro or not? Our iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro breakdown should give you a good idea of which one is right for you. And be sure to check out our iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro hubs to see what to expect from the new iPhones this fall.

    iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Night Mode And Low

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Is bigger still better?

    Both phones are packing the same impressive Night Mode and Deep Fusion technologies, both of which debuted in the iPhone 11 series. The LiDAR Scanner comes into play for low light portraits, but otherwise the software tech is the same here. However, as the iPhone 13 Pro has a slightly larger sensor and a wider aperture there are some slight differences, which you can see if you examine pretty closely .

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    iPhone 14 Could Support Wi

    USB-C charging isnt the only iPhone 14 rumor doing the rounds. The latest note from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as seen by MacRumors , says the next iPhone will support Wi-Fi 6E.

    This isnt the first time Kuo has made this claim, but it reinforces the rumors that the iPhone 14 will have wireless connections that allow for high-speed connections.

    A faster Wi-Fi connection might not seem that exciting, given weve had no problems with Wi-Fi speed on the current iPhones. But the interesting part here is that Wi-Fi 6E will supposedly provide the speedy wireless transmission needed to work well with augmented and virtual reality experiences.

    And with Apple reportedly working on a AR and VR headset, as well as the Apple Glasses smart glasses, we could see an iPhone 14 with Wi-Fi 6E work in tandem with mixed reality devices.

    With all the above taken into account, the iPhone 14 could come with a new design, new capabilities and possibly up to 2TB of storage , hopefully ticking off the upgrades we want to see from the iPhone 14.

    Well have to wait a while before we see the iPhone 14 make its official debut, likely in September 2022. But if these rumors come to fruition, then skipping the iPhone 13 for the iPhone 14 might end up being a smart move.

    iPhone 13 Pro Design And Specs

    Last year was a big design update for the iPhone, with flat sides, 5G, and MagSafe charging. This years models inherit all of that, changing the design in only minor ways. The most obvious one is the notch on the screen. Its slightly smaller, but only horizontally it still pushes down into what youre looking at to the same degree. Apple also didnt do anything with that extra space at the top, meaning you still cant see your battery percentage without pulling down the control center.

    The other design change is that the new iPhones are almost imperceptibly heavier and also thicker across the entire body compared to last years models. But the camera bumps on both phones are significantly bigger, which means that 12 Pro cases are not going to fit on the 13 Pro. I think the tradeoffs are worth it for the improved battery life and camera system.

    The design is virtually identical to the iPhone 12 Pro modelsThe smaller notch on the iPhone 13 Pro Max compared to the 12 Pro Max

    Unlike many Android phones with gently curving displays at the edges, Apple does still have a small bezel around the screen. The rails on the edges are glossy stainless steel that pick up fingerprints, the glass on the back is a smooth matte. The front uses Apples Ceramic Shield finish to prevent cracks, and the camera lenses are sapphire. Its a beautiful phone, and I think its a huge step up from the curved sides weve seen on iPhones from the 6 all the way up through the 11.

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    The Battery: An Absolute Beast

    When you’re out and about creating content, you don’t want your battery to be at 1% when inspiration strikes. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it probably won’t be. This phone has the longest battery life of any iPhone ever, a shocking 18 hours of video playback time in our standard test. That’s two and a half hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and three hours longer than the standard iPhone 13. In practice, this means it’s perfectly possible to get two-day battery life here.

    You have a range of charging options as well, although they haven’t changed from the iPhone 12. The phone doesn’t come with a power adapter in the box, so you should get a 20W USB-C adapter for fast wired charging. The phone also supports 15W Apple MagSafe wireless charging, and 7.5W Qi wireless charging.

    iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Verdict

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro 120Hz OLED display made by Samsung under mass ...

    Overall, all four iPhone 13 models are relatively iterative upgrades over their predecessors. But they are nevertheless the best iPhones you can buy today.

    In our iPhone 13 review, we conclude it’s the best iPhone for most people, while the iPhone 13 mini is a good choice only for people who prefer a smaller phone. If you’re willing to splurge, the best phone period is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which could make this choice rather tough.

    If you want the very best in phone photography, performance and display from Apple, then you’ll want the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max just be prepared to pay a hefty price for the latter. If you can live without a 120Hz and telephoto zoom, the regular iPhone 13 should suffice.

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    The iPhone 13 Pro Has A Longer Telephoto Camera

    The main camera has a new sensor, the largest ever put into an iPhone. It has a faster f1.5 aperture lens, which equates to improved light gathering. The ultrawide has a new auto focus sensor and lens that also improves light gathering. And last, the telephoto camera gets a new sensor and lens with a longer 3x optical zoom.

    Using the Pro iPhones did result in brighter photos, but the improvement wasn’t always obvious. I also noticed that photos had fast shutter speeds, which resulted in freezing action better, like when I took a shot of people riding bikes.

    Take a look at photos I took with both phones in the gallery below.

    iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Buy Now Or Wait

    It’s been more than six months since the launch of both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, so you might be thinking about waiting for the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro.

    Well if you need a new iPhone now, say if yours in broken, then both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are well worth getting in fact Roland Moore-Colyer has even made the switch from Android to iOSthanks to the iPhone 13 Pro. And if you get either iPhone 13 model, you can now benefit from the scope to carry out your own repairs, thanks to Apple’s new iPhone Self Service Repair kits.

    If you decide to wait, then it’s looking likely that the iPhone 14 Pro will be the phone to get as it’s tipped to get more significant upgrades than the standard next-gen iPhone. According to the rumors so far, the iPhone 14 may only be a minor upgrade over the iPhone 13, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro could have a significant redesign.

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